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Hello! I've been a fan of your blog for a long time now, and I would appreciate it if you could answer my question. My oc got taken into a household but two years later a maid from there has made papers to adopt him as her son (At this point he is 15) . My oc is very sensitive and emotional. How should I write this scene and describe his emotions without it getting too cheesy? Thank you!

Hi, dear!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

That sounds like such a sweet scene!  I love strong family themes – especially adoption, because it sends such a strong message of hope and fresh beginnings.  Those are good sentiments to focus on for this part of your story, and to use thematically with new phrases, new environments, and new plots.  Be sure to make the reader feel like they’re entering into an exciting new chapter of your OC’s life!

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But you do want to keep it from being melodramatic.  I have a few tips for you to think about…

How to Write Emotional Scenes

  • Don’t try to write too many emotions at once.  Trying to capture the complex thought processes of something like adoption – fear, disbelief, excitement, self-assessment, assessment of potential parent, forming expectations – all at once will be as confusing for the reader as it is for the adoptee.  Instead, try to focus on one or two strong emotions – maybe (1) his disbelief, feeling as though the adoptive parent will change their mind or that this is all a dream; and (2) self-assessment and adjustment, feeling insufficient or adjusting his own behavior to seem polite/perfect/desirable as a potential adoptee.
  • Don’t tell when you can show.  When a character feels a strong emotion, you shouldn’t have to use the word “felt” – you shouldn’t have to over-explain it.  Instead, think of physical and verbal expressions of this emotion.  If a character is afraid, don’t tell us he’s afraid – make him tremble or hug himself.  If a character is happy, let him smile and laugh.  If your character is excited to be adopted, have him show gratefulness, happiness, nervousness.  But don’t say it.
  • Less is more, especially in this kind of scene.  Less dialogue, less setting description, and less setup in general – really just focus on the actions and whatever dialogue is most important.  Keep it poignant and pointed.  Even less seriousness and a little humor can help keep the scene light and not too dramatic.
  • Be honest.  Just think about how you would feel in that situation – and don’t lean too dramatic or too emotionless.  Ask yourself, “Would I really say this in my head?  Would I be this close/distant to someone this quickly?”  Write the scene as best you can, and then later, when you’re not in the heat of the moment, assess your decisions.
  • Get out quick.  Avoid the mundane details or the aftermath of this emotional scene.  Let the characters experience it, then start with something new in the next chapter.  Dwelling on it too long ruins the magic!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but if you need more help, you know where to find us!  Thanks again, and good luck :D

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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How do you draw so many expressions? You're art is amazing and I aspire to be an awesome artist like you

I’m still trying super hard to exaggerate expressions and stuff so I’m super glad you like them! ;o; I kinda got the inspiration from older cartoons where expressions are really pushed, and just really trying to capture an emotion in the face in general. Like sometimes I do tiny poorly drawn comics as a warmup or to express something and really trying to push expressions in those to emphasize the emotion has been really fun but difficult.

I think looking at actors and looking at the people around you when they express helps? Also if you have a mirror handy, you can use your own expressions as reference! Lots of animators have done this in the past, reminds me of this tweet I saw recently of Ken Harris using a mirror to help draw expressions.

(this is a really nice twitter account for animation content btw)


Summary:  In the hope of someday becoming as spectacular as the famous Shiny Chariot, Akko sets out to find inspiration and found more than what she was looking for. Dianakko College AU Magic doesn’t exist

For those who prefer it on another site, here’s the link.


So in this AU Luna Nova Academy and Appleton Academy are of the same college. The characters have different courses and Akko and Diana met differently while Diana’s relationship with Andrew is him being a wingman. This was a fun idea to write, I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Your photos are so plain and boring!” Professor Nelson told her as she scanned on the camera roll. “All you did was take pictures of random things, Akko. We need better pictures if you ever want to showcase yours for our Samhain Festival.

Akko sighed. She had been practicing for months yet she wasn’t getting better at photography. She enrolled in a photography class at Luna Nova Arts Academy without knowing the difference between a DSLR and a Digital Camera or even how to use the DSLR’s manual function. Professor Nelson had given her an earful since then.

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I feel horrible for not drawing enough Tara and Kevin.
So i did some water colors to try and capture some of the characters emotional states. (On a side note I hate how my camera muddles the colors and details of my watercolors.)

Tara and her thoughts.
Asher lounging about.
Minnie being the best mom.
Daiki being cute in blue and red.

