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13/10/17 (aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)

okay so where do I begin…WOW.
okay so… on Monday October 3rd at 10:25pm, I was sitting on my phone in my room listening to holy ground and I was on twitter and BOOM. “TAYLOR NATION SENT YOU A DIRECT MESSAGE” I STARTED SHAKING AND CRYING WHEN I READ THE CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE I WAS SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY DONT EVEN FOLLOW ME (yes I’m still trying to work out technology ok) AND I FLIPPED OUT AND I RAN INTO MY MOMS ROOM SOBBING AND I TRIPPED OVER THE HOOVER BUT ITS OKAY. MY MOM WAS SAYING ALL SORTS OF THINGS LIKE SOMEONE MAY HAVE HACKED INTO TAYLOR NATIONS ACCOUNT (?????? idk). Anyway I died and my mind was a mess and I couldn’t control myself at all, I had knew what it usually meant when people got these messages and I explained everything to my mom ( she is genuinely worst-case-scenario-Christine ) and she started crying with happiness for me. THAT DAY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.

The next day October 4th at 5:27pm, I was (trying) to study when BOOM. I RECEIVED THE CALL. Ali phoned and told me about a special secret event on Friday the 13th of October and I was shaking so so much and could barely even talk but she was honestly the nicest ever (I noticed she said “wonderful” about a million times and I’m now so in love with that word). Side note: My mom still wasn’t really convinced this wasn’t a set up to get me kid napped but SHE FINALLY CALMED DOWN A LITTLE AND MEANWHILE I WAS SHAKING, CRYING AND BASICALLY DEAD.

Okay so then it was the waiting game…the days DRAGGED in as I found out a whole 10 DAYS before the event and I saw Taylor lurk people on tumblr/Instagram AND she liked the post about me and my best friend Eve. PEOPLE WERE ALSO TALKING ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN ON THE 13TH AND I WAS JUST SITTING THERE LIKE HELP ME WHATS GON HAPPEN.

Fast forward to Friday…so because I live in Glasgow I had to fly to London… I COULDNT SLEEP AT ALL AND I ONLY GOT 4 HOURS SLEEP LOL BECAUSE I GOT UP AT 4AM. We went to the airport and I was genuinely so nervous and excited about what could possibly be happening. We then got a bus and then a tube and wandered about Covent Garden and EVERYTHING kept reminding me of Taylor. We then got a tube and another bus ( NUMBER 13 ) to our hotel. I got really stressed out because I opened up my case and there was makeup spilt on my dress BUT MY MOM CAME TO THE RESCUE AND FIXED IT FOR ME. I curled my hair and fixed myself up then I went to out to the secret meeting point and recognized so many people from tumblr/twitter etc and it was SO surreal. ALSO A FEW PEOPLE CAME UP TO ME AND WERE LIKE OMG ABBIE I KNOW YOU AND THAT MADE ME FEEL SO SO SPECIAL SO I LOVE YOU FOR THAT IF THAT WAS YOU. We checked in and got really cool wristbands saying United Kingdom (IN THE REPUTATION FONT) I WAS ALREADY DEAD.

We went to drop off our bags and me and I met 2 beautiful, amazing girls called Emma ( @taylorsmusic ) and Flora ( @spoookyswift ) and we were FREAKING OUT TOGETHER. We just couldn’t comprehend that we could potentially meet our idol. We talked about everything and I genuinely think I have 2 new best friends for life. I LOVE YOU GUYS. We were on the last bus to leave so we waited foreverrrr and my nerves were building up so much and I was FULL ON ALL OVER SHOOK.

Everyone on the bus was SO EXCITED and we were all dying together. It was such a combination of nerves and excitement like I can’t even describe it. So we FINALLY arrived at our secret destination and were escorted to the entrance to be searched etc (there was a big box of socks for some reason and it made us laugh so just thought I’d add that in and also a few half finished smart water bottles👀).

Okay so then we went through to TAYLORS HOUSE. It was beautiful and there was so much food laid out and I had a REPUTATION COOKIE and CUSTOMIZED REPUTATION M&MS and CHICKEN TENDERS. Taylors playlist of the songs she loves was playing in the background and we were LOVING LIFE. (Side note: my mom loved the olives you put out taylor so thanks for that) So basically me, Emma and Flora were chilling together (we were not chill at all tho) and everything was fine THEN Flora goes “oh my god, that’s Scott” AND IM LIKE WTF AND WE ALL LOOK OVER AND DIE LIKE WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES THE KING OF GUITAR PICS WAS HERE. We went and spoke to more amazing people and life was good…THEN TREE COMES THROUGH AND IM LIKE WHATATSTSS THATS A LEGEND THEN NOT LONG AFTER THAT WE SEE ANDREA AND WE ALL DIED. I CRIED WHEN I SEEN ANDREA IDK WHY IT JUST GOT TOO MUCH AND SHES MY QUEEN. IT GENUINELY FELT LIKE A DREAM LIKE SURELY THIS WAS NOT REAL.

Finally, after a while, we went through to THE LIVING ROOM. YES. A CHAIR. A SPEAKER. WE ALL KNEW WHAT THIS WAS. ME, EMMA AND FLORA HAD A LITTLE SUPPORT NETWORK GOING ON BECAUSE WE WERE ALL HOLDING HANDS BECAUSE WE WERE NOT PREPARED AT ALL. I cried - yeah she wasn’t even here yet and I cried. So anyway THEN I’m like I can’t even do this and my heart is beating abnormally fast. And that’s when she appeared…

I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES. MY ANGEL. MY EVERYTHING. GENUINELY LIKE A METER AWAY. NO WAY. Okay so then I SOBBED even more and I was uncontrollable (I finally did calm down but omg it was so hard I couldn’t stop crying) - thank you Emma and Flora for helping me LOL. Side note: her hair was so curly and pretty and she wore this camo dress thing and SNAKE BOOOOOOTS and a snake ring and yeah I was like GO GURLLL. IN THAT MOMENT I DIED IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

On to the album, obviously you guys understand I can’t say much at all BUT REPUTATION IS MY FAVOURITE ALBUM BY FARRRRR. Like it’s genuinely so different but so genius - it’s incredible. She’s so talented and you can tell she’s worked so super hard for it and I can tell she’s happier than ever through the way she talks and she just seems so content with life and it makes me so proud and happy of how far she’s came. It’s so emotionally complex and THE LYRICS (she’s a genius okay). But there was one song that made me full on SOB and everyone in that room felt something…ANYWAY Taylor herself, during the whole of the session, she was so funny and she’s just so genuine…it was unreal. UNREAL. Some highlights that stand out to me include when during one of the songs she looked right at me for about 20 seconds or so and we just danced and smiled at each other. IVE NEVER FELT SO LOVED IN MY LIFE. To say I’m proud of her for this album is an understatement.

