trying not 2 look like it

idk, I can’t really go completely alpha, that skin isn’t really considered “alpha” but everything else is I guess.

I would definitely go alpha hair tho. that’s my one true love tbh. so beautiful omg. And it would look more like ts2 (which is always what I’m trying to go for tbh xD)

Anyway, I was tagged by the wonderful @rosecoffeesims who created their own challenge which I fell in love with! Honestly tho any excuse to dl alpha hair is my fave challenge.

The challenge rules are here. 

and I tagggg,,, my faves @noonicorn (my alpha queen, I need 2 see more if ur gorgeous simmies!), @grassysimmer (u would make the perfect edit 4 this honestly), @plumbobus (I know, it’s honestly an excuse to see ur beautiful Paisley in alpha lol), @sunnyfriendell (ur beautiful sims would look so amazing in alpha honestly), @nadehzdia (I better see a red head, ur red heads sim give me life!), and anyone else who wants 2 do it!

My thoughts on Ouma's character&lies&pranks

I was writing about how I felt about all the characters in NDRV3, but Ouma’s bit became really large so I separated his bit into a different article. This, of course contains complete spoilers to the whole game and you need to know what happened in chapter 4, 5 in order to understand this.

Put under readmore because it’s very long. Please proceed with caution.

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23. Part 2

Robyn is stubborn but so am I, now she has to have my mother with her but Robyn won’t speak to me now. I am not having Robyn staying in that home and acting like she does, with my mom there she won’t do it, maybe just maybe. Robyn might break and tell her, she needs a little loving from a mother. Looking back down at my phone and pressing send to my tweet, I am trying to cancel out any rumours that I cancelled the tour “excited to be home?” locking my phone as I placed it in my lap “then you’re going right?” Robyn said at the side of me “yeah, tonight. Let’s try it again, I got your place cleaned for you. Mijo stayed with the people” Mijo wanted to help and he did “Mijo?” Robyn questioned “yep, you remember him right?” quickly looking over at Robyn “of course I do but you just haven’t really been hanging around with him” she still has a face on about my mom being there, feeling my phone vibrating on my lap. Looking down at my lap, seeing my PR calling “wonder what the hell they want” answering the call.

Luckily this traffic is flowing very slowly right now “yo” clearing my throat “Chris, everything good over there?” she said, she sounds happy which means no bad news “yeah everything good over here, you sound happy so does that mean I have done good?” I am intrigued to know “well I mean you have done nothing wrong, just need you to verify some things” I hate sitting in traffic, I hate LA sometimes “ok go ahead, I am listening” slowly driving “so are you and Rihanna officially together?” breathing out as I smiled “yeah we are” is that all it was “aww well I see a more happy you Chris, happy for you” smiling from ear to ear “thank you” I feel so happy, telling the world I am with the woman I love “I don’t want to upset you or anything like that but I am not sure Rihanna is aware, her family have said in a blog that you are keeping Rihanna away from her family” my face dropped “you being real?” I said in a state of shock “I am sorry to say yes” shaking my head lightly “just say no comment, fuck them. I promise you now I would never keep Rihanna away from her family, they are so fucked up for that! Dragging my name in bullshit like that” slapping the steering wheel “just say no comment please, I am so angry. Thank you for letting me know” they really about to do this with me, fucking assholes.

Placing my phone in my side panel shaking my head “I am so fucking angry Robyn, not at you though” turning off as I sped off “what happened? Don’t go speeding now just because you’re angry” Robyn placed her hand on my arm, slowing down my speed and parking up “your family dragging my name through shit, telling people I am keeping you away from them? They fucking know people hate me, they know your side fucking hate me and they are doing me like this! They are talking to the blogs, telling them I won’t let them see you” Mel poked her head from the backseat “you being real!? Her family have never done such a thing, we are very private” I snorted “sure! But when it comes to me they not, I swear if I get kidnapping charges because of you, I am concerned they about to get the police on me” Robyn stared at me in silence “I am sorry Chris, I will speak to them” Mel moved back “nah, fuck that Robz. I will do it, Chris don’t worry about it. That is total bullshit!” can never win with these people.

