trying to be respectful


Disclaimer: I don’t condone being aggressive with Disney but I somewhat guiltily admit that I am a tad amused by the fandom’s creative and biting responses to their attempts at “putting out the fire with gasoline.”

Hey, you make the childrens cry and they WILL make you pay.

BUT. Be nice. Try the assertive yet respectful approach instead.

Having said that:

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Can you share you study skills/tips please?

Sure thing anon! Here are my top 10 tips: 

Tip #1: Pay attention in class and actively take notes. 

In order to learn, you have to be an active reader and an active listener. When I take my notes down during class, I always do them in pencil (more on that later,), I write down the main points on each lecture slide, and I write down any important things my professor may have said that wasn’t on the slide. 

Tip #2: Read the dang textbook and other reading materials your professor may have recommended. 

Even though I can get bored very quickly while reading a chapter on “equine nutritional needs with respect to phosphorus and nitrogen”, I try to at least find the points that my professor had covered in class and read them in the book; sometimes, the text may be simpler and clearer than the lecture. 

Tip #3: Don’t listen to music or have the TV on while studying. 

Up until about two months ago, I used to be an avid listener to music while I studied–usually instrumental. However, (FOR ME), I found that I was listening to the music instead of to the words that I was writing down or reading. I have found that when I’m rewriting my notes or reading my textbook without music, my brain becomes more interested in what I’m writing down or reading and I start actually thinking about the topic. I actually became more productive.

Tip #4: Take notes, and then take notes again, and then take notes again. 

My process of notetaking is arduous but well-worth it. First, I write down my notes in pencil during class. Then, every weekend (before class begins on Monday), I go back over that previous week’s notes in pen, and I highlight the main important points with a yellow highlighter. This helps for memory retention for me, so I can break up the material week-by-week. Sometimes I will even type my notes on my computer as well. Then, about a week before the *Big Test*, I take some blank printer paper and re-write my notes in a more…open and free way. For instance, instead of only bullet points (like I use in my notebooks), I use brackets and I draw pictures and diagrams, and I use multiple colors, and I use arrows, etc. and I try to make it as pretty and as educational as possible for myself. 

Tip #5: Watch videos online. 

You’d be surprised at how much stuff there is on the internet. Last quarter I was taking an equine biomechanics class and I needed to know all about the different stay mechanisms and how the joints were put together. I was having trouble envisioning it in my mind, so, on a whim, I went onto Youtube and typed in “horse hock anatomy”, and, voila, there was a very clear and concise video that helped me remember the information on my exam. If you can’t find good videos, there are usually pretty good websites or articles with helpful information as well. 

Tip #6: Form study groups!

Even if you prefer to study alone (which I do), having just at least one other person who is suffering through the same information as you is incredibly helpful, as you can support each other and help each other learn through the class as you wade through the water hose of information that is being sprayed at you. Even just someone to review with; having someone is very helpful. 

Tip #7: Study using the Pomodoro method!

Oh man, this method BOOSTED my productivity. Basically, you study for 25 mins, then take a 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 5 min break, study for 25, 10 min break, and then repeat. It helps you see an end goal– “Oh, I only have to put my phone away for 25 mins, then I’ll check my messages!” etc. There are plenty of apps (I know Google chrome has an extension!) that you can use! 

Tip #8: Don’t pull an all-nighter right before the test.

Tbh, by that point, you kind of know-what-you-know. That’s my philosophy. You’re not going to learn anything new within 6 hours before the test. You have to set yourself up for success early on when it comes to studying! 

Tip #9: Keep an academic agenda!

I have a simple academic agenda that I use every single day, where I write down everything that I need to do for each class– I’ll even write in there, “study ch 14″ or “re-write notes!” or “print out the lab!” etc. Being able to check things off of a nice and organized list feels really good and feels very productive. 

Tip #10: Take good care of yourself!

My momma always told me, “your health should always come first, even above school!” And that’s coming from a woman who pushed me very hard academically when I was younger. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s easy to get burnt out. Take care of yourself! Eat good food, get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water, go exercise, take a break! You definitely deserve to feel good and healthy, no matter what! 

Being a ghost comes with its perks, but I still try to be a little respectful.  My mama raised me right after all.  Us Southern white guys have a mixed reputation, but how many ghosts from the North do you think would wait for this latino stud to finish his work before taking him over for the weekend?

The kid might be scrappy, but I’ve seen him work, and he’s a lot stronger than he looks.

Can’t even put into words how glad I was when he tossed that last bale of hay.  Dove straight for that little stud’s chest. sending him crashing to the ground as my ghostly goodness kept fillin’ him up.  

“Ayyyyyyy, No!  Please!” he begged in accented English.  

“Hope you like Southern twang,” I spoke in his head as I forced the last of me into him so abruptly that this boy grabbed and ripped his overalls open before collapsing onto the hay with closed eyes.  