okay so then….IT WAS MEET AND GREET TIME. We were all sitting reading the magazines and talking to each other and it was adorable and even though I was a nervous wreck, everyone was so nice and amazing towards me. When it was time for the picture I was at the waiting point I can’t tell you how I felt. It was indescribable. I seen the 2 girls before me hug Taylor goodbye and it was my turn. I ran up to her and hugged her so hard and she looked at me and went “ITS ABBIE ISNT IT?” AND I WAS NODDING AND I WAS LIKE YEAH ITS ME and she was like “NO WAY I CHOSE YOU LIKE A YEAH AGO LIKE SOOOO LONG AGO” and I was like NO WAY and then I was like “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE HELPED ME THROUGH, YOU’VE HONESTLY GOT ME THROUGH SO MUCH” and she was listening so intently and she smiled at me and hugged me and we held hands for a few seconds which was BEAUTIFUL and she was like “you are SO beautiful like SO beautiful and you are SO funny like you’re posts are hilarious” and I started shaking and I told her she was like a big sister to me and then we got a really cute huggy picture and then we got one with my mom which was cute and THEN (THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST MOMENT) the camera guy said to my mom “do you want a pic alone with her” and my mom was like “oh it’s okay I’m just her mom” and TAYLOR WAS LIKE" OH WELL THANKS" IT WAS SO FUNNY. THEN I told her I loved her and she was like I LOVE YOU BUDDY and I gave her one final hug before I left which was MAGICAL (I swear we hugged about 27468273 times).

As soon as I left the room, I BURST INTO TEARS I COULDN’T BELIEVE I HAD JUST MET MY IDOL AFTER LIKE 6 YEARS OF LOVING HER AND FANGIRLING OVER HER. My mom went to talk to mama swift and she said to her “thank you so much for making a beautiful, amazing role model for my daughter” and mama swift was like AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH THEN MY MOM GAVE HER A HUG AND THEN I GAVE HER A HUGE HUG AND MAMA SWIFT WAS LIKE THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HER AND DOING THE CRAZY THINGS SHE MAKES YOU DO AND I CRIED MORE.


Thank you so so so much for inviting me to your London Secret Session - it was an HONOR to be there. I can’t believe I was given such a beautiful, amazing opportunity and I meant everything I said to you in there and it truly came from the heart. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hopefully see you on tour. You mean the world to me and I can’t wait to hear reputation again and DIE ANOTHER MILLION DEATHS.
I love you so much girl.

Abbie x @taylorswift

Modern Headcanons: Rowena Ravenclaw

Ok but just imagine…

  • Fuckin Rowena Ravenclaw doing dope ass art with her makeup like making a map of the constellations on her eyelids, or drawing a bunch of flowers on them like a garden. I think she’d be a very skilled MUA.
  • Rowena being captain of the debate team, and not only winning her debates but winning them with grace and humility. 
  • Rowena also being a hardcore parkour theatre nerd
    • she can be kinda pretentious though, like any theatre kid
    • if you say “Les Mis” is your favorite musical, she will a) roll her eyes with a rather condescending, “bless your heart” expression, and b) give you a list of musicals less mainstream for you to listen to/watch
    • she likes plays more than musicals, though.
    • mainly because she’s tone deaf
    • The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Medea by Euripides are her favorites. 
  • Hardcore feminist (not to be confused with a terf, or “femi-nazi”)
  • Think of Elle from Legally Blonde, how she managed to balance taking care of her personal appearance while also getting through Harvard Law
    • Thats basically Rowena except 10x sassier and less pink
  • She likes photography a lot- I don’t think she necessarily has the patience for painting 
    • One of her favorite photosets is the one of the Pit Bulls with flower crowns. 
  • She respects artists on a whole other level
  • Imagine Rowena helping fellow students when they’re having a hard time in school
    • because Rowena realizes that, sometimes, school doesn’t help each student reach their full potential
    • because everyone learns in different ways and some students absorb the material differently
    • thus they have a hard time in classes that don’t meet these educational needs that they have
    • and she knows that just because they don’t learn as easily through the preferred method of the teacher, it doesn’t mean they are any less smart than anyone in the class
    • if they have a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to learn, Rowena will take them under her wing
  • She’s totally the kind of girl to go to some obscure coffee place and order a plain black coffee, then sit there at a table by the window and read a book like The Great Gatsby (no hate on The Great Gatsby, I love that book)
  • She runs four separate blogs on tumblr
    • a studyblr with a bunch of aesthetically pleasing shots of her bullet journal and close-to-godlike handwriting
    • a blog where she rants about politics, socio-economic issues and what not. 
    • a blog where she posts about all her favorite fandoms and ships. 
    • and lastly, a blog hidden away from the light of day: a blog dedicated to dank memes. Rowena would be a memelord and no one can convince me otherwise. Though he doesn’t know it’s her, Godric is her most active follower. 
  • Though it seems like she does a lot of things ironically, or just to be edgy, she genuinely loves:
    • listening to albums on vinyl, just because of the whole aesthetic.
    • taking pictures on a polaroid (again, purely aesthetic). She has fairy lights lining the perimeter of her room with pictures clipped onto them with wooden clothespins.
  • Her room is a goddamn mess. 
    • clothes are scattered everywhere along with books, makeup brushes, movies, water bottles, chocolate bar wrappers, etc.
  • She and Helga totally had a thing before they broke it off and Helga started dating Salazar. 
  • Rowena’s still a bit bitter.
  • However, she and Helga raise succulents together and bond over all the cool plants. 
    • they’ll take special trips to a Home Depot or Walmart greenhouse just to look at the cool succulents. 
    • the plants have names. 
  • Sometimes she forgets to eat just because she’ll be so wrapped up in whatever she’s doing at the time, that it completely slips her mind
    • so a lot of the times Helga just invites herself into Rowena’s house and will start cooking while Rowena does her own thing
    • Rowena doesn’t even know she’s there until Helga sets a bowl of pasta and vegetables with a garlic butter sauce down in front of her 
    • it’s become a regular thing for Helga to come and cook dinner for Rowena and make sure she eats it because Merlin so help her
  • Rowena designing her own outfits and completely slaying everybody’s existence???
    • it’s a pastel grunge style
  • She has a bad habit of smoking when she gets stressed out- all of her friends scold her about it, even Salazar.
  • She bites her nails
    • sometimes she bites them so much that they start bleeding
    • it’s a habit when she’s nervous or irritated, along with picking at her lip.
  • Rowena feels like, since she’s a woman, she’s constantly having to prove herself worthy to everyone else
    • she has a lot of self worth issues and that’s where her stubborn pride stems from
    • she’s under so much pressure, the sweet bean just needs a hug. 
    • Rowena tries to hide her emotions a lot of the time, so it just ends up in bi-monthly sob sessions that she has with one or all of her friends. It’s usually Godric or Helga when it’s one on one, because bless his sweet, awkward heart, Salazar can’t handle so many emotions at once, he does want to help though. 
    • then all of her friends will pitch in to help her finish whatever is stressing her out
    • they have to be really patient though, because Rowena is very particular about the way she wants the project done- so they have to listen to her and follow her instructions to the T
    • they do it though cuz they love her
  • Rowena likes to do DIY projects, create new fonts, and try to invent new life hacks
  • She has calluses on her hands
  • Rowena having her own youtube channel that mostly consists of makeup tutorials and reviews, as well as conspiracy theories
    • what if she legit had like a cork board on her bedroom wall with a bunch of articles and pictures with red yarn connecting each piece of evidence to the next. 
  • A very “Chandler Bing” sense of humor
  • Has a secret fangirl life where she’s dedicated to so many different fandoms it’s ridiculous
    • you bet your ass she’s written fanfiction
      • it has gotten progressively better overtime but it was painfully c r i n g e y when she first started writing. 
    • one time Salazar caught her in her bedroom eating a gallon tub of ice cream and sobbing about one of her OTPs. 
    • he still doesn’t understand, but he’ll comfort her to the best of his abilities and listen to her rants 
  • She has 50 cats
    • I think dogs are too high maintenance and loud for her
    • she appreciates how cute and fluffy they are but at the end of the day, she doesn’t have enough energy, or willingness, to keep up with them
  • Rowena will get drunk, but she never gets hungover
  • If there’s an argument she’s not directly involved in, she will stay out of it and refuse to take sides 
  • She’s very intimidating to guys
  • Rowena is lowkey a problematic fav