The thought of police coming to Robyn’ home and saying that I kidnapped her, it is kind of funny but then again it’s not. I already have a terrible record, I do not need it and I don’t need her people to hate me more “are you angry with me?” Robyn questioned, breaking the silence in the car “I am not angry with you, trust me. I am more upset, I just need to get out of this country. I wish you came with me but you’re being mad stubborn. You know I can’t be around for you, it will take me a whole ass day to get back to you” I am sick with worry “I know” she said in a whisper “just come with me Robyn! Why don’t you listen to me, I swear if you call me talking stupid. If I am with females don’t assume shit” I will flip a table if she comes at me wrong like I am cheating on her “oh Chris, I don’t mean to break it to you. Your ex chick is in Australia too” Mel said in the back, looking in the rear view mirror “don’t lie” I said, Mel shook her head “dead ass, I wasn’t snooping but. I have a certain friend on Instagram that are friends with her, she came up on my feed. She took a selfie with a Kangaroo” that helps a lot, rubbing my face. I really don’t want to see the look on Robyn’ face right now, I know she is going to be sad as hell.

Unbuckling a sleeping Liana out of her car seat, Robyn banged my car door shut “you know what, I am about sick of your family! First your brother fucked my car up and now you! Stop this shit, honestly” Robyn stormed off, she is so childish “what am I going to do with your mother” picking Liana out of her seat, placing her over my shoulder “when is your people going to pick you up?” Mel asked, closing my car door “erm, soon. They are desperate to get me out of here. Anyways, what else has Ava been posting, I know you been snooping” I want to know what she is doing and why she is even in Australia “she still has the pictures of you and her together you know, just she is there for a break away with some other girls” rolling my eyes, I bet it’s with the same bitches I done fucked with in an orgy “what was that face for Mr Brown?” Mel done caught me out “uhh nothing, just I know what Robyn is thinking right now” Mel skipped ahead of me and stepped in front of me, stopping me in my tracks “yes?” I said with a smirk on my face “tell me the truth” sighing out “just the chicks she is with, I know them. I fucked with them in an orgy and I just think she is a dumbass for hanging with them, that is it” Mel gave me a disapproving look “I don’t know why you men have these orgies, nasty asses” she waved me off.

Dapping Mijo “you still here nigga! Thought you left” I honestly thought he would have left “I thought I would see the family” leaning back against the kitchen counter “you’re not missing much, Robyn is not talking to me and Mel thinks I am a nasty nigga for having an orgy” I shrugged “having a what?” Robyn spat, I jumped up “having an organic fruit” flowed out of my mouth “sure it was” she scared me, came out of nowhere. Turning around, my eyes fell on Mijo, he was staring at Robyn in sadness. Hitting his arm “what?” he said, eyeballing him “it’s nice to see you Mijo, thank you for being here and waiting with the cleaners” he needs to not act different with Robyn “uh, no problem. Anything you need?” this nigga is awful “no, I am good thanks” watching on as Robyn looked at the potato chips and then placed them back “you not eating?” I asked “what are you? My father” she spat walking off “I feel like it” I retorted “go back to your orgy” she said back “damn” Mijo said at the side of me, I am in the dog house for Ava being in Australia.

Mijo and Mel always have awkward conversations, there is so much history between them both “did Mel tell you? She has turned lesbian” intervening into the conversation “she likes licking the P?” Mijo spat “do I really Chris?” Mel squinted her eyes at me “I mean who else is giving you the D little Miss Forde? Or are y’all both fucking each other?” pointing at both Mijo and Mel “it’s actually one of your OHB niggas, how would you feel huh Chris? One of those guys that be with you is with me” Mel said smirking, staring at Mel not knowing if she is playing around “look at his face, just thinking. Don’t worry about me though Chris, I always get serviced” my eyes widened, holding my hands “I didn’t say anything, I was just being nosey. Tell me who it is though?” Mel shook her head “he is a man, that is all” tilting my head a little “more of a man than Mijo?” Mijo kissed his teeth “man, fuck you” busting out laughing.

