trying to be good at photoshop

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What type of software do u do ur comics on... or ur set up. Want to try myself but idk where to begin .-.

THIS is my setup for comics:

My general process for comics is:

  1. Artwork in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad (As you can see, I do one panel at a time, rather than doing a full comic page on one canvas.)
  2. Edits to color and composition in Photoshop on my laptop (Sketchbook Pro is really good for drawing but has limited color settings/cropping options)
  3. Assemble the comic in InDesign
  4. Build speech bubbles in Illustrator

So a page like this is a combo of four separate programs across two devices:

But this is just MY process. I use Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign because I’m a full time graphic designer and the investment in an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is justified because I use multiple Adobe programs all day every day anyway and I can write the cost off as a work expense! 


Sketchbook Pro or GIMP or Photoshop, whatever! Photoshop is probably the most powerful, and I love it to death, but if you already have, say, and iPad, Sketchbook Pro is super affordable and absolutely wonderful!

Matthew trying to shush MC. He’s probably sneaking up on Sam or something else goofy/stupid. 

Matthew: Shhh Mika! We’re hunting wabbits!

Mika: Are you seriously trying to sneak up on Sam? What about this sounds like a good idea to you?

Matthew: Shhh! Wabbits! *exaggerated sneaking*

Mika: *rolls eyes* 

Trying to get back on my tablet game. Shoo. Really noticing the four year absence of tablet drawing. O_o

Done in photoshop cs, because my copy of painttool SAI is corrupted. *sobs*

Matthew/Zacaeru © @thebunnyofevil 

art © @worksomewonder

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How did you make your icon? It's really well done.

thank you. i think it went something like:

  1. looked at some caravaggio paintings,
  2. had the bright idea to try to make an icon,
  3. fucked around in photoshop for a few hours,
  4. pulled out my tablet for the first time in 6 months,
  5. briefly cried.

but i will try to explain with a minimum of that.

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Other artists: “I have so many brushes in Photoshop! I use this one for clouds, I’ve got this one that does really nice leaves and I have a different one for grass too. This one has just the right texture for doing skin, this one is good for hair, and this one is really good for short fur like on a dog or something. I’ve also seen a really nice brush pack that I am looking forward to trying tonight!”


I’ve spend too much time on this stupid joke (…Well, if you played the game you know this WAS an epic punch…) But on the other hand, it’s always a good practice to try something new in Photoshop. I guess..


Someone mentioned an emulator called GBE+ a while ago which allows you to replace the sprites in gameboy games. the tools aren’t very good however; it was a pain to set up and i couldn’t get it working at all.

so i gave up trying to get anything running in game and did some mock ups in photoshop of what HD Link’s Awakening might look like instead.



has an app and no one told me????? grr ok ya they do, it’s called Pantone Studio!! it’s rlly cool & quite easy to use!! so it’s a good alternative if u can’t figure photoshop out lol. helps that it’s basically a tumblr aesthetic so yea u can try it out if u like the color swatches!!! and if ur tired of waiting for me to make them…. lol.

but yea omg!! i’m amazed, technology does wonders and no this is not sponsored i am paid a grand total of nothing from this tumblr it is mildly tragic

Don’t actually “Meet the Artist,” she’s a sweaty, awkward loudmouth who will probably go in for a hug when you try to shake hands and think about it for four days straight.

Not Shown: tissue packs, nail clippers, bobby and safety pins, wound gel (listen, I come prepared), prob a bag of chips or some snacks, a fuckton of receipts and trash (that I hoard for absolutely no reason), pens and mechanical pencils, a mini sketchbook, a Galaxy Tab and Wacom stylus, and a switchblade (for good luck).

Artist Not Shown To Scale.  Artist May Look Larger in Mirror.  Use Hazard Lights When Approaching.  Do Not Wash With Bleach.

“Everytime I hold your hand
I feel that everything’s going to be alright.”

Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas

Overgrowth by leviticusarts


I’m trying my hand in icon making! I haven’t done this in a long time, but now that I’m done with finals I have time. Like/reblog is you use please!