trying to avoid game of thrones spoilers

Steps In Explaining The Plot of An Addicting Show/Anime To A Friend

First, smile.

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Then ask them to sit down… 

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Proceed with the explanation and try to avoid any spoilers….

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Without killing yourself in the process.

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Once finished… proceed with smacking your friend for making you re-feel all of the emotions that destroyed you when watching the show.

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The End.

Ok y’all I am gonna try to take a tumblr break for a while. Even though people are tagging responsibly, I can’t seem to avoid Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers (more than the few I already know). Sorry for those who I still owe prompts to! I will see you all when GOT starts mid-July!

evenogisakk  asked:

I honestly feel so grateful for all the shit you like and reblog, especially my fic stuff. It always makes me smile so much. Takk <3 what is your favourite tv show besides skam? :--)

Awww you’re so cute you’re really welcome! The feeling is mutual l love the things you post -especially the fic-related things! I already read your answer so this is kinda funny but I always try to scroll down to avoid spoilers cause I’ve fallen behind but the temptation is sooo strooong hahahah also me liking and reblogging your stuff is me trying to be friendly and become friend with you I know it’s weird but I am weird and tremendously socially awkward
Well I kinda obsess over Supernatural too and Game of Thrones omg game of thrones I love it so much I can’t wait till the new season begins!!

I have to rant because I’m tired of complex storylines being changed to insert “shocking” plot twists. I would have been upset at Shaggy dying anyway but the whole way it has happened doesn’t make sense. The North Remembers should have been a theme this season, giving us some hope before things go downhill yet again because they likely will. 

There was no build up to this, instead we have loyal bannermen turning on the Starks even though Roose is dead and Ramsay’s antics have been pretty well broadcast. What of his actions would inspire any loyalty? How do they expect to improve their position through giving Rickon to him?

Where are the plausible motives?

The show is missing the “why” of things and tomorrow will be another day of my show only friends asking me questions and the only reaction I can give them is  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In Defense of GOT Book-snobbery

Too often book readers who gripe about the show are told one of the following: “you’re being overly nit-picky,” or “why even watch it if you’re going to complain?” Allow me to clarify a few things:

  • The complaints of book readers are not minuscule. The show is clearly diverging from the books in terms of the story it’s telling. Characterizations are getting thrown out, themes are ignored, and the context of plot points are completely altered. This isn’t “oh HP 6 had too much Ron/Lav.” This is literally a case of “what am I watching because this is not the story I know.”
  • That being said, even though a story isn’t a collection of discrete plot points, the show-runners have confirmed they’ll be spoiling the books. That means the “outcome” of the show does have meaning to book-readers, even if its presentation is different/stripped of the thematic, literary meaning.
  • Game of Thrones is cultural necessity. It is “water cooler conversation,” and there is a sense of missing out for those who don’t watch.
  • Moreover, with the proliferation of social media in every aspect of our lives, it is nearly impossible to avoid spoilers. Even if the narrative is horribly warped, it’s better to learn the “endgame” with some context than from a tweet about “noooo I can’t believe X died.” 
  • It’s fun to try and outpace Cersei’s drinking while watching new episodes.
  • There’s something oddly satisfying about hate-watching and complaining with other book-readers.
  • In an weird way, it makes the nuances and intrigue of the books shine even more.

Bring on Season 5!