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How do you draw so many expressions? You're art is amazing and I aspire to be an awesome artist like you

I’m still trying super hard to exaggerate expressions and stuff so I’m super glad you like them! ;o; I kinda got the inspiration from older cartoons where expressions are really pushed, and just really trying to capture an emotion in the face in general. Like sometimes I do tiny poorly drawn comics as a warmup or to express something and really trying to push expressions in those to emphasize the emotion has been really fun but difficult.

I think looking at actors and looking at the people around you when they express helps? Also if you have a mirror handy, you can use your own expressions as reference! Lots of animators have done this in the past, reminds me of this tweet I saw recently of Ken Harris using a mirror to help draw expressions.

(this is a really nice twitter account for animation content btw)

The past couple months I’ve done some betaing and editing for other people, and a lot on my own work as well, and it’s gotten me thinking about some of my process for writing. Since I just found a perfect example, I thought I’d take a moment and talk about the importance of specificity for strengthening tone and story telling.

I came across this sentence:

“I don’t know,” said Castiel, a bad feeling clenching tight about his chest.

In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with this sentence but one thing I’ve found is that vague language is bad. There’s a prevailing view, I’ve noticed, that using a big word when a small word will do is “bad” but my own experience and the way people react to my writing suggests otherwise - that using a big word that more accurately reflects what you wish to say is pretty much always better than using a small word that is more general. When I edit my own work a lot of what I do is find places where I’ve used vague language and replace that vague language with words that capture more of the emotional punch I’m trying to communicate. So, even though “a bad feeling clenching tight about his chest” isn’t, like, terrible, I went ahead and changed it to:

“I don’t know,” said Castiel, an ominous sense of impending doom clenched tight about his chest.

Wordier? Yes. A little melodramatic? Absolutely. But I think it more accurately captures what I was going for, and better communicates my intentions.

Which do ya’ll prefer?

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what if enjolras was good at painting?

ohhh I could see that! Enjolras wouldn’t spend hours and hours painting a flower, or a sunset, or even someone else, but he’s be incredibly good at using colour and movement to capture different emotions; he wouldn’t try to create pieces that are pleasing to look at casually, though he could if he wanted to, but his abstract paintings can make you feel a general sense of fear or anxiety or sadness or happiness, and send a powerful message. (this is one of the things Grantaire both loves and admires about him; he could never create anything meaningful, it always fell short of the emotions he wanted to portray - another thing he never managed to communicate right).


I, as a writer, believe that words are the most used and most archaic thing on the planet simultaneously. Speaking and writing it’s my job to convey an idea or a feeling to you using a system of words that cannot capture the essence of most ideas or feelings no matter how you string them together. There’s so much that goes unsaid between us, but there’s so much that can’t be conveyed at the same time. 

One day I’m sure that our bodies will adapt to the futility of trying to capture emotions with a string of words and be able to beam our feelings and ideas to one another with our brains. Could you imagine? Zapping your feelings–exactly how something makes you feel to someone you’re close to? I wish our vocal cords just disappear and we become a strictly telepathic race of superbeings, then we’d truly be able to understand one another.


To the anon that asked about my process (hopefully you can see the detail)

It’s all done on an iPad - there’s a lot of tricks you’ll pick up along the way that will make your drawing process a lot easier as you develop your own ways. I always try and capture a look or emotion/feeling in my drawings and the reference image/images I use I try and match as close as possible to what I’m going for because it makes the drawing process a lot easier. for the most part I try and match whatever background I’m starting with to the base/neutral tone of the persons skin, and then from there just slowly build up the highlights and the shadows. There’s no easy way to do hair besides giving yourself early arthritis in your wrist and using reference images. All my drawings use references that I’ll overlay repeatedly to make sure the proportions aren’t going out of whack (e.g. Eye placement, mouth, nose etc.). I normally trial dark/neutral/light backgrounds to see which ones work best with the mood I’m trying to capture (and like with Octavia, all the work I did for her hair ended up never being seen because it got hidden by the dark background or with the Alicia Clark drawing, the lighting is a lot different to what I ended up with). I still mess up a lot though, lexa was cross eyed in the example I’ve given and I didn’t notice until like a month later when someone “kindly’ pointed it out to me lol. But keep practising and you’ll improve (whether that’s slow or fast isn’t an issue, everyone has their own pace, I’ve been drawing my whole life and I still mess up a lot). There’s many different drawings that I don’t upload because they aren’t good or I can’t quite get the look I’m going for so don’t be disheartened by what you see online - often it’s an artists best work (btw, if anyone is actually interested in seeing all the "bad’ drawings let m know and I can share them if you want?)

