trying something out lol


the worst part is how fast it happened. he was just–gone. i didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. that’s why i think it’s so great, you’re all getting a chance to say goodbye to jason tomorrow. not all of us.


Zelink Week Day 3 | Perfume

To be honest with you, I really don’t know how much I like this. X’D 
Like at all. Link came out really bad..but I would feel bad if I didn’t do anything for Zelink week.

ehhhh shes probably gonna have a hard time with this for a while even after shes healed…. 



ye gothy there doesnt look like he likes his power


Cross paint

Naturetale sans paint

Estimated time taken: 5 hours 30 mins



I’m stepping off the Asra angst train for a bit and try to provide some fluff instead (= v=). 

So I like the idea of Asra getting all pouty/upset whenever the MC accidentally calls them master since they finally know the reason why they shouldn’t. 



Am I doing this right


*Prices listed are in $USD
*Prices do not include paypal fee

Will draw ✓ 

  • OCs
  • fandom stuff (although I am most familiar with y//oi & possibly my//stic mess//enger)
  • snz kink - preferred (mess, inducing w/e you want)
  • whump
  • blood
  • soft nudity (nothing below the belt lol)

Won’t draw ✖︎

  • mecha
  • underage (18+ pls)
  • super duper crazy muscles
  • furry/anthro (features are fine like eg. cat ears, tail)
  • gore
  • some fetishes (ddlg, noncon, vore, basically anything dealing with bodily fluids that isn’t snzmess lol) I’m sorry!

*I may add/remove things,
 if you’re not sure ask lol

Ordering process

  • Please contact me through the messaging feature on tumblr (or email me at kitten// - remove slashes). Please don’t do it through asks because asks get lost & I like to be able to see a log of the discussion in one place.
  • Once we have settled on what you’re after I’ll send you a paypal invoice (paypal is the only means of payment I’ll accept – Invoice will include an additional ~3% Paypal fee. Unfortunately I have to tack this on or paypal will take it from the amount when it is sent to me and after a few commissions it will begin to add up;; I’m really sorry about this but I hope you can understand)
  • Once the invoice is paid I will begin work on it (please allow up to two weeks. It probably won’t take that long but I never know what could come up;; so your patience is appreciated <3)
  • I’ll send you the sketch for any revisions before I go ahead & clean it up
  • When it’s finished I’ll allow for a final pass (small fixes, tweaks, adding text if you like etc)
  • Once it’s out of my hands and over to you that is the transaction complete. No more changes! onto the next one! Thank you for commissioning me!
  • With your permission, I may post your commission to my tumblr (perfectly fine if you don’t want me to, you paid for it after all, just let me know)

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I want to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! ❤️❤️ It’s almost strange to imagine that over 8K people would be interested in sticking around, but it really means so much to me. I hope to continue to bring you all more art and a glimpse into my somewhat disorganized art endeavors lol 😆(I was trying something out with this post, I hope you guys enjoy it!  I’ve never really animated before haha)

Demigod!AU YoI

okay so i’m currently obsessed with two very different things; Rick riordan’s series, and Yuri on Ice. so i think.. why not combine both!?

okay here goes nothing:


  • Victor Nikiforov as son of Victoria (Goddess of Victory, Greek form: Nike)
    • Praetor Nikiforov, duh, because he’s gonna bring victory everywhere as the descendant of the goddes of victory
    • but he then got bored because he’s gonna win anyway so he is constantly looking for competition
    • he doesn’t ask to be a praetor but with 7 lines on his arm and Victoria backing him up, he doesn’t have much choice
    • doesn’t get why Katsuki don’t care about winning a game and enjoying a game instead
    • sulks cause he can’t have his own pet dogs (Argentum and Aurum is not his)
  • Yuuri Katsuki still a probatio (but is actually Mars’ legacy, Greek form: Ares)
    • very VERY late to join the camp, Fifth cohort, of course
    • no one knows how he survived Lupa’s training
    • but he’s in the camp anyway, waiting to be claimed by his godly grandparent
    • people suspect he’s the son of a minor god cause he’s a klutz and can barely fight
    • imagine him being claimed in the middle of Field of Mars, when all legion was going to start the game of war
    • the panic attack on him, poor thing
  • Yuri Plisetsky as son of Pluto (God of the underworld and all riches below earth, Greek form: Hades)
    • let’s face it, Yuri has to work  really, really, REALLY hard to make his presence known
    • but people just take him as scary, or like, talented. they don’t know the hard work behind it
    • actually very soft inside, always searching for someone to understand him
    • the first time he shadow traveled, he ended up in the bath house, face to face with a -very much naked but super chill about it- Otabek
    • was amazed at how chill Otabek can be, but was afraid to approach him because…..
  • Otabek Altin as son of Bellona (Goddess of war)
    • PRAETOR ALTIN (hot omg!!)
    • very well composed in everything, like EVERYTHING
    • the only one (before Katsuki arrived) that could tone down Nikiforov
    • also the only one that realized how much burden Plisetsky had because he once lent his strength to prevent him collapse in front of him after his first shadow travel
    • once made Aurum and Argentum accidentally appeared when he and Plisetsky were in a cat cafe in New Rome (yeah, imagine the mess afterward)
  • Christophe Giacometti as son of Cupid (God of love, Greek form: Eros)
    • yall saw that coming don’t ya?
    • First Cohort’s centurion, 2nd longest in serving (5 lines)
    • very much wanted his praetors to just get it on with their respective lovers
    • did you wonder why Yuri’s shadow travel ended up in front of Otabek?
    • is planning something for Nikiforov and Katsuki too, just you wait and see~
  • Pitchit Chulanont as son of Mercury (Messenger of the Gods, God of Travel and Thieves
    • this is also out of question
    • The legionnaire that stood for Yuuri cause Yuuri arrived without letters
    • took care of Hannibal the elephant
    • is the only one that could use phones and wifis without attracting monsters cause, hey, he’s the messenger!
    • collects Mythomagic cards, is missing Mars/Ares’ figurine, and is constantly asking Yuuri to help him find one
    • is liked by everyone cause he’s fast and efficient in term of messages, but deep inside wanted people to recognize him for his excellent archery skill
  • Others that’s in Camp Jupiter:
    • Leo de la Iglesia, son of Apollo, God of Music, Prophecy, Medicine, and the Sun
    • Guang Hong Ji, son of Neptune (Poseidon), God of the Sea and Earthquakes

by gods that was long… i’ll write more about camp half-blood later… any prompts on YoI x Roman gods so far??

here’s for the members of Camp Half-Blood!