trying out that brush texture thing

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i just discovered ur blog and fell in love this mightve been asked before but how do u create ur textures in ur art? its rough and has gorgeous vibes to it!!

I use the default photoshop brushes as well as this brush pack.

I try to match the feeling of the object to the brush, so things like string and hair  may have a coarser brush than a mirror, but I don’t have set brushes for certain objects! 

I also use the opacity lock a lot, so I tend to block in shapes and worry about shading after the silhouettes look good.

Using quick gestures and trying to be as confident as you can does a long way!! Being too soft/hesitant with the brush may make the texture get lost! Contrast in your values will always help bring out the brush.

The best way to keep texture is to be willing to let the brush do what it does instead of trying to go back in with an eraser and make it super refined. Imperfections are always good

I can talk more but hopefully this helped!!

sketchy, sketchy

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hi! do you have any tips on textures in tarot card stuff? ive done a few and i cant seem to get it down without looking messy.. yours are all so gorgeous!

aha i…. actually do not think im the greatest at that yet, but! anything that does look ok is probably due to the nice brush pack i have! 

i just keep the size big and try to preserve the texture the brushes have. Which can be tricky to keep the stroke from going out of bounds, so i use this a lot where i ‘silhouette’ the form i want texture in:

ie the hair is one layer, skin another, and i lock both

now i can just swipe with a brush half the size of the canvas and get texture just in the area i want! i did the same thing here for other things.


Lu for Mer-may!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This was a Struggle the whole time I worked on it, but I like the end result. I tried out some new textures using saran wrap and rubbing alcohol, which I got from this book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Lots of trial and error with this piece, but I do like how it all worked out in the end. owo;;

watercolors, gouache, and ink

about 22 ½ x 17 inches

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Hello! I've been following your blog for a while and I just wanted to say that I love your art style!! I'm a beginning artist who just kinda paints for fun on Photoshop and I was actually wondering what brushes you use and what you do to paint tattered fabric like in your gothic kylo ren piece (the one with the bright reddish-orange background and the black circle) .Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world and keep doing what you do!!

Hello there @dftbarandomdjpunk12​! Thanks for your ask and also for sticking with my blog! <3 <3

To answer your first question, Here is my typical brush set up. It’s mostly made of defaults actually, sometimes I deviate but on the whole, these 4 are my go to guys. I have a couple of customs I use frequently too, one for clouds and that sort of thing and another that’s more of a rounded texture brush. The ones I have listed here are all at your fingertips in the current version of Photoshop CC.

To answer your next question in relation to the tattered fabric. My paintings often come together with heavy edge work. I will block out a shape to start with and then gradually reduce the form with large bolder strokes. I will then begin working the edge, adding and taking away until I am happy with it. This is a rough example but hopefully it illustrates what I am trying to say :)

Monster High Doll Hair

A few weeks ago Lee, over on The Monster High Amino, asked: how I get the hair on my second hand dolls looking so good?

A bit of background. I have been collecting a select few dolls since they first came out in 2010. Then last summer my neighbour’s 14 year old daughter decided to get rid of her collection. I inherited almost 200 dolls. Most were very well played with (mum is a smoker) and therefore needed a lot of cleaning up. Having never worked with dolls before as a child I Googled and found a couple good sites.

After that I headed to a local dollar store to get some supplies. My thinking here was not going to spend a fortune cleaning up these dolls, if certain products did not work.

My tools: a baby brush & comb set, an environmentally friendly conditioner, dryer sheets, fabric deodorant, and the MH brush.

Step1: remove all clothing, accessories (jewellery)  at lest the ones you can

Step2: using lukewarm/cold water (hot water will straighten any wavy/curls in the acrylic/plastic wigs)

       wet hair thoroughly, wash with conditioner, then rinse

Step3: hand dry hair with a towel

Step4: taking MH brush, brush out the hair.

        Wavy/curly hair I will use a short quick stroke instead of a long stroke. Also use a short, quick stroke with very tangled hair

Step4: air dry

Step5: once dry I will brush the hair again

Step6: style the hair to original style (Google photos to see the style)

*I use a baby brush to shine hair on Ghoulia, Venus, Spectra (they have a different texture of hair.

