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So, I watched "It" again and noticed in that school scene, when the boys (Bill, Richie, Eddie) get out of the classroom together, they just walk past Stan's own classroom. When Stan comes out of it, he desperately looks around trying to spot his friends, and when he does, he runs to catch up to them, telling them to wait up in a sort of pleading tone, and even sighs in relief when he catches up with them...So yep, that poor boy really does have a fear of abandonment, and I'm crying blood.

badboy!jungkook + the reality of us

Six years ago…

“I told you I hate that flavor.” He glared, swiping at your lips with his thumb until you were slapping his hands away because he was wiping it all off.

“Well when you start paying for my lip gloss I’ll take it into consideration.” You spat, licking at your lips anyway because they taste less like grape and more like Jungkook.

Jungkook glared down at the little black bag sitting in the cab of his truck, a muscle in his jaw ticking until he reneged, ripping open the glove compartment to shove it in ‘til it was out of eye sight. After a final curse he unlocked his phone.

Jungkook [6:01:45]: when I say 5:30 it doesn’t mean make me wait in your drive way for 30 goddamn minutes

Jungkook [6:05:34]: what the fuck are you doing up there

Jungkook [6:07:23]: one more minute and I’m leaving your ass here

Jungkook [6:10:12]: fuck right off

He had only just sent the text when your front door was flying open, your very flustered self sprinting down your driveway until you could yank open the door of his truck with a grin. He wanted to glare, do anything but return your stupid goo goo eyes but he couldn’t help himself.

Not when it’s been an entire month since he’s seen you last, save for through the small rectangular screen of his phone. Especially not when you had returned home from camp looking gorgeous and brown from the summer sun, nearly blinding with your own radiance. He hadn’t understood, even all this time the point of going to a stupid fucking cheer camp the summer before college started and you would end whatever little thing you and Jungkook had had for the past year for good. But you had patiently if but a little patronizingly explained to him that you wanted to keep in shape for the fall tryouts at your school.

You sure had kept your fucking word about that. Somehow your body looked even more delectable than when you had left, the smooth expanse of your back revealed in a tank top cut so low there was no way you could possibly be wearing a bra under that. The ripped and frayed state of your jeans and scuffed white converse proved to be much less scandalous than your shirt choice. However—

“You cut your hair.” Jungkook said lamely, stating the obvious.

Your only response was to turn back to him with a grin, before attempting to throw yourself on him over he middle console. He still caught you though, his firm grip around your waist betraying the sneer he was sporting—it only made you grin wider when you brought your lips together.

Jungkook’s eyes widen the slightest when an eager tongue swipes over his lips and your physically climbing over the middle console to get to him, his hands catch you around the waist and he’s suddenly just as invested in the kiss. His mouth is scalding on your own, lips sealed over yours in an almost feverish haze as though he’s trying to communicate just how much the distance affected him in a single kiss. Your touch is just as desperate though, reaching up his shirt to press against the smooth muscle there. It had been so long, you just needed to touch him, feel him, feel the familiar press of his erection—one that never failed to make an appearance in your presence.

And then he’s pulling away from you, hands clutching your face a safe distance from your own, “Your parents.”

He asks the logical questions because it appears you weren’t going to be the level headed one this time around. Still, you try and dive back in for another kiss, but his grip only tightens with a frown.

“Out of town.” You whimper, making another attempt to get closer to him. This time you succeed and Jungkook waits all of five seconds with his mouth against your own to pull away again.

“Then why the fuck,” he says between kisses and swipes of tongue, “are we hooking up in my truck?”

“We’re not.” You groan, pressing your core deeper against the zipper of his jeans, “We’re not fucking. I’m just… I just—”

“Will you stop grinding long enough to finish your goddamn sentence. Jesus Christ,” he curses when your head dips back, and a hiss slips through his teeth on a particular roll of your hips, “You act like.. l-like we’ve been apart a year instead of a month. Fuck baby, quit that.”

“Okay, okay I’m s-sorry.” You say on a shudder when his teeth nip roughly at your lower lip. You still can’t help but dip your head into the crook of his shoulder and inhale his scent, “I don’t do good with distance s-sorry. I missed you.”

“I couldn’t tell.” He replied dryly, sending you a cocky grin when you glare at him.

Your glare is gone just as quickly as it came though and your eyes flutter shut in defeat, or a pout, Jungkook could never be sure with you.

“I’m so wet.” You whined before exhaling with a shake of your head, “We are not fucking today.”

Jungkook snorts, “Are trying to convince me or yourself?”

“You,” you answer firmly before cocking your head to the side with a frown, “No me. Wait… both of us?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes but catches you by the scruff of the neck, gaze laser focused on your full lower lip before he’s dipping in for another kiss—it’s slower this time and reverberating a softness you weren’t aware Jeon Jungkook was capable of.

“You irritated the hell out of me for a month.” He glared, but he was hugging your waist, you cocked an eyebrow at his contradictory behavior. As though a switch had been flipped, his gaze narrowed to slits and he was cocking his head at you.

“What?” You sigh.

“How was camp?” He implored, but his words were laced with suspicion.

“It was good.” You shrug, “Actually I kind of miss it. I made a lot of friends there.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook asks stiffly, “Then why’d you bother coming back at all?”

“Don’t start.” You groan, hands going to cup his face and though his pouting was adorable it ruffled your feathers.

“And what about that nerd…. Taekyung? You two keeping in touch over break?” He sneers.

You let out a deep exhale at the mention of your companion—you and Jungkook had been getting along well, fucking great in fact, as though the distance had triggered something in the both of you and lit a fire under Jungkook’s ass. He would call almost everyday, text you when he was busy, it was almost… domestic of him. You had gotten too comfortable with the Jungkook that was caring in his own roundabout way that you forgot to be wary of the green eyed beast that lurked just beneath the surface of his cool exterior. He had asked for a selfie and you had tugged one of the girls in your squad, and a very discombobulated Taehyung into a picture after one of the more intense days at camp.

Safe to say, Jungkook didn’t appreciate it—your lack of clothing or Taehyung’s close proximity.

No. I haven’t been keeping in touch with him.” You snapped, “But how are you and Jennie, I saw you tagged in more than one of her pictures on Instagram. Is she doing well? Still sucking dick under the bleachers?”

“If she is its not fucking mine.” He bites out crudely, “Considering I’ve only had my dick in one uptight bitch for the past year and half. I haven’t even seen her since we fought on the phone for a fucking hour because of that stupid ass picture.”




You pinch the bridge of your nose before matching Jungkook’s glare with intense scrutiny, “We’ve been together all of five minutes why are we fighting already?”

“It’s not a fight.” He spits.

“Then what the hell is it?” You scoff.

“A discussion, a very loud fuckin’ discussion.”

“Are we seriously fighting over whether or not we’re having a fight?” You exasperate, running a hand through your hair. You pin him with a look, “I came here to hang out with you. I… I haven’t even bothered to call anyone else because you were the first person I wanted to see. So could you stop being a dick long enough so we can go on a da….”

Jungkook raised a brow at you. The two of you had long since been toeing the line of domesticity and while you were both aware of it neither of you was willing to swallow their pride long enough to show all your cards.

Movie. Let’s go to that movie and then when we get back we can do something that you like.” You say with a teasing smile, going to straighten his the ties on his hoodie.

Jungkook sighs but lets you pull him in by his sweatshirt for another kiss, this one longer but less heated than the first. 

“God that blew.” Jungkook stretches and you roll your eyes at him.

“How would you know, you slept through the entire thing.” You snorted.

“Not the entire thing.” He smirks, throwing an arm around your shoulder.

“Right I forgot you woke up in the middle to finger me.” You scoff.

“As if you didn’t enjoy it.” He chides.

“I never said that.” You hum before shoving the popcorn at him, “Hold this, I have to pee.”

Jungkook grumbles something that sounds dangerously like an expletive and you don’t wait for him to agree, rushing to the restroom to relieve yourself.