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Sorry you're having a rough day, here's a virtual hug! My asks do you come up with the ideas for your fics? How much research do you end up doing?

Thanks for the virtual hug. :)

And you asked a question with a very complicated answer that requires me to think a lot. When it comes to my little fluffy ficlets, I mostly just get inspired by an imagined moment or emotion and try to capture it in few words, but my longer stories are really different.

With my longer stories, I usually start by thinking about some emotional issue in my own life or how I imagine someone else might feel in some real-life situation I observe. So, for example, Squish grew out of my own struggles with body image, and my thinking about how much harder it might be for someone like Dan, who is so publicly lauded for his looks, to gain weight. My very first phanfic, Like A Shibe, grew out of my discovery that Dan had so many more subscribers than Phil, and imagining how I would feel in Phil’s place. (It was, I suppose, my new-to-the-phandom horrified response to Philphobia.) Moving On came from me (still fairly new to the phandom) wondering what it must be like for Dan to have had his entire adult life spent in partnership with Phil. Basically, they all come out of me imagining how a character (or characters) might feel about something, and how they might then behave as a result. But it all starts, for me, with that core emotion.

And as for research, I’m ridiculously obsessive about it. You don’t even want to know how many hours of research I did for Glimpses of Portugal (seriously, I could tell you so much about Portugal now, and I based their hotel in the fic on a real hotel I found online, for which I watched numerous vlogs on YouTube—I researched beaches, restaurants, Portuguese culture, etc.) and Creeper (which of course basically just required stalkery research about Dan and Phil’s early days of getting to know each other through the phan timeline I created). Even with stories like Happily Ever After, which is set in a familiar place and doesn’t rely on any factual events for verisimilitude, I’ve done hours of research on biphobia and internalized biphobia/homophobia. I’ve talked extensively with a couple friends who are bi; I’ve read studies that involved surveys of bisexual people regarding prejudice they had faced; I’ve read websites by, for, and about bisexual people regarding the specific prejudices they face from both the straight and LGBT community. I’m a research fiend. I want to get things right in my stories, both factually and emotionally. And I work as hard as I can to make that happen.

Happy Birthday, Tia ( sinnamonrollpetricca ) !

I hope your day is wonderful :)

Slytherins staying up at 2am, trying to study for school the next day but they end up listening to Keaton Henson and filling in their sketchbooks with black markers and doodles, trying to capture his emotions. Slytherins showing up to school the next day really tired and vow to sleep early but end up taking naps and staying up late all over again, trying to find themselves in the late nights.

♋ Cancer Problems: Spending more time trying to capture the moment than enjoying it.
Everyone thinks you’re too sensitive or emotional… when you already hate yourself enough for being that way.
Wanting to watch the same movie, listen to the same song, read the same book over and over…
Piles… Piles of stuff…
Feeling offended or hurt by literally everything even though you desperately don’t want to be.
Realizing you’re a lot deeper than most, and not everyone you meet is going to want to be your adopted family member.
Remembering things nobody else does…
Being a Cancer without a stable or loving family… :(

Try Me | LRH | Final Part

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Rich kid asshole!Luke has everything he could ever need. Good looks, money thrown at him, grades to get in whatever university he wanted, at the top of the food chain in school, and every girl throwing themselves at him. When [Y/N] starts paying attention to him, his life everything changes, suddenly she’s the only thing he can focus on, but her, she’s not into him. Or so he thinks as she plays her hard to get facade.

