trying on sunglasses

Viktor obviously has lots of money.

And I can see him taking Yuri out on a date one day. Yuri thinks its just a fun, little, outing- they get lunch together, take a walk through the park– but then Viktor suggests shopping!

Yuri agrees because ‘window shopping is fun!’

He’s horrified by the prices of everything, in all the stores they stop in.

Yuri is so glad that they’re only window shopping, because who even has enough money to spend $500 on a bracelet.

Despite that, Viktor casually has Yuri point out things he likes. Viktor even has Yuri try on some clothes or jewelry “just for fun”.

Yuri does and the two of them have a good rest of the day messing around, trying out $2,000 sunglasses, $100 shirts, $200 shoes, etc.

The next day, Yuri wakes up to his room, full of wrapped presents.
Hes confused and like wtf but Viktor pokes his head in the room when he hears Yuri stirring around and is like. “OPEN! Open everything! (^♡^)”

And Yuri does. And hes so shocked and surprised and taken aback because every gift he opens is one of the things he pointed out to Viktor yesterday. Viktor made sure he didn’t miss out on anything.

Yuri is literally brought to tears because Viktor just spent a FORTUNE on him. Yuri insists Viktor bring it back to the stores because its way too much money.

Viktor laughs gently and holds his crying boyfriend, wiping his tears.
“But aren’t you happy, Yuri?”

“I am but–”

And Viktor kisses Yuri’s lips gently.
“Then that’s all that matters. There’s no price to your happiness ♡”

And Yuri just is so appreciative and happy and feeling so spoiled.

Viktor is just cuddling him and cooing sweet nothings.

“Only the best for my Yuri♡”


Here is a list of reasons not to kill yourself. There are no guilt trips like ‘for your family’ etc. These are reasons you should stay alive because you will never experience them if you are not alive.
68 Reasons to not kill yourself:
1. new albums
2. your pets will miss you
3. starry nights
4. staying in bed when it’s cold
5. trying on stupid sunglasses
6. good coffee
7. shitty coffee
8. skinny dipping
9. watching a sunrise
10. watching a sunset
11. skyping at midnight
12. tree houses
13. rainbows
14. night swimming
15. walks in the rain
16. donuts
17. long drives to nowhere
18. hotel rooms
19. putting on new contacts
20. taking a bra off
21. warped tour
22. tumblr
23. reading a good book the first time
24. reading a good book the thirty second time
25. cuddling
26. putting your favorite outfit on
27. bubble baths
28. long showers
29. singing along to songs
30. singing badly
31. looking at art
32. going to the beach
33. telling someone you love them the first time
34. telling someone you love them the 100th time
35. kisses
36. going inside when it’s hot out
37. going inside when it’s cold out
38. Sitting on a rooftop
39. laughing
40. petting animals
41. good hair days
42. candles
43. tea
44. naps
45. good pens
46. being held
47. holding someone
48. seeing your favorite band
49. meeting your idol
50. good movies
51. stupid movies
52. watching your favorite show
53. buying that thing you always wanted
54. taking pictures
55. drawing
56. writing
57. bonfires
58. being nice to strangers
59 giving compliments
60. getting compliments
61. pizza
62. looking at clouds
63. new shoes
64. flowers
65. going to the zoo
66. lightning
67. falling in love
68. proving yourself and others wrong

BTS Reaction: Shining in the City~

BTS Reaction: When you’re looking fine as hell, and he is appreciative~

A/N: A few of these are already established relationships and some are the beginning~ :D


Jin waits outside of the theater, his palms sweating in his pockets. He tugs the hood of the leather jacket more securely over his forehead before leaning back against the wall, his eyes darting up and down the sidewalk. The sunglasses try to slip down his nose again, so he pushes them back up quickly. He checks his phone for another text from you, but there’s nothing. It only takes about twenty minutes to get to the theater from your apartment, so you should be getting here any minute.

