trying my new coloring

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.


yuri and his very cool boyfriend for the queen of my heart @llyn-on-ice !!

wanted to try a new coloring style so this had like a magazine spread for DJmag type vibe

edit: i see some confusion and i just want to be clear that this is shippy otayuri fanart of them being a stylish power couple in a magazine spread together yes okay good night dont @ me  


Jacksepticeye has stopped working…..

Install Anti.exe?

tumblr ruined the gif quality, so here’s two of the frames as well :P. i’m terrible with coloring/trying to animate more things, so I really tried to practice on this one. after writing too many some theories on this duder, i thought it was finally high time to draw him properly ^-^.