  • She’s gay af

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couldn't watch the live what happened? and thanks for existing you are awesome.

  • dan got a new webcam and spent several minutes playing with the color and brightness settings and settled on one where it looks like his piano is just transcending to another dimension bc of the amount of white light it is emitting 
  • he gave a very long and beautifully articulated little ramble about the manchester attack, making the charity shirt, and why the city matters so much to him and phil. he mentioned it was phil’s home and the place he grew up, the place dan went to uni, and the place ‘dan and phil’ began. he also very briefly touched on some of the criticisms that have been raised. to those who thought it was inappropriate for dnp to put themselves on the shirt or make the shirt at all, he politely asserted that they must be people who don’t understand what the city means to him and phil, and the connection they have to it. to those who argued they’re trying to make themselves look good, he kind of jst said ‘obviously not,’ and touched on a very interesting philosophical point about altruism and how it is bullshit to expect kindness and charity to be performed in a sort of emotional vacuum where the benefactor feels nothing and isn’t allowed to be happy that they’ve done something helpful. to those who criticize them for only doing something for a western tragedy when attacks like this happen so often elsewhere in the world, he thinks that is valid criticism and that’s why he feels like supporting the red cross is so good bc they help people all over the world. i was vibing a lot with this discussion and i very much appreciate dan in his calm and gentle states like the one he exhibited here
  • someone interrupted this whole discussion to say ‘phil and i’ though which caused him to consider changing the channel name from danisnotinteresting to pHiL aNd I (in reference to the spongebob meme)
  • phil was gone for two days last week so dan decided to jog for an hour while listening to a political podcast bc he was bored and also he’s an idiot who apparently thinks “cardio” doesn’t use muscles and therefore he wouldn’t be sore if he did this, but lo and behold he was in acute pain the next day and was basically rendered immobile for four days. the saga of dysfunctional dan whenever phil isn’t around continues 
  • he and phil and some pals played dungeons and dragons which for those who don’t know is apparently the nerdiest possible game anyone can play and it involves role playing and designing your own characters. dan’s character was an elf prince or some shit who is basically oppressed by his father and the many rules of their household or something so he runs away to get some life experiences and also he has a completely useless right hand. phil wanted to be magical so he decided to be a mage called shazeem? or something like that? i forgot. and he had a weird eye. idk. they’re weird
  • dan’s grandparents came to stay this past weekend and they arrived an hour earlier than planned which sent dan into a scramble to clean and polish every surface of their house and also order lunch and basically have a breakdown lmao and also his grandma is apparently the most adorable person on the planet and baked them a crumble which she dropped on the train, as well as buying an oreo cheesecake but she didn’t know what oreos were so she pronounced it o-RAY-oh and dan was briefly under the impression she’d brought them a fancy french pastry. cute. also very likely the bbq phil tweeted about was for them. and this happened like a week after returning from the lester family vacay so clearly family’s been the dominant part of the past month for them and i wanna die
  • graphic design is dan’s passion. he rambled more about the trials and tribulations of needing to define yourself by a font. relatedly he emphasized that his rebrand doesn’t mean he’s ditching wearing black and being bleak and having crises–if anything those are the things that define him the most. i think this is in line with what we’ve heard from him a lot this year about like,,, not knowing what he’s about on youtube rn and feeling a bit lost. 
  • he owns pastel pajamas 
  • he wished everyone happy pride and said “love yourself” 
  • he has slowly made the house look like, vvv aesthetic. to that end, he has at least 10 succulents that are all alive did you hear that phil 
  • at his all boys’ school, the culture was such that on the day everyone got painful TB injections people would wait around just to punch each other on the arms bc they knew it hurt 
  • his nipples were almost out when he was walking down the street in his vetements hoodie and got caught in a wind tunnel
  • he would wear a dress in theory but is still in practice constrained by social/gender norms 
  • introverted dan wanted to do nothing for his bday whatsoever and stay inside but he was talked into going out to dinner. so he’s doing that on sunday
  • someone said it was their 4 month anniversary w their girlfriend and he congratulated them and then asked how they feel, if it’s good/exciting or like, terrifying, bc it can be terrifying, sounding very much like he wanted to relate to the feeling of being in a new relationship from his own experience. given that we almost never hear him talk about anything to do w relationships from his own perspective anymore, i thought that was p cool
  • new gaming video tomorrow–a game for the switch called ‘arms’ where they almost punch each other 
  • phil is downstairs
  • don’t listen to his summary of nihilism it is. tragic

(dan live show: ‘‘daniel’ = deep dark and dank’ - 6.06.17)

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I'm not sure how much free will dreams have and like how much they can change but I really want Matthew to have like a Ronan esc time in his life where he tries to rebel and wears smudged out eyeliner and starts listening to screamo music and like wants to buy a motor cycle and both Ronan and Declan are completely over the whole thing

Okay so yeah idk how much free will dreams have either but since Matthew was dreamt by Ronan I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there’s no WAY he doesn’t have the potential to be edgy and emo somewhere deep inside him, just waiting to be unleashed. 

Idk what triggers it. Maybe he finds out he was a dream and doesn’t take learning about his own lack of reality well. Maybe he gets to his new school in DC and meets some nice punk kids and decides that this is his crowd now and he just wants to fit in! Either way Declan definitely blames Ronan for it and whenever Matthew like… buys a t shirt with a band name in an unreadable font or decides to go to prom with a goth girl named Starr, he calls Ronan to complain about how “YOUR brother is trying to destroy society” 

and Ronan is frankly pretty proud of Matthew but also kind of freaked out because he didn’t know this was actually possible (and like, they’re both a little worried that this was an effect of Matthew almost dying when Ronan was being unmade) and he’s gotten old enough that he has the hindsight to feel kind of bad for Declan for having to deal with TWO teenage Ronans. So he heads up to DC to try to figure out if this is some sort of dream glitch thing and if Matthew’s actually in trouble and if he can fix it, and he’s expecting.. idk. burning buildings. speeding tickets and a bad attitude at the very least. 

