trying out some textures i found

pastelwarriorprincess  asked:

Hi! I'm a sprite editor myself, and over on my blog I have gotten requests for the transparents, which I would love to keep doing. How did you find some of the reposts of you work? And how would you recommend going about preventing that.

we found ppl reposting our stuff through fans of the blog that would see them posted on other social media accounts (fb/twitter/ig). you’ll stress yourself out fighting a losing battle if you try to chase after every repost that pops up, so i’d suggest to watermark all of your edits in such a way that they can be easily traced back to you even if they are reposted. i recommend using a ‘pattern’ or ‘texture’ watermark similar to what we did for our edits, because its the most difficult kind to remove or crop around. 

unfortunately some ppl in the love live fanbase from other social media are either too lazy to spend a few minutes looking for the source, or they just don’t care about how hard you worked on your edits. if they like the way it looks they’re going to repost it.

if you want to be nice and trust ppl with transparents you spent time on, you’re gonna have to accept the risk that they might just be using you, its happened to us as well.

good luck and i hope this helps

-mod mari

So found out recently my SAI didn’t have any of the brush textures it’s suppose to come with. I got a zip file with them now and just played with a few brush setting I had in my folder.
This drawing was just an experiment to more try that style I mention in the last drawing. Now this time I had the right brush to do it unlike before. Not fully what I wanted, but it was a good experiment. I need to practice it more sometime.

Anyways, just Sparks and Buzz in some summer wear. I feel like Sparks would drag Buzz around to places if Phineas refuses to go.