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I s2g all of GOT7 are bias wreckers, you may think you have a bias but then the other members stroll in and fuck you up and now you're left broken and thirsty

EGGZACTLY ANON. HONESTLKFHHHYYY they all got me fUCKED THE FUCK UP!!!! Like I am trying to be loyal to jinyoung but then Jaebum comes in and makes me want to hop on his dick and then BAMBAM and his BOOTIFUL HaiRRR AND LIPSSS and then yugyEOM is well endowed uhurhurhurrrrr🌚🌚 and then Jackson with his niCE ASS THIGHSSSS and then MORK and his NOICE ASS ABSSSSSS then youngjae and his beautiful laugh and smile!!! (AND THEN HE TURNS INTO A FUCKIN SEXY BEAST LIKE TF EXCUSE ME WHO ARE YOU)

So end of story there is not bias in got7. It’s impossible

  • Aries Expectation: Fierce ram, will fuck u up, is hella brave
  • Aries Reality: Is a sheep with oversized horns and was bullied and is trying to overcompensate
  • Taurus Expectation: Loyal bull
  • Taurus Reality: Cow that is too lazy to betray you
  • Gemini Expectation: Super smart, super intelligent, can and will slay you.
  • Gemini Reality: Has abandonment issues and an identity crisis every month
  • Cancer Expectation: Mother bear and reliable and strong
  • Cancer Reality: Emotional wreck
  • Leo Expectation: Loyal sexy and confident
  • Leo Reality: Emo lion
  • Virgo Expectation: Shy smart and organized
  • Virgo Reality: Always having internal meltdowns
  • Libra Expectation: Fashionable and friendly and fair
  • Libra Reality: Really sad that they cannot fix everyone
  • Scorpio Expectation: Dark mysterious and probably a killer
  • Scorpio Reality: Really emo that hates everyone and has uncontrollable emotions
  • Sagittarius Expectation: So wise and majestic
  • Sagittarius Reality: Makes up everything to compensate for the lack of meaning in their life
  • Capricorn Expectation: Cool, calm, collected, ambitious
  • Capricorn Reality: Power starved baby that just wants love
  • Aquarius Expectation: God
  • Aquarius Reality: Still God
  • Pisces Expectation: So cute such anime!!
  • Pisces Reality: How can I murder ppl without getting my dress dirty
In bed with... Taeyong


Anon: In bed with taeyong??;))

Anon: Heya so I’ve seen the in bed posts tht have been written for monsta X and was wondering if you could do a in bed with taeyong? Thankyouu ❤️

I’ll read this whenever Yuta is trying to pull me into his lane - I must remain loyal to Taeyong and Hansol. This is so fucking long like wow, y’all better be thirsty after this, especially after how many people wanted it. Get some water and a pillow to scream into afterwards bc you will feel very dirty after this lmao… Enjoy ;-)

In bed with… series:

  • Taeil
  • Hansol
  • Johnny
  • Taeyong
  • Yuta (coming soon!)
  • Kun (coming soon!)
  • Doyoung (coming soon!)
  • Ten (coming soon!)
  • Jaehyun (coming soon!)
  • WinWin (coming soon!)

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sorry but these gifs are so hot like hdfbsidhbfjd sorry bout this

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“Whats it like to stan B.A.P”

lots of crying, screaming, laughing, LOTS of pain, supportive asf fandom, everyone is lovely and neat and sweet, constant worry about the boys, falling in love with a new member every day, falling in love all over again with your bias every era,
Rap->Funk->pop->ballads->love songs->Rap
 you can’t trust any member in a title song, Everyone gets shot. 
“Why is Jongup like this tho”
“remember when Zelo was a baby….”
not one god damn visual hole in the entire group, they’re all beautiful have fun trying to be loyal to your bias. 
*Personally wants to fight TS over everything
“not to be dramatic but Yongguk invented Tigger” 
Tattos, shirtless thrusting, himchans sweat, awkward aeygo, MC Yoo Youngjae with Talks-too-much Daehyun, Shy Zelo, done-with-your-shit Jongup

You aren’t defined by what school you went to. You aren’t defined by what you got in your GCSEs’s. You aren’t defined by the college you attended and the number of A levels you achieved. You aren’t defined by the university or the 2:1 in the degree. You aren’t defined by your job, the car, the clothes you wear. You aren’t defined by your body, your smile, your hair, your walk, your handbag or your swag. Your aren’t defined by your wedding day, the honeymoon, the beauty of your spouse, the holidays or your children.

