trying not to be too hard on myself for the differences

How would you describe yourself using only images?

This is just me trying to work out myself, if you’d like to do this too, please tag me in it. I’m genuinely interested. I do not own any of these images. 

I’ve found that boards like this help me work myself out. It sort of showcased some of my different moods as well, primarily being Happy, cold/vacant and angry. It was really hard to do this for some reason, I could have used a 100 images because people are complex, and I’m no exception.

Sorry there’s so many images lol.

There’s a few followers/people I follow who I’d really love to do this but I’m not going to tag them and face the embarassment of rejection lol.

Been trying really hard not to exist in a state of constant grief these days. Been trying to honor my dead loved ones as if their memories are valuable rare tchotchkes in a display case with glass doors - organized and uncluttered so THEY can’t get lost in MY torment that intertwines and entangles like a mess of thick clouds and noise and static.

I was a different person once and death after death after death I became obsessed and overwhelmed, like a hoarder, with the trauma of each loss taking up so much space that I couldn’t really see the departed as separate beings, or even find myself in there, or do much else, or think of much else.

I was too smothered by all the darkness and pain, all heaped up together.
Surrounded by gray and darkness is not where I thrive. Been working hard to clean up shop. Open the blinds. Let more light in.

Today I have taken Alexander Henry and Megann ɪŋk down from the shelf and I am calmly and quietly holding them in my heart and mulling them over. I didn’t realize until today they had the same birthday. Of course they did.

Oh my beauties. I love you. I miss you.
I miss singing with you.
Thank you for being my friends.
I see you.
I treasure you.


The Various Flanderizations of Matsuno Ichimatsu

so I’ve noticed that there are…a couple of issues with the way ichi is portrayed in fan works (and by that I mean he’s flanderized – which means to take one single trait of a character and to exaggerate it until it consumes their entire character – or he’s given an out-of-character portrayal altogether), and this post is here to address those issues as well as cover ways on how to give him a more accurate portrayal reminiscent of the character in the show!

do note that I am in no way trying to boss anyone around on how to portray ichi – you are free to portray him however you wish, and I totally get it if you want to explore all the different ways to do so. on the other hand, if you do want to heed my advice because you find him particularly hard to figure out (and trust me, he is), by all means, go ahead! this is partly for myself, too, as I’m writing an ichi-centric fic and want to have some sort of reference to guide me through.

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Divinely Broken

There are times in life when things become extra difficult. When it seems as though there is not much light in this dark world. People will hurt you, circumstances will challenge you, and the crushing weight of it all seems too much too bear. It is those exact times that I sometimes find it most difficult to call upon God for help.

I know in my mind this should be when I put my hand in His, let Him lead and comfort me. The reality is quite different. Submerged within me, my heart feels empty. Overcome by the feeling of abandonment, as though He has left my side. Yielding to doing this thing called life for nothing.

Grasping to find meaning in all the pain, all the loss, and every bit of frustration. What is the purpose? I sit and wallow in my self pity party, while pushing God further and further away. Trying to redeem my life on my own merit. Working extra hard to fix it all by myself.

If I could just allow Him to have control, to take the reigns. Try not to be the sole story writer of my destiny. I’m learning that this life is not my own. It’s Gods story of redemption. He allows us to suffer just the right amount before he reaches in to pick us up. Not completely removing the hurt, but using it for his own benefit.

In what other way do we reveal the presence of light and love in our lives but through the brokenness. Grace revealed through our suffering. I imagine it in my mind like a metal lantern. Mostly dark with little slats and holes. Jagged and sharp. If we allow the light inside, it will radiate brightly through the brokenness for all to see. Streams of beautiful glorious light bursting from broken sharp edges of dark metal.

If given the opportunity it will shine so brightly that His glory could inspire others. Lead us through treacherous waters, while being a beacon of hope. But remove the light from our heart and your left with an empty lantern. A cold dark metal shell of no use to anyone. With no way of seeing hope in the future.

All I need to do is start with just a small meagre spark. The tiniest bit of faith and God will use that to make intense fire within my heart. It’s his way of illuminating my path that He has ordained for me before I was even born.

