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30 Glow Up Challenge

Day 1: Cut out all sodas/juices/energy drinks and switch for tea or water for better sleep, skin, metabolism, and to kill excess sugar cravings.

Day 2: Do 50 squats every day before your shower to get that ass🍑

Day 3: Do a face mask.

Day 4: Paint your nails/toes with a cute ass design💅

Day 5: Make yourself a bomb ass breakfast before starting your day.

Day 6: Clean out your closet and try on shit to configure some cute ass outfits for future reference.

Day 7: Take an epsom salt bath to detox and relax.

Day 8: Buy yourself a new highlighter. Even a cheap one like ELF or Makeup Revolution can ya shit pop✨

Day 9: Take a selfie. Take 10. Take 100. Do your makeup or go natural, and gas yourself up with as many selfies as your heart desires. Y'all have no clue how much this boosts your self confidence.

Day 10: Pick/buy yourself some flowers. Love thyself.

Day 11: Do something different with your hair. Part it a different way, straighten it, curl it, dye it, whatever makes you feel glammed up💆

Day 12: Go for a walk outside. Get that fine ass some fresh air and exercise.

Day 13: Get your eyebrows done, or do them yourself if you prefer.

Day 14: Trim your split ends💇

Day 15: Try out a new lip color💅

Day 16: Go through old makeup and throw out anything unwanted or expired. Keep that vanity fresh.

Day 17: Go to bed early for that young beauty rest💤

Day 18: Go through social media and your phone contacts. Delete/block people you don’t like or want to talk to. Cut that toxicity outta your life.

Day 19: Wear a new perfume, or one you normally don’t wear.

Day 20: Exfoliate ya face with your favorite scrub.

Day 21: Apply coconut oil (to lenghten) or castor oil (to volumize) to your lashes before going to bed

Day 22: Buy or make a lip scrub to get them soft kissers😘 (diy scrub: honey+sugar+olive oil)

Day 23: Buy yourself a cheap, fake little engagement ring to remind yourself that you are married to yourself. It also wards off fuckboys.

Day 24: Stretch properly after you wake up, and before you go to bed.

Day 25: Make yourself a lit ass playlist on spotify or your phone’s music to jam whenever you’re feelin down.

Day 26: Make a fruit salad and gobble that shit up for a healthy snack (melt some dark chocolate and drizzle over it for a little treat)🍎🍓🍇🍉🍍

Day 27: Do some yoga.

Day 28: Wing out ya eyeliner like a bad bitch💁 Use scotch tape as a guide for beginners.

Day 29: Buy yourself a new bra or pair of panties to feel sexy af in💞 Target has cute shit for cheap.

Day 30: Meditate to clear your mind and boost your mood.

Here is 10 things I tell my students on the first day of class about building yourself up into being a artist. This is starting point, not a all encompassing list. Hope you find it helpful!

1. Never stop experimenting. When you stop trying new things your style will get stagnant. Developing your style never has an stopping point, you’re going to continue learning and changing–that is a good thing.

2. Don’t draw to please a particular person or audience. It is tempting to draw something you think the person viewing it will like. It starts with drawing to please a friend/family member, then a teacher, and then a wider audience online or in person. However, consider drawing to please yourself first, an audience will follow in time and you will face a lot less burn out down the line. You’ll be hired for this, work you made out of something you liked crafting–not something you forced yourself to craft. Don’t make art that makes you miserable.

3. Learn the basics. Get good at anatomy (human and animal), perspective, creating depth, lighting, etc–then break the rules you’ve learned. Work, no matter how abstract, pushed, and pulled is always stronger when informed by a mastery of the basics.

4. Practice working in ways that do not hurt your hand. Learn to draw with a relaxed hand and draw in long strokes. Both of these methods help prevent issues with your hand, wrist, and arm. I’ve never gotten carpal tunnel, and I draw on a daily basis, because I have learned how to treat my hand well. Your hand is your tool, if you wear it out there isn’t a new one you can just pick up. The best treatment for any possible physical issues is prevention.

5. Learn how to draw without erasing. It is scary and it is tough no doubt! However the best way to become more confident is through not erasing. There is a medium for everyone to try this out, whether it is pen or non-erasing colored pencils. If you want to ease yourself into this method try out Pentel red lead, it erases a bit–but overall will always leave a mark with every stroke you make. The importance of this is learning to not be afraid of mistakes.

6. Draw from life, from reference photos, and from imagination. This trio is important, combining all three is usually how you build great drawing skills. Drawing from life gives you the ability to capture small details that you’ll remember to put in when drawing from a reference photo, drawing from refs will give you the practice you’ll need to handle whatever subject so that one day you can draw it from your own imagination–see how that works?

7. You’re art isn’t completely unique and that is okay. I can’t emphasis how many people I know who have gotten so hung up on being something totally unique that they burn out fast and never make work again. Now, considering how much art is in the world there is no way that what you create will be 100% unique to you. That is fine, your personality in your work is more of what makes something yours than a “style”.