It isn’t until your washing your hands that you remember the crumpled brown bag in your purse. Your hands flutter uselessly as you try to take it out, hoping to God that it’s not wrinkled. You grin to yourself when you find it in perfect condition.

“Would he feel put out if I got him something?” You grumble before worrying your lip between your teeth, “You’re overthinking it, ___. Its just a stupid t shirt.”

Right it was just a shirt. No big deal. Just something you saw in passing that you thought would look good on him, no big deal.

“No big deal.” You repeat to yourself before taking a last minute glance at yourself in the mirror. You looked nice… or you thought you looked nice but Jungkook hadn’t mentioned anything about your haircut other than the initial shock he sported when you were coming down the stairs.

You push back through the bathroom door, taking extra care not to touch anything after having already washed your hands, your eyes scan the room for Jungkook, letting out an annoyed huff because you told him to wait outside. You falter when you come across a broad back, his hand rubbing at the back of his neck in a familiar fashion.

“Jungkook I told you to—oh.” You hesitate at the halting laughter, whatever inside joke they were giggling about brought to an abrupt close when you draw near, “Hey.”

“Hey unnie.” she greets, hand coming up in a stiff wave, “… are you two here together…?”

Jungkook hesitates for the briefest of moments, eyes searching yours for an appropriate response. You don’t know why it annoys you so much or why you’re suddenly schooling your features into a tight grin.

“No. I, uh… we ran into each other and he was holding my stuff for me while I peed.” You lied, taking in the way the younger girls shoulders slump in relief.

“Cool.” Jennie grins, “Jungkook’s really helpful like that.”

Isn’t he?” You agree curtly, your gaze hesitates at the familiar black fabric wrapped around the girls shoulders, “Cute jacket.”

“O-oh this?” She asks before sending a shy grin Jungkook’s way, and you swear his eyes close in defeat, “He lent it to me a while ago I never did get to give it back so I was excited to see him and maybe return it but we got a little side tracked.”

You send a questioning look Jungkook’s way but he’s as silent as he had been the entire five minutes you spent having the fucking conversation.

“I’m sorry, don’t let me interrupt.” You feign apologetic, “I’ll just leave you two to it.”

Jungkook lets out an exasperated sigh but if the younger girl notices she doesn’t say anything, only smiles politely at you.

“Wait, er… what about that ride you asked me for earlier?”

He’s grasping at strings.

“It’s fine, I’ll find my own way home. Don’t worry about me.” You send a fake smile their way.

“Quit being ridiculous.” He seethes before turning back to Jennie, “Uh… it was cool seeing you or whatever but I’ve got stuff I got to handle and—shit. ____ will you wait up?”

“Jungkook!” Jennie calls.

You don’t even bother turning around, your feet are eating up concrete before you have half a mind to realize that the heavy footsteps are getting closer. No, you don’t realize that until a hand is yanking you back by the wrist.

“Will you wait a damn second?” Jungkook grits out.

You bite back the immature words that are clawing their way up your throat and feign innocence.

“Oh. Sorry. Were you calling me?” You hum, but the angry flush in your cheeks give you away and Jungkook’s narrowing his eyes at you.

“What the hell was that about?” He implores.

“What was what about?” You frown.

“I’m not in the mood for your fucking games tonight alright, would you—would you just,” he ends on a growl, “tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Nothing.” You chime, “Absolutely nothing is bothering me. If you were talking about in there when I came out and saw you talking to some random girl who you said you had nothing to do with and yet she’s wearing your hoodie then you’re wrong.”

Jungkook blinks at your for a moment.

“We’re not fucking… we’re not anything!” He groans, running a hand through his hair and trying to figure out how the hell you two ended up here.

Why you always end up here.

“Are you talking about me and you or me and Jennie?” You spit back, “Because you’re right about at least one of those things.”

You try to storm away again but he drags you back by a belt loop, bring you toe to toe with.

“We’re not anything—is that what you’re saying?” He queries and he doesn’t know why it irritates the hell out of him.

“We’re not.”

“Then why are you so fucking pissed, why are you so jealous about some random girl if we’re not anything, huh? Does any of that make sense to you?”

“I’m not jealous.” You hiss, “But if I were mad about this entire thing, which I’m not I’d tell that you I’m not fucking mad about you talking to some random girl I’m mad that you lied to me.”

“Stop fucking talking in hypotheticals!” He yells suddenly and you’re only partly aware of the fact that he’s already dragged you to the car and you’re slamming the door angrily. “When the hell did I lie to you?”

“You said you didn’t talk to her anymore but why is she wearing your jacket, are you two fucking?” You shout back and your tone has Jungkook reaching for you, hands clenching around nothing like he wanted to choke you before he was dropping his head back against the headrest.

“No I’m not fucking her!” He huffs, “I’m not fucking anyone but you and okay I admit I did lie I saw her last weekend, we’re in summer school together and the classroom was cold so I gave her my fucking sweater. I only lied for your benefit.”

“Do I look like I’m benefitting from your dumb fucking lie?” You spit, “And are you her goddamn boyfriend, let her freeze to death for all I care.”

“Well am I your boyfriend?” He demands and the car falls into utter silence around his question.

You inhale through your teeth before turning to face him, a frown marring your expression, “You’re right. You’re not my boyfriend because a stupid fucking boyfriend would at least say something about my haircut that I dumbly got for him but no you’re not my boyfriend you’re not my fucking anything.”

“What the hell are you talking about, when did I ever say anything about your hair? You look fine either way, who the fuck cares—”

I care!” You shout, “I care because I care about you and you’re stupid fucking opinion and I want to be your dumb girlfriend, okay? I don’t want to look fine either way, I want to look beautiful to you. I want you to call me for a change. I want… I want to be able to give you this stupid fucking gift without having to overthink the consequences—if I’m going to be moving us forward or back two steps and I… I like you, I like you so much that I remember things you say when you’re not paying attention like how much you liked some dumb actresses hair and so I do… I do stupid fucking things because of you.”

Your panting by the end of your confession because it was a lot, it was all the things you wanted to say, all the insecurities weighing heavy on your mind while you were away from him. And in a perfect world, Jeon Jungkook would have looked back at you and wiped your tear streaked cheeks and coo back all your rushed declarations.

But this wasn’t a perfect world and this was very much the reality of you and Jeon Jungkook.

“I… you… we said that we wouldn’t complicate things.” He says quietly, hands gripping the steering wheel, unable to meet your gaze.

All you can do is let out a bitter laugh.


“I think that it’s better this way,” he says lowly, “you’re going off to college and I’m probably not fucking going anywhere. It’s better if we end this now before either of us gets too invested.”

“Either of us… gets invested,” you repeat slowly before unbuckling your seat belt, “Why sugarcoat it? I’m the only one that’s invested, clearly. It was fun while it lasted right?”

Jungkook lets out an exasperated sigh when you open the truck door, “Let me at least drop you home.”

“Fuck you and enjoy your stupid fucking present. And in the very unlikely future you feel inclined to try and talk to me—don’t.” You throw the brown paper bag at him before slamming his truck door.

“____!” He calls, but you’re already jogging back to the theater. Jungkook yanks open the glove compartment and grabs his idiotic present before throwing it out the window, watching as small tubes of ridiculously priced lip gloss go flying.

home after rain

blue orchids short story

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: too much fluff.. too much cute
word count: 3.986
author’s note: surprise! \o/ I honestly have no idea how or why this happened. yesterday I just… started writing, and here we are, a few thousand words later. also, bear in mind that this is a sequel to blue orchids, so you need to read that one first if you want to understand this short piece. hope you all enjoy!

This story is set six years into the future within Blue Orchids’ universe.

The sun rays are melting on your skin. It has been a while since the skies opened up like this, leaving the sun bare to the living, its warmth a pleasant gift after days of storm and gloom. The sand under your legs and feet is, fortunately, not scorching — not yet, at least. The early morning is still warming up to the pristine sun, and the salty winds of the beach are still a strange mixture of the growing heatwave and the remnants of past iciness.

