trying out a different coloring style

ayyyyy more fan art for @thatsthat24 The inevitable Pixar crossover has come to fruition. This was a lot of fun, since I used a more cartoony style and simple cell-shading instead of trying to paint for once. It’s not my best pic, but I’m happy with it!

(note: classic case of the colors looking different on every monitor, sorry if they seem a little wonky!)

things i do when taking a study break:
  • Practice hand lettering/watercolor painting/handwriting in different styles - there are a ton of resources and inspiration references online (for hand lettering, there’s a few instagram accounts that I love; with my watercolors, I do a lot of hand lettering and color mixing and doodles; as for handwriting, studyblr is a great reference for that, there’s so much variety and so many new styles to try out!) - I like this one because it has the same vibe as taking notes, but without all the mental energy
  • Read a book for fun - my go-to will always be re-reading harry potter (my very heart and soul), but anything that’s chill/familiar/interesting/easy to read/relaxing works great for this!
  • Go for a walk! - give yourself a set time to get back to work, but go outside and clear your head, get some fresh air, take some pictures out in nature, watch the sunset
  • Grab a snack - ideally something away from your desk to give yourself a break that feels like a break. Grab something healthy or something not-so-healthy. Treat yo’ self.
  • Listen to new music - find a new artist or an old artist, pay attention to the lyrics and instruments and backing vocals, really get into the song
  • Make a studyblr post - show off what you’re studying or any tips you’re working with/realizing as you’re working on your homework (I don’t know about y’all, but I always feel most inspired for things like this when I’m trying to work on something else - take a break and use that inspiration)
  • Clean ur room!! - having a clean room helps you think clearly and it gives you less to worry with later on. Similarly,
  • Start a load of laundry - that way, you have a guaranteed break when you have to put the wet laundry into the drier in about an hour, and another break when you have to get it out of the drier and put it away. Plus, you’re being double-productive.
  • Decorate/plan out a bujo spread - still in that same productive realm as homework, but it’s much more fun and creative!
  • Check tumblr - a dangerous suggestion, perhaps, but just make sure to give yourself a limit and stick to it: like you can only check the first 10 pages of your dash before getting back to work.

These are just a few things I like to do! What are some of your go-to study break activities?


Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 30: Screencap Redraw

i’m sad now because this is the last one!! T.T these last 30 days have been an amazing challenge for me to do. my time management as well as the endurance of my aching hand was truly tested, as well as my imagination. i can’t wait to do another 30 day drawing challenge!

anyways, it took a really long time to choose the right screencap to redraw. i wanted to choose one that not only had great composition and color, but was also from an episode that has great significance to me. so i chose a cap from the Zippleback Experience, which is definitely one of my favorite episodes in the whole show. it was fun to find out how different my drawing style is compared to the CGI models of the show. also, i end up drawing dark shadows no matter how hard i try. gotta work on that.

thank you all for following the RTTE challenge and a special thanks to those who also participated!

I’m trying out some different styles rn XD Thank you so much to @shy-coloring for giving people permission to use this lineart, bless you cz I cannot do lineart for the life of me 😂
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Bara orc

A little bit ago a sketched up a muscley orc as a warmup, and liked it enough to try out some coloring practice with it. For this method instead of a single layer traditional painting style, I tried using multiple effect layers to see the difference! I used a flat teal green base, a multiply layer of base color for core shadows, an overlay with a blue shift for cool shadows, a soft light layer with a yellow shift for warmer light and pushed it for a much more yellow SSS effect, with a hard light layer with lower opacity for direct highlights, finishing it all off with a faint screen layer and another faint multiply layer, each to create a sort of detailed gradient effect to better show the direct light. Hope this little glimpse into how I make things is interesting, and the art too!

10 facts about me

i was tagged by @softellie thanks hon!! i’ve done some of these before so i’ll try to write some new stuff

  1. i dye my hair a lot and try different styles with it, like i’m pretty sure i’ve dyed my hair 4 different colors in the 4 years i was in hs
  2. although i’m an indoor kind of person, i like taking walks and going out in town (by myself), i just never get the motivation to do so
  3. that thing above, i’m the most unmotivated person you’ll ever meet, procrastination is my second name
  4. i’m surprisingly a quick study when it comes to subjects i love, i don’t have to study anything if i pay attention in class, but if it’s a subject i don’t like, oh boy. it takes me years to remember anything
  5. i was never a die hard fan of books when i was young and i’m still not really?? but the harry potter books got me hooked on books but i either read a book in one go or i never read it tbh
  6. i joined tumblr bc of some friends from other sites but then i got into roleplaying and that was my life for like 3 years???
  7. i have a thing for villains and bad guys/girls, like a lot of my favorite characters are villains or antagonists in general
  8. i have a bad back and suffer of scoliosis and it starts hurting whenever i stay more than a couple of hours on my chair
  9. i have problems remembering words and how to phrase things properly and sometimes i talk with a stutter because of it
  10. i’m mentally ill and i was in a especially bad place 2 years ago, when i postponed my education and almost quit high school even though there were like 2 months left of school

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Annabeth in a slightly different style!

I’m reading ToA right now so, expect some fanart coming your way :D

Since I’ve finally had a little bit of time on my hands lately, I wanted to do a more digitally refined work of a sketch from class.

The pose and style of coloring was especially inspired by one of my favorite artists @kiekyun (seriously, as a len and killugon lover I 120% recommend checking them out), to practice feeling more comfortable with going out of the box to shade with different, vibrant colors.