8. Figure out your work’s personality. On that note finding the personality of your art is important as you go into trying to build your own place in the art world. The personality of a piece is a combination of style, subject, color, shapes, lines, and maybe most important themes (yes subject and themes are different). This combo is what makes your art special. At a loss for where to start figuring out your own personality? Compile a list of 10 artists you love. Why do you love them? Is it the shapes of one artist that speak to you, the line work of another is beautiful, the themes of a third make you feel inspired? Now take the 10 things you love about those 10 artists and start applying them to your own work. This isn’t about copying these artists, it is about the inspiration. That line work you love in another artist’s piece is gunna look different in yours for example. Those themes from another artist, well when you take them on your life might inform them in a opposite way. In time your inspired work will evolve into something that is your own.

9. Talent is nice, persistence is more important. Someone may be naturally talented in some areas of art, however someone who is persistent in their craft is so much more likely to succeed. Effort, continued growth, and practice will add up to so much more in the long run than just skating by on “talent”.

10. Be a good person. Treat others with respect, learn about social issues, don’t be a creep, and use your art to help people. And this might mean you craft a piece about an important issue that changes thousands of lives, or you might just be creating to help yourself get through the day. Both are important, after all you are a person too and you should always be trying to help and be kind to yourself.

d&p share “dan’s room”

so, they share ‘dan’s room’, and here’s why:

- the floor phil caught the bug on is the floor in dan’s room. phil claims it was his room but newsflash: they share a room

“what if the bug ran into dan’s room”

im not even kidding I had someone try and argue this on twitter. but are you honestly trying to tell me that a centipede managed to make it’s way out of phil’s room, up a staircase, and into dan’s room without phil catching it? no matter how bad phil may be at catching bugs, I’m sure he would have caught it by then

“how do we know that’s dan’s floor”

well, the floor in phil’s room is white, and no, that’s not a rug. plus, the floor in lounge/office is a different color. while yes, dan’s mirror pics were most likely taken in his room, that’s when there was a lot of natural light, meaning it was during the day. dan stated that the lights in his room were different from every other one in the house, they give off a yellow/orangish glow. that is what makes his floor appear this color, and his room is the ONLY one in the apartment like that. 

- phil’s shoes on dan’s shoe rack

“but what if he just left them in there”

‘yeah because I store my shoes in my friends room and enjoy having to go upstairs every time I want to wear them.’ it’s simply illogical

- phil’s mirror in dan’s room

“but what if he just gave dan his mirror” 

for no reason? show me the new and better mirror phil got in his room, or any mirror at all, wait, there isnt one

- phils room is a closet

“but we havent seen all of it”

not technically, but, we’ve seen enough to be able to accurately estimate the size of it, which just so happens to be 1/10th the size of dans room. there’s no way that phil would have the tiniest room, while dan has the huge master bedroom

id also like to add that this is obviously why we havent gotten a single sleepless night video from the new apartment. because if phil did, he would’t be able to do anything except lay in bed, or else he’d expose them

any questions?? want to argue anonymously??

ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask 

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genuine question: why do you not like people refering to lucio specifically as "boy"? tumblr tends to call every character boy/boi especialy since the mcelroys became popular so what is it about lucio in particular that isnt good to call him boy

The short answer: it’s because he’s black and the people doing it are largely white and there’s cultural baggage surrounding white people using the words “boy” and “son” to address black men. 

The long answer starts out with the idea of tonedeafness and a fandom phenomenon that crops up when predominately white fanbases are exposed to dimensional, compelling characters of color. The same thing happened with Star Wars and Pacific Rim and so many other diverse franchises lately. 

A lot of the time, white fans are genuinely not trying to be racist, but most of their faves up to this point have been white, and they haven’t considered that perhaps the way they write and talk about those faves would take on different implications when the characters’ race is considered. 

For instance, and I get in trouble a lot for bringing this up, but a few months ago there was a Disney AU fanart of Finn and Rey from Star Wars as Tarzan and Jane. Now, in the movie, Tarzan and Jane are both white, but in the art, the impact changes because Finn is a black man and the artist drew him as an animalistic ape-man who meets a delicate high-class British woman who “civilizes” him. Obviously the Tarzan/Jane dynamic has a very VERY different meaning if Tarzan is depicted as black and Jane is depicted as white, and it is in fact racist to depict Finn that way even if it wouldn’t even be the smallest problem to draw, say, Iron Man and Pepper Potts in the same exact situation. (Also if anyone is Tarzan in that pairing, it’s Rey, but I digress)

So you get these situations where people are trying to do the stuff they always do for all characters, only their faves have mostly been white up to this point so they’ve never really had to consider the racial implications of the stuff they say and write about those characters. That’s why they draw D.Va as an infant without realizing that the infantilization of East Asian women is actually a harmful racist practice, and then when informed of this fact, instead of saying “oh shit, I didn’t know I was contributing to that! Thanks for telling me, I’ll stop doing it,” they get defensive and claim that actually it doesn’t matter if the end product is 100% identical to racism, because they didn’t intend for it to be racist, that’s not what they were trying to do.

