trying somethin new


((Yeahh here’s a little thingy I’ve been working on. I’ve just recently started reading Fallout Equestria and I love it so much, I’m gonna doodle as I read and share those doodles wit you ^^ In this blog you will see how I imagine kewl or key scenes in the fic. Plus this is literally my first time reading this so you’ll get my reactions too hehe. Hope you enjoy!))

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What's wrong w/ people smoking weed like ??? Why is everyone making such a big deal over it? Like I personally don't like weed cuz the smell makes me nauseous and the thought of smoking anything is unappealing to me but I'm not gonna go telling people they're horrible and evil for smoking it :/ people need to chill jo made that choice himself and if he wants to smoke weed he can go right ahead, he didn't "loose his innocence" he decided to try somethin new and we shouldn't treat him diff for it

*puts megaphone to mouth* and they’re all 18 or over so whhhooo cares, no ones evil for doing weed, gosh ppl tht drink alcohol aren’t evil either, wht makes u evil issss if ur a fuckinn malicious asshole who wants to destroy other ppls lives

Wholesome Week 2, Day 1: Beach Day - Beach Blanket Besties

“Marco, this ‘beach’ thing you humans have is awesome!

“I take it you’re enjoying your first day at the beach?” said Marco with a grin, lying under an umbrella beside Star.

“You know it!” squealed Star, reddish legs kicking excitedly. “Swimmin’ in salty water, makin’ castles out of sand, eating too much ice cream… I’ve got sand in my hair and my skin feels like I bathed in hot sauce…”

“I warned you, sunscreen every two hours…”

“But it was totally worth it 'cause I got to try somethin’ new with my bestie!”

Marco chuckled. “You’re welcome…”

((psstt…. to those interested, i made an hero academia ask blog for tamaki amajiki which you can check out HERE!!

not abandoning this blog or anythin but i wanted to try somethin new for a while and that blog is definitely not daily o/ still gonna be shitposting here tho don’t worry)

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hi! so i'm looking for a fic called Try Somethin New and this is he summary: "Dan and Phil are quite popular at school, but one day they tried something new." i tried searching for it but i couldn't find it! thank u!!

This was Trying Somethin New by phanlovers but I think they’ve deleted it :(

- Emily

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josh asking Tyler to ride his face, and at first ty is super shy about it, but ends up loving it

this is fairly short and reeeeeally shit bc I don’t feel too good, m’sorry love

Josh had Tyler in his lap, grinding him down against his jeans, lips connected hungrily. They’d had people over all day and now that they finally had time to themselves, they didn’t even go up to bed, just attacked each other on the couch.
Tyler was just about to move his hands down to unzip Josh’s jeans, as usual, when Josh grabbed his wrist. Tyler met his eyes and raised a brow. 
“Gonna try somethin’ new tonight, baby,” Josh purred and Tyler’s heart skipped a beat from nerves and excitement.
“W-what? Is it gonna hurt?” Ty asked and Josh’s heart melted; he was so pure, but so fuckin’ dirty, perfect for J.
“No, darlin’. You’re gonna love it,” Josh promised as he pulled Tyler’s shirt off. “Wanna get you completely naked for me, then m’gonna lie down, and you’re gonna ride my face.”
Tyler’s eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights and he shook his head rapidly. “No. No way in hell. I’ll crush you, Josh. No.”
Josh sighed and rolled his eyes. “Ty, suga, you’re fuckin’ tiny. Please? You know s’gonna feel so good, baby. Y’know what my tongue can do.”
Tyler bit his lip; he’d never done anything like this. He was scared. But he nodded. “Okay.”

Josh was laying back on the couch in his boxers, Tyler sitting on his hips, bare and hard against his stomach. There was fear in his eyes, but Josh ran a hand down his side, calming him.
“Hey. You ain’t gonna hurt me,” he promised. “C’mon, scooch up here.”
Tyler chewed his lip again as he climbed up Josh’s body, sitting on his chest. He took a deep breath as he lifted his hips and rested his ass back down on Josh’s face.
Josh let out a moan as he immediately got to work on the nervous little baby, kitten licking at first, making Tyler whimper and let out little moans. “F-fuck, Josh, s-so good,” he stuttered out, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back.
Josh responded to that with a moan; he got off on giving pleasure as much as he took it. His hands flew to Tyler’s hips and he made the boy grind down on his face.
Tyler let out a much louder, shocked moan when Josh’s tongue flattened out and hit every spot around him, his own hands moving to grip Josh’s hair as he got more and more comfortable with this. “You’re enjoying this,” he remarked through a half-moan-half-laugh.
Josh responded by digging his fingers into his hips as he stiffened his tongue, pushing it past Tyler’s muscles and fucking him with it. Tyler’s first instinct was to move his hips, so he did and fuck, did it feel good. His hands tightened in Josh’s hair and his hips moved faster and faster until all thought left his mind and he just went on instinct, riding Josh’s face into the fuckin’ sunset. Every time he looked down he saw those big dark eyes staring up at him and it drove him wild, sweat glistening his skin as he felt his stomach muscles start to tighten up.
“Joshie. fuck, m’gonna cum,” Ty groaned out.
Josh’s smirk was hidden as he reached one hand off the boy’s hip and wrapped it around his cock, stroking and jerking until Tyler couldn’t take it anymore. He screamed Josh’s name as he came, shooting into that bright pink hair and onto his stomach, dripping onto Josh’s hand. He shivered as he slid down off Josh’s face, exhausted.
“Told ya you’d like it, baby.”