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General Chemistry I Resources

Hi all! I haven’t been as active as i’d like the last few weeks! I’m glad to say that I’ve officially finished my 4-week rotation at Walgreens (and got an A!!).

I’m in the process of rummaging through old material and thought i’d start uploading some of my notes/Powerpoints/study guides, and the like. 

Below are General Chemistry I Powerpoints I made as a Teaching Assistant. Note the material starts at Mole Conversions (because I was too lazy to make a powerpoint for the first review session). 

Breakdown of layout:

  • Exposure to topic (sometimes)
  • Sample problem and step-by-step guide on how to solve it
  • Problems to try on your own
  • Explanation of problem

I will happily answer any questions you may have regarding this material and will see if I can find the Powerpoints for General Chemistry II as well!

Here are some stills on what the Powerpoints look like:

Powerpoint 1   |    Powerpoint 2   |    Powerpoint 3

114: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings

I’ve never been in a serious relationship. In college, I just wanted to try and feel everything. So I did. Made out in back seats, went home and woke up next to someone whose name I can’t remember. The arrangement was great: when I felt lonely, I looked for someone. I told them I wanted to be held, not build a family. I was young, selfish, unable to make emotional attachments. One time–and it was just one time–I tried to make it work with another person I found intellectually compelling. It was great, until a situation demanded confrontation that involved emotions. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t give myself to anyone.

But college, god, that’s a lifetime ago. I am still emotionally inadequate, but I’m healthier. I’m getting my postgrad degree; I’m making art; I’m doing better. And recently, I met someone. Friend of a friend, another small world story. We’ve gone on five, six dates, and it’s, it’s all so new to me, how slow this is. It took four weeks before the first kiss. Four. It makes my head buzz. And I am finally sharing things about myself, things that I couldn’t before. You know what, I told him the last time we went out, you met me at a time when I was ready. The moment I said that, a small voice in my head went, Are you really though? And I was surprised to find a ready answer: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Pick a number :)

Orihara Sibling look alikes

Well since my last reblog had to deal with how I thought Izaya looked like Mairu I decided to try to find some Orihara sibling look-alikes.

Number 1: The Mairu and Izaya Tongue flick.

Number 2: The confused Orihara Trio

Number 3: I’m either beating or about to beat somebody’s ass smile

Number 4: The resting face (with a hint of annoyance)

And I’m too lazy to find anymore but here you go.

[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) - part 3: solo interviews (bobby, 1/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby]

Solo talks so you can you know more about the members. We expose the members’ secrets!

“The definition of a good dude is pouring all your love into the woman you like right!”

Birthdate: 1995/12/21
Role: Rapper
Had his solo debut and began MOBB activities with Winner’s Mino in September. A rapper who’s always high energy and loved for his unique appeal.

Q. Please write your promise to fans in Japanese.
I’ll try looking for a cooler me! (t/n: cutely misspelled Japanese)


It’s been a year since your Korean debut. Compared with a year ago, what about yourself has developed the most?

Whether it’s for the way I act on stage or the way I have pictures taken, from having acquired the knowhow for looking even cooler, I’ve found a cooler me! Out of the members, I think Yunhyeong has changed the most. In the past I think he really stressed over not making mistakes in the choreography or lyrics, but now I feel like he’s trying to have more fun!

Is there anything other members do that just makes you think, “This is a mystery”?

Yunhyeong is a huge neat freak. I have absolutely positively no idea how he can live his life being so clean (laughs). Even if there’s just like a little bit of stuff lying around the house, or like there are some leftover snacks out, he immediately starts cleaning up, grumbling the whole time. He’s like a mom (laughs).

So there are two moms in iKON, Jinhwan and Yunhyeong?

Umm, let me rephrase. I guess Yunhyeong is kinda like an older sister who nags a lot (laughs). He’s always yelling at us like “clean this crap up” or “why are you so damn loud!” Well, I accept that I’m kinda loud (laughs). He also asks me to try the stuff he cooks, but you have to be careful! Sometimes he gives you stuff that doesn’t taste good (laughs).

You’re called the manliest of men, so what you think is the most manly thing a man can do?