You cannot remember the last time you visited the beach, but it does not feel foreign or uncomfortable. It feels like you belong, mind at peace and body molding to the sand as your extended legs allow your toes to brush against the gentle waves that break and ebb away, water still too chilly to enjoy at its fullest.

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That Goddamn Stealth Suit

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve takes out his frustrations on you after the events on the Lemurian Star…In Fury’s office…still wearing the Stealth Suit…

A/N: I have no excuse. 

(also will someone please teach me how to title things? i’m sick of my shitty titles)

Warnings: It’s just smut. PWP.  no plot. filth.unprotected sex, stealth suit porn..language..captain kink..sorta

Words: 1875

tags: @yourtropegirl @jimtkirkisabitch @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @itsanerdlife

If you were honest, it was all your fault.  You had made a comment to Steve just before he’d left for the mission on the Lemurian Star about the stealth suit.  Something about the deep blue of it and how it sat just right across his broad shoulders.  He’d laughed it off at the time, but you’d seen the look in his eye.  And to be fair, you were the one that suggested a way to relieve some stress and get back at Fury at the same time.  Which is how you wound up here, pinned against the inside of Fury’s office door, legs wrapped around Steve’s trim waist and hands in his perfect hair.  

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for you final [m]

Pairing: Jin x reader x Taehyung

Genre: badboy!Taehyung

Word Count: 5,723

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and drinking

A/N: I have been really sentimental today and have also been lying through my teeth about when I would upload this. Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I may or may not have sobbed while writing this. And I may or may not be willing to write an epilogue. Thank you for the past 7 months of support you’ve shown this series. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Final

“I can’t believe you’re actually here!” Momo almost screeches as you step out of the front seat of Mina’s car.

“Thank god,” you retort as you smooth your hands over your irritated stomach, “I don’t think anyone’s driving has ever made that car sick before.”

“Hey!” Mina protests as she pulls your bags out of the backseat, “I got us here over an hour earlier than the GPS predicted.”

Momo snorts as you shoot a glance at your speed demon best friend, “I think I have some ginger tea somewhere in my apartment. We can make you some to settle your stomach.”

“You don’t. The only thing you have in this apartment is potato chips and pig’s feet,” Sana teases as she joins all of you on the driveway of Momo’s complex.

“I’ve missed you,” you admit as you wrap your arms around your two best friends, “Please don’t leave me alone with her for that long.”

“I heard that,” Mina hisses as the car door beeps as it locks.

Sana doesn’t let go of your shoulders as all four of you proceed into Momo’s apartment, “It seems like we have a lot to catch up, but do you want to shower first? You smell.”

You sniff you armpits, “I do not!”

“That’s because you can’t smell yourself,” she gently pats your back as she barely shows your around the apartment before she is shoving you into the bathroom and turning on the shower, “We can go to dinner once you’re ready.”

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Title: Sometime Around Midnight
Author: cherrystreet
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 3k
Rating: Mature
Status: Complete
Summary: It’s a Tuesday evening when Louis hears that the band is in town. It’s poor timing, really; he has precisely a thousand and one documents to catch up on for work, his flat needs a desperate cleaning that he’s put off for weeks, and he’s been fighting off a cold since Friday that finally seems to be winning. He stares at the band’s flyer posted online - a bleak announcement that they’re back for one night only at their old stomping ground, a shit time slot right around midnight - and he gives it about 90 seconds before he’s leaping off the couch, looking for his wallet.

Or, Louis is trying to get over his ex, and he thinks that paying their favourite band a visit might help bring him some closure.

He’s wrong.

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Bts reacting to your cute ass moans?

A/N : I kinda want to make Yoongi’s one a oneshot later… That shit got me very inspired… Maybe it could be with another member… Tell me if you’ll like it cuties, because it could be really interesting ;)


Originally posted by btshada

You try to stay quiet, not wanting the neighbors to hear you moaning in the middle of the afternoon. Namjoon put you on the table in the middle of the living room, not inclined to wait until night falls to finally be able to fuck you. He thrusts in you with rough and deep hip’s moves, his mouth half open and his tongue pointing between his teeth, his dominant look driving you crazy with desire. Firmly clinging to his shoulders, you’re forced to put a hand on your mouth to silence your moans, struggling not to be loud. However, it seems like Namjoon doesn’t like it as he passes his hands on your ass to pulls you closer, grunting against your ear : « Don’t cover your mouth babe… You sound so fucking good… ». If his way of fucking you was not already enough, his dirty talk provokes a wave of excitement that makes you sigh feverishly. You remove your hand from your mouth and grab Namjoon’s hair as he roughly thrusts in you, his cock stroking your sweet spot and making you moan against his mouth. You sound so naughty, your breath mingling with Namjoon’s. Your moans actually seems to have a lot of effect on him since you feel his cock twitching inside you while he rolls his tongue against yours, increasing his thrusts’ pace.


Originally posted by snowsensation

When Taehyung slid his hand under your skirt, you knew right away that he wanted you to cum on his fingers. You saw it in his eyes. He had only one desire : Play with you until you had no more strength left. And now that his fingers are coated with your juice and that you’re close to your high, you know that he will get what he wants. Sitting behind you on the sofa, he holds you tight against him, an arm around your waist to hold you against his chest while his other hand is under your skirt. Legs wide apart, you grind against his fingers, undulating under his caresses, feeling his look on you. He likes to observe each of your reactions, when his fingers pinches your clit, when they slip against your wetness… Tae never gets enough of it. His favorite thing is your adorable moans. When your head is leaning against his shoulder and your eyes are closed, your eyelids clenched due to your pleasure… You’re never as hot as when you’re lost in your pleasure. The sound of your moans are almost enough to make him cum without you touching him. « Ah… Aah-ah… » He feels you struggling to breath as orgasm tickles your lower abdomen. Oh, how hard it is for him not to fuck you right here, right now…


Originally posted by qtaetae

It’s a damp night and even the gentle breeze rushing through the wide open windows is not enough to bring down the stifling heat of the bedroom. To be honest, nothing can hold down the fire from Kim Seokjin’s bed. Above you, thrusting in you at an almost animal pace, his broad shoulders covered with scratches, he’s about to give you your third orgasm. Your legs raised against his sides, your tits jumping with each hip thrusts, your hands lost in your hair, you moan shamelessly, tears appearing at the corners of your eyes. Jin does everything he can to make those moans stronger & faster. When you begin to moan his name, first in a breath and then louder, he shudders, taken aback by the violent wave of warmth and excitement that he has just felt running down his body. You put your hands against his neck to hold him a bit, kissing his wet forehead, feeling his luscious lips brushing your neck. Suddenly, as you feel your breath cutting off, you understand that you will soon come. « Jin… J-Jin… » Your moans against his ear is the most beautiful torture for Jin who tries to keep up with the rhythm of his hip thrusts. When he feels your walls clenching around his cock, he bites your neck, pushing harder, making your body violently shake when you cum, his name escaping from your lips in a long, feverish moan.