But when he gets there he finds Matthew every bit as sunshiney as he always was, except now he has an appreciation for the “great sadness and anger of the universe” (a statement that he can’t elaborate on or explain in the slightest when Ronan asks him to) and tells him that these screamo songs “have a really fun beat! anyway, me and my friends Slicer and Stardust were going to go help out at the animal shelter if you want to come and help?” and Ronan’s like “Declan you fucking idiot”

Anyway when Matthew gets to college he starts playing lacrosse again and starts acting as preppy as his friends there so the whole situation is resolved and chalked up to teen rebellion, but Ronan and Declan both decide they need to keep on eye on who Matthew hangs out with from now on 

Thanks so much for 100 followers, I never expected to have this many people following, interested in how I play the sims. The photo is of something I have been doing every week or 2 when I gain followers. I like to write the names down in a pretty way so I can think about what the people are like and what they post to give  ideas of what I could do.

Firstly, I started to sort of keep me motivated to do my game play and not get bored of my sims which worked. I originally intended to just post 2x a day more for my own benefit keeping me going and then maybe a few people ( no more than 10) would follow me and occasionally look and like my posts.

This is going to become very long but I will mention people that have been important on my tumblr and a lot of stories of how my tumblr grew to this.

What I thought was sort of what happened at the start but then I started discovering all your simblrs through a few I followed. From that a few people followed back and to be honest I was amazed. I was like a few more people, this is nice and great. So I created a post  for 20 followers thanking everyone and it was a bit like the one I just put at the top of this and everyone seemed to find it cute, idk why but I went with it.

Doing this post one a lot bigger simblr ( @vkthesims4 ) reblogged it or something and told people to follow me which was so nice ( I’ll go more into this later on) and @storylegacysims shared it on a discord they were on or they created I’m not sure and people from that followed me. So there I was gaining so many followers ( probably about another 20-ish ) and that was kind of overwhelming at the time.

I felt like I needed to change up my theme and make it seem more sophisticated because I thought it was basic. So after hours of trying to get a theme and personalising it, it was finished. There was one issue, I needed a proper icon that wasn’t a very inaccurate simself that’s picture wasn’t even edited. So I managed to get a alright one of Lauren Adacot, the founder of my Adacot Legacy. Then came the task of editing it.

So I didn’t want to get photoshop because I would feel bad for not paying for it ( even though I tried I couldn’t get it to access my files) so I just downloaded some free software that’s alright and I do like it’s fonts. Anyway ( I’m already getting really sidetracked) I needed to edit the picture having no idea about any of it ( I still don’t) and so I thought it turned out ok but looking back it was aweful.

After doing that I did my header image which turned out much better and so my posts looked bad and not much effort had gone into them in my eyes. I started editing all of them and it was kind of fun so I just continued from there on to edit them and over time and practice I think they look better.

Enough of me talking about editing pictures that no one wants to read about.

I had been working on creating my own build challenge because I love building and I had always wanted to but I never really had the audience before. So it was getting near the middle of August and I just thought, this is something I have always wanted to do, I want to get it done and out there so I took a few days to focus solely on that and get it done. I got it finished and was so pleased with myself for doing it I posted it immediately.

I had just joined a few discords and had’t really talked much about anything yet but I posted it in them anyway and on here because I wanted people to know and do my challenge. I couldn’t wait to see what people made of it and it was so good how people were keen.

I had people messaging me who I hadn’t really messaged before saying that they couldn’t wait to do the challenge and others that sent me pics of them doing the challenge and that made me so happy. People were reblogging it and new people saw and took on the challenge. I got so much joy out of seeing what I had created had proven interesting for other people to do.

After that things happened ( I won’t get into it because this is meant to be happy) and I sort of was not very active on tumblr and I stopped messaging people. I just contined to play my Adacot legacy for a bit and then it was time to choose the heir. That went on for a while and I didn’t really know what to do with it. There was a winner but through the time the poll went on I had no more posts and I needed to get the heir decided as to what I continued with. After it I didn’t have the ideas because I thought I was getting a new pack but then I didn’t so I tried to do things and it would of worked out for the non-heir siblings but the heir I had no idea what to do with.

I posted random stuff of me trying to sort things out for a while but it wasn’t interesting and I knew it even before I posted it. I just wanted to be posting something, which looking back would have been a better idea not to.

I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it so I knew I’d have to stop trying to sort it and leave it for a while. At the same time I was conscious that I would’t be posting anything so I did a poll and I ended up doing the Foster Parent Challenge which will go on until I resume the Adacot Legacy and Spoiler Alert I want to do them both at the same time because it is so fun playing each of them.

Since starting the new challenge I have gained a Lot of followers because the other day I was planning to do something for 75 and I’ve gained a lot and since last night I have gained about 10.

Well I have been working on getting posts ready to go out for when I start school ( Tuesday) and on from then because I don’t know how much time I will have for tumblr and playing sims. I have almost completed a build challenge for September ( this months) and am going to sort it and post in today or tomorrow. 

Of course I have been working on this for a few hours and trying to remember everything to add in. I originally meant this to be kinda like a follow forever thing but a little description of how I started tumblr and stuff but I’ve probably told a lot of stories that aren’t that interesting instead.

I’ll give a few people and about them ( this will probably turn out like my LITTLE description but lets go for it) this is no order whatsoever and sorry if I don’t add you it’s just taking forever to do this and I don’t want to spend the whole day on it.

@simtavia She has been through a lot of things but always holds together ( like one of those people who has a smile on their face and something nice to say no matter what. A kind person who wants to help other people out even if they’re the one who needs help. She made my icon and I love it even if she says it’s not much it is a lot to me.

@simfluence The first person to message me on here. It gave me a great boost of confidence and I know I wouldn’t have got anywhere near this far with socialising with others on here. She supported me whilst I created my first build challenge which was a big help because I don’t know I would have done it as well without support.

@thesimmerwithshimmer I literally only came across you last night but we have similar food interests. You seemed really fun to have a joke around with and I definitely want to chat more. Of course we all know it’s SCONE.

@awkward–simmer I have always liked your story and stuff but only yesterday I bothered to read through all of gen 1 and gen 2 to date of your Morgan Family. I love your sims and their personalities. I want to chat to you sometime but I am too awkward to. 

@simsleyy You’re good to chat to and you seem kinda chill. I always felt at ease when chatting to you I could feel ok talking of random stuff without really knowing you.

Who else I know of so many more people to do and I don’t want you to think I prefer someone over you which is not true I just have been here doing this for so long. I will do a few more though.

