trying something different :3

I finally saw a psychiatrist. I told her absolutely everything. All my secrets. All of my habits. She prescribed me a mood stabilizer, it’s starts with an L. I forgot what it’s called. I have to wean myself off of lexapro but as many times as I’ve just stopped taking it and dealt with the withdrawal symptoms, my body is pretty used to it. Sadly. She said we can try something new in 3 weeks. Something different, because she agreed with me in the begin when I said that I feel like I have more than just depression and anxiety. We scheduled testing next week for bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. If I end up having neither of them, that’s fine, maybe the mood stabilizer was all I needed. We’ll see.


                                              You remind me of the babe
                                                     What babe?
                                              The babe with the power
                                                    What power?
                                              The power of voodoo
                                                    Who do?
                                              You do
                                                    Do what?
                                              Remind me of the babe

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For MerMay: mudguppy? It would be a freshwater one but so interesting!

A mud puppy and an axolotl having a nice gossip.

Bunch of palette experiments. (I’ll post them later). I miss WOY so much, these two especially. Syl ‘n’ Peeps’ interactions are my jam. My hand slipped and the fluffy stuff was drawn, I’m sorry (that’s a lie, I’m not).


for all the gorgeous amazing brilliant talented hilarious charming and impossibly sweet people that I’ve met on here and that have encouraged me to keep drawing, keep posting, keep improving, in the hopes that someday I’ll be just as wonderful as they are! you’re all so so so inspiring and I’m so glad that I could meet you and become friends with you, and I hope you can look back on this if you ever need a reminder of how much you mean to me (and I’m sure many others!!)

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and anyone else who I might have missed, mutuals or followers or someone who I’ve talked to maybe once or twice- you’re all such wonderful influences and I hope one day you’ll all be as happy as you’ve managed to make me!

I love you!!!!!

Fanart October!

Hello! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m here to let you guys know that for this month until Halloween, I’m going to be doing something a little different <3 I’m going to try to do fanart/fancomics for the fanarts I’ve gotten! So for example, if you drew a fanart of Garrett and Dario being high school students, then I will draw a fanart or a comic out of that idea! <3 Just an appreciation for all the fanarts/fancomics I’ve gotten and been wanting to respond to with a drawing, so thank you so much! As always, feel free to send more to my main blog: ! I will do my best to do as many as I can before Halloween <3 Thank you again!

Lego Batjokes Prompt #368

Joker’s thumb hovered over the detonator as he stared frigidly down at the young sidekick in front of him.

“Robin. Where is your father?”

The brunette gulped and fiddled with his cape, not sure what to say but knowing it would most likely be wrong.



Idea by Anonymous

It’s raining - not that that’s new for Vancouver, it rains more often than it does anything else. Shepard doesn’t mind. As a spacer kid weather is still sort of novel to him, especially the PNW downpours; right now, though, it fits his mood a little too well.

There’s nothing particularly wrong, nothing to cause this melancholy, this pointless sadness that’s like a deadweight on his shoulders that he just can’t shake. It’s enough to make him wish there was a reason for it; Shepard’s a man of action but there’s nothing to do here, no straightforward solution, no fix, easy nor otherwise.

He hears Kaidan come in behind him, hears the sound of him dumping bags and keys, hears hey, Shepard but he doesn’t turn - he doesn’t want to drag Kaidan down with him, doesn’t him to worry. But Kaidan knows him better than anyone, probably recognises this better than Shepard does.

He comes to sit with him, takes his hand, and after a moment asks,

“Is there anything I can do?”

The question is soft, quiet, and Shepard’s emotions twist in the face of it, gratitude and love swirled in with the sadness.

“Just stay.”

“Always,” Kaidan says, and kisses him, before resting his head on his shoulder, and they watch the rain, together.


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So I challenged myself to try something different and this was born <3

Getting By Without Friends

1. See it as something that is temporary. Even though it hurts now, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent. You’ll find other people who will treat you well – so be gentle on yourself and recognise that it will pass.

2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself. Also, find different interests you can do on your own – and maybe try something different you’ve never tried before.

3. Spend time looking after animal. Pets are accepting, reliable and loyal. They’ll never hurt your feelings – and are good company.

4. Treat other people you meet really well (talk to people at the checkout, or smile at those you meet). That will likely result in a warm, friendly response – and will remind you that others still appreciate you.

5. Hang out with those who like the same things as you. If you’ve taken up a hobby or you like watching sport, speak to people you meet at these events. Even though you don’t know them, they are still good company.

6. Don’t let this bad experience hold you back. Keep reaching out to others, have the courage to take risks and eventually you’ll find someone who will be a loyal friend – someone that you like and who will treat you well.


Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) (click images for larger size!)

“What’s wonderful about the story is that the happy ending isn’t that the spell is broken and the girl is young again. It’s that she forgets her age.(- Hayao Miyazaki)

Inktober #3

Decided to try something different today and follow a cartoon tutorial. Look at them! Cartoon Fitzsimmons! They’re so tiny and precious. I would definitely like to try doing more of this again in the future.

ok so listen, i know i’m a few years too late to be posting phineas and ferb fanart, but i just rewatched a few episodes and got hit in the gut with nostalgia. this is the show that made me want to be an artist, and even if i don’t like it as much as i used to, it still means a lot to me 

i wanted to try something a bit different with the lineart so i drew canderemy :3 (i kept hearing the song he sings her inside an umbrella and i just had to ok)

not so happy with jeremy’s face but it’s just a doodle anyway lol