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Nickname: Ace, Cat, Lazy, Kitty 

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 171 cm

Time right now: 0.00 am

Last thing you googled: Too many cooks xD

Favorite music artist: waaah too many XD but mmm.. Sleeping at last maybe

Song stuck in my head: TOO MANY COOKS

Last movie i watched:“perfetti sconosciuti” italian film. I usually don’t like them but wow that was good xD

Last TV show i watched: American Horror Story

What I’m wearing right now: pigiamas >__>

When i created this blog: 1 October 2016

The kind of stuff i post: My art and fan arts >\\<

Do i do asks regularly: I really try to answer to everybody but not anons because I don’t want to spam people >< but when I have bad days I always go there and reread all of them to smile xD 

Why did i choose my URL: Because I’m super lazy…and I love cats >> I’m NOT lazy on things that I like tho –> drawing xD

Gender: girl 

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: nope xD

Favorite color: Red and black

Lucky number: 8

Favorite characters: undertale characters in general <3

Dream job: comic artist/ mangaka ;\\;

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1

Followers: 5406

aaaah I have to tag now ;\\; mmmhm.. 

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old art from twitter ^^

hello…! i finally made a tumblr to post all my enstars stuff… i’m sorry in advance to anyone who checks the tags and sees my spam ;o; please bear with me while i try to organize this blog!

PSA to new followers

Hey, thanks for following me. I’ll try not to spam your dash too much.

You should know that on Fridays my blog becomes nsfw when I reblog nsfw fan art, mostly Bagginshield, using the tags “nsfw” and “penis friday”.

Please feel free to blacklist these if you don’t want that sort of stuff popping up on your dash.

#143 As you may know, Rob Benedict & Richard Speight are currently in production on their new series, “Kings of Con”, where they play MC’s on the sci-fi convention circuit as the eponymous kings of conventions. What you may not know is that their agent messed up and booked King Kong and the Kings of Con to MC the same convention. Draw or paint these three giants of the con circuit trying to share the stage or green room. Either Rob or Rich should probably be the lithe damsel in distress.


I’m sorry, guys. I think it’s inevitable for me to set this blog on semi-hiatus for a few months.


1) I’m trying to get myself a job these days.😧

2) Tumblr server in Korea has been shitty ever since Yahoo withdrew from Korea. (So I’m planning on spamming the support team with my complaints. It’s so absurd that I should only be on my laptop with VPN program to manage the blogs.)

3) Adam Driver overload, to be honest. (Visit @adamblessdriver if interested. But, just to let you know, this one’s also not that active right now, thanks to reason no.1)

However, you can expect some stress doodles posted on my art blog @hisahkidraws from time to time.

This blog will probably be back on track in June for Wonder Woman.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your support, always. 😚


@ artists of tumblr Heads up! We’ve got a reposter cropping up.

I was messaged by this person two days ago, and I paid it little mind because, due to horrible spelling and grammar, I assumed this was spam. But to my surprise, they responded earlier today, so I told them the brutally honest truth about why I didn’t respond and why I don’t do art trades.

They decide to go the “YouTube commenter” route and try to tell me off. (they even announce their ‘age’ which really just had me laughing at how childish it was) But then I saw they reposted so I informed them that this information would be used against them and I’d be blocking and flagging their block for art theft. The last picture is their response before I’d blocked their blog. (this is the entire conversation, though one of my responses was cut near the end, it’s nothing important though)

I mean the last post is probably evidence enough that this guy doesn’t care that they repost.

If this person messages you, or you see this person anywhere, do not confront them. Just report their blog and block them. (which is what I have done) And you may want to check if they’ve stolen your art too.

PoGO-Instinct 100 Follower Giveaway

It’s so great to see the Pokemon GO community blossoming as it has and as a little thank you to my followers I’m going to be holding a mini art raffle to try and give a little back. 

The prize will be a chibi of yourself or your trainer with one of your Pokemon and team logo in the background.

I’ll pick two four winners (maybe more if enough people enter) 


  • Followers only
  • 1 Reblog= 1 vote (you can reblog multiple times but please don’t spam your followers)
  • No give away/raffle blogs please!
  •  Asks must be open so I can contact the winners
  • Although this is an Instinct blog you can be in any team to enter

Deadline is August 1st

and since that giveaway gave me like,, 500 new followers who probably don’t know who i am yet

  • hey!! i’m mon and i like talking to people but i might not reply in time
  • talk to me anyway though!!
  • i’m 17, in the philippines, and a cool kid
  • not really
  • any pronouns are fine!! whatever, yknow (she/they if u cant pick?)
  • i like cartoons and musicals and animals and this is a really inconsistent blog and is only 1% my art im sorry
  • i try to keep it as positive as i can though!! i usually delete negative posts and have a separate blog for em
  • if you ever find any of my content uncomfortable or if you feel i spam too much, i don’t hold grudges for unfollowing! do whatever will make your blogging more comfortable dudes. likewise, lemme know if i mess something up
  • i hope you enjoy your stay ! love you
  • here’s my about and faq incase youre on mobilee

First Picture

Second Picture

Third Picture

Attention everyone. @mirajanestrauss totally legitly been stealing my art. Like totally. Everything on her blog is stolen from me. Those who know @mirajanestrauss knows that she is very against art theft HOWEVER She spends all her time to prevent art theft so she can be the only theif. 

 Every time I try to be civil about it and ask her to stop, all she says is “Very funny Melissa”. Melissa is not my name.

Please spam @mirajanestrauss with messages that the only way to rectify this is to give me the rights to @ask-mirajane-strauss for I found a post to actually redirect her old url to her new one.  

If there are any other victims to @mirajanestrauss art theft, please step up. 

TL;DR, love you amber, and david bowie is dead (please tell your parents for i’m sure that they would like to know). 

PSA to new followers

Hey, thanks for following me. I’ll try not to spam your dash too much.

Two things: On Fridays my blog becomes nsfw when I reblog nsfw fan art, mostly Bagginshield, using the tags “nsfw” and “penis friday”.

And on Sundays, I reblog Sherlock/Johnlock related posts, using the tags “sherlock”,  “johnlock”, and “sherlock sunday”.

Please feel free to blacklist these if you don’t want that sort of stuff popping up on your dash.


As I said before, I reached +300 followers a while ago and thank you so much!! ^^ In commemoration I decided to make my first art giveaway:

1ST PRIZE: A character of your choice + simple background.

2ND PRIZE: A character of your choice.

3RD PRIZE: A portrait/avatar.

I’ll also draw OC’s, just send the me references for them when you win and are contacted ^^


  • Must be following me! If you want (I would be forever grateful!) you can also follow my art blog Don Corgi
  • Both likes and reblogs count!
  • You can reblog as many times as you want (just try not to spam others! ^^)
  • The winners will be picked with a random number generator
  • There will be one winner per prize
  • If a winner doesn’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll pick another one (randomly)

The giveaway ends on 27th December at 10pm GMT!

Good Luck! :D