Relationship: Asshole!Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: 791

You took a deep breath as you examined yourself in the mirror. Content with your black skinny jeans and casual shirt you grabbed your purse to head downstairs. Luke would be on your driveway any minute now, you shook any bad thoughts out and took a deep breath. 

Dates were never your forte, considering the fact that you’ve been on around two actual dates. You heard the doorbell and your head shot up as you took a final deep breath before opening the door to greet Luke. 

His eyes skimmed up your body before he said anything, “you look stunning.” He breathed making you blush as you put your converse on, matching with his. “You don’t clean up that bad yourself.” You chided as he laughed a little. 

You were right, although he was wearing his regular black jeans and simple top, there was something about him that made him look more endearing.

“Ready?” He questioned before you nodded and locked your door, heading to his car.


You and Luke stumbled into your designated theatre laughing, arms full of various kinds of junk as you climbed the stairs with some difficulty to the top. 

“These are great seats, good job Luke.” You joked half sarcastically as he bowed in his seat. 

“I aim to please m’lady.” He said playfully as you took a handful of popcorn, stuffing it in your mouth. 


You were enjoying Luke’s company full heartedly, it was nice and no nearly as awkward as you anticipated. Of course you two were still adjusting to each others sense of humour, but for the most part you guys didn’t have to filter what each of you said. 

The movie you two picked was not the most interesting movie sadly and you saw that in each other. Luke kept looking over at you and asking random question, not about the movie and you happily answered them. His hand made it to yours about halfway through the movie but you welcomed it warmly. 

You were surprised at how genuine Luke was, he was the opposite of the asshole you thought he was. Although you saw this side of Luke it doesn’t mean asshole Luke is nonexistent and you knew you couldn’t let your guard down. Luke leaned over to again signalling he had another thought answered, “would it be taboo if I kissed you?” He speculated with a small smile. Your own mouth spread into a small smile at the thought of kissing Luke, “when do you ever follow rules?” You joked as you inched closer to him. 

“You’ve got a very, good point.” He dragged out as he tucked a small piece of your hair behind your ear. His lips brushed yours before his hand made its way to your cheek, bringing you closer. He tasted like liquorice and mint, oddly satisfying and pleasant. 

The kiss wasn’t needy or sloppy, it was gentle and sweet, and ended way too soon for your liking. 

“Wow.” Luke awed as he pulled away, still holding your face. 

“Yeah.” you said equally fazed, smiling. 


“Well, I had a really great time.” Luke said as he played with your fingers, “me too.” You said sweetly, admiring his large hands compared to your small ones.

“Maybe we could do this again?” He asked looking up at you. 

“I’d like that.” You said with a slight giggle as he smiled. 

“Uh, are things gonna be awkward between us at school?” You asked shyly, his brows furrowed as he looked at you confused. 

“Why would things be awkward?…” He asked as he stepped in closer to you. 

“I don’t know, everyone thinks we hate each other but we clearly don’t.” You shrugged. 

“I don’t care what they think, I finally found the first girl that stood up to my jackass behaviour and made me straighten up. You’re not at all like all the other girls I’ve “dated” and I don’t plan on ever going back to them.” He said as he looked in your eyes, trying to capture your emotions. You held back your smile slightly as you heard Luke’s words. 

“What I’m trying to say is, maybe you’d consider being my girlfriend? I mean you don’t have to decide right now, just sayin’…” He trailed off as you let out a small laugh pulling him closer. 

“Luke Hemmings, I think I’d have a lot of fun being your girlfriend.” You said as his eyes widened in joy, as he pulled you in for a giant hug, then pulling you in for a passionate kiss. 

“You just made me the happiest guy in the world.” He said softly as he rested his forehead against yours, “I’m glad you decided to try me.” He admitted before kissing you once more. 


            ‘ Often it is the heart that speaks, and the brush that whisks the emotion upon the canvas. You must think deeper, Ryuji. There is an emotion felt in every situation. Try to capture it as best you can. ’  & lashes clash with one another, dusting smooth cheeks as he provides what advice he can offer. Within every artist is born a style, & such makes coaching, in this aspect, especially trying.


i redrew the panels for this scene in mob psycho 100 
i really like horikoshi’s style haha
i kept the last page mostly the same as ONE-sensei’s original art because i think the original artwork captured the emotion the best.

i encourage everyone to try reading this manga. ONE-sensei is very talented and i respect his work. 

