trying different coloring styles


I couldn’t resist the urge to draw my reaction during this scene in Nadia’s Route so here we are. 

I also don’t know what colors to use for Valerius 🤔 so I just followed my feelings and went with colors that remind me of cold oatmeal. :\ Can’t wait to see what Valerius’s final sprite looks like though 👀  👀 👀  pls @thearcanagame


Jeremy: He looked good. Really good. N-not that I’m saying he doesn’t look good when he’s not wearing that outfit in particular, but he looks nice in black, you know? He also looks really good in red. And purple. And–OH MY GOD RICH WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE. GET OUT!! IS THAT A CAMERA?

Rich: Blackmail material! BOO YAH!

Jeremy: RICH!!!