Also, generally speaking, they don’t do the same thing to white characters. While jokes at the expense of Soldier: 76 and Zarya are usually things like “he’s old and grumpy” or “she’s really strong,” jokes about Reaper are more like “he’s got a huge dick and he’s abusive and a rapist” and jokes about D.Va are usually “she’s a dirty and mischievous subhuman creature and the white guy is like her dad.” The fact that a lot of people make all these jokes and think they’re roughly equivalent speaks to how much unconscious racism they’ve got to purge from their system. 

Alright, so now that we understand that, let’s get into a little more of why “boy” and “son” in particular are not the sort of thing you should not call Lucio. 

The first and main reason is that he’s a grown man, aged 26, but more importantly, he is a black man. Historically, the words “boy” and “son” have been used on black men for two reasons: 

  1. Because even grown black men were to be treated as childlike under white supremacy, esp. under slavery, and even after the abolition of slavery, the words “boy” and “son” are still used in order to talk down to black men. You will still frequently catch younger white people address black men older than them as “boy” or “son,” especially in a service capacity (i.e. a black waiter or employee at a store). Under slavery, the dominant white supremacist narrative was that even the smartest black people were only on the level of white children, which is obviously a complete falsehood fabricated to justify their continued subjugation by saying “they’d be lost without us.” So, by referring to black men as “boy” or “son,” that’s the message that was being communicated, that even though any given black person is grown, they’re still viewed as roughly mentally equivalent to children. 
  2. A lot of slaveowners didn’t feel it was worth it to learn the individual names of their slaves, so they would simply address them as “boy” or “son” (or “girl” or a variety of other degrading names for women) and this practice continued even after the abolition of slavery. Again, calling back to the “black waiter” situation I referred to earlier, you still sometimes see white patrons referring to black employees as “boy” or “son” in this way. For older people, they would use the terms “Auntie” and “Uncle” as a way to deny them honorific titles such as “Mister” and “Miss,” which is where we get mascots like “Aunt Jemima” and “Uncle Ben,” both of whom were derived from this practice. A similar example is how a lot of white railroad passengers wouldn’t bother to learn the names of their car’s porter and would simply call them all “George,” which again sort of demonstrates my point: the name “George” isn’t inherently racist, lots of people have that name, but to call a black guy doing their job that carries different implications even if you “didn’t mean it that way.”

So generally, there’s nothing wrong with the words “boy” or “son” most of the time, but when you address a black man this way, it carries a whole different implication. I’m not trying to condemn anyone morally or say “you’re evil if you’ve ever used these words about Lucio” or anything, but back to the beginning of this:

I am assuming you all have positive intent, that you are all well-meaning and that you are definitely not trying to be racist. Because of this, I feel like it’s my responsibility to tell you when a thing you’re saying carries meanings that you maybe didn’t consider and definitely didn’t mean to imply. I know I would feel foolish and guilty if I found out something I’d been saying casually actually had a racist meaning that I wasn’t aware of, so I just want to say that if anyone reading this is (like me) a white person who’s really truly well-intentioned and doesn’t mean to be racist at all, your response here should be “oh wow, I didn’t know that Boy and Son are names you generally shouldn’t call black people, I’ll be more conscious of that in the future,” and if your response is to become defensive and try to prove that it isn’t bad because you didn’t mean it “that way,” it either means you aren’t well-intentioned and do mean to be racist OR it means you didn’t read the post. 

That being said, I’m happy to inform where I can, but I’m also not black, and a lot of black writers have explained this a lot more eloquently than me. I suggest you do some googling and research what they’ve said on the subject, because I’m sure they’ll give you a clearer picture than I possibly can. 

I live for the concept of McCree wearing those Southern Girl shirts as a joke. You know the ones, with fifty different fonts in five different colors that say things like “Texas Princess” or “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” or “Relax, Cowboy, I was looking at your gun”. He wears them all as a joke cuz way back in the Blackwatch days, Gabe saw one and commented on how it fit McCree’s ugly ass cowboy aesthetic, and he bought them out of spite. And then it just carried on over the years so now people always try to find the ugliest ones they can to give him for his birthday or at Christmas. Hanzo hates them at first but gets used to it, because it’s funny as fuck and stupid and he’ll be damned if Jesse doesn’t actually fit them in a terrible way. Eventually Jesse buys him one (its a tank top that says “I don’t wear bows, I shoot them” and Hanzo hates it but loves it at the same time and wears it to bed each night.

Energy Work

I am an energy witch! Energy work is one of the best ways to do easy, inexpensive, and on the go magic! With practice, one can produce the same results with energy magic as with spells. But how does one start?