I need to Trust in the insecurity, and to love in the difficult moments. I must remember it’s not about me grasping His hand that seems so out of reach at times. It’s more about surrendering to the vulnerability, closing my eyes and falling backwards into His arms.

It’s about allowing God to catch me. Giving up control and letting things just be. Real raw emotion, suffering, sadness, frustration, bitterness, resentment, and loneliness. The shattered mess of a life is what He desires to radiate his light. It will heal every broken piece and give it purpose. It can Illuminate and inspire others if given the opportunity to.

2 Corinthians 12:9
And he hath said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Brie - aren’t we all a little broken

2 Corinthians 12:10
For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong

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5 Things to remember

1. You are NEVER too old, young, fat, skinny, rich, poor, smart, “dumb, to do anything you want in life. There was never a set timeline to accomplish anything in life. We all have different end goals and paths to get there. NO ONE has a "better” path. Your journey is the the right one for you

2. The sky isn’t the limit, the galaxy is the limit

3. If things aren’t working in life, don’t be afraid to make a change. Yeah people may call you crazy, and it won’t always be easy but you’ll regret not trying

4. Hard work will always pay off. Always

5. You’re beautiful, you are worth it, and you are stronger than you realize. Never keep anyone in your life who believes otherwise. Seriously.

INFJ Confession #2788

I try to not feel like I need a relationship- logically I know that I shouldn’t want it this badly, but that hasn’t stopped me from being lonely. I think it would be different if I didn’t feel like none of my family or friends has never really known me. I don’t blame them- I’m closed off. But it’s been really hard, especially lately, to ignore that I feel like I’m on a team by myself. I’m at war internally- I want closeness but am too afraid to let anyone see me like that to let it happen for me

reblog this and write ‘don’t repost’ in your language to help artists

i was thinking for pixiv artists etc, artists could put a page full of text saying ‘don’t repost’ in different languages as the second pages of a log after the cover. because there are so many reposters who tell me ‘oh, i just got it off of the tag’ and don’t acknowledge any of the rules or what the artist says on their profile. some even suddenly don’t understand english after you comment that it’s your art, and some of them genuinely don’t speak it at all, which makes it hard to communicate. if it’s in the log, they can’t say that, more so if it’s in their language.

my point is, i’m planning to make a page full of all these different languages for artists everywhere to use freely, but i need people to help me out by adding this phrase in their respective language, like so:

english- do not repost my work on other websites

urdu- میرا کام اور جگه پرنہیں ڈالنا

Hey everyone! I saw a bunch of other people doing these, so I thought heck, I’ll do one too! I’ve picked my favorite drawings from each month! 2016 was a big year for me, art wise. It was also a big year for me, mental health wise. I have many things I’m still working to overcome, but I feel good about the steps I’ve made so far. I want to keep working hard to improve both myself, AND my art for the future! Here’s some of my art goals for 2017:

  • Don’t shy away from opportunities
  • Try different things! Don’t focus so much on just one type of fanart, or just fanart in general! (I’m still gonna do fanart, I just need to do more on top of it!)
  • draw/paint from life more
  • paint more scenery!
  • draw in my sketchbook more, and doodle more!
  • try more dynamic, exciting compositions
  • play with color more!
  • do more traditional work!

Whew, that’s a lot of things! But I have a lot I want to improve upon. :) Here’s to 2017 being a better, fulfilling year!

I also want to thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me. <3 You all give me the boost I need to keep moving forward! I want to keep working hard!! 

Hello struggling Anon,

I’m am so sorry that your feelings of inadequacy have been persuasive enough to overwhelm and torment you like this. I’m especially sorry that the results of that self hatred was you not being able to finish your artwork for more than a year. I do relate to and understand this but I’m sure your feelings are unique and specific to what and who has been in your life. I will try to offer you any advice I can but you may have to take different approaches to be able to manage or erase your feelings.