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Moon! In your recent comic, I read everything then looked at the last panel of the comic. Idk why but I always look at eyes, and you did amazing in capturing the emotion? Just looking at Henry's eyes, you could see distress and some sadness(" and just ahhh. I could see that he really wanted to forget for a while, and in the last panel I noticed it looked like he was thinking of the torture flashing through his expression and head. I wanted tell you, you are amazing at capturing the emotions!!


The past couple months I’ve done some betaing and editing for other people, and a lot on my own work as well, and it’s gotten me thinking about some of my process for writing. Since I just found a perfect example, I thought I’d take a moment and talk about the importance of specificity for strengthening tone and story telling.

I came across this sentence:

“I don’t know,” said Castiel, a bad feeling clenching tight about his chest.

In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with this sentence but one thing I’ve found is that vague language is bad. There’s a prevailing view, I’ve noticed, that using a big word when a small word will do is “bad” but my own experience and the way people react to my writing suggests otherwise - that using a big word that more accurately reflects what you wish to say is pretty much always better than using a small word that is more general. When I edit my own work a lot of what I do is find places where I’ve used vague language and replace that vague language with words that capture more of the emotional punch I’m trying to communicate. So, even though “a bad feeling clenching tight about his chest” isn’t, like, terrible, I went ahead and changed it to:

“I don’t know,” said Castiel, an ominous sense of impending doom clenched tight about his chest.

Wordier? Yes. A little melodramatic? Absolutely. But I think it more accurately captures what I was going for, and better communicates my intentions.

Which do ya’ll prefer?

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okay awesome, thank you so much! i was basically just wondering if, okay so as an aspiring science illustrator, and someone who enjoys art and biology, how did you figure out that you'd like to become a science illustrator, and do you feel like that fulfills your passion for bio and art both? cuz i'm primarily a biologist (as of late) but i've always loved art and it's been a really influential part of my life, so i'm trying to figure out how to balance my interests. thank you so much too ;0;!!!

Hopefully you don’t mind me answering this publicly, since I’ve had a few asks about it.

I think for me what lead me towards amalgamating science and art is because doing strictly one or the other just didn’t feel entirely satisfying. I like being able to use microscopes and staring at enhanced back-lit algae, collecting seed pods out on walks, and researching the structure and function of biological processes, but I also like the woody smell of sharpening a sketch pencil and trying to capture emotive moods with color. I like the precision, focus, and educational aspects of science, but I also really enjoy drawing and visualizing nature. I still feel that my art doesn’t quite hit the classical “science illustrator” mark because figurative and gestural linework and coloring styles still creep up in all of the work that I do, and it’s something I’m always looking to improve in balancing. 

In short, I read a lot of science-heavy research papers and nonfiction, and also spend a good deal of time drawing. This equilibrium of science and art has worked so far to keep me happy, and I would love to keep pursuing it. Hope this helps give you maybe an idea of path you would like to forge for yourself. I’m definitely still figuring things out!


I, as a writer, believe that words are the most used and most archaic thing on the planet simultaneously. Speaking and writing it’s my job to convey an idea or a feeling to you using a system of words that cannot capture the essence of most ideas or feelings no matter how you string them together. There’s so much that goes unsaid between us, but there’s so much that can’t be conveyed at the same time. 

One day I’m sure that our bodies will adapt to the futility of trying to capture emotions with a string of words and be able to beam our feelings and ideas to one another with our brains. Could you imagine? Zapping your feelings–exactly how something makes you feel to someone you’re close to? I wish our vocal cords just disappear and we become a strictly telepathic race of superbeings, then we’d truly be able to understand one another.

Happy Birthday, Tia ( sinnamonrollpetricca ) !

I hope your day is wonderful :)

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what if enjolras was good at painting?

ohhh I could see that! Enjolras wouldn’t spend hours and hours painting a flower, or a sunset, or even someone else, but he’s be incredibly good at using colour and movement to capture different emotions; he wouldn’t try to create pieces that are pleasing to look at casually, though he could if he wanted to, but his abstract paintings can make you feel a general sense of fear or anxiety or sadness or happiness, and send a powerful message. (this is one of the things Grantaire both loves and admires about him; he could never create anything meaningful, it always fell short of the emotions he wanted to portray - another thing he never managed to communicate right).