Jin’s nervous. After being casual friends with you for several months, even while on tour, he finally asked you out on a date. And you’d said yes. Which had been cause for mass celebration in the Bangtan household as well as mass jealousy at their hyung’s good fortune. But now he is left with the monumental task of not screwing this up, and that’s the tricky part, isn’t it. 


He flinches at the call and stands up straight, whirling around to follow the voice. A girl he doesn’t know is running up to a guy and throwing her arms around him, squealing happily. It’s not you.


“Ah!” He shouts in surprise at your voice, playful but quiet. “Y/N, yah, you scared me. I….”

He trails off, speech failing him at the sight of you. He adores the pink sweater you’re wearing, with the white shorts and low heels, your hair twisted into a messy ponytail. There are little cartoon cloud studs in your ears. Everything about you looks soft and feminine, and if he wasn’t shy before, he definitely is now. You’ve never worn clothes like this in the past, when you’d hung out with him and the boys.

“Jin-oppa? We should go in, if we want good seats,” you suggest, and he jumps before complying quickly, walking beside you as you both head for the ticket booth.

“Right, yeah. Hi, Y/N. Uhm…how are you?”

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“Y/N, seriously,” Yoongi groans, flapping the wings of his suit jacket to get some air into his clothes. “We’re already cutting it close. We need to go. Now.”

“I know, I know,” you shout from the bedroom. “But it’s my first time going to one of your award shows! I want to look perfect…”

He sighs. “You always do, babe. Don’t make me come in there.”

A mad scuffle is heard from the bedroom, and despite his irritation he laughs to himself. His recent mixtape is receiving one of the top awards available for the genre, and while he hated social gatherings like this, he couldn’t be more gratified to have won. He’s going to the dinner, if for no other reason than to shove his victory into their haters’ faces and make them eat it. He also relishes the chance to show off his beautiful girlfriend, if you ever manage to leave the bathroom. 

“Coming, coming.” You gripe as you step out from the bedroom and into the living room, sighing as he turns to face you. “How do I look?”

“Wow” is the only word that manages to come out for the first few moments. He’s stunned at how gorgeous you look tonight, dressed to the nines in a shimmering gold dress that drapes your figure like silk. The top of the dress hands over your right shoulder in a long river of fabric, highlighting the angles of your collarbones, the smooth skin of your chest and shoulders, the simple elegance of a black pearl necklace. You left your hair down but had taken the extra time and effort to tame it into thick waves that gleam in the low light of the living room. You’ve painted your lips a deep, matte red that pops against the color of the dress.

You slowly smile at his expression, emboldened by the look of genuine appreciation on his usually expressionless face. “Think I’ll measure up to the girl idols at the award show?”

“What idols? What award show?” 

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Rap Monster 

“Uh, babe?”

You’re sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone, when Namjoon turns the corner in the boys’ dorm room, a magazine in his hand. His face is curiously blank, his eyes so glued to the pages in his hand that he hip checks the corner on accident. Taehyung is sitting on the other side of the ouch doing much the same as you, but he doesn’t bother to look up when Namjoon enters.

“Yeah? Are you almost ready?” The two of you are heading to a beloved local pizza place down the street, where you hopefully would not be recognized. You’d been sitting on the couch for half an hour waiting for your boyfriend to get his disguise together.

“No,” he answers quickly, before turning the magazine around and finally meeting your gaze. “Is this you?”

You look at the magazine. 

It’s an advertisement for Converse that is currently circulating, promoting their new, more comfortable line of Highs. It was the first modeling gig you’d had without another member of your idol group. You’re sitting on some old metal bleachers in a local baseball stadium, bent over with your elbows on your knees, hands hanging forward lazily. A ticket snug between your index and middle finger. A Boston Red Sox cap is perched on your head, your hair loose around your shoulders. A plain white shirt, which in real life had costed more than a nice pair of heels, is snug around your torso, emphasizing your figure, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans with several rips in the thighs and knees fit snug into the vibrant red pair of Converse Highs that covered your feet and calves. You’re blowing a medium-sized bubble with bright pink bubblegum, just small enough to show your eyes and cheekbones under the brim of the baseball cap.