Originally posted by piedparker

You see more and more white dots as the knot in your lower abdomen tightens. Hoseok doesn’t just use his tongue, oh no. He has his unique way of using his luscious lips. Even his breath is perfectly controlled to make you moan louder and louder. You’re totally lost in your pleasure, not even trying to keep you from grinding his mouth, Hobi gripping your thighs with his long fingers, the coldness of his rings contrasting with the warmth of his tongue against your pussy. Until then, you were trying to control your moans, forcing you to let only slight sighs go when it’s getting too good. Now, it’s so good that you can’t hold back any more : you grow small regular moans with each licks, sounding more and more provocative. Hoseok can’t stand it anymore. He’s at the edge of cuming all over the sheets, grinding his hips on the mattress in need of friction. You don’t even notice how much he suffers, his shoulders rolling every time he moves his hips subconsciously, moaning against your pussy. When your moans gets even more sexy, Hobi rests his head against your thigh and whines : « Baby… If… If you keep moaning like that… I… » You look at him while trying to catch your breath, the pressure between your thighs getting stronger. Seeing him so desperate you make him get back to you and turn him over to straddle him. You guide his member to your entrance and lift you gently to go down on his cock, making him curse : « Fuck… Y/N-aah… You feel so fucking good… »


Originally posted by ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen

« Fuck… » You hear Yoongi grunting behind you, his hands holding your hips as he thrusts deep inside you. You’re fingers cling onto the desk, your nails scratching on the surface, arching your back to feel him get deeper. He slightly changes his angle in search of your sweet spot, knowing you so much that he knows exactly how to drive you crazy. That’s it, he got it. You grow a long moan, almost feline, your head swinging back. You hear Yoongi moan louder than usual and before you even have time to enjoy it, you feel his hand gripping your hair, twisting it and then pull it towards him, bringing your back against his chest as he leans to rest one hand on the desk. He stops moving and now only your jerky breaths are heard in the studio. « I just got a fucked up idea… » The way he says it, as if he were about to do something naughty but crazy… It makes you shiver, not to mention his hot breath against your neck. You see him bringing the microphone closer to your mouth and you bite your lips when you see him push a few buttons before pressing record. « C’mon babygirl… Moan for Daddy ». Yoongi thrusts rough and deep in you, snatching a shrill moan from your mouth, just a few inches away from the microphone. You start giggling softly, Yoongi coming to bite your shoulder before thrusting again and again, making you moan with every hit.


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The idea of ​​spending the evening at the beach with everyone else was a great idea. Music in the back, beers and fried chicken still warm : equally excellent idea. On the other hand, you doubt that flirting and being provocative with your boyfriend without the others noticing it was an excellent idea. This only got you both horny without being able to do anything. After a moment, no longer handling Jimin’s burning gaze, you get up and pretend to go get a jacket in the car, allowing you to walk away while beckoning Jimin to follow you. Jimin starts to smile, understanding your little plan, and waits a few minutes before saying that he’s gonna join you. He prefers to ignore Bangtan’ stupid chuckles and rush to the car where you’re patiently waiting for him. As soon as he opens the door and sits next to you, you grab the sides of his jacket and straddle him, kissing him languorously without giving him time to understand what’s happening. It doesn’t takes long before he takes control of the kiss, his hands gripping your hips to press you against him. Jimin is already hard, you’re more than wet, so you don’t bother to waste time and begin to grind on each other. You grind on him without any shame, not restraining yourself from moaning against his mouth, deliberately deepening each of your hips movements against his clothed cock. Jimin finds it hard to keep control of himself, raising his hips in need of friction, his jerky breath making you shiver. When he starts to grind exactly where your throbbing clit is, you lean against his neck and grow a long, high-pitched, sexy as fuck moan. Jimin grunts, his eyes rolling behind his skull. « You sound so hot… ». You sight under his words and begins to undo his belt, causing a smirk on his perfect plumped lips.


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It’s late and everyone is asleep, Jungkook’s parents’ room only a few meters away from his own. Jungkook & you had decided to visit them during your little unexpected trip to Busan & everything went very well. You promised yourselves to stay chaste once the sun went down, considering that an innocent night (for once) was not that terrible. This goodwill didn’t hold for even a second once Jungkook felt you turning towards him to get closer to his body. He’s now above you, kissing you sensually while gently lifting your nightie up with one hand. You have to stay quiet but even the sound of the silky fabric going up against your breasts drives Jungkook crazy. He leans over and takes your nipple between his teeth before letting his tongue roll against your burning skin. Jungkook holds a grunt when you arch your back with a soft sigh. Your thigh is dangerously rubbing against his already painfully erected crotch. Jungkook passes his tongue against your nipple, playing with it just to hear your moans again. The way you try to hold them, how soft, cute and high-pitched they are, all of this makes you attractive as fuck. Each moan is a sweet torture for him, and when a long shudder runs down his spine, Jungkook can’t hold a grunt against your boob that he presses firmly in his hand. You feel him shivering and get him back against your mouth to ask him if he’s okay. Jungkook closes his eyes for a moment when your fingers strokes in his hair and then sighs against your mouth: « Y-Yeah… It’s just… » He stops talking, biting his lip as you watch him with your doe eyes. He grinds against you, his tongue lightly touching your bottom lip, and whispers: « I want you so bad… The way you moan… » He grinds on you again, harder this time, making you moan out loud. He lets out a strong curse as he rests his head against your neck, feeling how soaked your panties are. It’s gonna be a long night.



Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: You’re a bonded pair with three children and all Sam can think about is having more.

My twist on a/b/o dynamics. There’s a little fluff in here too, I swear it.

Kink Prompts: Mating/Breeding & Were-animal sex

Warnings: Breastfeeding(non-sexual, baby related), knotting, dominance, claiming, fingering, oral, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

A/N: Written for @impalaimagining‘s Smut-entine’s Day Challenge

Sam comes home late, just after two in the morning, shutting the front door carefully, cautious of waking you or his children. He’s a sore, bleeding and a little drunk but it’s been a good night.

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BTS Reaction To: Car Sex.

- Request: Bts reaction to having sex in the car -

Thanks for requesting!


Jin couldn’t concentrate on his driving as you stroked his thigh, every upstroke coming closer to his crotch.

“Can’t you wait till we get home? I promise I can please you then..”

You ignored what he said completely, still continuing your teasing strokes.

Jin eventually gave in, feeling himself hardening under your touch.

“Fine. I’m pulling over. Let’s make this quick.”

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Yoongi tilted his head back slightly as you rubbed him slowly through his jeans, his grip on the wheel tightening.

“Princess, stop - I mean it.” He removed one hand from the steering wheel, trying to pull your hand away from his hard member. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, not being able to focus.

“Fuck this, I’m pulling over.”

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You decided to put it bluntly, asking if he could pull over because you felt extremely horny, and you knew he had wanted to try car sex before, so asking him was no problem.

“Always so desperate, Kitten.”

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“Jagi, what are you–fuck.” Hoseok cut himself off, cursing as you rubbed his clothed member. “You seriously couldn’t wait till we got home?”

He sighed, desperately trying to find somewhere to pull over. “If we get caught, it’s your fault.”

Although, the thought of getting caught really turned him on.

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Taehyung parked somewhere you weren’t quite familiar with, which made you look at him quizzically.

“Get in the back of the car - now.”

You didn’t quite catch on with what he was saying, titling your head slightly to the side to show you were still confused.

“I’m not telling you twice. Don’t act like you didn’t wear this short skirt of yours just to not tease me.”

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“Not now, baby, later. I’m driving.” Jimin said as he felt your hand sliding up and down his thigh.

“Jimin, please.” You whined.

It didn’t take Jimin long to be convinced. Hearing your begging voice was enough to change his mind.

“Fuck, you drive me crazy.”

[no pun intended]

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“Jungkook, please, I need you.” You begged, trying to persuade Jungkook to pull over.

“Somebody could see us, baby, do you really want that?” He asked.

You stayed silent, biting your lip, because the thought of getting caught aroused you.

“Of course you wouldn’t mind being caught, being the dirty whore you are.” Jungkook chuckled deeply. “I’ll pull over, but you owe me.”

To be honest, he wouldn’t mind getting caught either but of course he’d never admit to that.

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comfort: exam season

summary: exams are kicking your ass, and even though your boyfriend’s an asshole on the outside, he really cares for you and wants to make things better

pairing: jock!bucky x reader

word count: 1364 words

warnings: language, fluff

notes: I wrote this for one of my best friends Ari ( @whyisbuckyso ) because goddamn exam season’s a bitch for her. then I decided to turn it into a little drabble as an interlude to my upcoming fics (which hopefully you’ll enjoy!)

