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Important things to know about Net Neutrality

I’ve seen TONS of posts about NN for the past week, and the amount of people who are aware of whats going on and trying to stop it is amazing. It shows that as a community, and even a country we can come together and stop Net Neutrality from being repealed. 

I also know from seeing these posts that a lot of people are panicking. I know so many people on Tumblr and other social media platforms have made amazing friends. They don’t want to lose these people or a platform where they can express themselves for who they are. Which is completely understandable, but please don’t panic.

I know its hard not to, but there is so much going on that is being overlooked because everyone is so afraid of losing their friends and ‘family’ that they have met through the internet. ( Please do not take this post as me trying to say stop worrying, because we should not stop worrying about major issues such as this, but I do want to give people who are truly panicking some piece of mind.)

If, IF Net Neutrality is repealed, nothing will immediately change. Tonight is not the last night that you will ever speak to your friends. Tonight is not the last night you will be able to post your artwork, writing, what have you. Most likely, nothing will change until next year. I know that seems soon, but it gives those of us who are able to fight for Net Neutrality time to create a plan of action.

The changes following the repeal actually going into action will be SLOW. It will take time for cable/phone companies to make their ‘plans’ for how they will bundle your internet access. Do not expect any extreme changes in the coming weeks. Broadband companies have said that the rules are too restrictive. They have also committed to (by choice) to not blocking or slowing internet access. As long as they follow through with this commitment we will be fine.

This WILL ABSOLUTELY be taken to court if it is repealed. I have no doubt that it will. So if it does end up being repealed, do not panic. Lawsuits will be filed, and the courts will be flooded. People will stand up for this cause even if it is repealed.

One last thing:

 Net Neutrality is also popular in both parties, not just one or the other. I want to believe that maybe, just maybe, the parties can come together and keep our internet free. Let’s hope that they can. 

Please continue to contact your congress and tell them your grievances. Do not stop your efforts, just take some piece of mind in knowing that the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

(Most of the information above is in this article, it explains it a bit more in-depth; )

In a meeting the other day, folks started talking about forgiveness, and some folks were talking bout how “it’s easy to write people off as bad” and that it was hard but important to remember that people have the capacity to change and grow

And like, I wish I had the security and courage to be able to say:

1. It’s absolutely not easy to write people off as “bad” (or rather, not worthy of sacrificing your life, health, and safety to try to “fix”). Talk to literally any abuse survivor ever before starting to regurgitate that nonsense truism that it’s “easy” to walk away from someone because it’s fucking not and a lot of very strong people have struggled for years trying to do that, and struggled for years afterwards recovering from the psychological mindfuck that is trying to justify valuing your own life enough to walk away from a monster knowing they’re still out there fucking up people’s lives and never getting over the part of you that blames yourself for not being able to get them to stop being a monster and not being willing to sacrifice yourself to keeping them focused on you so they won’t hurt other people. It’s so fucking hard. I wish everyone would stop acting like it’s the simple, easy, (selfish) option. 

2. EVERYONE knows that most people have the capacity to change. That’s actually a big part of why people who continue to do monstrous things don’t deserve forgiveness or compassion. They are capable of doing the right thing, and they choose not to, every day. Neo-nazis and rapists and serial abusers are all capable of not making life utter hell for people around them. They’re not unable to stop hurting people, they’re unwilling to. And that’s why they aren’t worth your time. It’s why you can’t fix an abuser. Because they don’t want to treat you like a human being. They don’t want to view you as a person worthy of basic respect and autonomy. You can’t teach someone how to view another person as a human being, because that isn’t a problem of ignorance. They know they’re hurting you and they do. not. care. 

when yuuri asks victor to be his coach he’s asking for a personal relationship that implies that victor has something worth passing on – that victor’s skills aren’t a commodity but something worth nurturing, something worth striving towards, something that can help other people in more ways than providing momentary pleasure of watching him perform or commodifying him as a “desirable bachelor” or a “national hero.”

victor dedicates so much of his love for the ice into creating art, into passion, into skill and hard work but for a lot of the world that translates into “victor nikiforov is an untouchable genius we all use as a benchmark to defeat one day.” yuuri’s not trying to drag victor down by dethroning him, and he’s not just expecting victor to sit back and keep cranking out world records forever, he’s asking to share in something victor has, telling victor that victor can be something beyond “champion and benchmark,” and he’s saying “i can do this, too. i just need you to help me.”

so yuuri starts re-inspiring self-love in victor, the knowledge that victor has worth on an individual level, that he has something long-lasting, something to give that isn’t fleeting or material or that can eventually be overwritten, it’s something victor can do that no one else can. and victor gets to know yuuri further and sees someone who doesn’t have that love for himself either but still picks himself up and keeps going through tough times, and victor thinks i can do this, and i can help him, because this is what yuuri did for me.

