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Nirvana, University of Washington HUB Ballroom, 1989.

“This show was before ‘Bleach’ was released. They were the openers for The Fluid. The thing I love about this photo is it encapsulated everything that I was trying to do with my photography at the time, trying to capture this texture and emotion of what these musicians were doing with their guitars and hair and ripped jeans. This is really what [you saw] when you saw Kurt Cobain play back then. A few years later, I took one almost identical of Courtney Love facing the other way.” - Charles Peterson

Spaceman // ch.1

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I tagged mostly everyone who liked the post ❤️ here it is guys. I’m terrible at smut. It’ll get better I promise !
I wanted to start off by saying that this fanfic is dedicated to all the My Mad Fat Diary fans out there. Most of us weren’t very happy with the ending of Series 3 so I decided, as a fan and an aspiring author to create this for my favorite fandom ever. So here it is, the first chapter of ‘Spaceman’ which picks up pretty much right after the ending of Series 2. This is a mainly Rinn focused fic and is in the point of view of the real Finn Nelson, we all know and love. I will try my absolute best to capture the actions, emotions and thoughts of him as best as I can and if you have any suggestions, requests or thoughts please do not hesitate to go into my ask box.
Enjoy, yours truly, Kar..

I looked into her eyes as her robe dropped to her feet. My fingers wind themselves in between the strands of her long dark hair. I give her a small reassuring smile as I give her a soft kiss, taking her lips between mine and closing my eyes as I live in this moment with her. Her lips shake as she kisses me and I pull back to rest my forehead onto hers and whisper softly,
“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I know you’re nervous but just remember I think you’re beautiful.” she nods her head slowly and I open my eyes to scan over her body. I don’t know why she hides from me, I think she’s perfect, every curve, birthmark, scar. I place my fingertips on the top of her thigh and look at her raising my eyebrow for permission and she nods slowly. I slide my fingers over every scar and examine them. I can feel pain in my chest knowing that she did this to herself, there’s so much to love about her and I wish she could see it, I want to make her see it.
I grab her hand and lead her to the bed, laying her down slowly.
“You alright?” I ask her quietly.
“Yeah, i’m alright.” she smiles softly and I nod as I kiss her again. I move slowly and gently because I know she’s scared because I can finally see her, all of her, she can no longer hide from me. She puts her hands in my hair as I lean over to kiss the soft skin on her neck, she smells of lotion and vanilla. I hear her inhale slowly as I bite softly and I smirk against her neck. She laughs quietly but pauses suddenly once I rest my hand on her side.
“We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready-” I reassure her, looking in her eyes again. She shakes her head quickly.
“No-no. This is okay, it’s fine yeah? Your hands are just cold.” She responds. I know she’s worried, I don’t wanna make things awkward so I sit up and rub my hands together, breathing onto them to “warm them up” and I put my hand back on the curve of her side and look at her with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah.” she says simply with a closed lip smile. I continue kissing her, her lips, her face, her neck, her chest, her arms as I move my way, gradually down her body. I feel as if she’s given me some kind of gift by letting me see her and touch her, her presence means everything to me and in this moment I don’t think i’ll ever be happier than when i’m with her. My fingers slide down between her thighs as I begin to rub her clit slowly. She doesn’t panic because this is something i’d done many times before. Her fingers tug my hair slightly and I look up at her to make sure she’s enjoying it. Her eyes are closed, chin tilted toward the ceiling and her bottom lip is tucked tightly between her teeth. I feel myself harden against her thigh as I watch her, she’s mine, only mine and she wants me, she likes me. I stop my self reassurance and slide my fingers inside her. She lets out a low, muffled whine as I slowly, but surely pick up the pace. This is everything to me, she is everything to me. The time flies by as I watch her face contort with pleasure, before she covers her mouth and let’s a muffled version of my name roll off her lips. I feel her tighten around my fingers, she came faster than usual but I suppose she’s just thinking about how this isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing tonight. I awkwardly sit up and reach over to pull a condom from my jeans pocket. I’m not facing her but I can feel her eyes watch me with every move I make, for some reason I feel extremely nervous, this is new to me. I rip the condom open with my front teeth and set it’s wrapper on the nightstand. I roll it on slowly, biting my lip slightly. Slowly, slowly. I keep telling myself, you don’t wanna hurt her Finn. I’m extremely scared to turn and face her, i’m not trying to sound conceited or anything but when i’m hard it can be… intimidating, if you get what I mean. I don’t want to scare her or anything. I could turn the lights off- but then I wouldn’t be able to see how beautiful she is and she’d think I don’t want to see her. I turn around slowly and her eyes immediately travel south. Jesus Rae. I clear my throat as her eyes widen. “Is everything okay?” I ask, genuinely concerned. Her eyes meet mine quickly and she gives me a nod.
“I’m gonna go slow and remember we don’t have to do anything you don’t want.”
“I want this Finn.” she says quietly.
“Okay-right,yeah.” I climb on top of her and settle myself gently between her thighs. I look in her eyes and move the hair from her face and kiss her lips softly. “You can tell me to stop if it’s bad, yeah?” I mumble against her lips. She gives me a small ‘Okay’ and I reach down and slowly slide myself into her. She gasps as I do and I have to close my eyes to stay calm. “You alright?” I finally ask opening my eyes and she’s looking at me biting her lip. It’s a sight to see, that’s for damn sure.
“Move.” She demands, breathless. Really?
“Are you sure? You don’t have to rush into this-” I say, I don’t wanna pressure you.
“I’m sure.” She says eagerly. It confuses me, I don’t know what to say, I’ve never taken anyones virginity so I’m not sure if this is normal for her to.. be this ready. I start thrusting into her slowly at a steady pace. She’s so beautiful, she feels so good. Her eyes flutter closed as her fingers pull at my back. Rae. She was moaning quietly in my ear, saying my name. Shit. I like this, I like her this. I wanna stay this close, if possible closer. Everything becomes a blur, it’s me and her and this moment. I feel like I love her. I want to tell her I love her. Her body moves against mine and everything’s moving so quickly. “Finn..Finn.. I think I-” she gasps before letting out a small cry as she comes around me. I groan dipping my head into her neck and pant as I thrust harder. “Fuck-” I cum inside her slowly bringing my hips to a stop. Oh shit. We lay there afterwards for a while, I twirl her hair around my fingers and leave kisses on her face. I hope it felt good. I hope I didn’t hurt her. “Was that okay?” I finally ask, giving in to the urge.
“It was amazing.” She answers, her smile beaming. I love her. I smile at her in return, continuing to play with her hair and touch her in any way I can.
“Your mum will kill me if she finds me here. Right.” I say chuckling.
“I don’t care.” She responds, rolling her eyes.
“I’ll leave in the morning.” I tell her, I’m relieved when she nods, I didn’t want to go, I don’t want to. “You look tired, go to bed girl.”
She moves herself closer to me and closes her eyes. I don’t sleep that night, I just watch her as if I’m protecting her, when really she’s protecting me.