Originally posted by little--batman

Burying your head in your hands, you groan, trying to ignore the flashing on your computer of the alert; “EXAM TOMORROW.”

You’ve had these alerts going off nonstop, each for a different subject, and you’re pretty sure you’re going insane. You feel like you want to shove all the piles of paper off your desk and just scream, but you’re pretty sure you’d wake up your boyfriend. He’s fast asleep, and as much as you’d like to join him, your mind is telling you to ’FUCKING MEMORISE ALL THIS, YOU DIPSHIT.’

You give yourself the grace to let out a frustrated groan, gripping the roots of your hair as you will yourself to read over the reams of notes you have.

Shoving in your earphones, you bite your lip as you finally get the grasp of one of your paragraphs, trying to celebrate that mini victory with a sip of coffee.

“Why the fuck are you awake?”

You shriek, jumping in your seat and almost falling off your chair, trying desperately to not bring your computer down with you. Luckily, your computer lands on your seat, the headphones hanging uselessly on the edge while you’re collapsed on the ground. You glare up at your boyfriend as he tries to hold in his snickers.

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Newcomers Pt 7

The Benemar swarmed across Terra almost completely unchecked, their sheer numbers and the suddenness of their attack meant the Humans were unprepared for such and assault and even though their orbital defence platforms reaped a bloody toll on their attackers the Benemar overwhelmed them. Still the Humans fought, determined to make the Benemar pay in blood for every inch of Terran soil they took and for every Human they killed the Benemar would loose a hundred of their warriors.

The Benemar focused their assault on the heavily populated area with little military presence, the bombardment form space alone killed millions before they even began landing their warriors to begin culling the population. But as the attack went on the Humans were able to mobilize more of their assets and the Benemar’s advance began to slow. But they were still heavily outnumbered and out gunned, stalling is all the Human generals could really do.

High Chieftain Veetop sat upon his throne overlooking the planet below and watched it burn, it was as he thought, the Humans were weak and they ran from his armies and screamed as they were slaughtered. He wished he was down there but he had lost the bought with High Chieftain Beeqol so he was resigned to command the fleet.

The now slave Goolack was chained to his throne naked and forced to watch as his own warriors were now under the command of his rivals, his entire clan had been disgraced and disbanded but still he kept up the pretence that this will end badly for the Benemar.

“I wonder what Human slaves are like? I look forward to beating them into submission” High Chieftain Veetop said to himself, so far no Humans had been captured but there was still time, they had a number of outlining worlds and there were still billions left on their homeworld.

“They will not submit” Goolack said.

“Silence! You lost your right to ever speak again” he shouted hitting him.

“I shall show you how Benemar live, we do not let other races oppose us us, we conquer them!”

General Patton command the Terran defence force from an underground bunker hidden in the Antarctic, here he had access to the entire planets forces and his commanders and the picture was looking bleak at first look. But he had a plan and soon enough all the pieces would be in place, all that was needed was his reinforcements. He just hoped they would get there in time.

Outside the solar system the 8th army arrived and joined the task force that was gathering just outside of scanning range. Admiral Winston had wanted to attack the moment he arrived but General Patton had told him to wait, his captains were also getting impatient as the longer they waited to more people died.

“Are we really just going to wait here sir” Captain Clerk asked.

“Those are our orders, general Patton has superiority as he is the acting supreme commander and has some sort of plan in place” The Admiral replied and his tone betrayed that he did not like waiting either.

“But the longer we wait the more innocent people are dying!” Captain Kiev objected his thick Russian accent putting heavy meaning on his words.

“Do we at least know the situation on the ground sir?” Captain Williams asked polity.

“We know is the Benemar have landed close to 12 million troops but the figure may be more-”

“12 million!! There was only a fraction of the defence force on the planet” Kieve interrupted.

“Yes Captain and I would prefer if you did not interrupt me again” Admiral Winston said getting to his feet.

“Sorry sir”

“It’s all right, I understand your frustration but as I was saying because of the large number of enemy troops our forces have fallen back to more defensible positions but we have strongholds on all major continents”

The captains all fell silent, they had no choice but to wait and have faith in their comrades on Terra to hold the line.

General Patton held on tight as another bomb landed on the surface above, somehow the Benemar had found his bunker and were trying to dig him out, the intent was to cut off the head and body will die.

“Put me through to the enemy fleet, I think it’s we had a chat”

“Yes General” answered a com operator and he gave the thumbs up when the connection was made.

“This is General Abraham Patton of the Terran defence force”

The main monitor then shifted to show the bridge of the Benemar flagship, it was a dark and horrid place but sitting in his throne was the Benemar High Chieftain Veetop looking very pleased with himself.

“Ah General have you reconsidered my offer for your surrender?” he growled grinning all across his face.

“Actually I was going to ask if you wanted to surrender” he countered as another bomb hit.

High Chieftain Veetop gave a throaty laugh that almost sounded like he was going to choke and spat on the Benemar chained to his throne.

“Me? Surrender? Have you gone mad with fear Human”

“You really don’t understand us at all do you?”

“I understand enough that your kind are weak and cowards, your world burns before me, your people are being enslaved and if you think I am going to surrender then you are clearly mad”

General Patton smiled “I guess then that your answer is no?”


“Good” Patton cut the link and was put through to Admiral Winston.

“Admiral, you may begin your attack now, we are ready”

“About time!”

Patton smiled at his friends eagerness to get into the fighting and turned to his operators. “Are all systems ready?”

“Yes General, all platforms are powered and awaiting your order”

“Good, deploy the orbital guns and order the counter attack”

All across the planet the Humans suddenly stopped retreating and turned and fought back with every ounce of strength they could, all Benemar fronts began to encounter series resistance and could no longer advance. This sudden change In the Humans manner caught them of guard and many began falling back. But that was not all, underground and hidden from both scanners and prying eyes were huge bases, the ground parted to allow a cannon the size of a skyscraper to emerge and point up at the Benemar fleet above the planet.

“European gun ready”

“Mediterranean gun ready”

“Middle eastern gun ready”

“West and eastern Russian guns ready”

“Asian guns ready”

“Pacific guns ready”

“North and south American guns ready”

“African guns ready”

“All guns are deployed and ready to fire general”

General Patton gave a toothy smile as he imagined the Benemar’s faces at the sudden appearance of these weapons, they had no idea what was coming. He gave a single order.


The guns recoil was massive but was built to withstand it, but the earth around it was kicked up and sent anything close by flying as the immense power created it’s own shock wave. They were fast to reload too and could fire a single shell every ten seconds.

“High Chief we are detecting in coming fore from the surface”

“Impossible, no gun has the power to fire from the surface of a planet”

Just as he finished speaking one of the shells struck his ship, it was only a glancing hit but it destroyed a third of their port side guns, but the shell did not stop it continued on and struck and destroyed a cruiser that was close by the flagship.

The entire Benemar fleet came under fire, with thousands of ships in orbit it was impossible for the Humans to miss even if they tried, the Benemar captains panicked and tried to avoid this incoming fire but in the confusion they collided with each other.

“High Chieftain, we are being torn to shreds we must withdraw”

“I told you this was going to happen” Goolack laughed and was quickly shot by the High Chieftain.

“Pull the fleet back out of range!”

“More ships have appeared behind us!”

“Who’s!!!” he demanded to know as if he did not already know.

“Its the Humans”

“How many?!”

The Benemar sensor operator did not respond.

“I asked you how many?!”

The operator slowly turned “2064”

High Chieftain Veetop froze, that was almost the number of fleets in the entire Benemar fleet, and he only had half it under his command. “Get me High Chieftain Beeqol!”

“I can’t he’s dead, all of our forces are being overrun or are in retreat order is breaking down”

Veetop screamed in frustration.

Admiral Winston stood on his bridge watching the main monitor and the Benemar fleet desperately trying to get out of range of the orbital guns, he grinned as he saw what Patton was planning. The catch them between a rock and hard place.