@benfyq You have been a follower for a long time, you were my 6th follower and you are always in my notes. Your sims always seem so good and I always want my tumblr to be like yours one day. I tried chatting to you once but I just got a bit too awkward and didn’t really know what to say.

@meganbsims You have a great 100 baby challenge and I love to see your posts as the children progress. You’ve been nice to chat to and hasn’t really stopped, just a bit slow moving.

@kateplayssims You’re always funny and seeing you and your friends like @bookishsimmer in each other’s asks is always entertaining and can brighten me up on a bad day.

That’s probably enough, if you can’t tell I appreciate each and every one of you and it’s not the number that matters at all. I would love if it was just 5 of you but the extra 95 is a brilliant bonus especially with all your varying personalities.

I Know Your Secret. Rin Okumura x Reader

Ahhh this is also from my Quotev. I feel like there is not a lot of Rin one shots (maybe it’s just me idk) But anyways I hope you all enjoy:3  (and fyi the italic font is the readers thoughts)


Rin? Rin Okumura. The son of Satan. Freshman of True Cross Academy. Older twin brother of Yukio Okumura.
The Yukio who won’t dismiss us from class and shut his mouth.
  “Come on Mr. Okumura, can we go to lunch now?” the fabulous pink haired Renzo Shima asked him.
  “Yeah Mr. Okumura let us go to lunch.” Rin said with a smug grin.
Weirdo. But a cute weirdo. Finally, after 8 minutes of keeping us in class he let us go to lunch. As I was walking to
the cafeteria, I noticed that Rin was all by himself. Strange, he’s never alone. Oh but I was. I was known as the “quiet mysterious loner” I never talked to anyone in class, out of class. I just never wanted to. I didn’t come here to make friends.
I came here to learn the ways of an exorcist, graduate with high grades and become one of the greatest exorcist. Specifically a paladin. But I had a secret. I’m a demon, well half-demon. Like Rin but no one knew that obviously. Only me, Yukio, and Mephisto knew. They never told me, I just knew he was one. I frequently hear him judging himself about his
blood. I feel bad but there’s nothing I can really do about it. Well maybe there is but I’m just shy. I have to admit
Rin is really good looking and his hot-tempered personality captivates me. He wouldn’t like an outsider like me.
I’m pretty sure he prefers sexy, confident girls. I’m the opposite of both of the those but I don’t let it get me down.
Yeah I’m different but different is a good thing. Should I go and keep him company? No, he might think I’m awkward
and weird. But wait, I am awkward and weird?
I might as well, its not like I have anything to do. What should I say to him though? Maybe we could talk about manga?
I heard he occasionally reads manga. Wait, what should I say after that? Okay, I need to stop arguing with myself. I’m starting to give myself a headache.

I finally stopped arguing with myself and started walking towards him. As I was getting closer, I noticed that he was getting a little tense.
Oh no did I do something wrong? No, stop thinking.  
  “H-h-hi Rin” I mumbled to him.
Ugh stupid stuttering.
  “Oh, hey (y/n)!” he replied back to me, surprisingly sounding happy?
I sat down across the table from him.
  “U-uh, I h-heard…..” I trailed off.
Dammit. Why does my brain stop working now?
  “What is it?” Rin asked me.
Think (y/n), what were you gonna say to him? Stop having a brain fart and think!
   "I KNOW YOU’RE SECRET!“ I suddenly yelled at him.
Idiot! Why would you say that? Now he’s gonna hate me.
I looked up and saw a confused looking Rin.
  "W-what secret? Rin asked.
Crap. I can’t just say I know he’s a demon. He’ll get suspicious.
After debating on whether I should admit I know he’s a demon, I finally decided just to let it out.
  ​"You’re a half-demon. Specifically the son of satan.” I whispered to him
When I finished my sentence his eyes grew wide. His mouth wide open, shocked with no words. I can tell he was trying to
figure out something to say.
  “(y-y/n), how did you know? Did someone tell you?!”
  “I overheard someone talking about it.” I lied to him.
I know I shouldn’t lie to him but I wasn’t just gonna say, “Because my love, I too am a half-demon and we both should run
away to Gehenna and rule the world!” See how creepy that would’ve sound.
  “O-oh, I guess this is the part where you yell at me about how I’m a bad person and you never want to talk to me ever again.
I’ll just go…” he mumbled and starting getting up from his seat.
I immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him back down.
   "NO! I-I’m not gonna say all that. I want you to stay, I can actually relate.“ I explained to him.
Rin tilted his head to the side and asked, "What do you mean you can relate?”
    “I’m also a demon.” I said to him in a undertone voice.
    “Really?!” he shouted at me.
Well then, thanks for the yelling. Very much so appreciate it.
    “Yeah I am.” I said.
When I said that his eyes widen with amazement? Rin was also smiling? What the hell? But maybe he smiled at me because
someone can finally understand him and his feelings. He can finally talk to someone and be honest. Especially with the
person he has a crush on. Maybe this was the start of something new and exciting?


Anonymous said: Hello^^ I was just wondering if you’ll continue “Pinup Boy” from Michinoku Atami. No rushing or anything. I just really like it and I wanted to confirm that it didn’t get dropped. I love your work~ 😊😊

Hello! Pinup Boy was only 2 chapters so it’s been completed! I feel like I get this ask a lot lmao. But no worries, that couple shows up in other chapters in the Midnight Love Alliance universe!

(taken from a chapter I’m currently working on)

Anonymous said: I know that some people’s pet peeve is scanlating using ebooks found wherever, but please keep in mind some of us solo scanlators buy the books and use found ebook raws simply to save time.

I… wasn’t talking about you then?😭😭 That reblog was about scanlators who don’t buy what they work on but still tell others to buy them. You said you buy them, so that’s awesome! Keep doing you, let us support the mangakas any way we can 💕

Anonymous said: I understand that you won’t translate the manga of your future list of projects. Did you find any groups that took them?

No one has contacted me to use my raws, but I’m sure there are groups that will pick them up! 

Anonymous said: Hi! This is completely unrelated to translations and you don’t need to answer but did you know there’s this makeup brand called TooFaced and they came out with this peach line and their new palette is called just peachy? I thought i’d mention it because of your cute name!!

GIRL. (or boy or however you self-identify)
DON’T START THIS HERE YOU DON’T WANT TO START MY MAKEUP RANTS HERE. OF COURSE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!! The moment they announced it I was ON IT. I’m sad because I bought their previous Sweet Peach palette for Nitsu but I should’ve waited for this JustPeachy one 😩 I haven’t bought it and idk if I will bc I don’t wear eyeshadow, and I’m more skincare > makeup so I’m saving up for some new essences and creams instead 😭 Thank you for this message though I got so excited!!!! 

reikicchi said: Nothing related to scanlation, I just wanted to say that I like your kakao icon XDD ♥

Thank you!!! Though I feel bad, I only chose apeach because he fits my justpeachy vibe, my favorite character is actually muzi!!!