🔮Meditation. This is very important! Choose a set time each day, and a method of meditation, and try to get in tune with your energy. Even 5 minutes is good.
🔮Try to sense the energy around you. Go with your instinct. Feels high energy? Or maybe low? Just practice this.
🔮Try an energy spell, such as a psi ball exercise. Simple is best to start with.
🔮Visualize! Daydream, actively visualize, or work on what I like to call your “mind palace” (Sherlock fans know what I’m talking about 😆)
🔮Try to “see” energy though visualization. What color is it? What shape? Can you move it? Just play with it.
🔮Work on raising energy, use music, exercise, meditation, hanging out with friends, drawing, hobbies, basically whatever makes you happy and energized. Everyone will have different ways of doing it.
🔮Again, meditation! It doesn’t need to be long, one can even sit for 2 minutes, feel their energy, and be like “good it’s there”.
🔮Work on being aware of your own energy.

Spock and his makeup

Look I’m extremely passionate about Spock and his makeup so here are some facts about my favorite Vulcan, take them as you will

  • Spock has over 8 different huge eyeshadow palettes ranging from Vulcan nudes and covering every shade of blue you could imagine
  • his favorite palette is a smokey eye palette with rich navy colors that are just a tad bit shimmery
  • Jim loves this deep violet Spock wears on occasion because it really brings out Spock’s brown eyes
  • Vulcans have extremely sensitive skin, so all Spock’s foundation is hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin friendly
  • Spock’s makeup routine is as follows: moisturize, foundation primer, a light olive liquid foundation with a translucent setting powder that follows, contour with a veeery slight highlight, some light blush, filling in his eyebrows with one of his many eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow application, and if it’s a special occasion he’ll throw on some matte pink lip stain
  • he only has 3 makeup brushes: one for eyeshadow, one for foundation, and one he uses for contour, blush, and highlight, but he has a bright yellow beauty blender he would die for
  • Spock picks what color eyeshadow he uses based on how he feels that day (the more confident he is that morning the more sparkle and pigment the eyeshadow color will have)
  • he does his makeup sitting cross-legged on his and Jim’s bed (Jim is either doing his hair in the bathroom or watching Spock apply his makeup)
  • when the crew is on shore leave, one of the first things Spock does is go to the Space Sephora store
  • he’s a regular there and all the workers know him by name and update him on the shipments they got of new products they think he might be interested in
  • sometimes Spock gives a beginner’s lesson on makeup application to other crew members in the rec room
  • during Hanukkah, Jim gave Spock a new palette with golds, oranges, pinks, and more purples because one morning Spock made an offhand comment that none of the colors he had correlated to the way he felt that morning
  • Spock spent the rest of the night trying out different colors, mixing some together and by the end of it his left hand was covered in eyeshadow from swatches and his eyelids were two different colors (Jim has never been so fond of someone in his life)
  • once on shore leave, Jim and Spock did the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge
  • Jim did Spock’s makeup better than Spock was expecting, but he still used too much foundation and the eyeshadow was… Something
  • also, Jim has no idea what a beauty blender is and was thoroughly confused by Spock’s
  • Spock did Jim’s makeup perfectly, using colors that complimented his eyes and skin tone and you shoulda seen the highlight on that boy once Spock was done
  • at the end of the day, Spock uses makeup wipes to get his makeup off, usually puts on a thin face mask to keep his skin glowing, and then moisturizes (”dry skin is illogical if one has ample opportunity to avoid it, Jim”)

Annabeth in a slightly different style!

I’m reading ToA right now so, expect some fanart coming your way :D

Every month or so there’s a new pair of eyes on Tater’s snapchat story and it’s driving everyone crazy. The snapchats are just close ups of the persons eyes with cute little captions in some variation of “the worlds most beautiful eyes!!!” No other part of the person is showing except for a little bit of nose and sometimes the persons eyebrows. It’s sweet that he’s posting these but everyone’s big issue is that it’s never the same pair of eyes from month to month. One month the eyes will be blue, the next green, the time after that light brown and everyone just wants to know how Tater is consistently falling in love with different girls. It becomes such a thing that anytime Tater is seen out with a woman people try and figure out what eye color she has and compare it to that months picture.

People start figuring out that it’s the same person in every snapchat story (I mean come on there’s no way tater could find girls with the exact same freckles.) Tater goes along with it and starts adding captions like “if you guess who’s eyes these are I’ll give you free Falcs tickets for year.” It remains a mystery until one day Tater posts a picture of the eyes and one of them is bruised with the caption “not so pretty today after game (” and the Falcs didn’t have a game but Boston isn’t too far from Providence and the Aces captain definitely got punched out during his game against the Bruins. And then it’s just a wide spread lightbulb flicking on moment.

The next thing added to his story is a video of Tater and Kent squeezed together on a couch and Tater saying “Sorry lot of you message all at once not know who wins tickets. But good guessing!”

rojo-personal-blog  asked:

Hello! Your art is SO fantastic! I was wondering if you were planning to create tutorials on the way you color or explain the steps it. Thank you.

Thank you! And about my coloring.. errr.. it’s a huge mess, that’s what it is haha. 

I don’t think it really fits for a tutorial, but I can explain how I do things; most of the time I just play with gradients, to be honest. And it’s a huge pile of just trying out what could look fine. 