Experimenting with a few things.  
It turned out… very 80ties-fantasy-art. O-o

Eh, no idea, was mostly to try a few things out. I can now say a few things for sure: drawing spiraling worlds is pretty darn hard. And I have no idea how the string parts of a para glider work~.

Since this one is mostly just experimental, feel free to throw any thought you have on it at me. Personally, I think it’s pretty… flat? Emotionally flat, if that makes any sense. But that could just be me: A few friends saw it in the making and love it.

2nd House Cultivation

People fail to realize that the most important plant in life is you. That is what you need to be cultivating. What you need to water with love and care. I wanted to go over some ways that you can cultivate(grow) your self-esteem based on what sign or planet is in your 2nd house. I think all of the tips are great for anyone though so I would read through each if you have the time.

Aries/Scorpio/Mars/Pluto: Take charge. You need to let your mars energy take precedent in some sort of activity. Act as a leader in something you are passionate about. As you lead others you will find yourself becoming more confident in yourself. Your inner self is a battlefield and you must work to be at peace with the chaos.Engaging in physical activities can also help bring confidence into your life(as well as money potentially). Working hard may be a source of increased self-esteem as well.

Taurus/Libra/Venus: With all that love in you, you must give to yourself the love you would give to others. View yourself as a person who you are trying to woo. Pull out all the stops. Treat yourself to compliments and gifts. Do not say words that would cause you to shy away. Would you do that with a significant other? Positive affirmations can work extremely well as well as creating beautiful surroundings.

Gemini/Virgo/Mercury: Venus and Mercury are friends so it’s no wonder that a few of the tips for Venus work for mercury. Make sure to use positive affirmations to uplift yourself. How can you raise your self if you don’t use the gift of your 2nd house? Weigh all your options and think through all possibilities. Treat every day like its Mercury Retrograde in order to cultivate a sense of self-worth that you can stand behind.

Cancer/Moon: Allocate time for self care. Family ties and feelings can play a big part on how you view yourself. Making peace with your family is a good first step for individuals with Moon or Cancer in the 2nd. From there you need to work through your inner emotions. Finding a way to balance your emotions will help you to feel less turbulent when it comes to self-esteem. Even if that means accepting that your self-esteem will rise and fall with the moon. Developing a strong value set is important as well as allowing your home to reflect your values.

Leo/Sun: Your self-worth is tied up with the themes of the 2nd house-Money, Possessions, and Values to name a few. You must determine what your values are and expand from there. A person who stands for nothing will fall for anything. As a Leo you need to find a cause to stand behind in order to shine from within. From there you can determine what needs to stay and what needs to go in your life. Remember that you are not your possessions. Your confidence needs to come from within.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: Enjoy the abundance that is within you and realize that all you need is whats provided. You don’t have to have more and more. When you are optimistic and jolly is when you will feel most confident. Cultivate a positive outlook on life.

Capricorn/Saturn: It may be a slow process of learning to value yourself, but a time will come when you will create a sense of self-worth that is unshakeable. It may be a matter of faking it till you make it. Saturn looks for something true and lasting, but ‘fake it till you make it’ is a great strategy in the meantime. Make sure you feel secure by potentially looking into hobbies that will. Working hard may be a source of increased self-esteem as well. 

Aquarius/Uranus: You need to cultivate a lifestyle that appeals to your nature. Don’t worry too much about what other people think is the right way of doing things. Connect with those who love you and surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart.

Pisces/Neptune: Calmness of the mind is important to aspire to. Remember that Neptune is a shadowy curtain, hoping to veil your importance from your eyes. Meditation and indulging in mentally creative pursuits may be the best form of action.


He would immediately take his phone out and record you. He would love your performance so much that you’d end up catching him laughing. He would refuse to delete the video even after you manage to tackle him on the bed.


He would find you so entertaining that when the song finishes, he would applaud you and cheer loudly. “You’re such a monbebe, I love it!” He would say proudly.


When the high note comes, he would join you on your hairbrush that you were using as a microphone. You will end up singing together until the song finishes.


He would be so amused especially when you start to try out the rap parts of the song. He would stand by the door, watching you closely and trying hard not to laugh loudly as you sing and dance around.