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so re: your writing I mostly read your poetry and it's so good? I am at a loss to describe exactly the feels it gives me but I'm still stuck on some of the lines from the coffee stains collection, like 'you are the first cup of coffee I drink in the morning' and 'a decade since you left and I still can't close the curtains.' also you are a premium source of Being Angry About God. 10/10

ahhhhh thank you so much!!!!!! ahhhhhh this means so much coming from you?? esp because i adore your writing a l o t. it is?? so good?? i love your imagery and how well you capture emotions and personalities!!!

and thank!! I try my best to be a source of Being Angry About God.

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i really love your scenario! ❤ So, can I've the continuation? like his s/o finally discharge from hospital, but then akashi want her to live with him. cause he afraid something happen to her again. thanks! ^^ (btw, can I call you Tia?)

Ooo. a continuation of that angst? Sure thing! and Of course you can call me Tia! I only go by that name lmao.

When you were finally awake, and feeling well enough, you were discharged from the hospital. It was only a few days, but it felt like months. Your body still ached, sore, and it wouldn’t hurt to sleep for probably another good week. 

So when you walked in through your door, you definitely weren’t expecting Akashi to be sitting inside, as though waiting for you. A small part of you wondered why he hadn’t picked you up, but just by seeing the exhausted look on his face told you everything you needed to know.

“Sei-chan?” you questioned, walking towards him with a worried expression, “Why are you-”

“Move in with me.”

He was met with silence, your eyes blinking rapidly as you tried to digest his words.


You walked to him, pressing a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature.. He must be delusional.. That’s got to be it! He wouldn’t suggest that of all things, given you were still in high school.

“You must be tired.. You can rest in my-”

“I’m not tired, ____.” he whispered, standing up and grabbing your hands. “I’m completely serious. Move in with me.”

There was a myriad of emotions within his red hues, but the one that stuck out to you was fear. He must have blamed himself for your accident.. But..

“It wasn’t your fault, Seijuro..” you sighed, rubbing his hands. “You wouldn’t have been able to stop the car even if you were there.”

“But it was my fault! If I had gone with you..”

“You would’ve been hurt too.” you mumbled, cradling his cheek in your hand. You gave him a soft smile, trying to comfort him.

“I know you’re scared.. and trust me.. I wouldn’t mind living with you.. But we’re still in high school Seijuro.. I can’t possibly intrude on your home..”

He opened his mouth, shutting it just as fast, trying to find the words to say.. How could he convince you to come move in with him?

“However..” you paused, watching his eyes meet yours again, “I have lots of room here.. And it does get lonely.. So…. Why don’t you move in with me?”

He’d wrapped you in his arms, mouth capturing yours in a gentle kiss, trying to convey his emotions. He was happy you were wanting to compromise at least.. because it drove him crazy with worry.. He didn’t want to leave you alone again.. 

Not if there was a risk of losing you.

Nirvana, University of Washington HUB Ballroom, 1989.

“This show was before ‘Bleach’ was released. They were the openers for The Fluid. The thing I love about this photo is it encapsulated everything that I was trying to do with my photography at the time, trying to capture this texture and emotion of what these musicians were doing with their guitars and hair and ripped jeans. This is really what [you saw] when you saw Kurt Cobain play back then. A few years later, I took one almost identical of Courtney Love facing the other way.” - Charles Peterson

Spaceman // ch.1

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I tagged mostly everyone who liked the post ❤️ here it is guys. I’m terrible at smut. It’ll get better I promise !
I wanted to start off by saying that this fanfic is dedicated to all the My Mad Fat Diary fans out there. Most of us weren’t very happy with the ending of Series 3 so I decided, as a fan and an aspiring author to create this for my favorite fandom ever. So here it is, the first chapter of ‘Spaceman’ which picks up pretty much right after the ending of Series 2. This is a mainly Rinn focused fic and is in the point of view of the real Finn Nelson, we all know and love. I will try my absolute best to capture the actions, emotions and thoughts of him as best as I can and if you have any suggestions, requests or thoughts please do not hesitate to go into my ask box.
Enjoy, yours truly, Kar..