(after being a bit troubled) I suppose being a good man is pouring all of your love into the woman you like. Doing things to always make her feel loved. That’s what it is, without a doubt!

Your activities with Mino (from Winner) as MOBB were also popular, weren’t they?

Actually, I’ve been in Japan, so I haven’t really felt that…… For the recordings and MV shoots for MOBB and my solo stuff I had to go back and forth between Japan and Korea. Eventually the members noticed this more and more, and they reached out to me. They’re members who cheer me on with a love as deep as my parents’.

Now then, from these members who give you moral support, please choose one and tell us where and with whom you would go if you were to go on a trip with just the two of you.

Donghyuk! And Hawaii!! Donghyuk is a good, sweet kid, and if the older members say something like “let’s do it like this” he’s always immediately like “okay!” and gets to work right away. Plus he’s good at English. I’ve been to Hawaii once before with my father. It’s hot but not very humid so it’s easy to spend time there. There are also a lot of places to see there, so I’d like to go again.

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise


From: “Supernatural” Stars Interview - Comic-Con 2013 - TVLine
Part 1 ∞ Part 2  ∞ Part 3  

Daily dose of Misha

1. Casual Dom!Misha eyebrow + Handsporn.
2. Puppy eyes +  mouth twitch thingy + Hadsporn = Fatality*

Unexpected bonus:Look at his arms. :P

You are welcome.

If you want to be included, send me an Ask.
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*I hope some of you had played or now about Mortal Combat

anonymous asked:

The next promo gives away a lot of things (like Wren with the gun, Mary hurting Spencer,Mona slapping Spencer, AD's body shape), but it still makes me feel confused about who AD is. It can be Twincer because of the Mona and Mary scenes, it can be Wren since he is acting suspicious, it can be Melissa because of the shady look, it can be even Erza because of the "I can't marry him" line. OMG I'm so excited!!!!:)

Well let’s not be too into the body shape yet because they always use stand-ins. I doubt the person who is A.D. had not been in the hoodie until the reveal. But yeah a lot goes on in that promo and I guess because it’s 2 hours, like, there’s so much that could happen!! I’m trying to be careful of my expectations but the promo looked really good for a change

One Line Prompts

1. “Who did this to you?”
2. “Can you make cupcakes for the murderer?”
3. “Never once did I give you reason to doubt me!”
4. “You love yourself too much!”
5. “Start her up!”
6. “Look at what happened!”
7. “Movies are cool.”
8. “I am not a person you should like.”
9. “Loving someone is harder than hating someone.”
10. “The education system is just trying to brain wash you.”

koshkaah-fr replied to your post: i would forgive like 35% of the shitty stuff the…

its legal if no one sees u or ur face

ngl one of my most satisfying daydreams is running onto a soccerfield, yelling “IF U DONT VACCINATE YOUR KID YOURE A SHITTY PARENT” and then fighting off the hordes of soccer moms

there would be like 7 trying to fight me up close while 2 others (probably named Karen and Jessica or something) are looking on from a distance, throwing casseroles at me that they made for the neighborhood “no-black-people-allowed” barbecue

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[1/4] You know that scene in the finale when Sam walks into the room to Kelly’s corpse on the bed and he looks so so so sad and he gently closes her eyes? Yeah, that scene destroyed me. I didn’t even realize that I could possibly love Sam more than I already did but there you have it. Kelly is one of those characters that I fell for fast and hard (like Magda) and she had been breaking my heart the entire season starting from what Lucifer did to her, to her captivity with Daegan, to her …

[2/4] … attempted suicide, to her trying to be a good mother to a child she will never know and finally her death. And through it all a lot of people, in the show and in fandom, only saw her as the packaging of “a possibly dangerous thing” but hardly ever as an actual person who has been dealt a real shit hand and is trying to do her best. Even the discussion of morality in striking preemptively at an innocent to prevent possible future danger was mostly revolved around the kid, not her. She [¾] even got some hate for the whole “I want my kid to be born special” thing even though, personally, I think from her POV, at that point, it made perfect sense. (I also absolutely love that it was Sam who came up with a solution to eliminate the possible threat while preserving her and her kid’s life) So those scenes in the finale with Cas and Mary where she was treated with kindness and support are precious to me and made me really really happy but the few seconds with Sam just killed me. 

