trying hard muggle

Written for @fanartandfashiongirl
Written for the prompt: “you’ve never seen the Lion King?”

Harry kicked his shoes off and chucked his socks off to the end of his bed, ignoring the distasteful sigh that came from the bed opposite his.

Harry wasn’t sure whether he loved or hated the Hogwarts staff for deciding that all the eighth year boys had to dorm together. On the one hand, it did help to promote interhouse unity and it was encouraging rivalries to die; slightly. Harry had even borrowed a quill from Malfoy last week, even if it had been handed over a bit begrudgingly.

There had only been one major row since they’d been back at school. Predictably, it was between Harry and Malfoy. Harry was not the sort of person who fussed about where every single thing he owned was - but Malfoy was. There were some spells cast, but the majority of the argument was fist fighting; Malfoy had been convinced Harry had stolen his textbooks, and only stopped accusing him once Zabini had waltzed in - textbooks in hand.

Now, they mostly existed civilly, with beds opposite each other. Harry ignored Malfoy’s acknowledgement of his messiness, and plugged in his headphones. When he first came back, he had been determined to get muggle technology working enough for him to listen to music and watch some movies. His favourite was The Lion King. He’d watched it once before with Dudley, when Ms Figg was too unwell to have Harry for Dudley’s birthday weekend.

He clicked on the films title and proceeded to relax back into his pillows, it had been a tiresome week. However, when he glanced up it was to see a very irritated looking Malfoy perched at the end of his bed.

“- absolutely no consideration for the fact I’m even speaking to you! I thought we’d move on enough for you to be polite at least!”

“What?” Replied a very confused Harry.

“I have been trying to speak to you for the past 15 minutes! To formally request that you turn down that ridiculous muggle noise so I can concentration on my transfiguration essay.” A quick sweep through Draco’s hair from his pale hand drew Harry’s eyes upward for a second or two before he responded:

“Malfoy, it’s the lion king! You can’t be telling me you’ve never seen the lion king!”

“The what?!” Malfoy shot back, accompanied with a snort, “I’m sure you love that Potter, something about a King Lion, you’d fit right in.”

Harry looked up at Malfoy, who, despite his pretences, was trying hard to understand the muggle world. Harry noticed the slight flush of his cheeks and could practically hear the cogs in his head turning. Jumping in with his usual Gryffindor impulsiveness, he patted the bed next to him.

“You- I, What?” Malfoy’s cheeks flushed further as he glanced back and forth between Harry and the place he’d been invited to sit.

“Come and watch it with me” Harry said slowly, not wanting to spook Malfoy; “Films are always better to watch with someone else.”

Malfoy looked confused. He opened his mouth to say something, and then abruptly closed it again. He sat down very cautiously, as though the bed might bite him if he even dared to be comfortable. Harry pulled out his headphones, and pressed play on his iPad; leaning back into the pillows for more comfort.


An hour or so later, Ron and Blaise walked up the stairs to the dorm after a game of exploding snap. They both paused upon entry; Draco and Harry were crashed out on Harry’s bed, Harry’s arm around Draco and Draco’s head on his chest. They took one look at eachother, shrugged, and turned around to head back to the common room.