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If you are accepting request can I have a fluffy gifs headcanons with RFA v and saeran when MC is pregnant ? I love your writing !

Yes of course sweet-anon~ And I am always accepting requests! 

Sorry it took so long ;;-;; Work is always killer. 

This is with a genderneutral MC since not all people with vaginas are women and you didn’t specify, so hope that’s alright- also, I just did gifs of what they would be like with their children~


He’s the sort of guy to go above and beyond to spoil not only MC but their potential child as well. He is willing to do absolutely anything for MC no matter how inconvenient or strange. In fact, he actually offers to do little things like massaging their feet or cooking them something.

He also strikes me as that guy who plays mozart ALL the time so their child will be smart. Hell, he might even try singing the alphabet over and over or even the meanings of different words, all while stroking MC’s belly. No matter what they say, he’ll insist that it’s definitely helping.

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Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Four of Four)

Excerpts from the Idiot’s Lantern DVD Commentary:

David Tennant:  we were trying to really push as well, with the Doctor and Rose getting kind of a bit dressed up in the full, kind of, period gear - which obviously we don’t always do. Sometimes when we go back in time we’re just dressed as the Doctor and Rose usually are.  But here because they were planning a trip, they’ve kind of got dressed up.  Rose is in the full gear, which suits Billie so well, doesn’t it?  I think it said in the script something like, “Perhaps the Doctor has combed his hair a bit,” but we thought let’s just go for it, let’s do the full quiff.

Ed Thomas:  And how long did that take?

David Tennant:  The first day, not long actually.  About half an hour the first time we did it, and then Steve who does my makeup, got it down to about 15 minutes I think.  But you’ll notice in the episode we filmed directly before this, which was out-of-sequence – it was episode 11, Fear Her, I really need a haircut for most of that but we were just trying to eek it out so that I gave Steve enough to play with do to the “D.A.” down the back.

Previous Parts:  [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ]
The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available here


didilysims replied to your photo “I want to start by letting you know that I love your daughter.” …”

Heh, now I’m wondering if this is real or a test…or a scare tactic.

It was real, as you saw. Giving Dixie a condition isn’t my idea. Er, I didn’t come up with it first, I mean. But, I liked the idea. On top of the drama potential, it gives me an excuse for some population control. 

natteryaktoad replied to your photoset “I free ranged the party. Pics Captioned.”

Is Cash shy? I saw a kid getting upset over peek-a-boo for the first time this week, and I’m trying to figure out what it is…

I thought it was just because he didn’t know Delta, but you might be right. I looked, to remind myself, and he has 1 Shy point and 0 nice points. However, he has 6 playful points.

didilysims replied to your photosetI free ranged the party. Pics Captioned.

Aw, I’ve never noticed the peek-a-boo scare. Too cute!

I don’t think I’ve seen it either.

didilysims replied to your photoset “In the end, it was a Roof Raiser, of course.”

The turned around fridge is a nice touch. ;)

failor-moon replied to your photosetIn the end, it was a Roof Raiser, of course.

may i ask about the fridge or…..

Guests were pulling instant meals instead of eating the pizza, so I turned it around. 

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Been a while since the last time I’ve drawn a…

Its so cute!! I love the colours to,you should do more cheebs

You’re so sweet TvT They are watercolors but I went over with color pencils so its not that dull. You reminded me! I haven’t done any proper chibis in a long time now, I’ll try to do it again soon!

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Happy Lunar New Year! First time trying out…

Damn, this is way too cool! THOSE DETAILS…

The details consisted of 80% washitapes tbh lol. Thank you though! Seriously my eyes and back hurt after long hours of hunching over cutting the tapes, 10/10 would do it sporadically only because it looks satisfying due to the patterns.


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Dude.   Come on…

It’s been a couple decades since I last saw this episode - I thought ‘the glove cleaner’ was meant to reverse the effects of the initial love potion. No?