“Yeah,” you reply with a shrug. “I did that a while ago, like a month after we started dating.”

“And you didn’t tell me?” He asks, incredulous. 

You gave him a flat look. “We’d just started dating. I wasn’t quite ready to indulge your Converse High fetish.”

“What?” Taehyung looks up at the word ‘fetish,’ his eyes wide.

“It’s not a fetish,” Namjoon denies, looking back down at the picture. “Well, are you ready now?”

“I’ve been ready for like an hour now.”

“No, I mean… to indulge me, I guess.” He licks his lips, his eyes burning hot as they drag slowly down your legs. Which, for the record, do not currently display Converse Highs. 

You meet his stare head-on, crossing your legs slowly. “Maybe.”

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“Ah, really, this place,” Hoseok sighs, flopping back upon the hot sand with a dreamy smile. “This place might be paradise.”

Namjoon nods in agreement, his eyes on the wide expanse of ocean in front of them. The maknae line are prancing around the shallow shore, their sandals thrown carelessly back. Jin slowly joins them by the water, although he steers clear of the splashing, grinning at their antics from a healthy distance. Yoongi drops down to sit next to Hoseok, frowning and waving a hand in front of his face.

“Ugh, it’s so hot here,” he complains. “How long is this photoshoot again?”

“As long as it takes,” Namjoon answers, turning to grimace sheepishly when the stylists tear down the beach from the boardwalk and start berating Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin for getting their fresh outfits wet. “Which is starting to look like several hours.”

“Can we get a drink at the bar?” Yoongi muses, half jokingly, half seriously.

“That would be good. No alcohol though,” Hoseok murmurs, basking in the sunlight. 

The photographer arrives, and they’re organized into time slots. Hoseok shrugs off his placement as last in line; he’s enjoying being outside the city, breathing in fresh salty air. He takes a walk down the beach, kicking at the sand and smiling at the family playing several yards away from their photoshoot site. 

A flash of color erupts in his vision, and he’s suddenly buffeted in the side of the face by plastic. He lurches over, shouting in surprise, and grabs the beach ball that tries to roll into the shore. 

“Hi! Sorry about that!” 

He looks up and freezes. You’re dressed in a red and white striped bathing suit top and jean shorts, a pair of black sunglasses purchased on top of your head. You stop in front of him, close enough that he can smell the sunscreen on your skin. You’re gorgeous, and he struggles to remind himself how to talk to girls. 

“No problem,” he replies with a grin, handing the beach ball back over to you. 

You linger, twisting the ball in your hands. “This is a pretty small beach town. I don’t recognize you.”

“Oh, yeah,” he gestures over his shoulder where the photography crew is taking pictures of Namjoon rising from the ocean. “I’m with that–ugh–modeling group over there. We’re just here for a couple days.”

“Oh,” you say, your eyes taking in his face and the crew by the water, your eyebrows raising as Namjoon rises out of the sea like a dolphin, throwing his hair back. “Wow, okay. Are you doing that next?”

“Ah, yeah.” He nods slowly, trying to push down the secondhand embarrassment. Modeling, acting, being an idol can be a fun and rewarding job, but on the outside like this, it can sometimes be… too much.

“Mmmm,” you hum, playfully looking him up and down. “Well, do you have time to play a round or two?” You gesture to the group of friends behind your shoulder, all standing around the net and watching the two of you curiously.

“Oh,” Hoseok hesitates, looking back over to the camera crew. They seem pretty busy…. “Sure!”

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“I don’t know, Tae,” you’re saying on the phone, sounding anxious. “What if they don’t like me? What if I completely missed the idea with this outfit? What if they have watched some of my music videos and think I’m a tramp?”