Staring at my phone, wondering if I should call my mom or just air it out on Instagram. I won’t have them disrespect Chris, I mean they have done it for the whole world to read. Chris don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve Chris either. You know what I am just going to air it out in a post, I can’t have them doing this to him. Tapping on Instagram and the first thing I see is BallerAlert talking mad shit about Chris, this is what I didn’t want. Not like I haven’t been through shit already and they are now doing this, tapping on the comment tab. Taking in a deep breath before I started ‘I don’t really do this but all this negativity aimed at Chris is so wrong, he did not do what my family claim he has done. Yes we are together but this has nothing to do with anyone, we don’t care for public acceptance either. And trust me, I am here all up under Chris because I want too, no forced shit’ pressing send, I don’t want anyone saying anything mean to him.

I think I need to stop being so damn clingy, I need to let Chris go. Look at me, I never used to be like this, now I am some weak bitch hiding behind Chris but I can’t do this, I can’t go out there. The name alone gets to me, I need to talk to Cassandra again. Picking my phone up but then seeing my mom’ name on the screen just calling me, picking the phone up “oh Robz!” my mom said down the phone, I didn’t speak a word “baby I am so sorry” my mom cried out, a tear fell hearing my mom cry “oh my baby, my beautiful daughter. I am so sorry please don’t shut me out, I am sorry. I know you are hurting, I never meant for this to happen, I want to take the pain away from you. Men are evil” placing my hand over my mouth, trying not to cry out loud. Swallowing back the sob that wanted to leave my mouth, wiping the tears “stop talking about Chris, stop making him out to be a bad man. You don’t understand what I go through, I am here for him. Not even you could make me be here. Stop this” my voice broke “you don’t know the battle I go through mom, just leave me alone” disconnecting the call and dropping the phone to the side of me.

Looking at my watch, Robyn has not yet come down. Liana has even had her nap and is ready for a party “I should check on her, leave you both to flirt” getting up from the couch “oh grow up!” Mel spat “nobody is flirting. We have grown up from that now” these two will always be flirting, walking out of the living room. I do feel like I need to force Robyn to just come with me, but I can’t force her, she made her decision. Jogging up the steps, I hope she is ok. I just worry about her, she doesn’t bother with Liana either. I do not know what to do anymore, my mind is everywhere. Placing my hand over the door handle, I was about to open the door until I heard Robyn speaking. Placing my ear against the door “I feel numb again Cassandra, my mind keeps replaying that moment. I just can’t deal with my own daughter, I don’t know why. I know I should be doing more but I can’t, I don’t want to be speaking to Chris about what happened all the time. He shouldn’t hear it” moving my hand back from the door handle, I should walk in but I want to hear “I don’t remember how I got back to how I was, you know that strong Rihanna, all I know that Chris was with me every day, yeah like you said nurtured me. I don’t know Cassandra, I just can’t sometimes digest how stupid I am, how I went there with him. How I laid there, I allowed him to use me, this what makes me feel sick every waking morning” moving my head back, clenching my jaw. This is what I hate hearing.

Opening the door, making my way inside “I will call you back later” Robyn has been crying, on her own too. She placed the phone down at the side of her, climbing off the bed. Noticing where she is going, I sprinted across the room and stood in her way “where you going?” she stepped to the left and so did I “you not running away from me, stop pushing me away. Stop hating me Robyn” I feel it from her, she hit my chest “leave me alone, just go” she said, I know she don’t mean it at all “go where when this is my home, with you. You’re acting mad different with me, what is wrong” Robyn turned around walking off “you know what, I will cancel this stupid fucking tour. I am sick of having that shit hanging over me, I want my family fine first” getting my phone out from my pocket “no! Don’t you dare do that, don’t please” Robyn snatched my phone from my hand “I don’t want you to do that! Please no” staring at Robyn wanting answers “then you going to talk to me? You either talk to me or I am just going to make you come with me. Guilt trip you so you have to come” I am not even joking because I will do that.