Firstly, I do the sketch and block it out, and depending on the picture I may color some areas as darker and lighter. After that’s done, I’ll try out different color combinations with different layer modes, and in the most simplest cases it may take only one gradient modifier for me to color the picture:

Tho, usually it takes handful of different layer modes to get the picture colored. 

I recommend looking for tutorials of coloring from black and white, that’s the core of the technique I use! 

 And it’s rather all fun and dandy until I get to coloring paintings. In those cases it’s usually tens and tens of layers for color alone:

I did say I was gonna draw class 1a kids in stuff I own didn’t I? todoroki is the only one i have finished with colors so far cus im biased but other sketches will be done soon!

this was supposed to be clothing practice but my wardrobe is so very plain lmao

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gin, this new comic looks A LOT different from your superman au and adulthood au, in a good way! you seem to be trying out something new, did anything inspire it???

LKASDJFLASDFKSDF OKAY I’m sorry in advance I’m going to write a Bible on this I love these kind of questions THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON lkasdjflkasdf (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I always find very thrilling to think of the visual aspects of a new project, the style, the characterization, the atmospheres, THE SYMBOLOGY BEHIND THE COLOR it makes me vibrate in excitement..!! I think it’s rather clear I didn’t get to fully enjoy comics until I started drawing The price of a soul because I started it without any kind of expectation. Superman au is exciting, too, but in an overwhelming way: it goes from the idea I had to everything I have to draw for it, (scenery, action scenes, robots, darker atmospheres, backgrounds) whereas TPOAS is just: oH MY GOD WHAT’S NEXT OH THEY ARE PLAYING A GAME OKAY MAN WHAT TIME OF THE DAY IS IT WHAT CLOTHES ARE THEY WEARING GOSH I NEED TO DRAW THE MOST GORGEOUS ALLEN IN THE SURFACE OF EARTH LOOK AT HOW HE LOOKS AT TAMASHI OH BABY YOU’VE GOT EVERYONE WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER I’M NOT CRYING WHILE DOODLING THIS PAGE ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT IF I TRY ORANGES FOR THE BACKGROUND MONOCHROME BACKGROUND I’M 

So, as you can see, there’s a huge difference in my own attitude HAHAHA But also what started as a simple, very simple project (i’m going to draw comic because I had an idea and I liked it) turned into something way bigger; this year at university I have been asked to develop a whole project every two weeks for almost every subject, so I tried to focus everything on something I could at least enjoy/find useful (see Tamashi). And? And the kid just grew on me so much I can’t believe it? The price of a soul has currently two branches of work: the comic, which is the project I want to focus on once uni is over (and finish, i’m so resolute to finish it it’s scary, I’m not sure I have ever felt this way towards anything creation-wise) and a different story which will incorporate a webpage and interactive options, which is still about Tamashi and Kanda and Allen, but the background is built on a different world than the one in D.Gray-man. I’m fascinated about all the options I have to tell Tamashi’s story, to create different sides of Tamashi’s story, to experiment, to grow. I can tell from the superman au to The price of a soul there’s like a huge step. Maybe not so much in drawing quality, I feel like I have been drawing in the very same way for two years now, but in the way I understand conceptualism, build character, moments through work on atmosphere… It’s still very immature, though? I can go through the pages of tpoas and see I messed up in here and in there, and I should have explained this one moment better, etc, but man I don’t care at all (´∇ノ`*)ノ 

Currently I’m working on finishing the comic, developing a visual novel for Tamashi, creating a webpage around it and it crossed my mind multiple times to draw a The art of Tamashi book in which I get to explain deeply all the work behind it, along with collaborations of other artists on this project!! TAMASHI TOOK OVER MY LIFE AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE WHEN IT HAPPENED

(The featured art belongs to Pixie, Angie and Izzy respectively) 

Man I don’t really know what to say, only that my hands shake and I feel like crying regarding this project

One of my majors is english, so I do a lot of reading. Having to read an entire novel each week is rough, but it really helped me refine my annotating methods. Here is how I annotate fiction and nonfiction books! 



I’m someone who has a lot of trouble with keeping track of characters, especially if there are a lot of them. To remedy this, I use one of the blank pages in the front of the book to make a list of each of the characters, and sometimes I’ll write something about them so I can place a name to a character. Here’s a quick example: 


If you aren’t someone who likes to actually write in the book, you can obviously use different colored post-its for this instead. I typically use three different colors when highlighting, and this is what the colors mean for me:

Pink - Character introductions: I use pink to highlight any time a character is introduced for the first time. You will often be asked to write about characters’ personalities, so this makes it easier to find descriptions of characters later. 

Green - Important plot points: I use green to highlight any important things that happen that I think I’ll need to look back at. 

Yellow - quotes: I use yellow for important quotes, or anything that is important but doesn’t fit any other category. 

Extra - Purple: After you finish reading a book, your teacher will usually point out important passages too. When this happens, I use purple to highlight those sections to denote that my professor found them important, because this probably means they’re worth talking about in an essay. 