You are defined by your relationship with Allah. You are defined by your love for the Messenger. You are defined by your tears, your broken heart and your yearning soul. You are defined by your humility and your character. You are defined by your prostrations and your supplications when the world sleeps. Leave this rat race and stop trying to impress others. If you are loyal to Allah, he will magnify you in the sight of creation.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

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Do you think AI could really be a threat?

Yes, but probably not in the Terminator/Hal 9000/GLaDOS sort of way. When people think of AI as a threat, they often think of the ‘singularity’; a point in time when a self-learning program becomes so intelligent, its behavior goes beyond human control. But, I think there is a more sinister possibility for the future of AI.

I don’t really think that the singularity will be much of a threat to us. I think that when it happens, it will happen more than once, and in a lot of different ways. Some programs might pose a threat to humanity, others might try to protect humanity, but a vast majority will probably remain ‘loyal’. Really, this dynamic will probably be similar to how viruses and anti-viruses work today. Sure, this might lead to some small disasters, like the kind viruses can inflict today, but I think the bigger threat comes from ourselves.

Essentially, AI is a tool that humans can use however they see fit. Sure, it’s possible you might have some rogue AI, but the really dangerous AI is the kind we still have control over. Like any other tool, AI can be used as a weapon, and has the potential to be a very powerful one. Used like this, I suspect an AI could do more damage than an atomic bomb, but in a much more subtle way.

So, how do we prevent this? I think the best way to avoid this is to keep AI in the hands of the public. If super powerful AI is going to be a reality, it is best to keep it out of the hands of a powerful few. Still, all of this is all very speculative, since I don’t think any of us can make a meaningful prediction about the future of AI. If we could predict its behavior, then it wouldn’t be any more intelligent than us to begin with!


Just kill me now….. My God… They all wrecking me… *trying my best to stay loyal and not how around with Got7*

Wedding Planner AU

Hux is exacting and has a keen eye for detail. It’s no wonder he’s the most in demand wedding planners in the area. Of course he’s so busy make sure everyone else’s special day is perfect that he doesn’t have time to even contemplate a relationship of his own. So his small but loyal staff takes it upon itself to try to set him up. They each start inviting potential partners to the receptions hoping to make a love match. Sadly Hux is too busy bickering with the grungy emo DJ, Kylo Ren, that all the couples insist on booking despite Hux’s protest. The DJ is moody and disrespectful and doesn’t even try to go with the wedding colors. Hux hates him, or so he says. Usually the music being pumped through the speakers attached to Ren’s MacBook is enough to drown out their arguing, but it wasn’t enough to cover the bride’s screeching after she caught them making out on top of the left over wedding cake.

This started out as a whole post about how Mashima’s manga is extremely myopic and self-centered when it comes to presentations of family and friendship and nakama. I was going to pull out a bunch of examples, starting with Cobra and including Sting, Natsu vs. Sting and Rogue, and Juvia. But the Cobra part got way too long, so….enjoy this Cobra post detailing how Cobra exemplifies those values a lot better than Fairy Tail and no one seems to notice.


Now, I adored Cobra during the Nirvana arc. He was easily the most anti-villainous of the villains–sure, he was loyal to Brain, was trying to bring about the end of peace in Fiore, and was a smartass who liked to play around with his opponents and taunt them before he killed them. But he was also laid back, easygoing, could laugh at a joke in the middle of a fight, and didn’t tend to attack unless he was ordered. Alongside Angel, while he is a massive dick, it is also immediately apparent from introduction that Cobra is not a monster and has others that he values–Angel has Gemini, Cobra has Cubellios. 

