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I just really want to rant, and I don't know who to turn to. I main Mercy and I try my bestest to heal everybody I can even if that means rushing into a death trap. But how salty can you be to message me personally, sending hate?? I can't heal your ass if I'm obviously dead.... I need a drink, I'm tired.

oh god i feel you (i play mercy occasionally and have had stuff like this happen to me), sometimes i really don’t understand how people can get /so/ worked up to go that far lmao…

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I don't exactly remember why I followed you (gravity falls is the best answer probably haha) but one of the earliest memories I have of you is like the shitty ending au or whatever that was, that was incredible lol, I kept following you cause your art and fics and posts and everything is great and also you're really nice and awesome! :D

oH MAN you found me during “the shavening” AU didn’t you? Oh boy what a ride that was… XD

Aww yey! I try my bestest to be as nice as I can be on here, and I’m glad you like my silly art woo

Also it took me forever to respond because I kept getting distracted by the sneaky card playing Dipper in your icon, haha! I’m always so amused by it.

(How did you find me, and why do you follow me?)

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helllooo! love your blog, one of my faves tbh. i was wondering if you would be so kind as to please do a music inspo thing for me (or even just a couple songs for each label)? i'm kinda stuck on songs for the benevolent/effervescent and for my other muse that's a bibliophile/baby doll. if you could help i would really appreciate it, please & thanks <3

i haven’t done this in like 5ever !! this is such a throwback 4 me honestmeme, but i’ll try this out for u again ! i hope u like it & enjoyyy !

( ; the effervescent. ) — such a warm yellow light that pours over everyone present.

i. once in awhile / timeflies  – i live life like my blood type / B positive.
ii. sweet serendipity / lee dewyze  –   i don’t ask for a lot / no nothing more than i need / because i love what i got.  
iii. 3 little birds / panic! at the disco (bob marley cover) – don’t worry ‘bout a thing /
‘cause every little thing gonna be all right.
iv. you are enough / sleeping at last – you are enough / these little words, somehow they’re changing us. / you are enough. / so we let our shadows fall away like dust.
v. it’s not my fault i’m happy / passion pit – i know that it’s always something / i’m just working with what i’ve been given / it’s not my fault, i’m happy / don’t call me crazy, i’m happy.
vi. simple thing / the shins – you sure must be strong / and you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun.
vii. something good can work / two door cinema club – let’s make this happen, girl / you gotta show the world that something good can work / and it can work for you.
viii. keep your head up / andy grammer – this is just a journey / drop your worries / you are gonna turn out fine.
ix. smile / mcfly – and if you’re love life ain’t cooking baby / there’ll be more fish around / oh you just gotta stay happy / so put away that frown.
x. be okay / oh honey – i’m wide awake, so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great? / celebrate the feeling.

( ; the babydoll. ) — she acts so innocent but her eyes full of lust.

i. brooklyn baby / lana del rey  – i think I’m too cool to know ya / you say i’m like the ice i freeze / i’m churning out novels like / beat poetry on amphetamines.
ii. no scrubs / CAPPA –  but a scrub is checkin’ me / but his game is kinda weak / and i know that he cannot approach me / 'cause I’m lookin’ like class and he’s lookin’ like trash.
iii. sweet ophelia / zella day – believe me now you’re too young girl / cherry pie with your gold curls / growin’ up like a grapevine / wrapped around you in due time.
iv. primadonna / marina & the diamonds – beauty queen on a silver screen / living life like i’m in a dream / i know i’ve got a big ego / i really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though.
v. reading in bed / emily haines – sing from a book you’re reading in bed / and took to heart / all of your lives unled, reading in bed
vi. 17 / sky ferreira – she’s got so many older friends / they pick her up every Wednesday night. / she breaks the rules / she makes a fool of everyone / she won’t give up until she’s done.
vii. gold coins / charli xcx – that’s what i dream of in my head / gold coins everywhere / dollars up in the air / it’s a billionaire’s love affair.
viii. but i am a good girl / christina aguilera – the dress is chanel, the shoes ysl / the bag is dior, agent provocateur / my address today, LA by the way
ix. pacify her / melanie martinez – someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours / but was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?
x. bubble pop electric / gwen stefani – i’m restless can’t you see i try my bestest / to be good girl because it’s just us / so take me now and do me justice.

Aesthetic for an Ouma who feels far gone in a mentally ill sense!

Oh no this d is Badly made like a bad person like me who is tired and cannot do the colour coordination when sleepy I really cannot do ths positivity right now either if a mod picked it up or if I do it later tomorrow (although I am away all day tomorrow I will try my bestest hardest to do it good) - Mod Mikan

Up Next: Moh Weeps (WIP)…

I’m not sure if I can finish this too. I’m trying my bestest to draw the Abyss Watchers and I keep failing to get the right composition and combination of poses. Oh Mah Gawrd!!!!!  I’m crap at crowds. So, for now have a WIP of the prince Lorian and Lothric. Yeah, nothing says relaxation like drawing a boss whose every waking moment is constant pain, and you have to kill ‘em. 

Hey waaaiitt… no…. IT’S NOT supposed to be SUGGESTIVE!! FUDGERNUTTTERS NOOO! I’mnotintothatleavmealoneUrrgh!

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hey there pots-nim! :))) i'm sure a lot of people have said this but i'm going to say it again lol YOUR DRAWINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! ;_; /sobs/ like u dont know how happy i am whenever an update comes out i'm just-- THE AUs ARE SOOO CUTEEE OMG i cant choose one i love all of them <3 i wish i could draw like u /sobs again/ so um im just going to leave this here and um could u say hi to tattoo artist baekhyun for me? HAHA //w\\ keep up with your amazing works okaaayyy have a wonderful day! :D oh HNY~

whoever you are bless your beautiful soul!! 💙 💙 i’m so happy that you like my aus!! they are my babies ahahaha and i’m sorry that i can’t update as much as i used to  ☹️ ☹️ but i’m trying!! hahaha thank you again ;; ;;l try my bestest!! 💙 💙 💙 💙  hhahaha

and baekhyunnie says hi to you as well!!

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The whole internet being like: OMG Civil War and GoT asdfghjkl!!! And i am sitting here like: soon, it is may ( ̄~ ̄)- TypewriterGirl being all over in action with her keyboard and the HYPE is real! YUS ♥

YAAAAAAAS!! ( ^▽^) I love you.

Gosh, I was just thinking about how much I’d want to be friends with someone who was a good ten or so foot tall- it’d be such a wonderful size difference!

All I’d want to do is stand on my tippy toes and try my bestest to get my arms around them, just squishin’ my face into their chest/tum like “I am DETERMINED TO HUG YOU!”

But also I’d just want to put my hand against theirs and see how much theirs dwarfed mine too because….that’d be neat.

And also I’d just curl up inside their jumper/shirt to sap their body heat on cold days, because they would probably be so comfortable and squishy and cosy!