To make sure you really understood what you just read, it is a good idea to write down a brief summary on the last page of the chapter. This helps with remembering what you read, and it also makes it much easier to go back and find events in the plot that you want to talk about.


I’ve pretty much had to write an essay on virtually every book I’ve had to read in both high school and college, so I’ve made a habit of using post it notes to bookmark pages with content that would be helpful in making arguments in an essay. Make a short note on the post it so you remember what point you were planning on making with that passage. *This is especially helpful for timed essays during which you’re allowed to use the book as a resource. That way, you can have essentially your entire argument planned out ahead of time. 


I use similar methods when annotating nonfiction, but instead of paying attention to plot points, I try to focus on main arguments and ideas. 


Like with fiction, I like to use a blank page at the front of the book to summarize different sections of the book. This makes it easy to remember all the main ideas without having to flip back through the entire book.


When I read nonfiction, I care much less about color-coding my annotations. I typically just use whatever I have around me at the time. What really matters about nonfiction is making sure you really understand the content, so I write down summaries in the margins on nearly every other page. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of different colors going on. They mean nothing. Honestly, my yellow highlighter was just going dead so I was going back and forth between that and my purple one. The red pen was the one I was using during my initial read-through, and the second time I read these pages, I just happened to have a blue pen, so don’t worry about the colors.

Anyway, what is really important about this is my short summaries in the margins. Doing this not only helps you dismantle the arguments being made, but it also forces you to become an active reader. 


Like i just mentioned, engaging with the book by writing summaries frequently makes you an active reader. It is difficult to get anything out of a book if you aren’t actively engaging with the material, especially if it’s nonfiction. To fully understand the ideas being presented in the book, you need to find a way to actively engage with it. You can do this by using my ‘writing summaries in the margins’ method, or you can do whatever it is that makes you really focus on the content of the book. Anyone can zone out and look at words on a page, but if you want that A, you need to really dive into the book! 

Amortentia - Drarry

summary: “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.”

“This reeks of your smell, Potter. How disgusting.”

“Funny you should say that, Malfoy. This, smells of you, you’re disgusting.”

words: 1785

pairing: drarry

genre: fluff

rating: t

note: there’s a fluffy bonus at the end! no worries! why? because i think the actual fic is too gloomy, or something like that? i can’t feel the drarry feels! Because i think this would be their genuine reaction? i mean they literally act like they hate each other, even if i made them like each other a bit in this one. i don’t think they’d be happy to find this out.

inspired by a picture of a drarry prompt you could literally find everywhere.


Hordes of students pushed their way through the small entrance of the cold dungeon. Potions class, it was the class most students dreaded. Even some Slytherins did, who were known to be favored by the intimidating black clad professor.

But Harry Potter had certain mixed feelings towards it. He got picked on by Snape a whole lot, if not every time the man had the chance to do so. Even if he wasn’t in the reach of being publicly humiliated. Snape was always sending such terrifying and chill inducing glares and stares.

There was a whole list of reasons on why Harry should’ve absolutely hated his class. But a certain someone somehow prevented him from using the word to describe how he felt.

Indeed, a certain someone.

Specifically someone that has platinum blond locks of hair and sharp silver eyes.

They both weren’t on very good terms, they wouldn’t consider each other friends nor acquaintances. But the pleasant warm feeling that starts to spread through Harry’s chest whenever he laid his eyes upon him was not something to be ignored.

Whether it was his unfortunate or good luck, Gryffindors always shared classes with Slytherins.

And he doesn’t know if the universe had played a sick joke on him right on this day. As he plopped down on his seat beside Ron Weasley, not to mention a minute late. The professor in front snapped at him and told him that he was not allowed to pair up with the tall ginger.

Instead, he was going to pair up with Draco.

The usual sneer on the young boy’s face dispersed when the words reached his ears. Whipping his head towards Snape in a surprised fashion, he opened his mouth to protest on his wishes but was hushed quiet.

The messy haired boy picked up his things from the wooden desk and stomped over to Draco’s direction. The other had been grumbling to himself and had his arms crossed against his chest. He refused to meet eyes with Harry, the latter doing the same for him.

Draco secretly thought that Potter wasn’t so bad. But he was a Malfoy, he had a status and reputation to uphold. Plus, Potter is a Gryffindor and he’s a Slytherin, their houses are rivals and he was not going to look pass such stereotypical labels. This was something he had grown up to believe.

That being said, Lucius Malfoy found it to be odd that his son talked so much about wonderful Potter. When he never spoke a word regarding his friends.

Harry settled on the seat beside Draco and dropped his things on top of the table with a loud thump, which elicited a look from Snape. Without acknowledging his new class partner, he looked straight ahead towards the professor with narrowed eyes.

Snape paced in front of the students and gave out instructions on what they had to do. Eventually, he halted his steps and stood facing the whole class. His gaze swept over each student, most bowed their heads down to avoid his eyes.

“I’m assuming that there are no more questions left to be asked?” He shifted his gaze towards a certain bushy haired girl who sat quietly on her seat. “Ms. Granger?”