**Need to be careful when brushing out hair not to be too aggressive to pull out hair from the wig

One thing you may find is that some of the dolls will have “sticky” hair. This is from the glue that is secures the wig. Skelita and Rochelle are very bad for this.

One technique I found is to use baby power/talc to absorb the glue.

I have yet to really try this. However if you do, make sure hair is completely dry before using power (will become a gooey mess)

Step1: powder the hair brush thoroughly

Step2: leave for a few days

Step3: brush powder completely out

Main thing I find about doing the hair is to trust your instincts about what you are doing. If you find a different method than what I have done: Awesome!

Have fun being your doll’s hair stylists!

okay so since a couple of people asked me already, here is my tutorial on how i color manga caps! this way is pretty simple as im still learning and trying new things. it’s a bit time consuming and you’ll need a basic understanding of photoshop, but overall it’s not very difficult!

the first thing is find a manga scan you want to use. this is the one im using its shishio from hnr of course

External image

before we do anything make sure you’re on RGB mode (image>mode>RGB color) otherwise colors wont show up. 

duplicate the background layer and make sure only the background copy visible

okay now for some cleaning and rendering stuff! luckily this particular mangacap is already pretty well cleaned, but if not i usually adjust levels, or duplicate, filter>blur, and multiply a layer on top which should take away any pixelated icky things. also remember the stamp tool is your friend. sorry i wont really go into detail with all this ahh

theres a bunch of different ways to render, but what i personally think is the easiest for manga caps is using color range! just click on the rectangular marquee tool and then right click on the image and choose color range. now click on a white part of the cap and press ok.

External image

when it’s all selected, hit ctrl + x to delete the background. crop out everything else you don’t need and it should look something like this: 

External image

erase (or select and cut with lasso/pen tool) anything you don’t want. here i erased everything in the background and i usually erase the little grey shading spots around the neck, eyes, nose, and mouth as well as a personal preference.

tip: if you want to make sure you got everything, put a dark/black layer underneath! (new layer>edit>fill>black)

External image

HECK YEAH NOW ITS COLORING TIME !! pat yourself on the back you’ve done well im proud of you bby 

(here is a color palette i made especially for shishio a little while after i made this tutorial. you can grab skin tones and stuff from there idk)

first, you have to duplicate your background copy again. you should have two background copies now. layers are important !!! each thing you color will have a new layer between the two background copies 

External image

i usually start with the skin. i use a normal hard brush and erase any mistakes as i go. i just noticed i picked a horrible color but its okay because you can always fix colors later again, using a black layer behind is pretty convenient to see if you’ve missed anything or if you’re coloring outside of the lines

External image

you would normally repeat this step for hair, clothes, etc. (also another remind to make sure you make a new layer underneath the previous for each thing you color !!!!!) but since shishio’s hair is already colored in, you’ll find that photoshop won’t let you color over it. now you’re going to need to hold on to your anime plushies and body pillows, because things are going to get a bit complicated 

if you want to color the actual hair, make a layer above the background copies and set it to screen. however, im only coloring in the highlights so you would do the same thing except set it to multiply.

External image

the eyes will also be above the background copy. set it to multiply.

External image

once you have a base color for everything, it’s time to shade!

make a new layer above the layer you’re going to shade and create a clipping mask. this basically makes it so it will only show up on things you colored on this previous layer (try coloring a spot outside of the skin, you’ll see what im talking about)

External image

i cant really explain how to shade, since im not very good at it myself but after you figure out where the light source is, just try to picture where the shadows will be.

External image

im sorry i dont have a tablet but i tried my best with my mouse to show you how/where i shaded

 i used a soft brush (0% hardness) with 55% opacity to shade around the forehead, neck, nose, ears, jaw, and clothes

External image


resize to 500px and add backgrounds, textures, adjustments and stuff or throw a psd or two on there to make things nice as such:

External image

extras: (don’t ask me why i do this, it just looks cool okay) flatten all the layers excluding the psd and make two copies —

filter>blur the first copy and set to multiply
set the second copy to screen

change the opacity according to what you think looks best 

External image

this was my final product: 

External image

i hope this helped at least a little! im sorry im not very good at explaining, ive never done a tutorial before, but if you have any questions or need some clarification please ask. good luck!~