“All ships, target the Benemar forces and engage on my command”

He quickly got his confirmations from his captains.

“2nd army fleet The Barons reporting ready”

“8th army fleet The Desert Rats ready”

“9th army fleet The Heavens Wrath ready”

In total there were 12 fleets in this task force under Admiral Winston and like Patton he gave one order.


If the fire from the planet was considered bad the fore from the fleet was catastrophic, the two points of fore tore the Benemar ships apart, those that were not destroyed by the opening barrage tried to make a run for it past the Human fleet. They too were shredded under multiple broadsides and their escape pods destroyed, there were to be no survivors.

The battle engagement last only a few scant hours but int hat time, close to 50 million Benemar were dead…none had been able to escape and no word got back to heir home world of what had happened.

“Your timing is excellent as always Admiral” Patton congratulated.

“As is your planning, well done”

“So I guess your men will need some rest?”

“Oh no, we have been attacked and this is a declaration of war” Admiral Winston grinned,

“To the Benemar homeworld then?” General Patton said.

“To the Benemar homeworld”

Bento Prime satellites detected incoming ships and rejoiced at the returning of their fleet, they prepared to welcome home their conquering hero’s

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Thank you for that adorable addition to Draco the sweater stealer, it gives me life to see him being all sweet to Harry :-D is it too soon to ask for more because I am willing to trade my soul for more of the adorable wizards trying to deny they aren't a couple?

Hope you don’t mind a little Romione as well  ❤

Stealing Sweaters (Part 3)

“I thought the eighth year game was finished?” Hermione asked as she came down to the front of the stands and sat next to Ron on a bench.

Ron nodded, slightly leant forward as he watched the two figures hanging motionless above them, “Yeah… we played without seekers, first to three hundred. Afterwards, those two stayed to play a seeker game.”

Hermione craned her neck up, “Malfoy and Harry?”

“Harry’s caught it twice. Malfoy was pissed and tried to leave but Harry talked him into one more game.” Ron never took his eyes away from them as they slowly circled above.

Then Draco dived, his eyes locked on a shining golden movement below. Harry followed instinctively, with a curling sweeping turn that brought him closer, pushing his own dive deeper for more speed, closing the distance between them. Draco glanced back and then flattened himself to his broom with a scowl of determination. Harry was nearly at his side as they raced along the pitch, both of them fixated on the little golden ball. The snitch veered right, away from Harry, and Draco turned with it, his whole body stretching out into the turn, lunging out and- he stopped, slowly pulling his hand towards him, only the snitch’s little golden fluttering wings visible from his fist.

“He did it!” Hermione cried.

Ron cupped his hands around his mouth, “Good on ya, Malfoy!!”

Draco looked over at them briefly, eyes wide with shock, and then back down at the snitch in his hand.

Harry flew over, nearly knocking them both off their brooms as he threw his arms around Draco in a boisterous hug, “Merlin! That was amazing!”

Ron blindly reached out for Hermione’s hand, grasping it tightly.

Hermione’s eyes widened, “Do you see-?”

Ron nodded, his voice croaked out, “He’s blushing. Malfoy’s blushing. I think he’s finally realised”

Hermione squeezed Ron’s hand and they glanced at each other for just a second before their eyes were torn back to the scene in front of them.

Draco’s cheeks were flushed pink. His expression warred between confusion and embarrassment and that was being overtaken by a realisation that made his whole face begin to turn red. He ducked out of Harry’s grip with a desperate halfheartedly complaint of, “Get off me, Potter,” and quickly descended onto the pitch, practically throwing himself off his broom and nearly running back towards the castle.

Ron and Hermione leant over the railing. Harry landed as well, looking utterly confused. He called after Draco as he ran to try and catch up but Draco ignored him.

“Thank Merlin, one of them has finally figured it out,” Ron said with a sigh of relief.

Hermione smiled briefly, “Yeah but… it’s Malfoy.”

Ron grimaced, “and he’s a coward.”

“And Harry’s awful when it comes to romantic stuff. He may never realise it, not if Malfoy’s trying to hide it,” Hermione added.

Ron stood, keeping hold of Hermione’s hand as they made their way out of the stand, “At least there’s hope now.”

“Maybe we can help things along?” Hermione suggested.

Ron glanced over and grinned, “I mean, we pretty much have to with those two.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~  Part 3 (you are here) ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7  ~ Part 8


I was prompted to do this by an anon. A little blurb turned into a oneshot. oops. Enjoy a little protective Shawn.

Summary: You and Shawn get mobbed outside your hotel in Brazil.

Word Count: 1.698

It wasn’t the first time you stepped out of a hotel room and you were greeted with Shawn’s fans. It surely wouldn’t be the last. It usually went over smoothly with you simply waving at them, saying a few hello’s and sorry’s because Shawn wasn’t with you at that time. Usually Ava, your bodyguard, escorted you past the handful of fans and got you to a waiting car. Usually, it was a pleasant experience despite the occasional jealous name calling that you had become immune to. Usually.

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Tell Me

In retrospect Keith proberly shouldn’t of teased the Galra holding them captive.
They had been on what Coran said was a peaceful planet so they had all gone down only in black.
However when they arrived they found the place swarming with Galra.
Shiro had tried to pilot them out of there but they were shot down and crashed on the banks of a large pink lake.
With Black down for the count they had tried to fight off the sentries, but they just kept coming and one got a lucky shot in knocking Lance’s helmet off and grabbing him round the neck.
The other Paladins had no choice but to drop their weapons or Lance would pay the price.
It was then that Keith had an idea.
“Let him go and I’ll give you information.”
“What information could you possibly have?” The general asked as he peered down at Keith in curiosity.
Keith looked around desperately trying to think of something when he remembered Allura telling them about an old virus they had used in the old days that would make the sentries useless.
Of course it was outdated and useless now.
But they didn’t know that.
“Information on a new sentry destruct virus.”
The generals eyebrows shot up into his hair line.
Keith hoped for a second he would let Lance go.
However he only tightened his grip causing Lance to weakly groan.
Even from this far away Keith could see the bruise forming around his neck.
“Tell me.”
“L-let him go first!” Keith demanded keeping eye contact.
“Tell me now or” he held Lance over the edge of the water, “I drown him.”
Keith felt his heart beat speed up. This wasn’t part of the plan.
The general took his stunned silence for refusal and threw Lance into the water, holding his head below the surface.
Hunk screamed his best friends name.
Shiro was desperately trying to fight his was free.
Pidge was trying not to panic.
And Keith was staring horrified.
This was all his fault.
“So red Paladin, tell me what I want to know.”
Keith couldn’t talk.
He didn’t have to answers.
“Just tell him Keith!” Hunk yelled frantically catching his attention.
“If you won’t then I will!”
Keith almost sighed in relief.
Hunk had figured out what he was doing and had a plan to get Lance out.
“Just let him up.” Hunk begged fully aware that though Lance was the best swimmer he knew, there was only so long a person could hold their breath.
And Lance had been under a full minuet already.
“Tell me about the virus first.” The general replied cooly not even noticing how Lance struggled beneath his grasp.
“I-it’s erm… it’s designed to fry the sentries databases so they don’t know who to follow anymore.”
“How?” The general asked.
“Let him up please!” Pidge yelled.
“I asked how!” He snarled.
“Plug into the main drive that commands them. There I told you now let him up!”
Hunk screamed at him tears running down his face.
Lance had stopped struggling, just lying still in the water.
Keith couldn’t breath.
This was all his fault, this was his bluff and Lance was paying for it.
“Return to the ship, tell Zarkon we captured the Paladins, well most of them. One was unfortunately killed in the process.”
“You bastard!” Keith yelled trying to break free.
However Shiro beat him to it.
Flipping the guard over his shoulder and jumping over his cuffed hands.
He barged into the general knocking into the water and causing him to drop Lance.
The next few moments were sheer chaos of grabbing weapons and trying to get away.
Pidge used her bayard to free Hunk who ran and pulled Lance from the water.
It wasn’t until they were all in Black flying away did they actually take a moment to check on the fallen Paladin.
His skin was a sickly grey colour and his lips tinged blue.
His hair was plastered to his forehead and he was so cold to the touch.
The worst was that he wasn’t breathing.
“Help me get his armour off!” Hunk ordered Keith as he began to take the armour off his best friends chest.
Keith in a daze did as he was told.
Once his chest was free of armour Hunk began doing compressions while Shiro radioed the castle.
“Allura we need a pod ready. Lance is down.”
“What happened?” Allura asked alarmed.
“We were jumped by the Glara and Lance was held under water for too long… h-he’s not breathing.” Shiro tried to hide the way his voice cracked but he couldn’t.
That was one of his team mates back there dying and he couldn’t do anything but fly as fast as Black would let them.
When then returned to the castle Hunk scooped Lance up and took off running.
Lance had coughed up a little water and was breathing on his own…
Hunk didn’t stop until they had him loaded into the pods.
Coran looked him over with a grave expression as the others filed in.
“He will live.”
Everyone melted to the floor all the tension and adrenaline leaving their bodies all at once.
“However it was close… I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some lung damage from the water.”
Keith stared at the pod.
He kept staring even after the others went to bed.
He was still staring when the pod hissed open and Lance fell out.
Keith was only just able to catch him before he hit the floor.
“Lance! How you feeling?”
Lance groaned and opened his mouth to speak but started coughing.
Keith stared panic clear on his face.
“I-I’m ok.” Lance wheezed after a while.
“No your not… you lungs are messed up now because of me. It’s my fault you almost drowned. I’m sorry Lance I’m so sorry.” Keith didn’t even realise he was crying until Lance wiped the tears from his face.
“Hey hey… it’s fine, I’m fine. Drowning if better then a broken neck.” Lance croaked.
Keith ran his thumb across where the bruise had been round his neck.
“Still… you don’t deserve this.”
“And you don’t deserve to feel bad, the Galra did this to me not you.”
Keith nodded but still felt bad.
That was until Lance pulled him close into a hug.
Keith silently promised that as long as he was there no one would ever hurt Lance again.