Okay, I’m sorry if that sucked but I do hope you like it. I’d love feedback and tips and stuff. I’ll start my work on chapter 2 Saturday if you guys want it. Let me know. Yours Truly,

Fresh Air critic at-large John Powers reviews London Spy

If there’s any one sensation that’s distinctively modern, it’s surely paranoia, the feeling that somewhere unseen forces are conspiring against us – to steal our identities, take away our civil liberties, kill us in shopping malls.   Small wonder that so many books and movies are bursting with stories about ordinary people – like Cary Grant in North by Northwest – who stumble into a shadowy world of murderous conspiracy and struggle to get out alive.

That’s precisely what happens in London Spy, a moody five-part BBC America series created and scripted by Tom Rob Smith, who wrote the terrific Soviet-era crime novel Child 44.   The show divided audiences when it played in the UK last year, and will surely do same here. For Smith and Dutch director Jakob Verbruhun are trying do something almost impossibly ambitious – to capture genuine emotion while still delivering the artificial excitements of a spy thriller.    


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPabstract

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The goal this weekend is to make photographs of everyday objects or environments — and show them in unrecognizable or surprising ways. Some tips to get you started:

  • Focus on capturing your subject from a unique or warped perspective to see it in a new way, like from an unexpected angle, through a reflection or especially close or far away.
  • Think about the overall impression of color, shape and mood in your image rather than capturing something identifiable.
  • Try illustrating an intangible concept, thought or emotion through a creatively staged photograph.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPabstract hashtag only to photos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any tagged image taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.