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hello friend i was wondering if you could help me out with something. I saw the space brush thing you had reblogged and I really wanted to try it out so I downloaded it and put it in the right folder and all but for whatever reason none of the new textures i add, including the space one show up at all. Are you able to help me out? I've been searching for solutions for a while and haven't been able to find anything

This has already been resolved, but I’ll throw a checklist here for anyone else having trouble with SAI and brushes:

1. Check if the file is in the brushtex.conf

brushtex\ is the folder, and the filename after that (I’m assuming you know this- but I want to mention it just in case. If the file isn’t in the right folder or a .bmp, it wont work)

If you’re having trouble opening your brushtex.conf, just open notepad (or any text editor) and drag it in. Once you’ve saved you need to restart SAI to get the new brushes.

2. Check the files (Double checking is important!)

Yup, that’s bmp

3. Check both texture boxes:

..I really need to clean mine, I don’t use most of these anymore lol.

That’s all I can think of, if it doesn’t work after this, I have no idea how to fix it xD

Oh, and here’s some other brushes, my personal favourite Acuarelle is in there :D

Part of my; ‘One Drawing a Week’, 'Focus on Parts of a Piece’ and 'Start Setting a Time Limit’ crusade I have set myself on.  Also trying out a textured brush! Not sure how I like it.

Requested by the lovely ~*~Siren~*~  Sorry I let out some parts we had talked about- I’ll make those up when midterms arn’t pounding my door down. : 3c

Zbrush practice, still trying to get used to all the different functions of the ui and all the different tools. It’s a little hard trying to get details in there cause sometimes it doesn’t work out as you want it to but it’s all a learning curve at this point. I’m not overly happy with how it turned out but it’s something of a start for getting to know zbrush, got a long way to go. I do need to spend some more time learning in depth anatomy just to get a few things right. This is just a basic texture just to test this out, which could be improved. Did find that when I split the mesh with the mask option and then manipulated it, it was a pit of a pain trying to get the connections looking believable. Next time I’ll try doing a bigger sculpt but finding that when I use the snakehook brush to move things around it just screws up the mesh if  go too far, so not exactly sure what i’m doing wrong cause I’ve seen other people go about that with no issue. I’m getting there teaching myself pretty much, I just have to get more used to zbrush and then try and get the nicer mesh and details in.

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where do you get ur textures/how do you integrate them into ur art?? theyre rly pretty

I use brushes other artists made, the most common one i use is CA_paint_build4 from cale atkinson’s brush set. I have ps cs6 and once i lock the layer i start from a dark color and tap/gently brush on my tablet until i get a nice texture of lighter colors i choose.  my pen sensitivity is also really light because i tend to press the pen hard and apparently my hand hurts afterward.  messing with opacity and flow REALLY helps to get the right amount of texture you want.  size of the canvas affects it as well. (example below is p big)

each brush can give a different texture and rlly experimenting is a good thing. the king boo sketch i recently made i used a little mix of brushes.  

i recommend checking out these brushes (make sure ur version of ps is the right one, especially for kyle’s cuz most of his brush packs cost money)

Kyle T Webster’s Brushes 

Cale Atkinson’s Brushes 

Natalie Smith’s Chalk Brushes

Naomi Romero’s Brushes 

Grace’s Brushes

Blue-Ten’s Brushes

Domareen Fox’s Brushes

Goro Fujita’s Brushes 

Stumpy Pencil Brushes

Sam’s Brushes

brushes everywhere

“pastel” anything is my go to im a sucker for any dry media brushes but yeah try them and see what u like peeps

Autistic People & Makeup

In this post, I’ve collected some of the many comments and tips I have received since this anon asked about tips for using makeup as an autistic person with sensory processing issues:

