trying out this new effect what do you guys think

I noticed Ethan’s video seemed a bit o͔̍͂͑͛̓͌̄̚͢f̪̜ͯ̍̓̏́f̔̌̌͑̐̚͏̨̟̼̝̳͠ͅ

I wanted to experiment and try to do some “evil Ethan” edits in hopes of learning some new effects and how to use them. I do video editing so I wanted to mess around and try out new techniques. I hope this is somewhat good haha my editing doesn’t compare to Ethan’s. I know Jack and Mark have dark personalities but I haven’t seen many if any edits of what Ethan’s might be like. Let me know what you guys think :b

(Please do not repost or claim this edit as yours)