He would watch you up until you get to his part of the song where he would walk in and rap his part flawlessly of course. Afterwards he will encourage you to continue and then teach you some ‘Jooheoney swag’.


He would hype you up so much that when you get embarrass and run away, he would ask you to carry on over and over. He would even grab the monsta x lightstick and turn it on to try and persuade you.


He would approach you quickly and stand next to you in front of the mirror to teach you the dance moves properly. You’ll end up being late for whatever you were getting ready for because he’ll enjoy teaching you so much.

I also wanna apologize

Firstly to any friends I used to talk to a lot but don’t really as much recently, tbh when shit gets too stressful I kinda just shut down and don’t really want to talk much to anyone, it gets so tiring and draining for me, it has nothing to do with any of you and I feel really bad about it… These past few months have just been hitting me really hard.

Secondly for dragging all my stress and problems onto tumblr, I feel bad for pushing all my problems onto you guys, and I kinda feel like a lot of people have felt awkward around me or have been avoiding me because of it, and I get that… but I do want to say sorry…

I’ll try to keep things funny and light hearted from now on, like they used to be.

Oh my gosh!!! I Had a really good idea to combine these two! I hope you guys like it! I worked super duper hard on this one! It took me all afternoon to rewrite to try and get it right! Please tell me what you think!!! I hope you like it! This is only chapter one though! So let me know what you think and if you want more!!!!!

“He wouldn’t run away from home! That’s not like him!” Tom cried, pacing back and forth. Star was trying desperately to calm him down, but he was more worked up than ever. “And those dumb police on Earth aren’t doing anything! They keep saying he ran away from home! But I know my Marco! I know he wouldn’t leave like that!” Tom cried.

“Tom, it’s alright, we’ll find him.” Star assured. Tom just kept walking in circles, wringing his hands out and burning up the carpet beneath him. “What happened that night after your date?” She asked, hoping to get somewhere.

“I already told you! I told everyone! Nothing happened!” Tom nearly screamed. “We played video games at my house for a while, and then he left.” Tom continued. He then got a look that made him seem sick. “I should have taken him home that night. God! I am the worst boyfriend ever!” Tom gripped his horns and fell onto Star’s bed, next to her.

“No you aren’t, Tom. You couldn’t have known something would happen. Marco’s not a child, he can walk himself home. Besides! He’s got scissors! He’s not even walking much…” Star then trailed off and got an odd look.

“What is it?” Tom asked, sitting up.

“Marco would just portal right to his house. He wouldn’t be walking home at night in any place that could be dangerous.” Star explained. “And I don’t believe that he ran away either. So whatever got to him, was something that had to be waiting for him in his home. That means it was somebody after Marco specifically.” Star realized.

“Could it be Heinous?” Tom asked. Star thought for a long while.

“Maybe… I don’t know. Me and Marco made a lot of friends and enemies on our adventures.” She admitted.

“Me too…” Tom sighed, sitting up. But as soon as he said that a thought entered his mind that made his blood run cold.


“What did you do to him?” Tom spoke through his teeth, his eyes were it up an angry red and he stood a short distance away from the man in the big throne. The headmaster of St. Ogal’s school for wayward princes. The headmaster rose and came closer to the demon. Tom had stormed his castle and bombarded his way into the throne room. And the headmaster let him come. He wanted Tom to know what he did.

“Thomas, in the short time your father sent you here, I thought I haven’t had a worse student.” He laughed. “I often went Heinous for advice of how to break you, but you just kept up with your temper and tricks and escape attempts. You humiliated me and the Ogal name.” He narrowed his eyes. “But then Miss Heinous told me of a new student. A princess who put your attempts to soil our name to shame!” He laughed. “And it all seemed to fall together perfectly.” He sat back.

“I went to St. Ogal’s YEARS ago!” Tom yelled. “It’s over! Okay? Whatever you did with Marco, I WANT HIM BACK!” Tom screamed, his hair catching fire and he floated off the ground.

“There’s that temper that got you into so much trouble.” The headmaster simple grumbled. Tom growled and the headmaster looked up.

“What did you do to him!?” Tom screamed.

“Me and Miss Heinous have a partnership.” He began. “She wanted revenge on the princess who ruined her, and I wanted revenge on the prince who ruined me. It was simple really. Marco was always on the lookout for Miss Heinous, she was his enemy. But he never batted an eye at me. Why! I don’t even think he knew who I was!” The headmaster laughed. “It was easy to steal him away. And all I knew I had to do was to wait for you to notice.” He explained. The headmaster then got a look of fake sympathy. “Oh no! God forbid Tom be separated from a mere human!” He cackled. “Really, Tom? Falling in love? With a HUMAN? You’ve become much weaker since you left. I knew you’d come for him.”