HE’S A PICKLED RADISH IN A BUNNY COSTUME. Try and tell me that’s not cute I dare you. I’m going back to Korea next year so u kno I’ll be stopping by the kakao friends store and stocking up on some muzi merch 😭😭

Anonymous said: Hi Tea-San, 1. Did Crackster get finished translating I didn’t know if it was dropped or still ongoing either way I understand I just recently discovered this title? So good! 2. Isn’t really a question, but how did you come up with the adorable name? Love your translation keep up the good work! じゃあね

1) The translations for Crack Star has been completed, the releases are up to the anon and they will be private releases on her site! I DEFF get a lot of asks about this lmao. Oh man did you guys read the spinoff series with the idol brother?? I’m so psyched for the next chapter  👀
2) Story time! My online username has been icedtea since the beginning of time like since the og club penguin days lmao. It’s from Sugar Honey Iced Tea… My best friend was sugar honey and I was iced tea. If you know what it means I’m sorry ok if it makes you feel better it was my friend’s idea and not mine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. And for the justpeachy part, I think this was when I was doing my internship and also worked part time? Yall og followers know when I’m talking about. It was like 10pm on a tuesday after my part time job and I’m giving my best friend a ride back and- here, let me just copy paste my response from another ask: My friends came to visit at my part time job (I worked at a Korean/Japanese restaurant and could sneak them some free food) and one of them lives close to me so I’m giving her a ride back, she says she’s craving a snapple iced tea so we stop by a store and this dumbass buys the diet lemon iced tea which who tf gets, come on step your game up. Well, on our drive back, she takes a sip and says, “this is disgusting, do you want it? I should’ve gotten the peach”. And bam. What a great and touching story, right? Aren’t you glad I told you? Though honestly… diet lemon iced tea? get out of my house… My go to iced tea flavor will always and forever be peach. Though guess who’s allergic to peaches 😂😂😂 OH! SPEAKING OF!!! LOOK AT WHAT I SAW THE OTHER DAY

Anonymous said: May I ask why you are closing down? Thanks for all the hard work you have done!
Anonymous said: Hey I was just wondering why you were closing down by the end of the year??
Anonymous said: “Code: will be the last justpeachy scanlation, it’ll be released as a volume once I’m done with all my other projects” What do you mean??? You’re closing down??? NOOOOOO T_T I LOVE YOU I DON’T WANT YOU TO GOOOOO
Anonymous said: Hi !! Thanks so much as usual for translating Batsu Game <3 . As i saw from your ‘About’ , you will be closing down by end of the year. Can i know the reasons for it and will u drop those project that were on hiatus ?? Appreciate if you can reply me thankss <3

Yes, I’ll be finishing up the projects I currently have listed (Batsu Game, Koiyume Lover, Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya, Code) before I close down so no worries. If Family Affair comes back, I’m not sure if I’ll be down to work on it, I’ll have to see what my rl situation is like. The main reason I’m closing down is that I’m over this whole thing 😅 I barely read yaoi anymore, I’ve watched the groups I was in and grew up with disappear, there’s a lot more readers now which is good! But that brings more of the toxic stuff and even though I don’t read the comments on reader sites anymore, it’s a little depressing seeing that side of things 😂 This ‘scanlation group’ was just me doing my thing, but because I’m lazy and have no skill, I asked friends/strangers for help. So it’s not like I have group members to worry about. And they’re in other groups or have their own groups anyway. I guess scanlating just isn’t fun for me anymore so 

🍑 Peachy Updates 🍑 

  • Koiyume Lover ch 5 is completed, just waiting to be released (I’m wondering if I should do what I originally planned and wait to release the rest of the chapters all at once? Or release one by one…)
  • Rift extras currently being typesetted
  • Finished translating chapter 2 and 3 of No Color Baby for Sentimientoyaoi (shit’s wild 👀)
  • The new Michinoku Atami has been cleaned, waiting for me to finish translating, then will be sent off for some font magic
  • Lmao I haven’t touched Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya and I prob won’t for a while 
  • Code: has been cleaned, I’ll eventually start translating it
  • Is this it? I feel like I’ve been a lot more productive…
  • Oh, it’s bc I’m helping kr proof this one series and proofing takes a lot more work than translating…
  • And also bc I did half of what I listed today lmaooo
  • I have a friend coming to visit this weekend so no work will be done bc we’re about to hit up all you can eat sushi and study for exams
  • Homecoming is next weekend so no work will be done bc I’ll be out of commission. Hopefully not puking.
  • The weekend after that I’m spending in the city for a friend’s birthday so I definitely will be out of commission and will definitely be puking.

Some angst is coming your way

 Floria - Tomohisa Sako (Natsume Yuujinchou Roku OP) 

ne0dym  asked:

ok I just got through the 4th trial. Ouma backing Gonta into a corner so viciously was... kinda scary. The entire time, he takes the lead, even more prominently than Saihara. At one point he literally says 'so, the culprit is Gonta.' Later on, he meticulously clears everyone of suspicion until only Gonta remains. His aggressive demeanour is scary and also pretty sad, bc the others would never accept the truth otherwise. Idk what I want out of this ask, I just wanted to get that off my chest lol

The Chapter 4 trial hurts so much. Much of the misinformation that was floating around about it at first caused people to feel bad for one character or the other who was involved, but I find myself still feeling pretty miserable for every character involved: Miu, Gonta, and Ouma all got a super shitty hand in that trial, and it’s true that none of it would have happened without the killing game itself prompting this kind of tragedy.

The trial itself is absolutely bone-chilling and features some of the most incredible voice-acting moments in the whole game (in my opinion), and the points at which Ouma starts pressing are…pretty damn terrifying. There were a lot of scenes prior to this where I’d already been thinking of ndrv3 and Ouma both in very Umineko terms, but this was the trial that pretty much cemented it for me, because there was almost nothing more Umineko-like than watching Ouma have to shoot down every single possibility with his own “red truth” in order to force the group to accept that Gonta was the culprit.

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anonymous asked:

What type of music do you think the pack listens to or what do you think is there favorite artist. I think Embry would be really into john Mayer and I see Seth being a hardcore fanboy for like Beyoncé or Rihanna. I could see Leah being into rock music like arctic monkeys or fall out boy