Robyn passed my phone back “if I hang on to you Chris then I will forever be doing that, I rather you just go. I will live, I will hopefully get better” is she being real “so what does your heart want? I know what it really wants, fuck everything else. Forget your record label, I know they are bugging you” Robyn shook her head, scrunching her face up “don’t do this” she knows I am right, she wants me, she wants to come with me “ok fine, you do what you think is right for you” she wants to stay then what can I say, I can’t really push her on it “just remember to be strong if you’re going to stay behind, you need to be here for our daughter. She needs you” I am slightly disappointed that Robyn is not even attempting to come “you believe me don’t you?” she said, rubbing the side of my face “I do, but I also want you to be open with me. I know you don’t like speaking about that night with me but I am here. I am your husband, your go to guy. Pains me that I can’t even be that, to know you’re like this. Just please take care of yourself” what more can I say.

“Your mom is here” Mijo announced, moving off the bar stool. She took her time, I missed her actually “gamma!!” Liana screamed, jogging towards the lobby “my grandbaby, look at you princess” smiling from ear to ear watching my mom hug Liana “I see you bought the whole house with you” I pointed, so many bags and a suitcase “will I was shocked, I will do anything to be with my grandbaby” hugging my mom, pressing a kiss to my cheek “good, I am glad you could come” a knock at the door “who is that, who dropped you off?” I asked my mom “I came in a cab baby” moving back from my mom, she stepped to the side “hello Melissa” hearing my mom say as I opened the door “let’s go nigga!” Lo spat, looking behind him and seeing the SUV “already?” I said, he chuckled “unless you cancelling on us again?” shaking my head “nah, I guess it’s time” it’s full steam ahead now, the tour is on.

I have to redo all my goodbyes now “take care of my babies ok” squeezing my mom close “babies?” she half shouted in my ear “yeah, Robyn and Liana” I chuckled moving back, pressing a kiss to her cheek “I got you, take care my handsome son” waving my mom off chuckling “oh stop it, making me blush now” Liana jumped up with her arms up “my little lady, I am going to miss you. Send me lots of pictures to me, call me. I will be thinking of you and counting down the days till I see your beautiful face, my mini me” squeezing Liana close, feeling her press a kiss to my head “stop it daddy!” she yelped “no, I can’t stop loving you” grinning as I moved my head back “silly” placing her little hands on my cheeks “you silly butt” moving my head to the side as I lightly bit her ear, Liana screamed slapping my face away.

Placing Liana down on the ground “take care of yourself, call me if you need anything” dapping Mijo “thank you bro” Robyn finally made her way down the steps with Mel behind her, she took her time to come down “take your time” I said as I opened the door, Robyn stopped walking, she stood staring at my face “don’t give me that face” shuffling closer to her, Robyn looked down as her lower lip quivered. Wrapping my arms around her “I told you, you’re so hard headed” holding Robyn close to me “I am going to miss you so much, I am going to miss you clinging to me. All I am going think about on that stage is you, you better keep in contact with me” she lazily held on to my waist “kills me you’re going to be so far away from me” she said, closing my eyes sighing out “remember to call me, whenever you want and you can come to me, if you need too” I wish she just came with me “I have no one to hold now” Robyn sobbed out, looking up at everyone just staring.

Moving back slowly with Robyn still attached to me “time to let go now, I will be back before you know it” rubbing her back lightly, my mom looks so confused on why she is being like this “I love you so much, be good now. Can’t wait to marry you” feeling Robyn move her arms away from me, she wiped the tears away “I can’t wait for you to come back already, I love you so much Chris. You been my rock, I just need to be strong on my own. I will be good Chris, I love you. Just text me every moment” leaning down kissing Robyn’ cheek, she moved her face to the side so I kissed her lips “I love you too, I love you to the moon and back. I got you ok” I said against her lips, Robyn pressed a kiss to my lips sobbing out crying. Moving back “I love y’all, thank you for staying behind mom. I know you was meant to come” Robyn held on to my hand “I love you baby” kissing the back of her hand “bye y’all” tugging my hand away, I need to go or I will be stood here for longer.

