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Please imagine the Rogue One crew constantly giving each other little gifts.

  • Bodhi gets goggles. Whenever someone finds a new or interesting pair it ends up in Bodhi’s bunk. When he mentions that the last pair wasn’t even made for humans and he couldn’t see through them if he tried, Cassian points out he never actually wears his goggles anyway.
  • (Jyn and Cassian give each other blasters. K2 still thinks that is a bad idea. Although he stops voicing that when Jyn starts giving him some too.)
  • Jyn gets rock crystals. Bodhi didn’t realize her necklace was a special type so he just gave her a random one he found on a planet one day. Jyn actually really likes it and the next thing she knows she has a whole collection of pretty crystals from everyone.
  • Baze gets weapons. Every time they find something interesting they bring it back for him. His personal arsenal gets rather varied after a while. Some of the things in it are frankly scary.
  • Chirrut gets anything they find that’s old and interesting, like statuettes and things. Often they just bring him the stories they’ve heard, committing to memory what people have told them so they can tell it to him later.
  • Cassian gets little gadgets. Things that allow him to hack into things or mess with systems or anything like that. Sometimes the gadgets are extremely silly or toys, just to get a smile from him.

| 1.3.17 | 5:03pm | Trying out a new layout for the week and attempting calligraphy as shown with the crap ton of whiteout marks. 🤔 Winter break is over and I am back to hectic stuff, but the gifts my friends gave me made my day 😊💗 love them! S/o to @nerd-kid for the socks and @imxuto for the stickers!!

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He Was

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 803

Trigger Warning: Death, period typical racisim (which no one important condones don’t worry pals)

He said each word like a note. Sentences were songs. Paragraphs were symphonies.

You were entranced by them.

You were entranced with the words. Not the man who spoke them.


Not after what he did.

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Tour - A JB imagine for my fav

Sorry I was thinking all day!!!! Hm how about an imagine where I don’t want Justin to go on tour because I’m not used to him leaving me and idk you can make up the rest IM BAD AT MAKING STUFF UP THAYS WHY I DONT MAKE THESE THINGS AHHHH


Ilysm btw :))


requests are ALWAYS open !!!


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“You’re going on tour?” I ask , totally not expecting those words to leave his mouth.

“Yeah babe, I just found out today” He replies , pulling me closer to him

“For how long?” I asks , mind blown at the conversation .

“Maybe three months? I don’t know , its all for promoting the album” He states and my mouth drops .

“Three months? When do you leave?” I say , trying to remain calm .

“Next week?” He says , and I turn to face him .

“Youre joking right? This is some sick joke youre pulling” I accuse , and he shakes his head sadly .

“Im sorry baby. The album comes out soon , we need sales” He tries to explain , but I don’t hear anything expect for next week . One week .

“So , youre leaving next week for three months?” I clarify , hoping my ears were deceiving me .

“Will I even get to see you?” I ask after he nods his head .

“Ill fly you out to visit. Id even let you come with me but youre in the middle of term exams and I don’t want you having to drop any classes for me” He says , and I sit up , holding the sheets to my chest.

“That’s my decision Justin. I want to go with you” I say , pleading .

“I know youre saying that now , but I also know how important school is to you. Youll regret it” He says , and I groan , knowing hes right .

“Weve never been apart for that long” I say softly , my voice shaking .

“I know, I don’t want you getting upset though okay?” He says and I shake my head at him .

“How do you expect me not to get upset? Im going to be alone. You know how scared I am of being by myself . And im going to miss being near you , sleeping with you , snuggling against you. “ I mumble , resting my head on his chest , his heartbeat drumming in my ear.

“I know baby , but we’ll figure something out . You can stay at Kendalls house maybe? And well call and video chat every night . Itll be like I never left” He tries to reassure me , and I sigh .

“Yeah except I wont be able to physically touch you” I say , my fingers trailing up and down his chest and stomach , before intertwining our fingers .

“This sucks” I add , and he chuckles .

“Trust me , im going to miss being with you too.” He admits , and I smile slightly .

“I don’t want you to feel sad about this Justin . This is good news . I was just caught off guard I guess” I say , realizing how selfish im being .

“I am excited , I just wish you could experience it with me” He says , and I nod in agreement .

“And Im not too happy about not being able to have you whenever I want” He adds and I gasp , slapping his arm .

“What a perv!” I tease , and he laughs .

“Just teasiiiin. Or am i?” He says and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a guy”

honestly idk where this stigma comes from that people against pedophilic/incestuous ships only yell at people and bully them comes from because like. if someone has genuine questions, i dont mind trying to help. it’s when people instantly start arguing with me and trying to come at me sideways while trying to explain why i find this stuff disturbing when i get angry.

i know im just one person but still, im not gonna yell at people bc they have questions. i remember when i was younger still finding out about this stuff and being shocked.

Some Stuff going on in my head rn:

  • Tracer and McCree hit it off immediately and the other Heroes learn to fear them on the battlefield as ruthless hell-raisers
  • Tracer trying and failing to figure out how the hell McCree’s six-shot revolver works
  • Tracer and McCree comparing favourite cars (Tracer favours Mini Coopers, whereas McCree backs any kind of vintage American muscle car)
  • Tracer stealing McCree’s hat for shits and giggles, immediately regretting her decision when McCree times a cushion throw just right and knocks her out of the air mid-jump
  • McCree immediately becoming deathly worried when the pillow hits Tracer’s chronal accelorator and hoping he hasn’t just turned her into a ghost or something.
  • Tracer moving on from the teleporter accident, but McCree remembering it vividly and in some part blaming himself because he voted her up on the testing shortlist.

this sounds like I ship them romantically but I just?? really have some brotp feels here??

idk feel free to reblog and add??

“Uh– would you mind helping me out for a sec?” Shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, Rylie gave a tiny half smile. “Would be very much appreciated if you could say yeah.”