  • “I had an easier time with mineral powders than any other kind, though some are itchy and it takes some trial and error to determine which ones those are.“ - snailchimera
  • “Mineral makeup is good, lighter and less irritating, but the minerals can cause reaction in some people. Etsy sellers often list all ingredients and can help determine if their product is for you” - @thornyoak
  • “What do you want out of makeup? Do you want a high fashion, full face with contour look? Do you want a dab of color on your eyes, lips, or cheeks? Do you want something in the middle? Do you have uneven skin or acne you want to cover? There is no right answer here, it’s 100% what YOU want. Don’t feel the need to do more than is comfortable.
  • It also depends on what textures, scents, etc. bother you. I hate hate hate “greasy” textures, so a lot of moisturizing foundations and BB/CC creams are out. If you have issues with gritty or powdery textures, the opposite holds; go for cream or liquid based products. If you need to use a product that is counter to this, see the next point….
  • Go with products that are the highest quality you can afford. It is often products that are less finely milled or have a lot of “fillers” that with cause sensory issues and skin troubles. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go drop a bajillion dollars at the MAC counter; there are a lot of drugstore products that are actually quite nice.
  • Last but not least; have fun! Experiment! That is what makeup is about! And good luck :) - wolfrowan
  • “Hi I don’t know exactly what sensory issues are but it seems like you’re just talking about makeup that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup? I might be wrong but I have some tips for that too!
  • Powder foundations are great, I like NYX HD Studio Photogenic powder cause it feels like nothing. It comes in translucent and I think a few tinted shades. But, if you want more coverage or if you just like liquids better, you can mix something like Argan oil (super lightweight and v cheap at beauty supply stores) in with your liquid foundation and it feels like nothing.
  • Mascara does tend to feel like something on your face but my tip for that would be to spend a few extra dollars if you can on something with more natural ingredients. My two favorite mascaras that don’t feel horrible to me are the Physicians Formula natural ones and the Shea Moisture mascaras. I can wear multiple coats of those comfortably. They don’t feel hard or heavy on your lashes. Also if you curl your lashes first, you can get away with only applying a little. Granted I don’t have this issue so others may be (and probably are) a lot more sensitive. But yeah. I hope I could help anyway :)“ - twerkcircus
  • “I’m on mobile so I cant go all out on this, but some tips I have include:
  • Finding makeup thats very lightweight and thin like lose powder foundation as opposed to liquid bc it feels like theres nothing on your skin. (I recommend bare minerals powder foundation and l'oreal loose mineral makeup)
  • Also something I did was work my way up to wearing more makeup. I started with just eyeliner and then moved to mascara and eyeshadow and lipstick and so on. (I found mascara to be the hardest.) Take your time with it.
  • The most helpful for me was that I turned my makeup into a little ritual every morning and the more I took it slow and enjoyed the application, the more I was okay with having it on my face, so now I’ve gotten to the point where most of the time I’m 100% cool with wearing a full face of makeup, but there are still days when my sensory issues act up and I choose to leave my face blank for the sake of my anxiety and thats totally chill too“ - @narwhal-noir
  • “If we’re talking application, eyeliner that is the soft crayon-style is best. There isn’t the discomfort from a pencil kind or the wetness of the liquid kind. Also for lipstick, I use a lipstick crayon as well, because it gives better control and uses less product, so it feels lighter and less sticky. I usually skip mascara if I’m having a bad sensory day, there’s not much to be done about that. Just go for super light products where your can control the application the most.” - donderdag-middag
  • “Always smell your makeup before you buy it. Go to someplace you can sample it and put it on your face or hand, and see if the smell bothers you throughout the day. It sucks to spend money on something you can’t use because the smell is too strong.“ - @labrownrecluse 
  • “Hi! Major makeup geek here and fellow aspie! Anon, what exactly are asking for when you ask for tips? Like which brands to avoid if you’ve got sensory issues? Or stuff like how to blend and do a smoky eye?“ - @matt-the-blind-cinnamon-roll
  • I could never live without makeup honestly!! I don’t use eyeliner, and I can’t help with mascara because I use the brush thing that comes in the tubes, but I do need to use alternatives to the brushes that come with blush and eye shadow. There’s a few different alternatives, you can use napkins/paper towels, which come in all kinds of different textures!
  • It took me a lot of practice applying blush with paper towels because you have to first figure out what texture suits you best, and then figure out how to do it properly because it’s meant to be applied with the brush that comes with the makeup. For eye shadow, you can use paper towels/napkins, but I find it easier to use Q-tips. But if that’s not something you can handle, then go ahead and try the paper towels or napkins!
  • Something that I found that really helps with the sensory weirdness of having things touching my face (especially around the eyes) is texture stimming. I generally stand on a blanket or a piece of fabric with one of my favorite textures and curl my toes against it or twist one of my heels into it. It’s different for everyone, but this is just what I do, so it’s worth a shot! You’re welcome to come talk to me about specifics, too, since there’s probably more I failed to mention! - @blueflavoredcandy
  • My number one sensory defensive makeup tip is to wash everything off as soon as you’re done, especially mascara because for me it gets pokey. Also: Don’t use fiber mascara if you have sensitive eyes. Warm things up in your hands before applying so it doesn’t feel as weird. Try to get super soft makeup brushes; I prefer synthetic. And at the end of the day, if you’re having a bad day on Tuesday and don’t wanna wear makeup, don’t wear makeup on Tuesday. Hope I helped! hematophage