Hermione shook her head at him and proceeded to look down at her hands on top of her lap.

Snape turned to walk towards his desk, his dark robes bellowing behind him. He spoke without sparing a glance at the students whose eyes followed his movements. “Then you shall start brewing.”

The students sprung to action immediately. Half of them reached for their text books and other half quietly observed the ingredients to know which is which.

Draco sighed and his eyes shifted to settle on the boy sat beside him.

It was the first time Draco had glanced at Harry, who was, in turn, also staring right at him. A scowl appeared on his face and his eyes narrowed down into a glare.

“Do not mess this up, Potter.”

“Shut up, Malfoy.” Harry scoffed and reached for his own text book with a frown.

Both worked quietly and refused to speak to each other for the most part of the class. Draco gibed at Harry countless of times during the entirety of their time working. Whom retaliated and spat back equally offensive insults.

In the end, they had managed to have done the first part of brewing perfectly, despite the circumstances. Neither didn’t want to admit, but they do work quite well together.

Snape walked around the room to look at everyone’s works, nodding at some and sighing in disappointment at most. At last, he reached the desk Harry and Draco occupied. His eyebrows had risen a bit, almost going unnoticeable, and he nodded his head at them.

“Well done, Mr. Malfoy.” He praised Draco, whose lips lifted into a smirk, he glanced at Harry. “And Mr. Potter, surprisingly enough.”

The latter ignored the additional comment and gave a polite nod of his head. Tempted to roll his eyes but held back as he didn’t particularly enjoy spending the rest of the week inside Snape’s office cleaning shelves.

Snape returned to his place in front, commenting on how everyone did. Not missing a beat to mention how Ron had completely ruined the cauldron he was using. The said boy flushed a deep shade of red, his face almost matching the red on his hair.

Silence filled the room when Snape stalked over to his desk to retrieve his wand inside one of the drawers. With a flick of his wand a sturdy looking table appeared with a golden cauldron sitting on top of it, spiral wisps of smoke came from the liquid inside.

Seeing the confusion in everyone’s eyes, besides Hermione Granger’s who must’ve known what it was already, he started to explain.

He walked towards the cauldron with both his arms folded behind his back. “This is a finished and perfectly brewed Amortentia. Now, I want everyone to get in a line with your pair and take a quick smell of it. Afterwards, I want you to write what it smelled like on a parchment, which you’ll have to pass.”

Draco gave a shrug of his shoulders with a smug grin and raised eyebrows while Harry looked like he couldn’t care less. They both got in line, though a small distance was kept between the two of them and the glares they shot each other cannot be missed.

Students after students walked towards the desk, each one having a smile on their faces after smelling the liquid. Everyone but Malfoy who had something different to say, after forcefully pushing Harry aside to go first.

“This reeks of your smell, Potter. How disgusting.” Malfoy grimaced after taking a quick whiff of the oddly colored liquid.

Harry glared at him at the corner of his eyes and a frown found its way onto his face. Taking a step forward towards the cauldron, he tilted his head down to try to figure out if what the other boy said was true.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, he was hit with something different. The potion smelled nothing like him, instead it smelled of the blond boy who was standing not too far from him.

Confused he turned towards Draco, he cocked his head to the side and retorted back with a small smug grin. “Funny you should say that, Malfoy. This, smells of you, you’re disgusting.”

Draco stared at him in pure confusion, a frown edging on his lips and his eyebrows scrunched together.

“Have you actually lost your sense of smell? Or are you this much of an idiot?”

Pretending to not have heard his insulting words, the raven haired boy proceeded to take steps away from him. Draco glared at his back but nonetheless followed him to the desk they shared.

Draco sat down on his chair and pulled a parchment to write the things he smelled. He purposely skipped over the part of catching the scent of Harry in the potion. Harry who was scribbling on his paper had done the same.

Both sat in silence, pieces of paper held in their hands as they waited for the others to finish their turns and for Snape to start collecting the papers.

After a while, every student had scribbled down things on their parchment. Snape had started to collect the papers, not even sparing a glance on what was written on them as his usual stoic expression remained.

He walked towards his desk and stacked the papers neatly on top of it. Turning to face the class, he talked in his usual drawl. “Now class, can anyone tell me what Amortentia is?”

A hand shot up to the air, belonging to an eager looking Hermione amidst the seated bored students. Snape’s eyes glanced over to her direction, before he nodded and called her. “Yes, Ms. Granger?”

“Amortentia, sir. The most powerful love potion that smells of what you’re attracted to.” Hermione recited in a confident voice before once again taking her seat.

Slowly, the information they received sunk in. Realization hitting the both of them like a bag of bricks.

Harry and Draco both held horror stricken faces, glued to their seats, feeling as if the world froze around them. Draco’s eyes were wide open, so was Harry’s.

Snape dismissed the class and students hurriedly jumped off from their seats. But both stayed put on their chairs.

Draco shifted in his seat to face Harry, who had done the same thing as him. The usual sneer appeared on his face, while a frown was etched on Harry’s face.