[4/4] And sure, the others might have done the same, but that deep sorrow carved into his face (BLESS JARED!) and the quiet tenderness, not just in the act, but in the way he looked at her and closed his eyes for a second like he was reeling from the loss and there was just a humanity and a love and a softness emanating from him that I just … UGH!!! Sorry I’m rambling, but I really love that scene! Wish we got a few powerful seconds like that when/if Sam found out about Magda’s murder …T_T

Absolutely agreed, Anon, and well-said! 

That scene was so quietly painful. I enjoyed Kelly as a character quite a bit. (And Magda, of course! My poor baby.) Even when we as viewers were lamenting the decision she made, I respected her determination even in the face of her own death. That’s a heck of a choice to make with your eyes wide open.

I do wish the show had acknowledged the horror of what she went through, though. The consent issues in this show are pretty gross.

I loved Sam’s research montage where he figured out a solution, too! That was just lovely. Also, Sam and books = OTP. ♥

Yessss Jared Padalecki is a boss and the way he chose to play that scene was wonderful. It’s striking that he had just lost his own mother for a second time, and he lost her the first time when he, too, was an infant. Much like Mary, Kelly faced death to protect her child. I wonder if Sam thought about that as he closed her eyes.

Also, whyyyyy did the show never let Sam figure out what happened to Magda? It’s far too late now for him to find out. 

I feel like I should bake the SPN writers a cake and painstakingly write the dictionary definition of continuity on top of it for them to enjoy. -___-


Lunch today was 2 pieces of sushi (80 cal)
Moms making this beef casserole. Honestly, smells and looks fucking delicious. I have to take it otherwise my mom will be very suspicious.. so I’m going to try to eat only a few bites. I’m worried I’ll pig out and then purge. It’s like I can’t stop myself from purging when I eat a lot.


Grumpy/Grumpy - @mrs-bonbon I hope you like them!!

1. They are both not morning people so when they have to get up in the morning, they both look bitter and angry at the world but they cuddle together on the sofa which always improves their moods

2. When one of them is extremely grumpy, the other one holds up a picture of ‘grumpy cat’ next to them and since they both love memes they both laugh

3. One day they try to out ‘grump’ each other and their roommates just leave the house out of ridiculousness

4. They are both bitter when thinking about the world, so naturally, they both got along right away

5.  When they are alone and by themselves, they are both rays of sun shines, but no one else would ever know that

6. When their friends first introduced them, they both were skeptic of each other, but then they found out that they both hate the same celebrities, and once they bonded over that, they were inseparable. Their friends created a power couple in that moment  

7. They both have the most outrageous solutions to things, such as, ‘oh you don’t like that person, then kill them’ and they both say it with a straight face, if someone wasn’t friends with them, they wouldn’t know that they are joking

man people are already saying shit like ‘look out children dont dare go to the theater for the first week incredibles 2 comes out because ive been waiting years for this lmao’

it’s a kids movie. for kids. why are people like this.
and before someone comes at me with ‘but its just a joke’ it’s not funny. it’s not a funny ‘joke’. why would trying to bully children out of theaters for a week for a movie aimed at them ever be funny.


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

I asked Jeremy Shada at London MCM on Sunday about Keith and Lance scenes in Season 3 and he said (the abridged version because I didn’t record the conversation): “The first half especially is centered around them as they try and deal with Shiro being gone and moving forward from that”. I’m assuming that means that Shiro’s comeback’ll be midseason (idk, hopefully) but at least it looks like they’ll get some more screentime than Season 2! I should’ve asked about whether Season 3 had the Lance character arc but tbh I was a little starstruck b/c Lance is my fave and Jeremy’s one of my heroes

I’ll probably do a big post with literally everything that happened with moi meeting him because it was an amazing day that i’m gonna carry on gushing about

Edit: The big post where I gush about Jeremy is up :’)

Karasuno Couples Kissing!


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