MariChat May
Day 5: Baton
Words: 1,240|AO3

It was just… sitting there.

Laying in the middle of the street untouched.

She had to grab it.

This akuma is dangerous, and she couldn’t find a safe spot to transform. She could see her classmates hiding around various corners, too scared to move because of the akumas projectiles.

It was deadly, nightmare dust that you would be forced to inhale, people wouldn’t be aware of what’s going on around them. Just thrashing, some running, some writhing on the ground in agony.

She can’t move, she can’t transform.

But she can’t leave her partner out there.

She can see Chat in the middle of the plaza, snarling and hissing at the akuma, fighting it hand to hand because the chance to grab his baton never presented itself through the giant’s arms. The akuma is massive, a writhing mass of blackened flesh with too many arms and hollow spots where the eyes should be. Its smile is stretched too wide across its face. Truthfully the most horrifying looking akuma she’s seen in all of her years.

‘What would Ladybug do?’

Ladybug would trust her partner and attack from the backgrounds, thinking of a strategy.

Chat doesn’t have time, every minute she can hear his Miraculous beep.

‘What would Chat do?’

Chat would know she needs her weapon, run toward it with a one track mind and feet fast enough to dodge everything, anything to protect his partner and himself.

Chat can’t do that right now.

But she, Marinette… she could… She could do something. She could be useful.

‘Be useful’

Marinette huffs, pulls off her shirt and shoves it in front of her mouth with one hand. She wraps her jacket around her and takes a deep breath through the cloth.

‘Go.’ her brain urges. She does.

She hears Alya yell her name as Marinette leaves her safe haven, but she doesn’t follow, for which the bluenette is thankful. One of her best friends is already out there.

Marinette runs towards the baton, lungs burning from the lack of air but she continues to ignore the explosions following her and instead keeps her gaze focused on the silver cylinder on the ground.

“Princess!” Chat Noir gives a strangled shout as she distracts him from dodging an oncoming hit, but she doesn’t spare him a glance and slides between the legs of the giant nightmare monster. One of its appendages chase her, threatening to wrap its large fingers round her ankles. She jumps over it, slides across rough brick, heels digging in the cracks in between. She stumbles, toes catching and tips forward, her hand landing on the baton at the last moment.

She flips her body over and swats at a few balls of nightmare dust flying her way, closing her eyes against the sand like texture that burst from them.

“Princess!” Chats shouting, still desperately attempting to get past the monster and to her but every time he tries one of the akuma’s many arms swipe him out of the air and send him flying in the opposite direction.

Tears streak down his face, and his miraculous beeps, Plagg likely trying to hold on as long as he can.

She swats the giant’s legs with her partners lengthened weapon, dodges a stray arm and swats him with the baton again, watching in satisfaction as all the akuma’s attention is turned to her.

Chat needs to recharge, and she needs him to recharge so she can transform. She runs between the monster’s legs, jumping over large and grotesquely twisted fingers and gives a grin to Chat.

Running on adrenaline she looks up and yells

“Hey, Boogieman!”

The Akumas eye less face turns down from Chat towards her tiny form and she watches the Cat try and fail to get it back by yelling as loud as he can.

“Mari! Please! Dont-”

“Catch me if you can!” And with that, he chucks the baton at Chat Noir watching as he leaps to catch it instinctively and then falling back onto a roof, a green light flashing from the spot he disappeared.

MARINETTE!” Chat’s voice breaks from where he hides.

Then, the girls tongue sticks out of her mouth and she dodges back as 8 arms come flying at her all at once.

The akuma has sent all of its arms through between its legs but doesn’t seem to mind as its upper body follows and it twists itself around, going through its own legs and then the legs just flipping over to land heavily on the ground behind him.

The grin is still there, terrifying as ever.

The chase is on.

“Marinette!” Tikki shouts from her purse and she grabs it to stop the jolting motion as he feet desperately pound against the ground. “Go right!”

Marinette trusts her kwami explicitly and doges to the right, landing hard on her shoulder as nightmare dust explodes where she was seconds before.

“Thanks for the save, Tikki!” Marinette huffs, lungs aching so bad it’s making her dizzy.

She’s starting to struggle, barely getting out of the way in time, just jumping over the sweeping arms of the monster. So little air reaching her lungs it’s making her eyes water.

She’s tackled sideways out of the way just at she stumbles over a sewage covering and the air is knocked out of her lungs with a shoulder to the solar plexus.

Chat jumps to the nearest roof and instead of setting her down, falls and presses her shoulders to the roof. The shirt tied around her mouth loosens and hangs around her neck.

“Are you out of your mind?” he growls, tear streaks drying and shoulders trembling.

“What?” Mari tries to sit up but Chat keeps her down without the slightest effort. “It’s fine, kitty I-”

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again!”

Actual tears are filling his eyes again but before Marinette can really do anything he tips forward and hugs her as best he can. His hands hold cautiously at her shoulders and she grits her teeth as he rubs his face against her neck.

“Chat, the akuma.”

“What…what… would I… do?” he asks, his nose pushing against her pulse and then tracing her jaw. He’s purring in his distress, his body trying to calm him down. It vibrates where his chest is pressed to hers, and shakes through her lungs, going all through her body.


“If I lost you.” he whispers. “How could I live with myself? Knowing I should’ve done something.” he pulls away from her neck a little, gives a sniff and seems satisfied with his work of… scenting her, maybe? Some Chat thing.

Chat Noir isn’t often selfish, and he doesn’t usually abandon his responsibilities. She lets him sniff her, purr, and press against her a little more, her face burning.

“Go, Chat.” she urges after a minute, pressing his shoulders.

He leans back, gives her a look that’s sadness and longing and relief and disappointment all at once, and then jumps away without a word.