“You do not speak of this to anyone. Do you understand? No one.” Draco hissed at him, venom dripping from his voice.

Harry gritted his teeth. “We’re on the same boat, Malfoy. It’s as bad for me as it is for you. I wouldn’t dare speak of it.”

Ron and Hermione suddenly appeared behind Harry’s seated figure, both looking like his bodyguards, standing on his either sides. Draco eyes shifted upwards to look at them, he shot them a glare before abruptly standing up with his things in hand.

“You better stick to your word, Potter.” He spat bitterly before turning around and taking his leave.

Ron squinted his eyes at his retreating form and crossed his arms. Hermione looked between Harry and Draco before her eyes lingered on her friend.

“What was that, Harry?” She inquired, her gaze never leaving him.

Harry stood up and slung his bag across his back, his eyes met hers and then Ron’s. The three of them walked towards the doorway where a few of the students remained.

“It’s nothing.”


(as promised!) bonus:

Harry was sat between Fred and George Weasley who were cheerfully telling him an embarrassing story of Ron. He stretched his arm to grab his drink when he felt someone’s burning gaze on the side of his face. In a daze, he unconsciously glanced towards the Slytherin table.

Draco Malfoy was looking right at him.

The blond boy’s shoulders jolted in his obvious surprise, he quickly shifted his gaze towards another direction. He pretended to not have not been staring at the boy who lived, who had caught him right on the act.

A smile stretched Harry’s lips at the unmistakable tint of pink on Draco’s cheeks, he shook his head and a chuckle escaped him. Fred stopped at the middle of his story after noticing that Harry’s attention wasn’t on him and his brother.

George gave a pointed look towards his twin, both edged closer to Harry who was still smiling.

“What happened?” Came from George.

“You alright?” Came from Fred.

“I’m alright.” Harry hummed, his smile didn’t falter one bit and there was hint of pink on his own cheeks.

“Great, actually.”

FTM Makeup Tutorial

hello, im reese!!! today i am going to make a sorta useful tutorial on how to use makeup to help you achieve more traditionally masculine features and hopefully help pre-t trans boys and nonbinary people pass better. i hope you find this helpful!

first thing we’re gonna work on is EYEBROWS, which is usually the first thing people work on to achieve a more masculine face, but its not just about thickening eyebrows, in fact, its not about that at all. The only reason male’s eyebrows look thicker is because plucking them isnt standard, and their eyebrows are not ARCHED like feminine ones.

this is the difference between male and female eyebrows. Also, More straight eyebrows make the eyes appear more deep set, another masculine feature.

we’re going to want to make the eyebrows less arched, and more straight, by drawing over them in a way similar to this (excuse the microsoft paint)

already a bit more masculine! and you dont need to thicken up the eyebrows very much, coloring in the arches thickens them up wuite a lot.

eyes are very simple and optional, try some brown pencil eyeliner on either side of your waterline to make them smaller and more narrow, and apply some VERY LIGHT eyeshadow under your eyebrows to make your eyes appear more deep set

this will also make your eyes look slightly more far apart, but the difference is minimal and completely optional.

feminine and masculine lips are more similar then theyre made out to be, but you female lips have a more traditionally pink tint, whereas male lips are more flesh toned. 

so applying a little bit of foundation over the edges of your lips should do the trick, along with some clear lip gloss so you dont look too washed out


but wait, theres more!

now for the best part, countouring. masculine faces and feminine faces are extremely different shaped, with women’s faces traditionally more triangular, and men’s faces more angular

this is a fantastic reference, but definitely tone down the features and dont exaggerate as much as the images seen here, just follow the basic idea. Mens bones stick out more, with less smooth contour and more sharp angles. Also note the ridge above the eyebrows.


anonymous asked:

Trash you don't have to post to answer this but, Personally I do think your getting a bit rude with us, the fans. I understand the choices you've made with your undertale au but somethings you get really rude and triggered over,, easiest one to point out is the whole all 8 kids are non binary. Yeah it's way to coincidental that all the kids have different soul colors in the spectrum, and fell on the same date different years, and 14 yo or younger,, and I get your thinking for it, similar (1/2)

I understand that you’re just concerned with my reactions towards a few individuals. And I’ll be the first one to say that I do need to exercise patience a bit more often, and I am pretty easily fired up about certain issues. But… listen.

I’m not trying to be “balanced”. I’m not looking to fill a certain quota of genders, races, and sexualities for the sake of brownie points on tumblr. It was never about that. I do think that certain groups do deserve to have more representation, but not for the sake of balance.

Look at something like Sailor Moon. All the main characters are girls. There are a few noteworthy boy characters but like 90% of all the main characters are girls. Is there any reason for this? Could they have had more boys in the cast? Are they excluding boys for some reason? Of course not. It’s just a show with a lot of girls in it. There’s nothing wrong with that. And my gender ratio isn’t even that extreme in comparison even if you count all the fallen children, many of which who haven’t even appeared yet.

I do appreciate the civility you’re showing. I get a lot of people who just kinda yell at me about stuff like this. :/