- sam: i can see him listening to some soft rock or maybe some unknown artists from the 90s he grew up listening to, and of course some acoustic stuff that he’s grown to like bc of emily 
- jared: mish-mash of a lot of different stuff probably! maybe mainly some chill shit like bryson tiller?? maybe some chance the rapper,  j.cole?? 
- pol: i always have this picture in my head of paul rocking out (a little too hard) in his car to some electric guitar so probably genres like pop punk and shit like asap rocky, ye, maybe some of frank ocean’s stuff?? 
- embry: i agree that i can see him vibing to mayer!! kiowa’s own style of music is stuff like hard punk (he seems to know this band called lifelink and if u listen to their music u’ll know what im talking about when i say that kiowa is into THAT music) so idk i can see him rocking out to that stuff and old bands like green day and blink!! 
- jake: knowing his salty and emotional ass he would probably listen to drake’s heartbroken shit and be like omg drake u get me and have slow dancing in a burning room by mayer on repeat 
- quil: same as emb but i think he would be more into stuff on the radio now as well 
- leah: i totally see her liking some halsey-type alternative vibey music!! maybe hayley kiyoko (lmao my gay queen), or yeah arctic monkeys i can see as well! i feel like anything u would see with lyrics on like one of those shitty tumblr edits (u kno the ones with the blurry ass fake angst teen aesthetic backgrounds and italicized arial font in pastel lmao) she would listen to but not really talk about?? she seems to be a person who likes to keep things private so i dont think she would talk about things like what music shes into that much 
- seth: i can see him liking a lot of female artists on the radio as well bc a) girl groups always make Bops and b) why not u feel me?? i feel like frank ocean would totally be up his alley as well! maybe he would like gallant and stuff like chase atlantics old eps. i feel like he would really like the sounds that are coming up for this summer especially like that awesome song w/ dj khaled/chance/quavo/wayne/bieber u know that just chill vibey but bouncey bop typa song 

(u didnt say imprints but im including them bc luv) 
- emily: soft acoustic stuff. i feel like she would prefer to listen to acoustic youtube covers of current radio stuff instead of the originals! 
- kim: she’s a classic teenage girl type with a classic teenage girl next door taste in music. taylor swift, girl groups like little mix and h4rmony (bye canoodle), beyonce and badgalri, ariana, selena, etc. she can totally get down to 90s girl groups as well. i also feel like she would like some of the new solo stuff from one d! especially niall and harry– their sounds right now are super cool and really indicative of how their individual voices and styles were kinda cramped by what music they had to make. i also feel like she would really love native talent trying to make their message heard through music. frank wain, a tribe called red, nataanii means, etc. i know from personal experience that it means so much for someone from un/mis/poorly represented culture to be putting themselves out there and representing their people and message. 
- rach: i feel like she would have a really huge appreciation and passion for music and the culture that surrounds it (particularly the streetwear portion of it). she totally went out and got at least three asap rocky x guess shirts ringer tees and some for paul (lucky bitch i couldnt get even a SHIRT smfh), she watched lemonade as a cinematic experience with the lights off and popcorn in hand once it came out on HBO, she went out and got herself some fentys, she’s up on the streetwear trends, she would get yeezys but shes sensible and would never buy them when shitheads resell them for like 700+) etc etc. that being said she has a huge appreciation for modern music and artists who push the envelope of it/regard it as an art form that can send a message to be taken seriously . frank ocean, beyonce, kanye, the1975, badgal, drake, calvin harris, ed sheeran, etc. she really has a fine appreciation for music and the culture that surrounds it more than anyone else in their circle. 

anonymous asked:

hi carrie!! early happy new year (or late? idk what time zone you're in) i was wondering if you could give me some advice about getting things published? i've kind of made it my mission in 2017 to finally start writing a book since i've wanted to for years. obviously i wouldn't really expect it to actually be good enough to be published but on the off chance i manage to writ something semi good, could you let me know a little of the process of publishing etc or your experience with it? thanks :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you lovely anon! first of all this is a great mission and i’m very excited for you!  ❤ ❤ ❤

first, write your book. finish it, finish it, finish it. you can do it and i believe in you! and if you’ve wanted to for years you definitely have a story and you want to tell it and you should GO FOR IT. 

okay, your book is done. format your manuscript. depending on where you are sending it to, some people will have specific rules like what font size to use, how big your margins are, etc, so look out for those.

some ideas:

okay who do you send it to? decide whether you want to get an agent or to query unagented. there are publishing houses that accept unagented manuscripts, but either way you’re going to have to write a query letter and a synopsis, which might be harder than writing the book itself.

if you want to get an agent, you’ll have to do research on who would be a good fit for you; look at the type of books they represent, genre etc, other books they’ve sold to publishing houses. an agent is basically a middleperson who will take a cut of your eventual earnings. 

also a lot of agents are on twitter, and a lot of authors on twitter usually in their bios will tell you who they are represented by, and you can follow that agent’s twitter. sometimes there are pitching events where you can try to pitch your book in a tweet, or at least you can intro yourself to the agent this way.

 a query letter is basically 250 words (it quibbles a little depending on what the agent/publishing house once, but it’s usually very short) of why your book is awesome, what it’s about, and why they should pick it. 

a synopsis is a page long (sometimes they will let you have two, but its usually a page) summary of everything that happens in the book, cut and dry, no prose or pretty words here, just tell me everything that happens. 

that’s kind of the nuts and bolts of how to send your stuff in, the basics; just remember to format to the specifications of the publishing house or the agent you’re querying. basically you send them the query, synopsis, and the first 50 pages of your manuscript (depending on what they want), and if they’re interested they’ll reply back asking to see the whole thing.  you can query people with a WIP, but it’s harder since not everyone will want to look at it if they know it’s not done.

also, if you want to self publish, that’s a great route too if you know your audience and can tap into a niche market. you do have to do everything, though, like design the cover and format it for an ebook– there are people you can hire for that if you like, but some advantages of self-publishing includes keeping all the profits for yourself. disadvantages: you have to do all the marketing yourself.

some advice posts on self publishing:

some other good reading pieces:

don’t lose heart– rejection is a part of the process, especially if you’re going the agent/ publishing house route. just because your book isn’t a good fit for that person or publishing house doesn’t mean it’s not good, it means it doesn’t fit with their very specific thing. for example, if you write young adult sci fi adventure novels and you submit to an agent who represents only dark gritty crime thrillers, they’re not going to be able to sell your book. 

find your niche! there are a lot of publishing houses that will post what they’re looking for, too, for example tor this year asked for  fantasy that is based on non-european cultures, which is awesome; there was a three month period where anyone could submit. keep an eye out for publishing houses that you like that will open submissions for a certain time, and be aware of deadlines, because they do sneak up on you. 

also a shout out to interlude press and duet books, because if you write LGBTQ+ genre fiction, their submissions are currently open

all the best of luck to you, and if you have any questions feel free to come back!  ❤ ❤ ❤

A walkthrough on how I make my contained themes! Part 1: What is a contained theme?

updated November 12th 2015

Whazzup! This is Aoibara, the mun of amxthystus here! Today, I am here to teach you how to make a contained theme!

So click the read moar if you wanna learn something new today!

What is a contained theme?

Contained themes are a new trend on tumblr, especially on the RP side. It can take many tears and sweats to make one, but once you make one, it is rewarding. Why? Because contained themes often do not exactly like one another, and are pretty much a one of a kind-ish theme just suited to all your needs and fancy!

First, I will teach you the basics of how a contained theme looks like, using my examples, as well as comparison of which theme to use to make your own theme! So, we won’t be doing any actual heavy duty coding or whatnot as I want to make this simple for everybody and to explain what a contained theme has usually!

The Anatomy of a Contained theme

Alright. Lets take a look at some contained themes, and lets see what we can see which are similar.