“What do you want?” Tom asked. His flame lowered as he saw getting angry wouldn’t help. This man had Marco and he wouldn’t give him back.

“You already gave it to me.” The headmaster started. Tom’s eyes widened and he let out a yell when two guards grabbed both his arms. “I wanted you back. I wanted to prove I could break even the most wayward of young boys. And Heinous wanted something similar.” He added this part with a sick smile.

“No… NO! I’ll stay here! I’ll be the perfect prince! I promise just let him go!” Tom begged, trying to fight the guards. But they held him down. No matter how much he fought of flamed they wouldn’t let go.

“He’s not going anywhere. Heinous and I devised a special plan to make him the perfect princess he should have always been.” The headmaster told Tom. Tom continued to fight as he went on explaining his plan. “A sleeping princess in a tower… I know it’s a cliche but, it seemed the only way to keep that Marco quiet and docile.” He added.

“You put him under a sleep spell?” Tom asked, in horror. The headmaster laughed and nodded.

“A wonderful turn of events! Is it not?” He spun around in his chair. “Oh the damsel in distress, only this time her knight won’t come to save her. She’ll be up there, a sleeping angel for eternity. To be a symbol of the greatness we offer at St. Ogal’s!” He proclaimed. “Only to waken up by true love’s kiss… if a true love can get to him.” The headmaster scoffed.

“I’ll get to him!” Tom insisted The headmaster turned around to see Tom gritting his teeth.

“I don’t think you understand the severity of this situation.” He started. “We locked your Marco away in the tallest of towers, the deepest of a fairytale. You. Can’t. Get. Him.” He hissed. Tom continued to struggle against the guards.

“You wanna bet?” He asked, stopping the fighting. The headmaster looked at the demon child seriously and called off the guards. They dropped Tom to the floor and took a step back.

“Explain.” He commanded. Tom made his way to his feet and took a daring step closer.

“I find Marco! I make it to him and save him from his sleep spell and we both walk free.” Tom decided. “And if I don’t…” He trailed off, looking away. “You keep me here forever. I won’t fight, I’ll be the perfect example.”

“And what of princess Marco?” The headmaster asked.

“What about him?” Tom asked. “You have no use for a wayward princess. That’s Heinous. You do this, and you’ll have the prince of the Underworld as a faithful servant. You’ll be respected and honored. Who cares about Heinous? Let Marco go. You have no use for him.” Tom crossed his arms and looked at the headmaster intently. The headmaster cracked a sinister grin and leaned in.

“Your mind can go to a dark place… I like that.” He grinned and extended his hand. “Save the princess, and she’s yours. Fail and you’re mine. You got a deal.”

I can honestly say, as someone who is rather involved in Earth’s Dom, that nobody thinks poorly of or is vicious towards Light like some posts have illustrated. I am wishing Light the best and we’ve only really been excited for this battle because we want a good fight, not because we “hate light”. Everyone’s been working hard and it’s sad to see some people who, most likely aren’t even a part of Earth, act like Light is some sort of awful flight, or go even farther than that and try to imply that Earth thinks that way. We don’t.  

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as an exclusionist, im absolutely tired of seeing all the hate towards asexuals and ace pride. a example being that i saw a hateful post abt someone making an ace campervan in the new animal crossing game, and i just didn't understand. Its legit just someone being proud of who they are . ive seen so much more stuff like this and i wish itd stop. 🙄

People can be exclusionist without being hating aspecs, and I try really hard to acknowledge that when I can. I disagree strongly with exclusionism, but like… Civility is not out of the question. I can have a discussion about exclusionism vs. inclusionism.

I can’t have a discussion about aphobia with aphobes because the very concept of being aphobic is not giving a shit about what aspecs say/think/feel/etc.

I’m so tired, honestly.

Thank you for the sympathy, I do appreciate it. ;u;

–Mod Mercy

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I was just thinking about kindergarten teacher karamatsu and how he'll always have new arts and craft things to do with his kids and how he probs plays the guitar and helps them sing their abc' s and how much of a good dad he is. Like I'm kinda dying here.

I have an exam in like an hour and all I’m gonna be thinking about is this fjajsbajdnfb

He’d fingerpaint with them and use different glitters to make their art all sparkly and nice~

They’d all call him “Mr. Matsu”, ‘cause saying Matsuno is a little hard for them to remember.