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anonymous asked:

do you have a favorite clarke smile?

okay, i’m done post poning my answer to this question because i finally figured out a way how to approach it without making things too hard for myself and be able to give you a proper reply that makes sense for my standards. i gotta say though that it is a funny one nonetheless, because it’s a very broad ask. just, the fact that i could choose any clarke scene in which she smiles because clarke smiling is one of my favorite things. it makes me yell, but lets try to do this with an reasonable amount of words so here we ~goooo

here is the deal: i am always so tremendously delighted when she smiles. in fact, i am kinda obsessed with every scene in which she does and acually am a bit blindsided by my adoration for this loveable disaster, because her smiles! are everything! and they vary! we have different types of smiles and i love it!

we get small smiles that express affection and warmth because living on earth isn’t always a dark thing, but sometimes allows clarke to find solace in places or other people and revel in those moments - the way her lips just pull upwards and her smile turns the moment beautiful is everything you want to Not Miss Out On; we get smiles that express amusement which can turn into these little teases because girl’s got game and she is so thoroughly unintimidated that she’s absolutely not going to hold back when she wants to break the tension and have some fun - she enjoys to smile with people, and she totally knows how to have a good time by taking the initiative in her own clarkey way - which i’m so embarrassingly gone for btw because she can make situations feel lighthearted when they really aren’t! - like, i honestly just enjoy the fact that she can communicate with her friends/others on the same loopy level as they do and how it then puts them all on the same wavelength - SHE IS SO GREAT LMAO.

we get bewildered smiles that express hope mixed with fear which highlight excitement in an “angsty” way because at times when she thinks all is lost she still manages to find something/someone to hold onto - because as much as she positions herself as an anchor for others we see the same thing happen with other characters for clarke as well; we get smiles that express a surprising rush of, let’s say, pleasure because food, for example, tastes good lmao!; we get broken smiles that express sadness but also relief because sometimes when she believes she’s going to tip over the edge thanks to the sheer pressure she still tries to find a way through the complicated task and make It work; we get the kind of smile that expresses this crazy mix of emotional and physical reassurance because clarke cares for other people a lot and her instincts will catch that understanding naturally which essentially makes room for her to help people reach out to the feelings they can’t take themselves; how she manages to brighten someones day tbh (I’m one of the people); smiles that are so delicate, broken and vulnerable because despite her grace and maturity and the way she shoulders responsibility she is still a young girl who has such a difficult time with the position she’s in because this is definitely not a smooth path.

and don’t get me started on her laughs. when clarke laughs you feel every sensation because she feels everything. the way her laugh breaks out of her when jasper makes it onto the “other side” by swinging across the vine first, for example. or when she fucking snorts about some animal jokes. or when she watches a game together with wells, or when she finds raven in - stop me.

like, sorry not sorry for using this space to air all my hysterical thoughts about different types of smiles, it’s all just so great. anyway. i gotta keep this shorter.

here is a moment that truly stuck with me for example:

it’s just so… sweet. the way clarke is experiencing this feeling of happiness through monty and jasper and everyone else she’s surrounded by. they are all feeling the full benefits of the accomplished mission in that moment and have the same rundown of emotions. its a good scene for so many characters involved, and i am actually grateful that we got this little glimpse of her too. on another note, i love the contrast in emotions and physical appearance, because clarke was sick with the grounder virus that murphy brought into camp not a while ago, but now this look manages to enhance the experience of the moment because she is standing and smiling at her friends and sharing their feelings.

its honestly hard to choose a favorite scene. just know that i love clarke’s smiles.

There are endless opportunities in life, you just have to be proactive enough to find them. I’m trying to change my life man. I’ve been so happy lately, but I’ve definitely been coasting. I’ve had excuses for so many things I haven’t done, and that’s not what I’ve ever been about. My life is so beautiful. Everyone’s life is beautiful. Value it!

fishnetandfundip  asked:

Hey!! Congrats on being formally diagnosed! I can say from experience (in my case with ADHD) it makes access to help and information waaaay easier. I hope this leads to a much easier future for you too! <3 Plus, it's super validating knowing a medical professional did the diagnosis because it really wards off the "Am I a faker?" thoughts (I'm like hella prone to this, thinking "I'm just lazy and not trying hard enough").

thank you!!! I think it will help a lot honestly, and it’s a relief to know that this isn’t just me thinking this way and that it is apparent to a medical professional that I’m wired differently than everyone else. it’s very validating. and it’s wild, because it’s taken so long to even come to this point.