Good luck to all the autistic people who want to use makeup, I hope you found some of these tips useful!

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Any advice for painting with water colors??

I’m not a very good watercolor artist since I’m a very messy person, and mainly use it for quick ‘sketches’. But these are some tips I learned in my first year at an art school which REALLY improved my work:

  • The type of paper you use makes a difference. You can get different weights and different textures and it will have an effect on the way your painting will look. Also, if you’re working with thinner paper it’s a good idea to stretch the paper first so it doesn’t get wavy while you’re working.
  • For stretching paper, you’ll need a bowl of water (room temp.), a sponge,  brown gummy tape (it becomes sticky when you added water), and preferably a surface to work on (i have a board of scrap wood i got cheap from the hardware store).  Damp the paper and 4 pieces of tape (slightly longer than each side of the paper), and working quickly, press down the tape on all four sides, making sure the paper stays flat so there aren’t any bubbles. Then let it dry, or use a hairdryer. I’m sure you can find youtube tutorials to give you a better idea.
  • Work light to dark. Watercolors are transparent, and you won’t be able to see light colors if you paint them over dark ones. It’s best to plan ahead and first lay down light flat colours, and gradually add darker colours and details on top.
  • Have a scrap piece of paper beside you to test your colors out after you mix them on your palette. Watercolors dry lighter, so it might not be the color you think it is. Adding more water makes your colors even lighter, and don’t add too much because you might ruin your paper. (And don’t make your paints too thick because that looks weird.)
  • Brushes make a difference! The shape and the quality; A flat square brush will have a different effect then a round pointed one. Please don’t buy brushes form the dollar store, because you get what you pay for. I know brushes are super expensive, and you probably don’t need high-grade brushes if you’re just painting for fun, but going to an art store you’ll find plenty of different brands, and hopefully one that is the right price for you, but still good quality! I have a TON of brushes, but usually I only use my four main ones: a small flat brush, a small round brush, a large flat brush and a TINY round for details. Depending on what your needs are, get brushes accordingly!
  • Brushes are expensive, please look after them so you won’t have to keep buying new ones like some people who are forgetful (me). Wash them out properly, store them horizontally if you can, NEVER brush-side-down. Don’t be too rough on them while you paint; paint on the side and dON’T REPEATEDLY SMASH IT DOWN ON YOUR PAPER FOR TEXTURE LIKE A TODDLER. (I DID THIS A LOT)
  • Sometimes you won’t need a brush! Experiment with different items for different textures. Things like sponges, painting over a net, using a toothbrush to flick paint… try using things around the house!
  • Masking fluid is really cool. You just apply it onto an area that you don’t want painted over or protected (like maybe the eyes), and afterwards you can just peel it off to reveal lovely clean paper! (depending on the paper!!! test it first!!!). Make sure you use a separate brush for this! (You can use the dollar store brushes for this :P)
  • Don’t be stingy with your paints (A BIG ISSUE WITH ME). Make enough color on your palette so you don’t run out halfway, because its super hard getting the same color twice.
  • If you make a mistake you might be able to dab it off if its wet (don’t wipe!). Since watercolors never really dry (you can make them wet again easily) You can mix a teeny bit of water of top of the mistake until its wet and dab it off. But honestly, watercolors are a very fluid technique; if you make a mistake try to work around it because you can’t really cover it up like acrylics or oils.

Um, here’s a nice resource for more tips!

