trying to be productive for once lmao

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trying to figure out why you keep coming for gigi's wig cap when you stan liam "racially confused" payne who acts like he also goes by dr. dre. you and all your creepy ziam cronies are so transparent, it's pathetic.

trying to figure out why your bitchass is hiding on anon trying to come for liam payne. last time i checked, JT and eminem are one of the most successful artists out there who have shown appreciation for black culture and are regarded as talented icons. you are fucking delusional if you think that well-known black producers like pharell would waste their time on some confused white boy they thought was going to end up making a fool of himself. if they are working with liam payne like they have chosen to work with JT and eminem, it’s because they see his potential and talent and believe in his abilities.

now let’s talk about dumbass racist as fuck queen joobjoob who apparently can do no wrong because you creepy ziglets live so far up her ass you take the time to write essays to defend her inexcusable actions. how fucking moronic can you guys be to drag perrie for using known sacred symbols of native american culture but remain silent every time queen goliath does the same?

and now let’s list one by one all the offensive and dumb shit that your queen has done:

1. she appropriated black culture not once but twice. first with her vogue cover with all those afros she wore. and second, with those dreads she wore during the marc jacobs runway fashion show. and you would think that she would have learned her lesson the first time because she received a shitload of backlash for it but no, her ass had to go and do it again because clearly she does not give a fuck

2. little miss dumb dumb who is supposedly dating zayn but does not know where he is from because her dumbass couldn’t locate pakistan on a fucking map to save her life or even palestine for that matter. clearly zayn is “middle eastern” lmao

3. queen jeejuz who is white passing and lives like a malibu barbie only started acknowledging her palestinian roots when zayn showed so much pride in being half asian. additionally like the opportunistic rat that she is, she conveniently started using it to promote her products in dubai and appeal to her people when she never gave a fuck before and disrespected meaningful palestinian symbols in the past

4. goliath trying to sound woke like all you dumbass creepy ziglets and making a fool of herself once again with her comment about the women’s march. all she wanted to do yet again was draw attention to herself but her dumbass couldn’t even pull it off. the women’s march was about coming together to celebrate diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, religion etc and not despite those things. so how the fuck are women supposed to put these things aside goliath?

5. queen jeejuz sitting on her high throne in hollywood saying how we should give trump a chance and later regretting it lmao

6. joobjoob making fun of asians which her “boyfriend” happens to be but clearly she is too dumb to figure out geography again. and just the pure blatant racism shown by her acting like a dumbass yet again

so next time you want to come in my inbox to act a fool, just don’t or i will block your dumbass

Do you guys ever just wake up with a plan of how productive you’re going to be once you get out of bed? Then once you do get out of bed, you do nothing but bum around? Literally my daily life story. My plan to be productive normally involves the gym but the struggle to actually get there with any sort of motivation is real, guys. It’s like do I want a donut and coffee or do I want cry as I try to hit two miles on the treadmill? Donuts and coffee always win, just so you know.

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Yo I hope you have a good birthday week (!!!) and I hope your job interview goes well and I hope hanging with those geese helped with some of the bad feelings :0 ur great and my fav person and I hope you have a good night C:

Thank you so much! Getting called in for the interview helped with the bad feelings, but I am proud of myself for getting outside and trying to do something about them. I was so productive Monday, applying to jobs and cooking, but on Tuesday I went to the store in the morning and then couldn’t get myself to do another dang productive thing.

My birthday week has necessarily been weird, since I’m in a new place and I’m far away from my family and friends, though I do have visitors coming on Saturday so I’m looking forward to that! A job would help me to socialize, too, but I’m sure that once I’m working again I’ll miss unemployment lmao.

Thanks for checking in and for your support. I hope you’re doing well, too.

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I saw a production of Turandot a couple years ago, courtesy of my friend who’s an opera singer (trained, at least!). I didn’t like the plot, but loved the singing. She took me to the official bar where opera people hang out after a show, and everyone was like “lmao that soprano??” “I know right, like try not being sharp for once” so apparently don’t have good opera judgment *sweats nervously*

To be fair I’m a huge snob when I talk about this sort of thing, I harbor petty grudges against a lot of singers that are far more accomplished than I will ever be, and I’ve been spoiled by the wealth of all-time great recordings available on youtube so I get super nitpicky when something is less than perfect

Also people usually sound better live than they do on a recording, I saw Otello at the Met last year and I didn’t even notice that the tenor was sick until the understudy came out to replace him in Act IV because the sheer size and resonance of his voice were still pretty damn impressive

Also being sharp in Turandot is probably a good thing, usually the amount of breath support required for that role exceeds the capacity of those who attempt it and they go really flat and really screamy

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dudee i’m soo sure alex gave him tips!! hell he even gave him a bit of his pomade products FOR SUREE!! i bet…he was like : hey mi…what if you slick your hair ay?

I’m 100% sure this is all Alex’s influence, like maybe it was a joke back in the days when Ales was trying to put some grease on Miles’ mod hair (maybe once he put too much of it and that’s how Miles got his buzzcut……) and now Miles feels confident enough to try it in earnest

BUT what if Miles all this time has been secretly pining after the cool slicked look and when Alex went to England he just seized the moment and robbed his hair gel stash since Alex seems to want to unleash ALL the fluff (ginger beard included) and doesn’t need the grease anymore (our prayers have been heard btw lol) 

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Do u know what makes me nervous while riding. My lesson horse which I also ride 2x a week outside of lessons is a chronic head tosser. He does it at the walk but stops at the trot and I don't canter outside of lessons lol timid rider. When we stop and give him the reins he instantly kicks out his leg and scratches his face. My trainer says that's just what he does but WHY. I want him to stop lmao I make him go forward and it helps but ugh. Sorry :( I need help

Haha i had a head tosser for years (Ice) so might actually be helpful

First eliminate what could be causing it. There’s a product called a nose net which can help if it’s allergies. It could be him trying to wrench the reins out of your hands, or maybe once had allergies and is now doing it bc he knows he gets release when he gets those reins away from you. In that case, then I’d be putting a monkey strap on the saddle and putting my hands through it and walking him around. Then when he attempts to pull the reins out of your hands he will just hit resistance/himself and he’ll learn to stop. I’d probably do both of those things at the walk, and just give him verbal praise when he’s not doing it. Also just do little bits of walk and then trot when you’ve managed to go a few steps without it, then back to walk - basically just doing short little bits of walk so he never has a chance to actually do it. it will also keep him thinking forward which will definitely help. the first reaction should be to get him back to being soft and that always requires forward. aka you feel him get strong on the reins then leg to push him back into that contact so he will soften into it and give.

re: the not cantering outside of lessons, maybe organise your rides when your instructor is riding so they can watch you and be there to help you if you get nervous. that’s definitely what i’ll be doing when i’m back on arthur.