And if he was single, he’d meet his potential spouse here. Single parent to the shiest kid in the class that Karamatsu has been gently trying to get them to come out of their shell - with some results! But they’d see how the child opens up to him and soon they’d open up their heart to him too ahhhhh


Dear everyone, I have no excuses. I know I haven’t updated in a long time. 
What can I say??? I finally finished school, I’ve been working hard while searching for other jobs that seem more interesting. I’m trying to get my own artistic projects because after all, I’m still a dancer and I’ve also been working on myself because I refuse to have a mental breakdown. 

Thank you all for your understanding and for keeping track of this blog. I do promise to post more often again, and finish that LP Challenge hahahaha. This is purely made out of love and respect for these guys and all of their incredible fanbase, that will never change. Love you all. 

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I’ve sorta been trying to stay silent about this whole net neutrality situation for some time (it’s fun pretending that something isn’t as big of an issue as it really is) but it’s sorta met it’s climax and i feel like i gotta say /something/ about it. So, if you haven’t heard already, the repeal on net neutrality has officially won opposed keeping it 3-2. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this because I’m not exactly sure on how hard it’ll impact me lmao. I guess we’ll have to wait until the New Internet Order™ kicks in for me to make a post crytyping about how much i love you guys lol 🤷‍♂️

For now I’m just trying to keep from being too negative about it (it isn’t exactly over yet anyway) and hope that my ISP doesn’t screw me over 😥 we really are living in the bad end timeline of 2017.

Well that’s all for now. Best wishes.

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What if the egos took Robbie to an arcade/amusement park but Robbie just spends the whole time in the ball pit and he makes a new friend because he noticed a kid seemed seemed lonely and so he went and talked to them

Yes omg?? Robbie loves making new friends, so he’d take any opportunity he could to befriend someone, especially if they looked lonely.

Kids are always super accepting of him and usually aren’t afraid of him like some adults would be, mostly because he’s so docile and sweet and has a similar childlike mentality as them. They also understand his difficult speech patterns easier, too, so he does’t have to try as hard to make himself understandable to them.

They always compliment his hair and his ears and his cool eyes, too, and he gets all giddy and giggly and flappy when he gets a lot of positive attention like that, and the kids are always sad when Robbie has to go because they were having so much fun playing with their new friend, but Robbie says he’ll come back, and he always begs Anti and/or Marvin to take him back every once in a while so he can play in the ballpit or watch Anti purposely glitch out the arcade games for fun and play with his new friends!

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Salam Aleikum. What should I say to a person who wants to start to learn how to praying and wear hijab but just needs that extra push. Their parents are not practising so it’s hard for them. How should I nicely persuade the person to not be scared and to just start.

Wa Alaikumussalaam

by being an example. taking her with you to pray and to wear hijab outside with you once. sometimes just talking is not enough, sometimes it’s trying things out that will be the starting point.

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Is it a universal, or at least more widespread than just me, thing to have a hard time identifying as a lesbian as opposed to gay? Before I️ really figured out what I️ was, I️ would just say I’m a wlw or I’m gay, but now I️ know I’m actually gay, but saying or hearing other people call me a lesbian is much harder than i expected? I️ mean I’m sure it’s to do with my upbringing where it wasn’t exactly a positive word, but I️ want to reclaim it for myself. Any tips for a lost somewhat baby gay?

you are not the only who’s experienced this!! internalized homophobia and stigmas make it hard to identify as things sometimes.
remember that IDing as a lesbian is optional, and you can totally just stick with gay. if u feel comfortable, try out lesbian! see if it works! if u like it!! good luck from a fellow babygay

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i know its hard to ignore the people saying "you're only popular because of skrill" or "you used to be a girl xddd", but please don't let it get to you. you're an amazing artist and awesome af, and no matter what they that try to make you upset say, you're still sam. you're still your own person no matter who you're dating or who you were born as. and to everyone that call you mean/rude, how would you feel if people were rude to you all the time? he has a right to be how he is. leave sam alone.

Thank thank you thank you so much

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Geez. I'm sorry about the situation you're in. Have you tried talking to them about it?

i’ve been in MONTHS of private drama with 2 of them. other people have called the rest out but they don’t do anything to stop. one of them is almost %100 getting away with it and they are the worst one, nearly all of their designs look like a sad copy of my sona,, and people say they are original. it just makes me so mad lol. i promise you it’s wayy worse than you think and im not just freaking out over something small. i would be able to ignore it if they didn’t try to pretend they know me so well and if they didn’t try to reach so hard for my designs on sale. i don’t want my sonas in their filthy hands.