trying text on gifs


Me: I have no ideas for content

Me at the same time: starts like 5 new things and gets halfway through, then a pack gets released and I drop them all and work on new stuff

Anyways this bun was HUGE when I started, and I shrunk it down as much as I could so it could kept a gaping hole covered. I might shrink it more, who knows. This won’t be hat compatible sadly, I had to use the hat texture space for some of the long texture stands since the bun from Bowling Stuff literally stops every inch and I couldn’t fit some of the UVs on it. I am thinking of making a version 1 and 2. With version 2 having a ponytail instead. Thoughts?

If you wanna see it without the GIF and in slightly better quality, click below

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Imagine trying to explain ‘texting’ to Legolas, giving him his own phone to try it out. 

Legolas: These buttons are too tiny, how can anybody possibly use them?

You: Alright, just use the tips of your fingers, don’t bother putting a full-stop there. 

Legolas: *looks at you, offended* I have to have good punctuation.

*I kind of imagine it would be a bit like teaching your gran how to use emails… a very slow process. I’m sure he’s be chuffed with emojis though*