But what really seals the deal for me, and makes me think that whatever his goals, Cobra is a decent dude–not just and lawful, but moral–is the end of his fight with Natsu. After he gets back up, ears sore from Natsu’s roar, he holds Natsu down and prepares to kill him, claiming it to be “for the honor of the Six Demons!” Cobra has pride in being a member of his guild and isn’t about to let this loudmouth dragonslayer tarnish it. And a second later, Brain shoots him in the back/shoulder, taking him out for good.  And Cobra’s reaction breaks my heart. 

Brain? ….Why? Are you mad?

He cannot understand why Brain just did that (and, taking logic into account, neither can I, but roll with me here for a sec). Not ‘angry’ mad. He literally thinks Brain must have gone insane to have done what he just did. He never for a second suspected Brain might attack him. Which is saying a lot for Brain, considering Cobra can hear thoughts.

See, his hearing wasn’t gone. He can still hear people’s minds, as evidenced a second later when Brain blatantly and gloatingly thinks about how useless Cobra is and how he should be gotten rid of. The only explanation is that Brain is capable of hiding his thoughts from Cobra–and did so for a long time, otherwise this wouldn’t exactly have come as a shock to Cobra.

Cobra’s last words before he releases his prayer (probably out of spite, if it were me) is to cry and call Brain a traitor. Clearly, this was the last thing he expected. A reminder: this arc was coming straight off the heels of the Fantasia arc, where Laxus went borderline nuts and pretty much turned on everyone around him. We just saw what is ostensibly one of the good guys do what Brain is doing now (putting down someone close to him for being weak) and Cobra’s reaction is just as emotional as the ones we saw at Fantasia. His ass just got betrayed and it hurt.

And, when he comes back for the Key of the Starry Skies arc, it’s apparent he’s undergone the rare negative character development. That is to say, he developed into a more dangerous, more emotional, and overall negative person–not that his character arc suffered.

His snake–friend, closest friend, pet, someone that’s never even thought about hurting him and is with him by choice, not by alliance–is gone. And while he retains a camaraderie with people like Angel, Midnight, and Racer, you can tell all of his enthusiasm is gone. His voice is so dead, so dry, so monotone.

Which….actually really saddens me. Cobra went from the person who was probably the most easily applicable to turn face to the one person short of Midnight who was furthest from it. That hurts. But it also shows how fucked up a person can get when you destroy their bond with you and take away the things that are important to them.

You fucked up a perfectly good character, Brain. Look at him. He’s got anxiety.

Of course, it’s he’s not too far gone. Kinana does come back to him, although I wish she hadn’t. He comes quietly, does his thing at the Dragon King Festival, and slyly makes sure Doranbolt will have to come back for more without messing with his memories.

And then it all comes crashing down. Cobra secures the Seis’ freedoms, gets his revenge on Brain, and then…Jellal.

Look, I will begrudgingly put aside for now the fact that Jellal cannot possibly be strong enough to take on the Seis single-handedly. Right now we’re focusing on character, and how exactly do you think Cobra felt when this went down? Jellal just took Cobra’s ideals and spat on them. Their freedom is a lie. Their idea of family is wrong. Jellal will show you true nakama and freedom–by beating your ass to a pulp. The freedom and companionship the Seis forged together while they were free from Jellal’s reign of terror has to be corrected.

Now, not only is Jellal their former slavemaster and the guy who terrorized their childhoods, but I will remind everyone of just what kind of “family” Crime Sorciere comprised of aside from him: a woman who coldly murdered a little girl’s parents, then raised that little girl as her mother in their place. Crime Sorciere’s family is sick. But at least Ultear gave an impression of actual repentence. I still wonder what Cobra thought of her–no doubt he could hear what was happening when he was temporarily freed for the Dragon King Festival. I also have to wonder what Cobra was thinking given that Meredy did nothing to support her former allies and instead just screamed “Jellaaaaal!” nonstop while he worked his pimp hand. No support at all.

