trying out some new coloring

When I saw Shiemi’s room design in the recent manga chapters I died.

So… I’m a HUGE Critical Role nerd… and I’ve been meaning to do some fanart for a while. The most recent episode (104) really struck me and this scene in particular was just amazing. I got a massive itch to try and paint it. Out of context, this might not be too much of a spoiler??

I used this as an opportunity to push my use of texture and color and to try out some new brushes I got recently. Still a long way to go… I’ll be taking what I learned here forward, for sure.

We’re Stardust Tonight

Aaaaaannnnnnd Rebelcaptain continues to consume my every waking moment.

I’ve spent literally 20 hours on this one guys. I don’t understand how people are able to draw relatively quickly. I am the slowest artist to ever art. I’m trying out some new colors/lighting.