Sooooo, Aya, what do you see similar there in these four themes I have made so far? ovo

~ -writes them down in fancy handwriting-

  • Each have their own image background, with a ‘box’ to contain the theme.
  • Descriptions are preferably placed in the ribbon tabs.
  • Most links are jumbled, in a form of a symbol, and have hoverover titles.

Yep! What my muse, Ayanami said was the pretty much the basic of the basic anatomy of a contained theme! well i actually taught him this and that so yeah Now I will explain why each of the similarities are for. And you can also look at my page to play around and learn how a contained theme is like!:

  • The background is each unique, and not done by the color sliders of the theme. So, basically, you will need an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP! If you don’t want to pay lotsa money for Photoshop then I highly recommend GIMP as it is what I would call the freeware ver of Photoshop!
  • Descriptions are often not in the description box we see in the customization option when we do our themes, and are usually in the html code using tabs. If the description is directly on the background, it often doesn’t blend well which is why we use ribbon tabs to make it visually appealing. The ribbon tabs by dxrkthemes is the most popular, and it is my favorite to use as the font is rather easy to read and most easiest to customize! Oh and the size for the text is really reasonable.
  • I usually jumble the links because first, it is funner and it gives me more freedom to match the links with my themes, and second, alot of the contained theme codes I have used often have limited amount of links, and I tend to have at least 6 links. So I highly recommend you practice and learn how to jumble links in this tutorial by unseenmockingjay!

So…There are so many contained theme codes? Which one to use?

And that is a good question! I have so far used the contained theme codes by Octomoosey and fastcst, and have edited my own hollywhood theme! I will lay out each one of the themes, and describe their difficulty of editing, and pros and cons!

Octomoosey Theme #36

Difficulty: Easy

Pros: This is the code I would refer to if you have difficulty editing codes, or just don’t feel ready to go wild with the html. Octomoosey also has a tutorial on how to set your container and everything properly in the theme description.

Cons: The font-awesome symbols can sometimes have the symbols you aren’t looking for, and can be a bit limited. So if you want to use your own text symbols, you would need to tinker with the code a bit there.

fastcst theme

Difficulty: Medium

Pros: When you feel ready enough to touch the codes, this is the code you can start using. fastcst has alot of explanation on their FAQ about the code, as well as explanation in the code itself. So, it is a good starting ground when you want to tinker with the html!

Cons: Not friendly for popup boxes. This is the reason why I switched my theme to a hollywhood theme, because if you try to put popup boxes, it will only show the portion of the popup, matching with the size of the theme and pretty much screws everything up. Idk how to exactly explain it but next time I will get a visual explanation on what happens.

hollywhood theme

Difficulty: Hard

Pros: Hollywhood themes are simple, so they become incredibly easy to edit, like adding values to edit your quote posts, tags, etc. easily. Hollywhood theme #30 400px and #52 are the most often edited codes. I use #52. I will make a tutorial on how to edit a hollywhood theme in the future for this chain of tutorials.

Cons: This isn’t very beginner friendly unfortunately, because you will be spending 99.9% of your time in the html area rather than the customization area. So basically, you will need to know where to touch when you want to make a Hollywhood contained theme. Also, I noticed alot of people struggle coding with the pagination to stay in place and not slip out when the screen is bigger or smaller. (Actually, if anyone has an answer to this issue, please inform me as I am having issues as well.)


Soooo that is all for today, and I will teach ya guys how to make an appealing background image for your contained theme next!

I hope this will give you an idea on what kind of theme you want, and I hope some will find this tutorial useful!

If you have any comments, con crit, go ahead and drop one by reblogging, fanmailing or asking me. The only rule is no anon hate!

Stay tuned for the next guide!

Soldier Wars

Chapter 1
[Read Chapter 2][Read Chapter 3][Read Chapter 4][Read Chapter 5][Read Chapter 6][Epilogue]   

Parings: Kotoumi, Nozoeli, Nicomaki

Summary: AU. Soldier Game centric. All you need to know is that they wear suits in this fic and are absolutely badass

Words: ~10,000

Tags: Alternate Universe, Adult Characters, Canon Divergence, M-rated

Note: After writing about 6 pairings in Buy Your Love, I’ll focus more on my 3 absolute favs this time -> Soldier Game Trio is love

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ourqueenandknight-deactivated20  asked:

Ok idk if you take prompts but BOY DO I HAVE ONE ANYWAYS. I was watching Parks and Rec 5x19 and almost died laughing thinking about bellarke in that situation. Bullheaded Clarke trying to go up against Bellamy in a historical live-off? Grumpy friendless Bellamy who complains about the anachronistic fonts the historical society uses? YES PLZ

Yes you are right this is a beautiful prompt and it kind of got away from me in weird ways WHAT ELSE IS NEW. Also on AO3!

Clarke loves her town, she really does.It’s amazing. There is nowhere in the world she’d rather live. It is the best place there is, as far as she’s concerned.

But sometimes–just sometimes!–she wants to murder every single person who lives here and start over from scratch.

“I’m just saying,” says Bellamy, infuriatingly calm and reasonable, “these laws have worked for us for a long time. What gives you the right to just change them whenever you want?”

“Mr. Blake,” says Clarke, and bites back a satisfied grin at his brief scowl of annoyance. They’ve never been that close–he’s a good few years older than she is, so there wasn’t much school overlap, and they run in different circles now–but his sister is a year younger than she is, and they were friends before she left for college, so she certainly knows him well enough to be on a first-name basis. She just likes to piss him off with excessive formality. He likes to piss her off right back, so fair’s fair. “The people gave me the right to change laws. That’s why we have elections.”

“I didn’t vote for you so you could change our historical laws,” he shoots back, and Clarke tries to ignore the odd glow of pride she feels when he says he voted for her. She didn’t really think he liked her that much. He’s been coming to open forums to antagonize her since she got hired on in Parks a few years back; she assumed he was actively campaigning against her, honestly. “Those historical laws are awesome.”

“Awesome,” Clarke repeats, dubious. “This is–look, the law was clearly intended to–”

“I think you should leave historical intent to historians,” he says. “You can do politics.”

“The history is still affecting us today, you fu–”

Wells, who doesn’t even work at City Hall, is the one to cut in. “Okay, great,” he says. “Thanks for coming out, everyone. That’s all the time we have for this open forum, but we’ll post information about the next one as soon as we can.”

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Permanent Marker

“Are you going to get another tattoo?” Taylor asked, tracing the words that ran down the length of Adam’s arm with her finger. They’d been sitting on the couch watching Law and Order when Taylor got distracted by the ink on his skin.

“I don’t know,” Adam shrugged, tickling her shoulder with his fingertips.

“You should. I think they’re extremely sexy on you.”


“Mmhmm,” Taylor nodded, leaning down to press a kiss against the colored skin. “I’ve been thinking of maybe getting one.”

“Don’t you dare mark up your beautiful body.”

“You marked up yours,” she pointed out. He shook his head.

“I was young,”

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