I never would have questioned anything if my SO’s autistic coworker hadn’t said anything about it. he’s the reason I started doing research and questioning myself and thinking back toward how I acted and responded to people in my childhood. my need for control over my environment has been present for as long as I can remember, and I never really realised it until I started studying myself from another perspective. and no one else recognised these things in me, either. nobody thought anything of it. my issues with light, tags in clothing, certain touches / pressures, pain, etc. was all overlooked, and my affinities for things and special interests were just brushed off. I was just an awkward shy quiet kid with no social skills and that was it. I watched people more than anything.

god, like I remember just sitting on the swingset at recess as a kid, swinging back and forth, back and forth, hating the big crowds of kids, and just watching as they played kickball or went around the jungle gym or all of these other things I couldn’t bring myself to do because it involved people. like. what the fuck. why did no one notice any of this. I mimicked kids and I modeled things my dad said in situations so I wouldn’t have to think of things on the fly. later I wrote scripts before speaking to people on the phone. I continued to shy away from people and had barely any friends. why did no one notice any of this???

so, yeah. overall it’s been an eye opening experience. I don’t even know how to describe it. it’s a relief because I finally know, but it’s also very sore because I went for such a long time without knowing. and there are people who are like “well you don’t look autistic” or say those kinds of things to autistic people, especially women/female-bodied people and?? it bothers me. there is a lot of pent up irritation and resentment because I have been autistic this entire time and growing up I would get all sorts of comments about my looks, behaviours, mannerisms, all this other shit, saying how weird I was, and now it’s like well you’re not weird enough? you don’t look this way or how I expect you to?? and the differences between autistic men and women are not well known and one of the big big things about the latter is there is so much masking and mimicking involved so women/female-bodied people go undiagnosed for so long and people think they’re ““““normal”“““ because they can pass as neurotypical from watching people, from absorbing scripts and assimilating behaviours they see from others, and this is the kind of shit I did (and still do), it’s mechanical, and people still saw that kind of thing when I was young and said “well you’re weird” but now later in life I do it so well it’s hard to tell between mechanic responses and genuine responses so I don’t look weird enough????

idk I feel mad and I feel upset @ myself and society and how people treat autistic people and how I got treated and how I treated MYSELF and I absolutely did not open this question intending to respond with a small rant but here we are lmao

after my report comes in the mail, I plan on going into therapy oriented toward autism for a while to see if I can figure out more things about myself and try to utilise better coping techniques because mine are pretty not great at the moment :v I think it will help me and help with getting a bunch of this off my chest without having to passive aggressively post about it because I’m sure the people following me don’t want to hear about my constant problems or issues with me and autism and the media and all this other garbage

anyway, thank you for the message, I really appreciate it!!! <3

anonymous asked:

So I impulse downloaded 152 songs onto my phone without thinking, which means I went from my normal 32 song play list to an overwhelming amount of songs and I didnt realize how badly that would affect me until I went into my library and started freaking out over it. I managed to recover my 32 original songs and put them in a play list with a few new ones to ease myself into it but I still feel panicky and confused and I'm not sure what to do. I know its ridiculous but its really stressing me out

It’s not ridiculous! Change can be really hard to deal with, even change you do yourself. Personally, I have a playlist of maybe 20 songs that I listen to almost every day and I tend to get overwhelmed if I try to listen to my music on shuffle. There’s just too much difference between it all. I think you are handling things really well, though, by adding a few songs to your playlist at a time. That’s a great way to introduce new music. 


petite-pivoines  asked:

Hi it me again 🙊 I want to try a beauty product (skin care) from your shop as well but I'm having a hard time choosing! What would you recommend?💜

I actually went to a TonyMoly store in NYC and got to try the Petite Bunny Gloss myself and the scent is suhhh good *^*! It has cute packaging too haha c;! 