Tae laughs, holding the phone to his ear while he waits for you outside. His family’s already seated at their table inside. “There’s no way they would think that, Jagi. They’ve seen my music videos–they know what show business is like by now. And they’re really excited to meet you, my mother especially.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better,” you mutter, and he hears the thunk of a car door being shut. “I mean, that would be about the worst thing I could do: disappoint your saint of a mother. Oh, I think I see you.” 

He spins around on the balls of his feet, searching for you in the crowd. Some people try to stop and take his picture, but the ushers of the restaurant hurry them along politely but sternly. He’s thankful for choosing the expensive restaurant for your first dinner with his parents, even if the menu is pricey. “I can’t see you,” he whines when you push through the crowd in front of him.


He’s never seen you in this dress before, he belatedly realizes. The form-fitting dark navy dress hugs your curves and makes your legs seem twice as long where it ends just above your knees. Two rows of pristine white lace, full of intricate flowers and vines, trail down the sides of the dress. Your arms are bare and smooth, two thin diamond bracelets curling around your wrist–he wants to trail his fingertips up your arms, to feel that soft skin. You’ve tied your hair up into an intricate bun that he can’t make heads or tails of, just that he knows it’s pretty and opens your sweet face to the world. Tiny diamond studs provide a big of sparkle to your ears, and a simple silver necklace with a teardrop diamond hangs in the sharp V of the dress’s high neckline. 

You brush fold your arms self-consciously around your waist, your eyes nervous but hopeful. “Is this nice enough?”

“Definitely,” he breathes.

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“Jagi~” You call into the dark bedroom, grinning as Taehyung and Hobi grunt, annoyed that you’re waking them up along with Jimin. “You’re going to be late~”

“Nooooo,” he moans back, pulling his blankets over his head and curling into a ball under the covers. You can’t help but bite your lip on a grin at how cute he is.

“All right, but Jungkook is almost done in the shower. You know what that means~” You head back to the kitchen, chuckling to yourself as the sounds of bedsheets being shoved out of the way and feet slapping onto the floor echo through the hallway. The maknae is liable to eat his hyungs’ breakfast if they don’t come out of their rooms fast enough.

You step into the kitchen where Jin has taken charge of the stove while you went to wake up Jimin. “Should I cut up some fruit?” You ask the eldest member, who nods enthusiastically.

“This is really cool,” he murmurs, still shaking off sleep but excited at the prospect of crepes. He’d only been able to try two when BTS had performed in France. “Thanks for making these for us, Y/N.”

“No problem,” you say, grabbing a nice and quickly slicing strawberries, bananas, and peaches. “It’s really fun to make for a group of people, so I’m happy to share.” 

Just then, Jimin stumbles in, his eyes still closed and hair wild from sleep. He makes his way over to where you’re standing at the counter, his arms wrapping around your waist. He feels extra warm and cuddly from sleep. He ignores Jin’s muffled sound of complaint, but luckily the eldest boy doesn’t seem to care all that much about propriety in the dorm. Or that could be the crepes, fruit, and chocolate topping you brought for breakfast.

“Hmmm, what are you wearing,” Jimin mumbles against your shoulder, leaning back a bit to get a view of the baggy sweater. “It feels familiar….”

Jimin suddenly grins with delight when he realizes you’re wearing one of his old black concert sweatshirts, his name printed in faded characters on the back. The pink jean shorts you’re wearing are almost completely hidden by the baggy length, and little socks with cats on them protect your feet from the cold kitchen floor. Your hair is tied back, leaving the smooth expanse of your neck open for him to nuzzle sleepily. 

“Did you wear this on the train?” He asks incredulously, jealousy sparking at the idea of a train full of strangers seeing your bare legs.

“It was empty anyway,” you say dismissively. “Want a strawberry?” You place a slice onto his tongue when he holds his mouth open, rolling your eyes at his behavior.

