trying out some animation

My perfect day.

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

ANIMATION COMMISSIONS (frame by frame animation)


I’d like to try out some animation commissions! It’s a little experiment for me.


Full colored animation with background and shading per second: $15

(12-16 drawn frames; 1-4 work days, 10-20+ hours work time)

(really depends on the amount of backgrounds, actual drawn frames, movement and amount of characters portrayed)

Also loops and not moving frames are free of charge if it extends the amount of seconds.

Note: I will always draw a storyboard and present it to you how the finished animation may look like with sheets and sketches if you like. I also can send you my SAI file where everything is drawn.

Also please be aware that I’m not a professional and may not fully deliver what you may expect.

I’m mostly open to every subject to broaden my experience.

Payment only via PayPal in USD, please send me a private message if you are interested.


Spot the male newts by the lavish crests they develop during breeding season. Any time of year, smooth newts are distinguishable from palmate newts thanks to their spotted throats.

Inspired by a recent newt survey at the wildlife garden of the Natural History Museum of London.

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around much. This past week has been crazy, between school amping up for finals, trying to get ready for CTN next week, and a lot of family stuff that’s been happening, I’ve kinda been feeling overwhelmed >__< I haven’t really had much energy to draw, so here’s some older things?

A 114 test from the beginning of the semester, this dude has just been having a lousy day. The prompt was a guy trying to march forward but ending up tripping himself in the process~

anonymous asked:

hiyo i just stumbled across your blog (shoutout to yuri on ice am i rite) and your artwork is amazing!! i love art and im considering animation but i feel like my mind hanged every week??? i just know i want to go into art- but im also so scared that im not good enough , i wont find a job (mostly my parents worries), and that im not gonna know how to do anything ??$;! is there anything to make this easier ??

ANON this is one of favourite topics to talk about, because I wish I could have told myself this 5 years ago when I had this exact issue.

Firstly, try out some animation! Experiment with programs, watch lots of videos on different types of animation, and how other people animate. It wont be easy the first time. at all. but if you find yourself curious to improve, youre on the right track! If you hate it? don’t worry!! theres so many more directions art can go! let it take you
Secondly, if you feel like you arent good enough.. thats actually a good thing!! It means you can see that you have more room to learn and grow - which is why you go to further your education in it! I’m always learning, everyday, and so is every other artist. But never ever say to yourself that your not good enough to even try, otherwise you will never know.
so parent’s will always have ideas of where they see you taking your life, and they will always hear the popular opinion of “Art School Gets You Nowhere”. But in the end - its your decision on which direction you go! If you let other people tell you what to do with your life- you’re going to look back 10 or so years from now regretting every part of it, and regret is (imo) the worst feeling ever.
What you say to your parents is, “I see my future in this qualification. I will do everything in my power to succeed, and I will make this my career,” and if you tell them straight up that this is what you are doing and are confident in the way you say it, they’ll have no choice but to agree.
But if you are worried about not getting work in your field (which is every student ever), its not the end of the world! In the end, you put in the time and effort to something you love AND you got something super sick to put on your CV when looking for work anyway. Employers love it, and who knows, now you have the qualification -when the opportunity DOES come up you can jump on it.

When you are ready to decide, it will be easier. It took me 5 years of retail work to realize that I wanted to go in this direction. So despite what schools and parents say, there is ALWAYS time to make the choice :)