trying not to draw with zoom yeah

The Lich - everlasting and forever rotting evil necromancer who only wishes to destroy literally every living creature in the universe, personification of death, despair and nuclear apocalypse. Such a fitting villain for a cute cartoon!

And yeah I wasn’t on Tumblr for about two weeks because I was hella distracted. Not gonna lie, distracted by things not really important… I really should’ve spent way more time on drawing. Sorry about that. I will try to be more consistent with my uploads from now on.

Picture is pretty big BTW, so maybe you wanna zoom it in.

trashponcho  asked:

How did you learn to use sai? I am struggling with digital art SO much especially with dealing with the software (currently trying to use manga studio 5)

tbh I can’t say i’ve learnt how to use Paint tool sai, because even tho i’ve been using it for 3 years i’m still learning new things about it!! but i did get used to it, and the only way to get used to it is to practice TONS and also experiment here and there (although i never used to experiment i was too lazy haha)

I’ll be honest, it’s going to be a slow start. I didn’t actually start using sai to its full potential until last year, but as long as you stick to using Sai you’ll be able to learn it in no time!! I suggest not using any other programs next to Sai until you get used to it

I’ll give some tips (hopefully theyre useful) now, but i also recommend following paint tool sai blogs that could give you tips, etc.

ok so when starting to use an unfamiliar program, you want to avoid anything too complicated, just use what the program provides you!! 

  • start off with using the original settings of brushes. downloading different brushes or playing around with settings can confuse you. once you get somewhat used to Sai you’ll be able to experiment with different brush settings and add other artists brush settings too. Also maybe try using a different brush everytime you draw so you can see what you like and dislike about certain brushes 
  • The stabilizer is your best friend!!! when you first start digital art, your lines tend to be short and small; its hard to get a long line. The only way to get used to long lines is by practicing A LOT, and even when you start drawing long strokes they still seem wobbly, so use the stabiliser to give some stability to your stroke and make them less wobbly
  • avoid the linework layer, that’s mainly for drawing manga pages and the brushes are quite limiting. But the linework layer has a line tool which is useful for straight lines if you need them
  • the zoom, rotate and flip canvas tools are really helpful!! when I first started using Sai I barely touched them, but now I use them religiously, so I recommend trying to get used to using those viewing tools

I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFULL AHHH!!!!! I never actually went out of my way to learn how to use sai, it was mostly practice and trial and error, so i have like no experience in teaching how to use sai!! but yeah have fun drawing <3


Even if the sky is falling,
Back to you I’ll travel and escape with…
No matter how many times it should be,
I’ll keep you movin’ on
Like a soliton

(( pls view the full size to get all the detail stuff! this pic is so huge omg

i kinda wimped out on the space background ‘cause i’m not used to drawing space things and i wanted to keep the bg simple to bring out McCree and Hanzo

this is based on the Comet!Hanzo/Meteor!McCree AU thing I’ve seen sometimes in the tag - it’s an AU I really only have like aesthetic interest in, I just think it looks pretty so I wanted to try drawing it! [and I wanted to do something besides the usual hat for McCree, partly because i’m shit at drawing hats, so I came up w/ that weird shield-halo thing….IDK I thought it turned out all right….maybe it’s so he doesn’t bonk too hard against asteroids and such??? *shrug*]

I’m kinda proud of those trails tho, ngl - and the change I made to Hanzo’s tattoo

so yeah, that’s what i’ve been working on since I woke up lol ))

(( EDIT:  added zooms ‘cause tumblr’s shit ))

mossler  asked:

Hey Coach, when you're cropping canvas for an image, what size (pixel x pixel) do you typically go with for a finished piece? I took some of your tips from the FAQ but I'm new to SAI and am so frail and innocent! Thank you for your art - golly, it's really swell!

I guess this answer got a little long, so click the read-more if you’re interested in seeing what I gots to say about image size and junk.

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