I looked into her eyes as her robe dropped to her feet. My fingers wind themselves in between the strands of her long dark hair. I give her a small reassuring smile as I give her a soft kiss, taking her lips between mine and closing my eyes as I live in this moment with her. Her lips shake as she kisses me and I pull back to rest my forehead onto hers and whisper softly,
“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I know you’re nervous but just remember I think you’re beautiful.” she nods her head slowly and I open my eyes to scan over her body. I don’t know why she hides from me, I think she’s perfect, every curve, birthmark, scar. I place my fingertips on the top of her thigh and look at her raising my eyebrow for permission and she nods slowly. I slide my fingers over every scar and examine them. I can feel pain in my chest knowing that she did this to herself, there’s so much to love about her and I wish she could see it, I want to make her see it.
I grab her hand and lead her to the bed, laying her down slowly.
“You alright?” I ask her quietly.
“Yeah, i’m alright.” she smiles softly and I nod as I kiss her again. I move slowly and gently because I know she’s scared because I can finally see her, all of her, she can no longer hide from me. She puts her hands in my hair as I lean over to kiss the soft skin on her neck, she smells of lotion and vanilla. I hear her inhale slowly as I bite softly and I smirk against her neck. She laughs quietly but pauses suddenly once I rest my hand on her side.
“We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready-” I reassure her, looking in her eyes again. She shakes her head quickly.
“No-no. This is okay, it’s fine yeah? Your hands are just cold.” She responds. I know she’s worried, I don’t wanna make things awkward so I sit up and rub my hands together, breathing onto them to “warm them up” and I put my hand back on the curve of her side and look at her with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah.” she says simply with a closed lip smile. I continue kissing her, her lips, her face, her neck, her chest, her arms as I move my way, gradually down her body. I feel as if she’s given me some kind of gift by letting me see her and touch her, her presence means everything to me and in this moment I don’t think i’ll ever be happier than when i’m with her. My fingers slide down between her thighs as I begin to rub her clit slowly. She doesn’t panic because this is something i’d done many times before. Her fingers tug my hair slightly and I look up at her to make sure she’s enjoying it. Her eyes are closed, chin tilted toward the ceiling and her bottom lip is tucked tightly between her teeth. I feel myself harden against her thigh as I watch her, she’s mine, only mine and she wants me, she likes me. I stop my self reassurance and slide my fingers inside her. She lets out a low, muffled whine as I slowly, but surely pick up the pace. This is everything to me, she is everything to me. The time flies by as I watch her face contort with pleasure, before she covers her mouth and let’s a muffled version of my name roll off her lips. I feel her tighten around my fingers, she came faster than usual but I suppose she’s just thinking about how this isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing tonight. I awkwardly sit up and reach over to pull a condom from my jeans pocket. I’m not facing her but I can feel her eyes watch me with every move I make, for some reason I feel extremely nervous, this is new to me. I rip the condom open with my front teeth and set it’s wrapper on the nightstand. I roll it on slowly, biting my lip slightly. Slowly, slowly. I keep telling myself, you don’t wanna hurt her Finn. I’m extremely scared to turn and face her, i’m not trying to sound conceited or anything but when i’m hard it can be… intimidating, if you get what I mean. I don’t want to scare her or anything. I could turn the lights off- but then I wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful she is and she’d think I don’t want to see her. I turn around slowly and her eyes immediately travel south. Jesus Rae. I clear my throat as her eyes widen. “Is everything okay?” I ask, genuinely concerned. Her eyes meet mine quickly and she gives me a nod.
“I’m gonna go slow and remember we don’t have to do anything you don’t want.”
“I want this Finn.” she says quietly.
“Okay-right,yeah.” I climb on top of her and settle myself gently between her thighs. I look in her eyes and move the hair from her face and kiss her lips softly. “You can tell me to stop if it’s bad, yeah?” I mumble against her lips. She gives me a small ‘Okay’ and I reach down and slowly slide myself into her. She gasps as I do and I have to close my eyes to stay calm. “You alright?” I finally ask opening my eyes and she’s looking at me biting her lip. It’s a sight to see, that’s for damn sure.
“Move.” She demands, breathless. Really?
“Are you sure? You don’t have to rush into this-” I say, I don’t wanna pressure you.
“I’m sure.” She says eagerly. It confuses me, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never taken anyones virginity so I’m not sure if this is normal for her to.. be this ready. I start thrusting into her slowly at a steady pace. She’s so beautiful, she feels so good. Her eyes flutter closed as her fingers pull at my back. Rae. She was moaning quietly in my ear, saying my name. Shit. I like this, I like her this. I wanna stay this close, if possible closer. Everything becomes a blur, it’s me and her and this moment. I feel like I love her. I want to tell her I love her. Her body moves against mine and everything’s moving so quickly. “Finn..Finn.. I think I-” she gasps before letting out a small cry as she comes around me. I groan dipping my head into her neck and pant as I thrust harder. “Fuck-” I cum inside her slowly bringing my hips to a stop. Oh shit. We lay there afterwards for a while, I twirl her hair around my fingers and leave kisses on her face. I hope it felt good. I hope I didn’t hurt her. “Was that okay?” I finally ask, giving in to the urge.
“It was amazing.” She answers, her smile beaming. I love her. I smile at her in return, continuing to play with her hair and touch her in any way I can.
“Your mum will kill me if she finds me here. Right.” I say chuckling.
“I don’t care.” She responds, rolling her eyes.
“I’ll leave in the morning.” I tell her, I’m relieved when she nods, I didn’t want to go, I don’t want to. “You look tired, go to bed girl.”
She moves herself closer to me and closes her eyes. I don’t sleep that night, I just watch her as if I’m protecting her, when really she’s protecting me.

