trying to be seductive

i’m serious tho

draw self ship

you got a character you have a major crush on???

draw them smoochin u. draw them hitting on you. draw them leaning in a doorway trying to be all seductive and falling. draw them being protective of you. DRAW YOU AND THEM DANCING LIKE HUGE NERDS!!

if u don’t think anyone will care cuz it’s self indulgent stuff. tag me. i’ll reblog that shit and tag it w how much i ship you two.

the negative connotations behind it are so dumb and i can"t believe i was ever ashamed of this stuff man self ship is fantastic

now go

draw you and ur fave mackin. do it for me

There’s a time when they were in college, just moved out into their own apartment, when Tooru tried to act sexy and seduce Iwaizumi.

It didn’t work, mostly because Iwaizumi was confused at what Oikawa was trying to do for a good five minutes until he had to laugh at the realization. He took Oikawa’s hand and tugged him close, looking up at him as he brushed his thumb against the back of that hand. Oikawa’s face was scrunched into a pout, decidedly looking to the side, as Iwaizumi asked, “Was that supposed to be sexy?”

A flush seeped through the pale skin along Oikawa’s neck, and Iwaizumi warmed to the idea that he was too embarrassed to retort.

Iwaizumi stood from the couch, wounding an arm to the small of Oikawa’s back, and leaned in until his breath brushed against his neck. He whispered, “Let me teach you ‘sexy’.”

He nipped right under Oikawa’s jaw and jerked him close, pressing their bodies together and sliding another hand down the outline of Oikawa’s body. He felt him still against him and smiled, a hint of a smirk in those curled lips. Iwaizumi spun them around to dump Oikawa into his seat and leafed his fingers through that soft, soft hair. “Watch me,” he said, a challenge in his voice and a quick flick of his chin, and stripped off his shirt from the bottom up.

[Then Tooru was seduced and frustrated and angry and so turned on.]

After that, Iwaizumi picked up a habit of whispering, “You’re sexy,” into Oikawa’s ear at times. It wasn’t that Oikawa wasn’t sexy at that time; it just wasn’t Iwaizumi’s “Tooru-sexy”. Because “Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s sleepily cooking breakfast in just his boxers and a loose T-shirt, and Iwaizumi can go up and hug him from behind to whisper into his ear just how disastrous his hair looks.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s just gotten out of the shower when Iwaizumi comes home, sitting at the couch with some trivial TV show flickering across the screen as he unconsciously nursed at his lips, the warm scent of soap floating in the room.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s tired from a day of work, said, “I’m home,” softly and didn’t even hear Iwaizumi welcome him back, because all he wanted was to hop in the shower and feel clean again.

Tooru doesn’t believe him when he tells him, and Iwaizumi isn’t about to argue with him on it any time soon, because it’s also sexy when he scrunches his face, eyes in slits because he’s pouting but wants it to be a glare, and just asking for Iwaizumi to tease him more.


If you haven’t seen this yet…watch it now.

Sasuke, Kakashi and Gaara tackle a seduction mission- pretending to be hosts in a club to extract information from a dangerous client!! Shikamaru manages the mission (and the club), while Sasuke insists that they call Naruto to be on standby in case things turn into a fight. Naruto is happy to be involved, but…why wasn’t he chosen to be a host?!

The drama CD, brilliantly illustrated/synched by the fansubber, is absolutely hilarious. And yeah, there’s a few things to make SNS and GaaNaru fans especially happy. Shikamaru nails the stereotypes that fangirls squash the guys into, and listening to Sasuke, Gaara and Kakashi deliberately trying to be seductive is the best thing ever.

Context: My group of four and I were against a Cambion with a couple of goblins, the group was tired and one of the members had disappeared. What happened next was not what I expected.

Bard: So since I don’t have very many hit points left, I’m going to try to seduce the Cambion. 

*they roll a 14* 

DM: He is slightly seduced, and winks at you. 

Other players are now wanting to hop onto the bandwagon and attempt to seduce him also, but end up rolling 7 and 5, thus not being able to seduce him. It is now the bards turn again.

Bard: Ok, so I’m going to try again with seduction. 

*bard rolls a 18*

DM: Ok, he is so seduced his reaction is to lift his wings an make a movement to you.

During Cambion’s turn: He lovingly sweeps you off your feet and flies off to the nearest inn.

Bard: I roll for protection.

Send one for my Muses reaction to yours,

🛌=Sneaking in bed with them.
☢=Falling on top of them.
❤=Telling them they love them.
✘=Hugging them.
Δ=Trying to act seductive.
⭐=Buying them flowers.
✂=Threatening them.
☮=Randomly kissing them.
♣=Discovering them crying.
💓=Listening to their heartbeat
✿=Giving them a Rose.
🖐=Picking them up.
•=Hugginh them from behind.
♛=Caught reading their journal.
👀=Caught staring.
♘=Pinning them against a wall.
📸=Being found shirtless.
▤=Falling asleep on them.
💙=Complimenting them.
🎈=Offering a place to stay overnight.
⇕=Holding their hand.
🍲=Caring for them while il

Please do it! I’m bored and I love rp memes!