“…Because I’m gonna make a good Southern boy outta you,” I said, now hearing my words coming out of this Latin boy’s mouth.  

“Much stronger than you look,” I said with a grin as I rubbed that lean chest that now belonged to me.  

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I'm sorry I always come to you for advice, but you're really good at it ;; How does one deal with people that are ignorant and refuse to respect you for you but they're super important to you so you don't want to loose them?? ~ Levi

Ah, I understand. Try to educate them, but if they won’t change, you may have to just grin and bear it.

Personally, I think you shouldn’t have to. If they are about you as much as you care for them, they should be open to hearing and respecting your opinions. But…maybe try to keep reasoning with them?

Do your best, but know that if it doesn’t work out, it isn’t your fault and there are others who will listen and respect you. ❤

It was such a beautiful ending.

But there were two things I missed, and in my opinion would make the ending even greater.

The first is seeing Deok Hwa all grown up with his family, living a happy life. He did say he would try his hardest to become a respectful adult and it would have been nice see him archive his goal.

The other thing, the drama had one of the best bromances ever and it’s a shame we couldn’t see it come back. Wang Yeo did not drink the tea of oblivion so there is a chance he remembers Kim Shin, but the drama didn’t imply to it in any way. Maybe some day Wang Yeo (or I should say his new detective self) will see Kim Shin again and he will great him with a sad smile. I believe it will happen.

One last thing. Kim Shin had to watch his loved ones go one by one all his life while waiting for his bride to draw out the sword. Now he had to do the same thing, but there is no sword that could be drawn to end his misery. What will happen once Eun Tak reaches her fourth life? I just hope there is some way for him to not be lonely forever.

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@ that ask you reblogged from louieforlouis I fail to see why the boys would be horrible people if I believe in what's happening or why would Louis be awful if larry isn't real, is there something I am missing? did Louis killed someone or something? or is he just awful because he got someone pregnant?? that mindset that Louis is awful if larry isn't real doesn't make any sense to me, did I missed something Louis did??

Because they spend literally every day trashing Louis’s real life to try and shame each other from respecting it. They invent constant lies about what goes on “if it’s real” and then use those as the truth when they’re trashing him.

They lie that he doesn’t see Freddie, that he’s abandoned him, that he doesn’t really love him and views him as a dog. They think a man should only be respected if he drags a woman through custody court to get full time custody. They act like he’s a shitty parent if he doesn’t. They don’t think it’s about a man needing to do that because he loves him and thinks his mother isn’t doing a good job, they want him to do that because they believe a rich man should punish a mother like that. They don’t understand that if Louis and Briana have an amicable agreement over Freddie then they don’t need a custody case for Louis to get what sounds like as much time as he wants with him, which is every other day. If he and Briana have a good personal agreement then they don’t need to go to court about it.

So they have to invent this reality of Louis hating his child and abandoning him and thinking he’s a dog because it’s the only way they can justify why they won’t stop their abusive shit towards these people and accept that a man had sex with a woman that resulted in a baby being born.

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have you got a fucking problem with white people? yeah, sure there are some racist whites around but if you're generalising everyone with pale skin as disgusting then you're just as bad as the people who offend you. have some goddamn respect and grow up. people are trying to support PoC and you're scaring them away by posting shit like this that makes them feel bad about being white, so you've got no right to complain about being the 'victim' here.

i dont even know how to reply like nothing i say can make you look worse right now this is so embarrassing whats going on

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Although I disagree with practically all your views, and I'm pretty much the stereotypical liberal leftie, I respect you for explaining your views without throwing a tantrum. Thanks for showing me a different way of thinking. Sorry for all the hate you've been getting.

Thank you, I really try and be respectful to people regardless of their tone but at times I may be guilty of making a joke out of the more vicious ones. It’s important for all of us to discuss our views and even if we disagree acknowledge the fact that others have a right of theirs.

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Being really alone means being free from anticipation. Even to know that something is going to happen, that I am required to do something is an intrusion on the emptiness I am after. What I love to see is an empty diary, pages and pages of nothing planned. A date, an arrangement, is a point in the future when something is required of me. I begin to worry about it days, sometimes weeks ahead. Just a haircut, a hospital visit, a dinner party. Going out. The weight of the thing-that-is-going-to-happen sits on my heart and crushes the present into non-existence. My ability to live in the here and now depends on not having any plans, on there being no expected interruption. I have no other way to do it. How can you be alone, properly alone, if you know someone is going to knock at the door in five hours, or tomorrow morning, or you have to get ready and go out in three days’ time? I can’t abide the fracturing of the present by the intrusion of a planned future.
—  Jenny Diski, from “On Spiders and Respect for Sheep,” Trying to Keep Still

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