trying to be creative with these new pics;)

lottiesfilms  asked:

do you have any tips for starting/keeping a good studygram?

Hi, sorry for the late answer!

Well, I kind of do, or at least that’s what worked for me:

- be active - and when I say active, I mean active – from the beginning, post every day, maybe even several times a day, like other people’s posts regarding studying, write nice comments if you really like a post. After that, it’s okay to post every two or three days, sometimes even less, but you should sort of give people the reason to follow you from the start if you know what I mean? :D One warning though, don’t go down the “follow for follow” path and don’t beg people to promote you in their stories. That’s not nice, people don’t like it when you ask them for it. Also don’t like people’s posts just because you hope they’ll like yours back - be genuine!

- try to keep your feed coherent - use similar background color, the same filter or whatever – I personally adore it when people have nice looking feeds, and I believe others do too :’) try to be creative with yours so that people recognize your posts!

- stick to a theme - since you’re planning to make a studygram, your posts should be mainly about studying, planning, whatever. It’s okay if you throw a photo of something else here and there, but decide what your overall theme will be and stick to it (mine is for example journals, mainly my bullet journal, but I sometimes post my notes, movie journal, and desk space :))

- use hashtags - so that new people are able to find your posts! Try to tag your posts appropriately, if you post a pic of your notes, don’t tag it as #makeup, even though it’s a popular tag (it is, right? what do kids even do on instagram these days?! I feel old omg :’D)

- be nice to others, find friends - don’t be afraid to DM people :) answer their stories, compliment them, get involved in the community!

Well, that’s about all I have :) good luck with your studygram, hope this helped you at least a bit!

Alright, mutual followers hear me out. Wouldn’t it be nice if we would send each other a christmas/new years card? Like a real card with handwriting and an address and stamps? I’d love to read your handwriting and know what stamps come from your country, so why not send each other some?

What i get you:

  • i’ll try to improve my handwriting a bit but there’s an example in the pic
  • a cute card
  • i’ll go through your blog some more to be sure what that thing was you love so much
  • i’ll try to make you something personal and i’ll try and be a bit creative bc i like handcrafted cards and all but don’t pin me on that bc my creativity and inspiration sometimes betray me.
  • a real wax seal stamp!! 

What i’d like to get from you:

  • anything really, as long as it ends in my mailbox bc i want more analog mail

I’m sorry for the not-mutuals but I’d rather have that I know who I give my address to and also I’m a bit shy about it and afraid you won’t like it bc I don’t know you well enough to make something nice. 

sooooo if you think “YAY I want a christmas/ny-card from Bambi and I definitely want to send her something as well” do send me a message :D:D
The Mockingjay App on the App Store
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The Mockingjay app has launched/updated for iOS and android. The app is an update to last year’s OLTM app with new features:

To prepare for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, we’ve given The Mockingjay App a whole new look! Powered By Samsung.

Start with Capitol Camouflage, the brand new facial recognition feature that let’s you snap pics in the extravagant styles of Panem. Just like Katniss and her fellow members of Squad 451 must disguise themselves to sneak through The Capitol, you can apply chic makeup and accessories to your own face and see the real-time results. Try one of Effie Trinket’s trademark looks or get creative and design your own.

All of our original features are still included as well. You can post AR graffiti, explore a 3D Hovercraft and navigate a schematic of District 13. Be sure to share the great art you create with #MockingjayPart2 for a chance to see your art featured in the app’s content feed.