Okay, I’m sorry if that sucked but I do hope you like it. I’d love feedback and tips and stuff. I’ll start my work on chapter 2 Saturday if you guys want it. Let me know. Yours Truly,

            Heath Ledger on Relating To Characters He Played:

  “I find emotions and try to capture or portray episodes in one’s life. (It’s intriguing.) That’s not a challenge. It’s more like a pressure valve where you get to kind of release something. (I found a way to relate to Robbie Clark, I didn’t necessarily agree with him.) I don’t think you have to agree with the people you play, otherwise it’s boring if you always agree with them.”

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kavinsky/dream!proko, 2

things you said through your teeth

(I did not realize until 300 words into this that I had any desire to write about Kavinsky actually dreaming the new Prokopenko. As a result it’s much less mean than anything else I’ve ever written about them. Oops.)

As far as their friends knew, Prokopenko had been sick for the better part of a week. Kavinsky had been collecting his homework from teachers and relaying messages to the rest of the group while insisting that Proko just didn’t want to see anyone. For the most part this went unquestioned. There had been a close call with Skov who had insisted on going to Prokopenko’s dorm room to check up on him, but Kavinsky managed to talk him down when no one answered the door, claiming that the kid needed his rest in the most beatific manner he could muster. Which for Joseph Kavinsky was not really very angelic at all. It didn’t need to be to be effective.

At the same time Kavinsky was spending every free moment he had taking pills and tripping into the dream world, desperately trying to find a Prokopenko to bring back. This was mostly because he didn’t want to have to explain the hard drugs and the dead friend in his backyard to any sort of authorities—he could hear his father in his head too, disappointed as always—but also because he liked the way their group was and he wasn’t prepared for that sort of absence to gut it. It was only in his less guarded, more worn moments that he would admit to himself that, well, he would really miss that asshole.

So he did what he knew how to do. Or he tried to, anyway. People were complex. It was one thing to gank a hundred gleaming white cars that were going to be taken at face value and another thing entirely to try to capture the physical and emotional essence of a person that would stand up to the expectations of the people who knew him. It almost broke Kavinsky. Almost.

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