For skincare, I would recommend Snail Recovery Gel. I heard it’s a good item to start out with if you’re getting into k-beauty and it’s gotten pretty good reviews ^.^! (everyone’s skin is different, so results may vary)

p.s use ‘kirei10′ for discount :D! hope this helped <3

the difficulty.

this story is mostly true & kind of fiction.

i spent most of tuesday march 3 trying to write music. i could describe to you how that process has been going as of late, or you could just slam your head into a wall several times & simulate the experience for yourself.

the problem is that self-awareness is the enemy of the creative process. the complicated part about having songs that people have liked & connected to in the past is that it’s hard to imagine songs in the future outside of the context of those reactions. i find myself with a lot of these thoughts:

‘people who liked [this song] won’t like it because it’s too [this adjective].’
‘people who liked [that song] won’t like it because it’s not [that adjective] enough.’
‘[this person] will think that’s too unintentionally sexual.’
‘[this person’s mom] will think that’s too intentionally sexual.’
‘it has to be entirely different.’
‘it has to be exactly the same.’

so i gave up on trying to do that /
b/c you can’t create when you’re not inspired /
so in the event of being sickeningly uninspired /
i can just call in sick /
that makes song-writing the easiest/ hardest job in the world.

then we played a show in houston. 

sometimes, i throw up before shows, without explanation or warning. 

it’s been happening for as long as we’ve been playing them. i’ll never forget the look of terror a girl gave me after seeing me throw up three times into a trash bin behind our stage at the skate n’ surf festival two years ago…or the soup she brought me afterwards.
i don’t do it intentionally, i’ve just learned to not fight it when it happens. i think it’s just the toxic combination of nerves, idle time, & my customary six bottles of water.

i know there are people who struggle with things like this far, far more than i do, in completely different ways. i’ve met a lot of them. some have told me it comes from a place of self-punishment. some have told me it’s just comfortable, a routine they’re familiar with. lots have told me that it started as a rare & secret habit before it became something else. all of them have told me that they know they shouldn’t do it.

i know it’s not healthy for me. it doesn’t seem tremendously unhealthy either. it happened before our show in houston.
i do wish i could stop doing it.

after the show, marcus & anthony & i hadn’t eaten, so we went to a fast food restaurant to do that. we walked past a man, presumably homeless, & none of us said anything to him, because we’re desensitized, i think.

most cities in the united states are unintentionally* divided into different sections, usually along economic lines. (*it’s actually probably intentional - i just don’t spend much time talking to the people who intended for it to be this way.) it’s like young adult fantasy fiction, but less overt, because we don’t have snappy names for the people in different districts. if we did, we’d probably call people in inner cities ‘shmurbans’ & people in gated suburban communities ‘class-holes’ or something like that.
because we’re in an alternative rock band that’s primary source of income is t-shirt sales, we get the hotels in these areas, because they’re cheaper & we don’t have much money to spend on hotels. i would be a member of the ‘upper-middler’ district.

the fast food joint had closed their lobby, so we had to beg the woman inside to serve us through the drive-through window. she was terrified, probably because she’s not supposed to do that & she values her job, but she served us anyway, probably because we’re persuasive.

then the man from the street approached her, & she wouldn’t serve him. he held crumpled cash in front of him & she wouldn’t take it.
this kind of thing happens all the time. looking at it in the abstract, you’re probably sitting behind a computer or cell phone & thinking, ‘what a horrible woman, why wouldn’t she let him get food?’

but if you saw it in person, i think you’d be less likely to question it. i say this because i was taken aback, not by the fact that she would take our order & wouldn’t take his even though both of us had green money, but by the fact that i wasn’t surprised. i could rationalize her decision for her. ‘more risk, i guess,’ i thought. i have no idea why.

morality is easier to understand when you’re reading it on the internet, not uncomfortably watching it in an inner city.

across the street, a girl at a gas station stumbled out of the passenger seat of a car & was throwing up on the curb. i went over to talk to her, because these are the kind of people that interest me the most.

