trying more experiments

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.

a little warmup painting tonight! IT’S CLAIRE from 12x16 bc i thought that looked rad

normally i make things a lot more textured, but  i wanted to make something that explores gradients mixed with solids, and i like the result! hair is so fun to do ;o;


(Y: I guess we’re doing it again for mine, too.)

((In reference to this post. Extra: [x] ))


         It appears we have a traitor in our midst

anonymous asked:

you mentioned on your twitter that a lot of your colors come from the overlays/correction you use... would you b willing to share ur process?? everything u draw just pops so much and looks so nice

overlay and the correction/editing afterwards saves 90% of my drawings

this tutorial is really good x x !!! !! i myself am not really good with tuto’s  but  i do post some process-gifs every once in a while ^u^


Added a new thing for Redbubble.

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what brush/technique did you use to paint your american gods portrait? it looks a lot softer than your usual art

it’s neat, right!? it’s been a learning curve, but i’ve had a rough time achieving that soft/surreal look

as of just now i’m calling the technique i’ve been using “less is more”

usually i tend to go a bit ham on detail and texture, which makes them take a lot more time than i’m willing to put forth recently get ready for some EXTREME CLOSEUPS:

i use hatching to blend the colors, which gives it a sharper finish. with the american gods portraits, however,

it’s almost a muddier look up close, but there’s a lot less detail. it’s almost like it’s blurier because i stopped rendering! both pieces are done on huge canvases and with the exact same brush. but i did experiment with brush use a little with media, because she has softer features in general, so the fluctuations i made with her were related to brush hardness:

that’s about it though!