Mutual Understanding

Word Count:2,130 (Short Chapter)

Warnings:Sexual Content(Soon Enough), Swearing, Mentions of multiple forms of abuse in relationships (We’ll see what else soon enough)

A/N:I’m trying to write something angsty😂 But I’ve been stuck on Wonho lately and like wwooowww. (Thanks Jesus) I’m honestly trying to make this a series. It’s cliché in some places but sometimes I’m such a nerd for those kinds of moments. The walk home is gonna be interesting so look forward to it. (Sorry this note was so long😖)

This gif is not mine. Credit to the owner:) (What a beautiful smile)

This class was boring. It always seemed to be in comparison to what you were really paying attention to. Your classmate, Wonho, was something that always caught your attention. Not only because he was handsome. Oh, how handsome. No matter how he styled it, his black hair always seemed to stand out compared to anyone else’s. His clear skin left you feeling jealous. And his lips. Oh, his lips. Their reddish hue always had you staring and when he licked his lips, you always wanted to see more. Everything about his just oozed sex appeal and you knew you weren’t the only one who thought that.

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anonymous asked:

I've been thinking, people with 5 fingers can to the "nine trick" with like multiplying by nine. Can Ford do that with a number do you think?

(ok first i had to look that up) but no i don’t think so! nine’s pretty special and its numbers work out just right. if you try it with ford you get

1 * 11 = 011

2 * 55 = 110

3 * 9.67 = 29, etc. what’s nice is that from 3 onwards, it goes like 4*9.5, 5*9.4, 6*9.3…, so that the progression is 9.67, 9.5, 9.4, 9.33, 9.29, 9.25, 9.22, 9.2, 9.18, and finally 9.167, like it came so close and yet so far.

but hey ford with 6 fingers can still do the nine trick, just don’t count thumbs

anonymous asked:

When I said your blog makes asexuals look bad, I meant to non-asexuals. Cool the autism, buddy. I'm not "insecure" just because you misinterpret things.

1. Ain’t autistic, my friend. Cool the ableism.

2. You are insecure. You felt so worked up about this that you had to send us anon hate, of all things. That’s what insecurity looks like. If you’re really that worried about what non-aspecs think of aces as a whole because of one little blog, you’re insecure. And now you’re trying to backpedal and throw more baseless insults at us because now you’re just more insecure. Just give it a rest.

3. Has it ever occurred to you that I really don’t care what they think of us? That’s their problem. I’m just taking submissions.

–Mod Mercy

xodeul  asked:

what does the "schedule" that you reference look like?

wake up at 6:30, go to bed at 22:00, bells divide the day into five 2-hour periods namely 8:00-10:00, 10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30, 16:00-18:00, and 18:30-20:30

the understanding is that the 2-hour periods are spent “working” and the rest is spent “not-working”. Typically I don’t spend all five working, though… the point is more that I should at least try.

In the end what tends to happen is at the end of the day I try to make a list of the five things I should try to do for the next day and if I fail to do them all they get shunted to the day after.

I also have wake-up and go-to-sleep routine checklists, for self-maintenance purposes.

idk it helps

ilsten i’m gonna scream straight into the abyss right here, right now but i fucking love park jimin more than anything icb this…i have ulted this guy for /2 years/ and jesus mother of Pearl i really do lov everything abt him!! from his lil button nose all the way down to his tippy toes when he’s trying to accentuate his lil height but he doesn’t need to climb very far to get to my heart and i really need to shut up because i’m blushing sm and looking like a big goofball GOD i really am fortunate to be living in the same time as him, this really is a blessing thank you waheguru

pinkish-gee  asked:

i'm just gonna keep spammin u with this stuff if that's alright coz it's 2 am and i cant sleep - when they get back they're both super cold so they sit down by the fireplace and try and warm up - and this time eth looks at tyler for the briefest second. ty's all tired looking and leaning against the couch. eth is just like 'i'm????in love!??? help?,?'

!!!!!!!!!! aaaAAAAAAAAAA

ya its ok pls spam me . im sry im not gonna answer with like. a continued thing or whattever i literally cannot thing ot somehting or anyhitng.


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i said that danisnotonfire is ugly and not funny on my man blog a while ago and it was literally just me stating an opinion in a funny way and literally for the next 2 days i had asks and reblogs from people trying to fight me

me: dan and phil look like gremlins

the phandom, swerving out of their lane and into the handicap parking spot: UM,

anonymous asked:

You may not take it as a personal attack against you, but your defending Newtina/Tina posts no longer seem like just defending, but callout posts attacking other people. I love Newtina. I do. But honestly, I can't even read your defense posts anymore because it's falling into the level of fandom that I can't handle, where no one can have their own opinions/likes/dislikes. This will probably send a lot of followers to your ask box telling me to stfu, but I think that's what ppl are trying 2 say

Also, that’s a different anon. Asks have too many character limits, damn.