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“Oh shit, a Pikachu just ran across my screen,” you shriek, uncaring of the glaring middle-aged business people heading home on the sidewalk around you. You take an immediate right onto a side street, your friend calling your name behind you. You ignored her–catching a Pikachu is clearly top priority. Plus, she totally abandoned you last weekend to track down a Clefairy, she could fucking deal with it. 

The downtown area of Seoul is full to the brim of interesting wild Pokemon to catch and nearly twenty gyms and training areas. What most of the other newbie Go trainers didn’t know is that these smaller side streets are little goldmines for Pokemon that would be harder to find at, say a park or a stadium. Not that you’re willing to share the secret, because hundreds of people would start cramming into these streets and it’d be useless to you again. Your best friend only knows because she guilted you into showing her how you caught your Eevee, and she’s already passed the secret onto her boyfriend. Traitor.

You’re following the Pikachu when another body slams into you, sending you crashing to the ground.


Your phone clatters to the ground, and you curse as you scramble to pick it up. Luckily there aren’t any new cracks, but you know that it would have been a goner if it hadn’t bounced off of you first. You whine at the pain in your butt, praying that you hadn’t been so unlucky that you’d sat on glass or some shit.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Hold on….yes!”

At his voice, you look up at the guy standing over you and feel your heart leap. Oh god, it’s Jungkook of BTS. Holy fuck, you just ran into the golden maknae.

“Had to catch that Pikachu,” he says, pumping his fist before taking a look down at the person he’d run into. 

Oh shit, it’s a girl….a pretty girl. You stare up at him from the concrete, black beanie askew on your head. You’re wearing a Who You? concert shirt under another layer of worn red plaid, ripped black skinny jeans scuffed from their recent fall with the ground. Galaxy-style converse enfold the end of your jeans, the shoelaces loosely tied. A light sheen of sweat sits on your skin from walking around downtown for the better part of two hours, and yet he thinks it looks good. You… look good. Damn, if Jin finds out he knocked down a girl….

“Yeah, my Pikachu,” you grumble, getting to your feet by yourself and huffing. “At least let me see it, since you so kindly stole my opportunity to catch one.”

“Whatever, you just weren’t fast enough,” he counters, but he shows you his phone anyway, his eyes trailing over your face as you grin excitedly at the screen.

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You know what I really wanna see in Cap 3?

A scene with on-the-run Cap and Bucky with their oh so subtle baseball caps and sunglasses, trying to hide from their enemies in a public place.

Like walking through a grocery store or something and seeing the guys who are hunting them heading straight for them.

So Steve like grabs Bucky and shoves him up against the dairy aisle or wherever idec and like HAULS him in for a passionate make out sesh that lasts waaaaay longer than it needs to.

Then when Steve finally pulls away and they’re dishevelled and panting and Bucky’s all ‘wtf im so confused but also aroused’ Steve just deadpans:

“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable”

Russo brothers have my back pls

@food-says-the-f-word Thanks to those stupid ideas of Addam and Absalom being handcuffed and doing stupid things together. I might as well can say that 69% of me and my stupid little mind ships it. I mean the story was too interesting for me not to think about doing anything else even if i forbid myself to ship them. Guess i’ll have to draw them now ;;; Me at those dumb but funny ideas :

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Nordics at the mall

Iceland: *drags Hong Kong into Hot topic and Spencer’s* THERE IS A FUCKING SALE MOVE YOUR ASS

Denmark: *running around the littls play land for kids* NORGE!!! LOOK!! *does backflip into baby foam pit*

Norway: *waiting for Den to stop FUCKING around* GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LET’S GO TO JC FUCKING PENNY BABE!

Sweden: *trying in sunglasses* *looses fin*

Finland: *applies for mall santa* *buying bathbombs from lush*

sealand: *at home being bbsat by estonia*