sam: hi, are you okay? i saw you throwing up.
girl: i’m fine.
s: why are you throwing up?
g: whiskey.
s: sometimes i throw up on accident, because i’m nervous. do you think that had something to do with it?
g: no, it was whiskey.
s: are you afraid? this isn’t a very nice neighborhood to be puking in.
g: no.
s: i’m just saying, it’s kind of a scary area. i don’t want you to get kidnapped or anything.
g: i grew up here.
s: do you want help getting back to your car? i can help you get back to your car.
g: it’s so far away.
s: you have to go to it though. you can’t sit here all night.
g: i know.
s: why are you still sitting here?
g: it’s so far away.
s: so you’re just going to sit here all night?
g: no. i’m not saying it’s impossible.
s: then why are you complaining about how far away it is?
g: i’m just appreciating the difficulty.

here’s what i learned on tuesday march 3.

i’ve been trying to write an album for two years & all i know two years later is that it’s harder than i thought it was going to be.
but i’m not saying it’s impossible, i’m just saying i appreciate the difficulty.

i can’t stop my pendulum as it swings back & forth between brazen self-confidence & bitter self-doubt, & i can’t stop my stomach from reacting to the inertia.
but i’m not saying it’s impossible, i’m just saying i appreciate the difficulty.

there are low income communities in our country that are recreating themselves in isolation, & in the outside world, the solution has been to wall off from them; fearing & ignoring them until we forget they exist. if we’re going to remember how to be people again, we’re going to have to start by remembering that we are— scientifically speaking— exactly the same as the people with more or less opportunities than us. we’re going to have to start with radical inclusion. we’re going to have to start— all of us— giving much, much more than we take.
but i’m not saying it’s impossible, i’m just saying i appreciate the difficulty.

I’m always trying to balance my message of

“Please leave reviews on my fanfiction because I love getting reviews and knowing that you liked my story, and publishing a chapter that doesn’t get any reviews is kind of the worst feeling in the world.”


“Please remember that I am a human being with a life and a family and hobbies and responsibilities other than writing fanfiction, and sometimes a story is really hard to write, and sometimes I have to do other things so that my brain doesn’t hate me, but I’m also completely aware of my own update schedule, and perfectly aware that it’s not perfect, and I already hate myself for it.”

And also balance

“Please tell me what you do and don’t like about my story because I love to hear your thoughts and I want to write a story that people like.”


“Please remember that I too am a fan with my own interpretations and headcanons and favorite characters, and sometimes they will disagree with yours and no one is forcing you to read a story that interprets canon in a way that upsets you.”

Asks are closed + Important, please read

Yeah this… this was short I’m sorry, I don’t want to spam your inboxes too much ;_;

I’ll try to put out the next update soon so “His story comic” kinda becomes the current event of this blog.

Why am I doing this new storytelling comic hybrid thing?

Because I’m dropping the Ink comics. Ink in Underswap, Ink is Underfell, these won’t be continued.

I simply don’t have the time and motivation for those. ;__; I had it all nicely planned out, with very good ways to present the different characters but I’m a young and very active artist, I jump from project to project all the time. Besides, Ink is present in my new project Dreamers.

I won’t force myself to keep up such a long and ambitious project when my focus is somewhere else. I’m not living from my art for now, I’m still studying, I can allow myself that kind of mercy.

I worked SO hard on Ink’s character, I am SO attached to him, that I still couldn’t leave you guys without his backstory and whole concept behind. That was simply impossible to imagine. And I think you want to know, too. ;u; <3 Let’s make this a great thing even with the cancelled projects. This was a very very hard decision to make, I took a long time to decide. But I know I’m doing it right.

Thank you for reading and I’ll keep working. <3

ohisims  asked:

hi so i have a question, how does the no so berry challenge work?? are there rules?? i couldn't find a origin post or anythin so here i am

Resist urge to make an oh, hi joke Hello! The challenge was created by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming - you can find the original rules post HERE.

The thing to keep in mind though is that it’s meant to be played fast and loose! There are “rules” but everyone is playing differently; if you check out the tag #notsoberry, you can see just how many shades of ‘mint’ people have done, haha. It’s really up to your interpretation. You’re just supposed to get in game and play, maybe try some things you haven’t before!

Also, you can do captions or not, I just found myself stressing about trying too hard to be funny and liked the idea of people making their own story based on the pictures. So again, just do what feels fun to you!