Hope that helps! :D


hi! im not the best at explaining things & i didnt rlly expect anyone to ask this, but i didn’t rlly do anything too fancy to get her hair like that, so i can certainly try to help you.

first, i undid all of her hair. i cut the string on the side attaching her bangs to the side of her head. then i took out the rubber band in the back of her hair.

i also didnt brush her hair or anything, i just left the texture how it was.

then i gathered the section of hair that would be the bump and tied it in a half ponytail to the back of her head. then i pushed that section up like a bump would look, then i took the blue sections of hair (like on the side of her head) & just pulled those tighter to kinda secure the bump. i kinda just had to play with it to get it to look how i wanted.

i had a little trouble getting the tiara to stay on at first, but what i had to do was place it at an angle & kinda under the bump to get it to stay. i couldnt actually get it attached with a rubberband, despite there still being one on the tiara..

that’s rlly all i did, but im rlly happy with how it turned out. im sorry im no good at explaining things, but i hope this helps someone! good luck !!

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Hey buddy, I have annoying art questions if you wouldn't mind answering! I know you've probably answered them before but I couldn't find them in my search through your blog. 1. What paper do you use when you use ink? 2. What ink and brushes do you use? 3. Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting out besides practice? Any books you'd recommend or anything? Keep doing what you're doing.

Hello! Sure thing I can do my best to answer these q’s.

1. Paper! I like really textured paper. I’ll also use try any kind of paper I can get my hands on. I prefer cold press to warm press paper, which is how the paper is made. 

Cold press = toothy and textured. If you touch it, you can feel the ridges and bumps

Warm press = silky smooth like a baby’s bottom. Drawing on this is like butter and you can slip and slide all around.

The specific paper I grab for at the moment is any cold press watercolor paper from strathmore, arches, any of the major paper guys. If it’s thick (think 80lb-100lb), I know I can put a lot of ink on the paper without it warping too much. I’ve also inked on French’s paper, but I mostly use that for screenprinting.

2. Ink! I use speedball mostly, but I also use sumi ink and I’ve used higgins from time to time in the past. Speedball and sumi ink seems to work for me right now, so I’ve kept it around.

3. Practice is a big deal. Draw everything. Draw anything. Honestly, learn to keep yourself moving, because the muscle memory will be there whatever the hell you’re doing or drawing. You don’t even have to be drawing a specific things, just make lines on a page and see where it takes you.

Experiment! Try new things. Go to an art store, or any store, and buy something cheap or nice or whatever JUST TO TRY OUT AS A TOOL (or paper texture or paint, etc…). see what happens. This is where the breakthroughs in technique occur! The only way to figure out what you like is to go through a bunch of options and narrow it down for yourself. 

Make lists of things you like or want to draw or work on, and save it for a day when you don’t know what to do (I drew a lot of little robots several years ago…tiny robots were definitely on my list). The things on your list might change! That’s cool. This can be project ideas, nouns, dream jobs that you’d like to work on.

Get rid of the idea that everything you do is sacred or has to be amazing. It’s not, and that’s okay! I know I make some grade A shit sometimes. The thing is….you can always do it again. And you can always make it better. And whether it seems like it or not, you’re learning because you can recognize that something isn’t working, and though you might not know how to fix it yet, seeing the fact that there IS something wrong is SOMETHING.

I don’t know what the name of this book is, but there’s this really amazing book basically about how drawing is about learning to see. Which is EXACTLY what drawing is. It’s about really seeing what’s in front of you, learning it, putting it through your filter and having it come back out as you drawing. More about the mental aspect of doing vs. the technicality of it. Of course knowing those building blocks are important, but to push yourself as an artist it’s about adding to that.

Holy hell, this is really long, so I apologize but I hope this helped!

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psst hey you said you were trying out some new brushes with those lapis pictures and now im really curious what brushes they were?? they look really nice...

ahh I like that brush too! it’s just some brush I didn’t even know I had lol

I don’t remember if I got the setting from somewhere and edited it myself or just made it or something idk

but it’s basically just a regular brush with some paper-y texture (and you can change the setting to flat, round etc and mess with the options until you find something that blends nicely), I mean in the end a lot of brushes do similar things, but the main thing would be it’s all shaded on one layer instead of separate layers like I usually do hahaa