Okay, look, I’m sorry I really am. I’m not saying people can’t have their own opinions, I’m just getting pissed off that we’ve had TWO editions of the FBAWTFT textbook, plus an audiobook, and people are STILL saying “I think they’ll end up just friends”. Like, fine, don’t ship it - matter of opinion. But could they at least acknowledge that it’s canon?

I’m not attacking people - usually I try to pixelate their names/photos so no one knows who they are, I just forgot today because I’m tired. And it technically is still “defending” Newtina/Tina because I’m counter-arguing the “they have no chemistry” and “Tina is a snitch” points.

I don’t mean this to come across rude, but if you or anyone else has a problem with the content I post, you’re not obliged to continue following me or anything. I don’t keep a list of people who follow me that I check daily. I don’t even check the NUMBER daily. I post what I post because I want to post it. At the end of the day, it’s my blog and I choose what to post.

best lines in always sunny history

1. pepe silvia monologue
2. name’s artemis. i got a bleached asshole.
3. stupid science bitch couldn’t even make i more smarter
4. your hair looks small
5. can i offer you a nice egg in this trying time
6. everybody’s dying, bitch. let’s get you some fruit.
7. oops, i dropped my monster condom i use for my magnum dong
8. newsflash, asshole, i’ve been hearing it the entire goddamn time
9. i do not like it with the skin dee i am not ALLOWED
10. charlie, i do a backflip every day of my life
11. b-b-b-b-bad pussy
12. did you fuck my mom santa claus
13. been there? not physically.
14. well first of all through god all things are possible so jot that down.
15. question: dennis is asshole. why charlie hate? / answer: because dennis is a bastard man.
16. milksteak
17. you know what it is bitch
18. denim chicken?

anyway my favorite thing about the trashladins is how absolutely perfect pidge got keith’s hair, she got the exact way that his bangs lay & she even got the little sprig of hair at the top of his head & she clearly spent a fair amount of time attaching multiple pieces of trash together to make it look just like his hair

but with lance she just

absolutely did not try at all, that’s not even kind of what his hair looks like, pidge what the whole hell

We are always stronger together 

Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???

These are the lessons I have learned, the words left unsaid, the words that have resonated in my heart.

1. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Each and every person goes about life at their own pace. It doesn’t matter if it takes you one month, three weeks, or a few years longer than everyone else. Do not lose your individual color trying to catch up to the world.

2. Look at where you are, who you’re with, what you’ve become. That is exactly where you need to be. Do not be afraid of the future and do not dwell on the past, because at this exact moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Do not doubt that.

3. If you’re depressed and you know it, admit it. That is the first and most important step to recovery. Don’t cover it up with facades like a band-aid. Nor should you wrap yourself with it like a blanket. But throughout that whole process of healing, know that you are still you. When you’re humming along to your favorite Daphne Loves Derby song or when you’re crying in the corner of the bathroom, that is still you.

4. Accept that others want to help you, too. You are not meant to go about this life alone. No one is. There will always be a community of people, small or large, that is willing to stay by your side. Some moments might be obvious and come in the form of a telephone call or a hug. Other times it may be that they see bits and pieces of you in their day, and that is enough. You don’t need to do everything alone.

5. Guard your heart but do not barricade it from the world, even from yourself. I believe it’s been long enough and you owe it to yourself to open up.

6. You had a very simple dream in high school. You wanted to touch people’s lives, to help them love themselves in a way that you never could. You wanted to make sure that everyone saw a light, even when they couldn’t see it themselves. Even if it was only one person, that was your dream. Right now, at this moment, you are accomplishing your dream. Remember that.

7. You will have your time to leave on a new adventure. It may not be now or in the next month, but that time will come. And when it does, be ready to leave without looking back. One day you’ll be able to stretch your wings.

8. You will be okay.