Pretty sure it’s an undetectable poison and he was going to kill her to get rid of her.  That’s why the Professor said that people had to do it right the first time they tried the ‘glove cleaner’ because otherwise they’d chicken out and not try it again no matter how miserable they were.  The reason he doesn’t follow through is because she shocks him with the news she’s pregnant so he spills the glasses.  Then he sits there saying he wouldn’t have been able to go through with it anyway.


My AU Photoset: Jedistorm + Star Crossed Lovers

Requested by: anon - ‘Star-crossed AU that does not end in tragedy’

Rey is a new Jedi Knight. Her first mission is to a remote planet on the outer rim to negotiate a trade deal with the Prince of the planet. Finn knows nothing except how to be a Prince. He’s never met a Jedi Knight, let alone anyone from a different planet - he’s in awe. They spend a long time trying to work out the trade deal and in the process they learn a lot about each other. But as it comes time to part, they know they will probably never see each other again - the Jedi do not have attachments and Finn is expected to be nothing but a dutiful Prince to his planet. Will they have a happy ending? Will they leave behind everything they know? Spoiler: They do. Features: Finn finding Rey’s awkwardness charming, Rey finding Finn’s naivety sweet, various people trying to keep them apart, their love for each other being so obvious to everyone but them, and them finally deciding to give up everything to be together.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!


The curtain comes down (my breath is getting shorter)
I feel so complicated (I breathe out)
Did I make any mistakes today
How were the expressions on the audience?

But I’m still happy that I became this way
So that I can make someone scream
When I hold lingering feelings
And get on the still hot, empty stage

When I get on empty stage
I get scared from the emptiness
Between complicated feelings and the intersectionalities of life
I pretend like I’m numb

This isn’t my first time, it’s about time I get used to it
I try to hide it but I can’t


I was just wondering what you thought a typical day of work for Malcolm consisted of. At some point in 1x02 he is seen at his office at 2:45 am! And if you look into Alastair Campbell’s working hours, they were immense too.

(as asked by an anon)

Hmmm, this got just a bit out of hand – as my Malcolm meta tends to do – but there’s lots of pretty pictures to go with all the many words.  I do try to stick to the main point – what does a typical Malcolm work day look like? – but I get there by a path that could generously be called the long way round.

I’ll start by saying a typical working day for Malcolm is really going to depend on which series you’re talking about.  His workday in the first six episodes when everything is more or less stable and the government is ticking over smoothly – which actually meant longer work days for our Malc to keep it so – is not the same as his workday in the Specials (not that they are really typical anyway since from almost the first minute of Rise of the Nutters we know the PM is on his way out and Spinners and Losers doesn’t count at all) and then by series 3 when the wheels are slowly but inevitably coming off the wagon, what constitutes typical couldn’t be more different than what it was like in the good old pharaoh days. 

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How do I get noticed on black out day? I'm nervous no one will notice me which is why I have never participated.

OK! So, here are my suggestions

1) use the tags: #blackout, #blackoutday, #theblackout. Put the most important tags first.

2) Make sure to post during peak activity hours! Consider the time of day you get the most activity in your notes and post then.

3) Tag me, my co-creators, or other popular bloggers that are open to being tagged if your selfie/photoset is being missed.

4) Similarly, consider submitting to blogs that are open to selfie submissions on #BlackoutDays.

5) Try expanding to other platforms as well. We celebrate outside of Tumblr too! You can always come say Hi on our Twitter (@theblackout2015) and get a follow and retweet for your photos.


It’s impossible for everyone to get thousands of notes on their posts. Try your hardest not to compare yourself to folks that get to those levels. Everyone must also make sure that they do not spend the entire day posting and reblogging their own photos. If a bunch of people are doing that instead of reblogging from each other, nothing gets done. Factors like how many followers you had to start with GREATLY influence how far your posts travel. Also note that #Blackout does not exist in a vacuum and it is proven that biases like colorism and classism influence people’s reblog behavior. We must all take steps to examine internalized behaviors.

Please know that no matter what you look like, no matter if you are rich/poor, thin/fat, etc that the Blackout is STILL for you to celebrate what makes your blackness unique and that we love you very much. 

March 6th, 2015 is almost here!