trying out that brush texture thing

sketchy, sketchy


hi! im not the best at explaining things & i didnt rlly expect anyone to ask this, but i didn’t rlly do anything too fancy to get her hair like that, so i can certainly try to help you.

first, i undid all of her hair. i cut the string on the side attaching her bangs to the side of her head. then i took out the rubber band in the back of her hair.

i also didnt brush her hair or anything, i just left the texture how it was.

then i gathered the section of hair that would be the bump and tied it in a half ponytail to the back of her head. then i pushed that section up like a bump would look, then i took the blue sections of hair (like on the side of her head) & just pulled those tighter to kinda secure the bump. i kinda just had to play with it to get it to look how i wanted.

i had a little trouble getting the tiara to stay on at first, but what i had to do was place it at an angle & kinda under the bump to get it to stay. i couldnt actually get it attached with a rubberband, despite there still being one on the tiara..

that’s rlly all i did, but im rlly happy with how it turned out. im sorry im no good at explaining things, but i hope this helps someone! good luck !!


• Basic pen tool. Not exactly terrible modified, but here ya go. Handy for getting neat little details like highlights n’ junk. Also used for applying my flat colors!

• Sketch pencil! I usually use much lighter colors, but this is basically what I use for random sketchy crap and base layers. Was a line art tool earlier before I faded the density for a more effective ‘sketch’ feel. Still needs (a LOT) of tweaking.

• Line pencil! Practically replaced my sketchy pencil for line art things. Still trying to give a decent balance of paper texture density to make it work; really, I use this for my line art because it helps give the illusion of cohesive lining when really I just scratch everything in; the lines are so textured that the erasing becomes indistinguishable unless you go out of your way to look for it. Basically the “My line art is much worse than you realize” tool.

• Watercolor 1! This is the brush I use for my primary shading. Tried to add a faint paper texture to it to help blend with the crappy traditional-esque line art pencil I use, but it’s rather unnoticeable without texture packs on layers.

• Watercolor 2! (so original!) This is the brush tool used for my secondary shading, which is less clean and defined; moreso used to help compliment and draw out the shading done with the primary shading brush.

• Watercolor 3! (Such variety!) I rarely ever use this brush anymore, but handy for if/when I want highlights to have a certain edge and apply texture. Maybe someone else will think of something vastly more creative.

My canvas is a 2000x2500 by the way.