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I'm so impressed by how you draw things in action/motion

Thank you! It’s something I’m always working on. I think it’s easy to make things static, even when you’re aiming for dynamic. But I try really hard to capture the right moment of motion (and emotion when it comes to expressions) in my pics, so this makes me really happy to hear :)

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By the way, forgot to say that besides you having amazing writing skills you manage to capture emotions and personalities so well. I don't think I've read many fics/ imagines with BTS that do and it honestly makes such a difference. I am such a sucker for a good plot as well and you honestly got it all! So as I said before keep the amazing work up, you're pure talent!

wahhh :’)))) thank you so much, i try very hard to capture the emotions of my characters !! 

Try Me | LRH | Final Part

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Rich kid asshole!Luke has everything he could ever need. Good looks, money thrown at him, grades to get in whatever university he wanted, at the top of the food chain in school, and every girl throwing themselves at him. When [Y/N] starts paying attention to him, his life everything changes, suddenly she’s the only thing he can focus on, but her, she’s not into him. Or so he thinks as she plays her hard to get facade.

Relationship: Asshole!Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: 791

You took a deep breath as you examined yourself in the mirror. Content with your black skinny jeans and casual shirt you grabbed your purse to head downstairs. Luke would be on your driveway any minute now, you shook any bad thoughts out and took a deep breath. 

Dates were never your forte, considering the fact that you’ve been on around two actual dates. You heard the doorbell and your head shot up as you took a final deep breath before opening the door to greet Luke. 

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♋ Cancer Problems: Spending more time trying to capture the moment than enjoying it.
Everyone thinks you’re too sensitive or emotional… when you already hate yourself enough for being that way.
Wanting to watch the same movie, listen to the same song, read the same book over and over…
Piles… Piles of stuff…
Feeling offended or hurt by literally everything even though you desperately don’t want to be.
Realizing you’re a lot deeper than most, and not everyone you meet is going to want to be your adopted family member.
Remembering things nobody else does…
Being a Cancer without a stable or loving family… :(

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i really love your scenario! ❤ So, can I've the continuation? like his s/o finally discharge from hospital, but then akashi want her to live with him. cause he afraid something happen to her again. thanks! ^^ (btw, can I call you Tia?)

Ooo. a continuation of that angst? Sure thing! and Of course you can call me Tia! I only go by that name lmao.

When you were finally awake, and feeling well enough, you were discharged from the hospital. It was only a few days, but it felt like months. Your body still ached, sore, and it wouldn’t hurt to sleep for probably another good week. 

So when you walked in through your door, you definitely weren’t expecting Akashi to be sitting inside, as though waiting for you. A small part of you wondered why he hadn’t picked you up, but just by seeing the exhausted look on his face told you everything you needed to know.

“Sei-chan?” you questioned, walking towards him with a worried expression, “Why are you-”

“Move in with me.”

He was met with silence, your eyes blinking rapidly as you tried to digest his words.


You walked to him, pressing a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature.. He must be delusional.. That’s got to be it! He wouldn’t suggest that of all things, given you were still in high school.

“You must be tired.. You can rest in my-”

“I’m not tired, ____.” he whispered, standing up and grabbing your hands. “I’m completely serious. Move in with me.”

There was a myriad of emotions within his red hues, but the one that stuck out to you was fear. He must have blamed himself for your accident.. But..

“It wasn’t your fault, Seijuro..” you sighed, rubbing his hands. “You wouldn’t have been able to stop the car even if you were there.”

“But it was my fault! If I had gone with you..”

“You would’ve been hurt too.” you mumbled, cradling his cheek in your hand. You gave him a soft smile, trying to comfort him.

“I know you’re scared.. and trust me.. I wouldn’t mind living with you.. But we’re still in high school Seijuro.. I can’t possibly intrude on your home..”

He opened his mouth, shutting it just as fast, trying to find the words to say.. How could he convince you to come move in with him?

“However..” you paused, watching his eyes meet yours again, “I have lots of room here.. And it does get lonely.. So…. Why don’t you move in with me?”

He’d wrapped you in his arms, mouth capturing yours in a gentle kiss, trying to convey his emotions. He was happy you were wanting to compromise at least.. because it drove him crazy with worry.. He didn’t want to leave you alone again.. 

Not if there was a risk of losing you.


i redrew the panels for this scene in mob psycho 100 
i really like horikoshi’s style haha
i kept the last page mostly the same as ONE-sensei’s original art because i think the original artwork captured the emotion the best.

i encourage everyone to try reading this manga. ONE-sensei is very talented and i respect his work.