Studying with a long term illness

So I know there are quite a few posts on here about studying when you’re ill but sometimes its different with a long term disability. Here is a list of things I do to try and stay on top of things while also taking care of myself when I have a relapse in my condition. Modify as is necessary for you, you know yourself and your body better than I do!! I’m no dr so just be sensible if you’re trying any of this.

Know your limits

  • This is the most important thing
  • With time you will be able to recognize when you need to just stop and rest
  • Shorten your todo list/timetable for each day when you feel ill, if you can
  • Make the most of the times when you are feeling well, but don’t push it too hard because this can cause relapse in some conditions
  • Do easier tasks that you were saving for later if you can, and do the more difficult ones when you’re feeling better
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t reach your daily/weekly/monthly goals

Stay comfortable

  • If you are well enough, try not to work in bed
  • Try a comfy armchair or something else soft on aching muscles that gets you out of bed, if this applies to you
  • If you need to stay in bed, do not get crumbs in the bed you will hate yourself
  • Make sure you have enough back support if you’re propping yourself up in bed/lying on the couch
  • Keep everything you need near if you feel really rough - go on one trip to collect everything so you’re not hopping up and down all day, or make a list and get someone to do it for you if you’re unable

School stuff

  • If you have stayed off school, as well as reporting your absence contact the individual teachers of the classes you missed and ask for catch up info - I tend to email
  • Take advantage of any support systems your school has in place and don’t be shy about asking for things you need, even if its a simple thing like sitting somewhere in the room where you can leave discretely if you need to
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for extensions if you need them
  • If a teacher doesn’t understand your illness, its their fault, not yours. Don’t push yourself too hard because of an unsympathetic teacher, and don’t stand for it if you’re really struggling and they’re putting undue pressure on you - you’ve got enough to deal with already
  • If you are absent, catch up as much as you are able at home, because it makes a huge difference when you go back

Staying positive

  • Talk to a friend you go to school with and ask for the gossip - sometimes being at home for a while can make you feel out of the loop when you go back, and its nice to speak to a friend anyway
  • Put something cheerful on TV that you’ve seen before - it will make you smile while you work but won’t distract you too much. Music also works
  • If you are able to eat, eat something nice
  • Use a pet as a study/sick buddy - I did this with my dog all the time when I lived at home and it really cheered me up
  • Break up your work tasks with fun tasks! This is really important for me!!

Plus there’s the usual stuff like stay hydrated, take meds etc, but every long-term condition is different and you will know how to handle your illness better than I do!!

I hope this helps someone if they’re struggling to balance their work with an illness or even if you’re struggling to support a friend or family member!

I also want you guys’ opinion on something.

I personally, think that fanfiction/story writers are so underappreciated. Being one myself, I notice the difference that artists get on here versus writers. And I’m not saying that we should STOP appreciating artists on Tumblr because I know I am guilty of following nearly 50 different Throne of Glass/ACOTAR/ACOMAF/TRC/HP/A Thousand Other Different Fandoms I’m A Part Of. 

I just think that it’s somewhat not fair for people who literally spend half their lives on here, writing fanfictions and stories and trying so hard to please the fandom with their work(again, guilty. I spent 3 days straight writing a Rowaelin story), and they barely get any recognition, if at all.

I think the reason this is is because fanfiction is kind of has this ‘stereotype’. Either it’s poorly written, the plot is wishy-washy, so forth and so on. Well, I used to write One Direction fanfiction on Wattpad(in fact, if you were a Directioner and had Wattpad, you most likely read some of mine), and they were NOT GOOD AT ALL. LOOKING BACK ON IT MAKES ME CRINGE, SERIOUSLY.

But, I was 13, 14, 15 at the time, and I’m nearly 18 now, so my writing has DEFINITELY IMPROVED.

So, to honor fanfiction writers, because we honestly deserve it, I’m thinking of making a ‘Face Behind the Fanfiction’ or something like that. It’ll be a challenge kind of thing where writer’s post a picture/pic of themselves with a little bit about them. They can tag me in it, and I will repost it on my blog.

I will also be participating in it(some of you have been wondering what I look like). 

Let me know what you think, your opinion/thoughts, etc.