And this pisses me off more than it would had I not already gone into just how Cobra felt about being part of the Oracion Seis. Because there is no more Oracion Seis anymore. No one calls them that–it’s Crime Sorciere now, and don’t you forget it. They have true nakama now, bitches.

oh man I can’t believe im actually going to be publishing a thing on kindle in like A DAY

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Hi honey! Congrats on the 600 followers you totally deserve it ❤ is there still a spot for the soulmate thing? If there is I'd love to steal one! I'm a very emotional person but they switch all the time too. I love cooking for ppl and try to be a loyal friend. I get irritated by little things super quickly. I love the freedom of traveling as I'm overall very independent. I'd like my soulmate to be a man and does this help at all? Thanks so much for doing this though, it's so awesome ❤

The ship shuddered and the lights flickered, and in the process, you were knocked to the ground. Everything got fuzzy around the edges, and you thought you’d just close your eyes for a second to reorient yourself. Just take a few breaths, calm your racing heart and open your eyes again.

When you did, there was something about the ship that was just… off. You couldn’t put your finger on it. Was it something in the air? Did the walls seem just a slightly different shade of grey? Assuming you must have hit your head in your fall, you rubbed your eyes, trying to clear the residual greasy edges to your vision, and made your way to MedBay.

You rounded the corner to MedBay and came up short at the doors. Instead of the usual Starfleet insignia, a globe being pierced by a sword was painted on the doors. You blinked in confusion and rubbed your eyes again, before adding visual hallucinations to the list of things that were potentially wrong with you since your fall.

You stepped into MedBay and tried to adjust the lighting with no success. The dimmer switch wasn’t responding, the computer wouldn’t acknowledge your voiceprint or your password. The same strange smell you’d first notice pervaded the room, and as your eyes adjusted to the dim light, you couldn’t get over the filth. Instruments caked with grime, biobeds with dark rusty stains and restraints stiff with dried blood. Your feet stuck to the floor, and you didn’t dare look down to see what was dried but still tacky. 

As you lifted your foot to move forward, it made a wet squelch as it peeled away from the floor, and on the other side of the dim room, a man turned around. You strained your eyes, and at first, thought it was Doctor McCoy. But as he strode toward you, his smile full a cruelty and malice, you recoiled. This wasn’t your Doctor McCoy. This wasn’t Bones.

“I have never seen such a disgusting medbay. I don’t know who you are, but you’re a damn poor counterfeit of the real Leonard McCoy,” you spat as he grabbed your arm roughly, and pulled you against him. For a split second he looked shocked, and then backed you against a wall, pressing the entire length of his body against you, smile broader and more sinister that it had previously been.

“I tell you what, darlin’,” he smiled. “I think it’s time I made you forget about him.” Your instinct was to slap him, and as your hand cracked against his cheek, you realized the mark on the lower swell of your left buttcheek was burning. 

“Oh shit,” you mumbled as his lips crashed against yours.

“I’m looking forward to finding out exactly where my words are, sweetheart. You aren’t my usual Y/N.” His words were hot against your skin, and you had to close your eyes and focus in order to not moan in response.



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Dating Merlin would involve…

  • Discovering that he can do magic and telling him how awesome it is
  • Sweet kisses
  • Becoming close friends with Arthur- who was originally unsure of you because he worried you might try to take his loyal servant away from him, but soon grew to love you when you actually outsassed him
  • Helping him brew potions for Gaius
  • Merlin stealing quick kisses when he passes you in the castle
  • Going on quests with him and the knights
  • But mostly staying behind with Gwen and Morgana to have some girl time to yourselves
  • Becoming close friends with the knights- who all think you’re awesome and badass and are frequently impressed by you, mainly when you shoot Arthur’s sarcasm right back at him
  • Loving sex that can be surprisingly rough