trying out some new photoshop things

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Woke up late today and didn’t have much to do since I’ve packed my korean textbooks into my suitcases;;; So I decided to test out the new pages app (it’s technically not new it’s been ages) because I’ve finally got the chance to try it with the new laptop! I’m not experienced with photoshop or illustrator so I’ll just freshen up my skills on the pages app hehe. (you can actually get a lot done with it!)

My pencil cases are also EXTREMELY boring because I’m extremely boring I’m so sorry… I actually have a few more things in my second pencil case but it’s just a USB and some memos so~

Song of the day: I Like That - Sistar
Tips for giffing sports (esp. hockey)

I see a lot of knew people trying to gif things recently and I wanted to help some people out ith somethings that may be confusing for people who are new to it.

  • You don’t need photoshop or to pay for anything for it. Of course the more money you put into it, the better the quality but the tools exist everywhere for little cost. All you need is access to the internet, some sort of screen recording program, and access to streams (you can use illegal streams but the quality usually sucks). 
  • if your realizing your gifs are frozen when you actually post the gifset to tumblr that’s probably because the gifs are too big. and yes if it’s frozen on your end it’s going to be frozen for everyone else too it’s not your computer glitching. Gifs need to be under 2mb for tumblr. to achieve this i like to keep my gifs to about 2 seconds long sometimes more or less, but 2 seconds at 10 FPS and 500px wide is about average and may need a little cropping but will fit with tumblr.
  • During interviews i usually crop the hell out of gifs which will result in a smaller size gifs and i can usually get it up to 4 seconds, i do this for fights as well. Using a perfect square and fitting it around just the face of the interviewee or the around the players fighting will allow you to double the time. Esp. fights since they are so long i use this method because it’s hard to gif all of it in two second increments. This also allows for smaller dimensions because tumblr width is 500px and if you fit two gifs side by side it’s 250px.
  • going off of size actually i want to reiterate that. 500px wide is the ideal size for gifs on tumblr, you can go smaller i do that a lot but the bigger it is compared to the size tumblr shows the better the quality. Since you can put gifs next to each other you can cut this and half and get the same quality.
  • Putting wide gifs next to each other will make it harder for people to see your gifs. Tall gifs and thin gifs or square gifs tend to be easier for people to see when they’re next to each other. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everything as it’s your gif and you can do whatever you want to it. 
  • Yellow or red text with a black border will show up best over hockey games. The contrast is usually really big on hockey rinks with the white ice and dark jerseys that you usually can’t use black or white text for it to come up over the whole image. I use green sometimes but i just think that looks a little goofier than yellow or red. 
  • If you’re giffing a goal wait for the replay. Yeah the original goal will have the best shot of the celebration but if you’re getting the goal itself wait and record all of the replays if you can. There are going to be different angles and slowmos which are easier to gif. The original play of the goal will usually be too fast or unnoticable especially if it’s a tip. I tend to find that the last replay they show is the best. I will use the original celly though, because that’s usually the best one.

stylistic choices are all up to you and id on’t look down on anyone who’s gifs do not fit what i’ve said here. do you. your thing is your thing and i’m not going to judge you for the way you gif things. I just think this may be a good groundwork for people or maybe give other people the confidence or the know how if they’ve thought about giffing before but don’t think they can. 


Some more Membrane stuff that I just had to get out of my system.

I always had a head canon that he was a lot more hands-on with his children before his responsibilities started taking over his life. Plus, once the image of him wearing a baby carrier entered my mind it just wouldn’t leave until I actually drew it, so yeah *lmao

A father’s work is never done, I guess~! ♥♥♥

Colored a little Cat Noir doodle I did a few days ago, done completely in Photoshop. Still learning, was trying out some new things…

Since I have been indulging my inner child studying cartoons and animated films as research for projects I’m working on, a friend recommended “Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir” to me, and I have to admit that for as terribly corny as it gets at times, the designs and characters are adorable and I am way more emotionally invested in it than I would like to admit. Waiting for season 2 to bring some more solid plot development…

Hi everyone! I’m trying to learn some new stuff! This time it’s landscapes as well as a looser paint style :) I always feel like I am overthinking things and drawings, and I want to try to get out of my safety bubble when I draw and paint.

I’ve been watching speed painting, and looking at tutorials as well as various inspiring artwork lately and I painted this last week. For this, I was very much inspired by the wonderful @elioli-art! They have always been so awesome and helpful! They share progress posts so others can see how they approach creating artwork, show how they use their brushes (both traditional and digital media!) and even tips on how they color and such.

I’m going to keep trying to paint out of my safety bubble! :3