trying to blog normally

I just heard about what’s happening in Aleppo. I don’t know a lot because I’ve seen very little media coverage of it, but I do know innocent people are being executed in their own homes. I don’t know which side is executing them, but whether it’s the government or the rebels, people are still being MURDERED. Innocent people. Women and children. Their bodies are on the streets. People are filming the horrors in their city, sending out final goodbyes on twitter.

I normally try to keep my blog as free of politics and sensitive subjects as I can because I do not have the resources to get into a debate with people that might not agree with me, but I cannot stay mute on this.

This is a crime against humanity. It’s mass murder. It’s inhuman. Aleppo is falling right in front of our eyes, every second of it documented as evidence. This is a genocide, broadcasted for the entire world to see.

I thought “never again”. I thought “we learned”. But it’s happening again, and this time the victims are filming their own downfall.

I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to help. I feel lost and numb and incredibly frustrated. Please, if anyone who’s reading this knows what I can do, let me know.

My thoughts are scattered. I’m trying to find the right words, but I can’t form any proper sentences.

All I can say is:

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.

Reblog if you refuse to accept Donald Trump’s Presidency

Acknowledge it, yes. On an intellectual level, I acknowledge that he won the Electoral Vote and that he will be inaugurated into office. But I will never accept that his ideals– misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and above all else, hatred– are what this country stands for. 


Sketches from my new Voltron-cafe ask blog. Never has something been more of an endurance run. And I’m just getting started ( o v o; )

I started this blog to get out of my comfort zone and have fun while doing it. I understand if your not someone who’s super into that, that’s fine. I will keep trying to update my normal art blog with stuff and sketches. As well as my actual comic which I’m trying to get rolling again.

I can’t be the only one who’s mind eventually went [there].

@slayythepatriarchy I’m not sure why you’ve decided to follow me. A cursory glance at your blog tells me that our interests do not align in the slightest.

Are you hate following me or something? Because you’re going to be disappointed if that’s the case.

My Blog Is Back

Here’s what happened.

-I go about my day browsing Tumblr as normal

-My blog automatically logs out

-I try to log back in

-Tumblr tells me my blog has been terminated

-I send them an email asking what happened

-I make a new blog under a different email

-I get to work setting up my new blog

-That blog gets deleted within the same day

-I email Tumblr under that email

-I resign myself to not being able to get back to Tumblr

-My friend notices that my queue on my main blog is posting

-My friend checks my blog

-My blogs are back unchanged and unscathed

That is the complete summary of what I know about what happened. Requests are currently closed until I get caught up a little. Hopefully things will go back to normal.


I normally try to keep this blog mostly about cosplay, cute things and funny memes but I thought it was important to show this. 

Anime and Video game voice actor Vic Mignogna tries to talk some sense into these protesters that spread a message of hate, anger and fear. He stood up for our people and I have to give much respect and gratitude for doing so.



Went to Akihabara today and saw some Naruto the Last and Boruto the Movie promos along the streets.

FR Tumblr community Rant.

Okay, so normally I try to keep this blog a high percentage of FR content but this post needs to be made.

If you have a problem with cis people, or anyone of a specific gender/sexual orientation, please don’t drag it into a reblogging to this post. I won’t hesitate to call you out on that shit. I have been under the impression that the FR Tumblr community is supposed to be all-inclusive and intolerant towards discrimination against anyone. Apparently I’m wrong on that.

It’s not cool to joke about “#down with cis” or give the self-gratifying ultimatum of “you’re a transphobe if you disagree with me” when you spout off hateful shit towards others. It’s not cool to cause others to have anxiety attacks over your bigotry against people who aren’t you. It’s not cool to pad your follower count by harassing people who have different opinions than you and gloating by acting like a douche when they stop wasting their time on your vitriol.

My girlfriend was offended by someone who “joked” about “#down with cis” and had to block the person because they had harassed her. They called her a transphobe for being offended by the tag, among other hateful words. This same individual didn’t even know anything about my girlfriend. They didn’t know that my girlfriend is disabled, has gender dysphoria or that she has social anxiety. They assumed the worst of her for a simple little reblog she wrote in response to the use of that tag and mocked her for trying to destress from the incident.

You don’t have to be cis to be offended by something as inflammatory as that. You don’t have to be cis to be offended by something that, for all intents and purposes, is meant to bait people who disagree with the person into an argument. It’s not transphobia if someone is offended by discrimination, regardless of the target.

In part, this is a call out post to (also ecxcabre on FR) for doing exactlywhat I described in this post. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like cis people. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t like my girlfriend. You can claim your blog is a “safe place” as you put it in your own words. But don’t go full out public over something that could have been settled maturely in private. That’s just showing how much you want to cause trouble with others over your viewpoints and how hypocritical your argument is.