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Let’s see if you can guess it … 

Yes, you are right. We are talking about winged eyeliner.

We love it and we know how beautiful it looks. But the question is why? The reason is that black is classy but still black will make your eyes pop, it will add more dimension by creating depth. 

I have been getting messages asking for a winged eyeliner tutorial and I’m so happy  I can actually help you all.

Now we are going to start with our tutorial! 


You need to know what you want to reach out, here are some products you should consider. If you don’t know why we aren’t mentioning pencil eyeliners here is because they smudge and they don’t last that much so if your goal is to keep that winged eyeliner all night then keep reading.


A perfect everyday look, a thin, steady line hugging the upper lashes and just angling out so adds just enough drama to eyes also they will be will be totally smudge-proof once dried.

Personally, I would recommend this for a daily basis routine as the formula is way easier to  clean and remove at the end of the day.


An effortless application but stunning look. The felt tip makes application precise, secure and best of all it’s so easy.  Excellent color pay-off, quick drying, smudge proof, no feathering, no skipping. 


A unique look, they are both sweat and water proof eye liners, they allow you to make straight lines since they are easy to control, they last longer than liquid liners and they offer a wide range of eyeliner color so you have the freedom of mixing colors to obtain what you exactly want.

Gel eyeliners are a must for any makeup artists because they don’t easily smear. 

You will need an ANGLED  BRUSH if you are wearing gel eyeliner. This brush has angled shaped packed hair which is useful to draw slant lines or even tight lines. These brushes come with a variety of angles: Small angled, Medium angled and Large angled Brushes.

It makes it the easiest cat eyeliner brush, adding the drama with dense lines.


This steps depends on how wide and big your eye is and how thick or thin you want your eye line. However, if you have small or hallow eyes you can create a thick line but you need to be careful. 

Small eyes are the most common ones. People tend to have hallow/sunken eyes and still you can show off your amazing eye line. 

— Here you can see a tutorial for hallow eyes  —

— This is a tutorial on how to apply eye liner for regular eyes ❀ —

— Eyeliner application for almond eyes —

— Like I told you before if the eye is small then you need to do the wing smaller so you can show off your eyeliner. You can see asian people tend to do thin lines and thin long tails. —

— Asian people can wear black eyeliner but as you can see here, bright and colorful eyeliners make asian eyes look so gorgeous. — 

— Check out this double winged eyeline —

— Also you can try out new and different styles ❁  —

You can see that there are no rules when it comes to eyeliner. We can use our creativity and ideas to get a perfect look. Use any color you want and feel more comfortable with. 

This has been all for today’s topic and I hope you can improve your routine with this post. 

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