She sits up slowly, somehow dizzier than when the shirt was over her mouth. Her face feels too warm and she pressed a hand to her cheek.

Yep, she’s absolutely burning.

This is bad.

Sun Bathing ☀️ Scott McCall x Reader


Requested: Yes

Request: Alpha Scott x Reader/ fluff/ smut

Warnings: contains smut (oral), swearing.

Note: This is my first smut ever, sorry if this shit is bad. Also, this turned out to be way longer than I intended, blame it on Spotify. Sorry

Sun Bathing| Alpha Scott x Reader

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You let out a long and relaxed sigh as you bathe in the sun. You were currently sun bathing on a lounge chair in your backyard, completely naked. Your parents weren’t coming back from visiting your aunt, Y/A/N, for another week and you made sure that all the doors were locked including the side gate that led into our back yard. You didn’t really mind because the gate surrounding your house was tall enough to keep away from those nosy people who like to peer in.

You applied some tanning lotion so you wouldn’t just burn and actually tan, making you smile because you knew you wouldn’t get weird tan lines. You rest yourself down, the chair accommodated to where you weren’t laying nor sitting up straight; just in the right position. You sipped on some lemonade, turned up the volume, and flipped through the pages of your favorite book, completely forgetting the fact that you were having a study date with a smitten alpha.


Scott knocked the door, grinning like a fool, waiting for you to open the front door to your house. He tried keeping the bubbling excitement to himself, but it was too hard, no pun intended. (I’m sorry, I hate myself, too.)

He frowned when he waited five minutes, “Maybe she was finishing something or she didn’t hear.” He whispered to encourage himself. He rang the doorbell, whistling to keep his wondering mind of all the horrible scenarios going on in his head. He wanted to be the most normal he could around you, meaning exactly as Stiles quoted, “No wolf powers.” But he couldn’t help but extend his nose higher and sniff for the familiar scent that makes his heart jump and pound and keeps him awake at night.

He’s known you for the two months since you started school at Beacon Hills, immediately befriending you for a certain pull that brought him to you. At first, he thought it was your aura, good spirit and beautiful personality, that bounded him to you, but he realized it was way more than that, he completely fallen in love with your kind heart, selfless mind, and friendly soul. He finally found his mate, but was too shocked and shy to make a move, until the “study date”. Which, he did need help in AP Calculus, so it was a win/win situation. He offered you help in AP Biology, now that was just a bonus.

He realized that you scent lingered in the back yard, so he assumed you couldn’t hear him. He made his way to side gate, cursing that he couldn’t view through nor over it. He tried opening, but with no such luck, he opted with climbing over it.

Landing on his feet, he looked up to see the back of your head, he smiled as your head danced with the music that was blasting through your earphones. “I knew she wouldn’t stand me up.” He whispers. He took one step, wanting to give you a fright, when you stood up to stretch your limbs and switch to tan your back side. He eyes widened, not being able to tear his eyes away from you, he choked on his own saliva. You looked up, finally catching up to what’s occurring.

You let out gasp, your hands dropping the book and ripping out the earphones.
“S-Scott…what are y-you doing here?” You stuttered. “Fuck, Scott, I truly apologize, I seem to have forgotten.” You spoke, forgetting the conflict, once you noticed the books he gripped in his hands. He gulped, finally tearing his eyes away before blinking rapidly, trying to get rid of the dirty fantasies he wants to desperately make reality. “I-It’s fine…w-we can r-reschedule.” He suggested still finding it hard to not jump your bones. Man, were you really making it hard at the whole no wolfing out.

He looked up as you bit your lip, making him clothes his eyes and breathe heavier. His now more visible bulge was making your not so innocent mind, go crazy. You remembered Malia’s words, ‘If you want that piece of meat, you go for that piece of meat, Y/N’. You kept her words in mind as the push of encouragement as you walked up to Scott, his eyes widening, before you dropped to your knees. He looked forward, eyes as big as the moon, his mind frozen in shocked to process what’s happening. He moaned, feeling your lips around his member. It was standing up and proud, a little cocky. (I’m sorry, I don’t know why anyone is friends with me.)

He pinched himself, knowing it was another wet dream, only to actually feel the teeny pain inflicted. You took your lips off of him, looking up, “Is there a reason behind the pinching, Mr. McCall?” You smirked seductively, suggesting things that no one would believe of, coming from you. Scott let out a animalistic growl, hearing you call him that, “Fuck, this is one of the best wet dreams I’ve had of you.” He whispered huskily. You smiled, wrapping your lips and bobbing your head, taking him all in, with one mission in mind: making him cum so hard to make him realize this wasn’t a dream.

Your were going so fast, his cock fucking your mouth at an inhuman speed. Your nose reached his happy trail, taking him all the way, moaning to send vibrations. You reached up, one hand on his balls, the other playing with your breast. You look up at him innocently, and that was all it took to have the big alpha a moaning and quivering mess. “Fuck Y/N, fuck fuck. Y/N! So good, fuck.” He yelled as his pulsing cock emptied its seed in your mouth. You swallowed it, sucking him as you took him out of your mouth, before sucking the tip one last time, his whimpers following the action due to sensitivity.

“Maybe we should reenact more of those fantasies you have of me, McCall.”

Business and Pleasure - Part 18

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,059

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I’m so so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this written, guys. I’m in my last semester of college and these last few weeks have been absolute hell. I’m slowly trying to catch up with life, while also trying to just make it through finals alive. Anyway, I’m not super thrilled with how this chapter came out, but I feel like I owe it to you guys to at least post it. I’m sorry if it’s not up to my usual standards, but I’m doing my best. Hopefully by the next chapter, I’ll be back to being my usual self. 

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“Y/N? Are you almost ready doll? We should get going. The appointment’s in an hour and you know how unpredictable traffic can be around this time,” Bucky smiled at you from the doorway, watching as you pulled on your shoes.

“Yup! Just let me grab my purse and I’ll be ready to go!” You nodded, blushing slightly as you felt his eyes trailing over your figure.

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Comatose-Chapter 1

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier, You are part of the Avengers and Dating Bucky Barnes, Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha, you catch them in the act and things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with Similar powers to Jean, Only with Immortality thrown in. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

The mission had drained you; Covered in bruises and dried blood, there had been too many agents and you cursed your lack of backup;You were sorely outgunned,but you had gotten the intel that you needed., It wasn’t uncommon for you to be sent on solo missions, your powers and skill set affording you the privilege of never really being the underdog, so while it was sometimes tricky, you usually came out on top.

Stepping out of the quinjet and into the hanger,you hurriedly make your way toward your shared bedroom with Bucky, relishing the thought of a hot shower and a night in his arms.,You missed him terribly while you were away., Things had been strange, distant between you of late,Your sex life had dwindled down to zero. He had refused to talk to you about it, and you were genuinely worried about the state of your relationship with the super soldier. Chalking it up to, too many missions and not enough quality time, you swallow your fears and with renewed vigour, strode through the compound looking for the man you love.

Nearing your bedroom, you can hear soft moans filtering through the door. You stop, listening intently,straining your already taxed senses. “Bucky,” you hear Natasha gasp, and your hand flies to your mouth; eyes wide with shock. As you gently open the door, fighting down the rise of bile in your throat, you can see Bucky moving languidly on top of Natasha, hand wrapped around her throat, her back arching off the bed, as he fucks her in a way he hadn’t with you in a very long time. Red hot flaring anger replaces the horror in your chest.

“Having fun?” you say loud enough for them both to hear. Bucky’s movements stop almost instantly, his head whipping around to stare at you with mouth agape. Natasha pales, lips opening and closing, searching, apparently, for a way to justify betraying her best friend.

“(y/n)” Bucky says as he pulls out, both of them scrambling for clothing. “I can explain,” he starts.

“Oh spare me the ‘I can explain’ bullshit, Barnes!” you spit, eyes blazing red with power. He flinches visibly at the use of his last name. “I do not want to hear your flimsy excuses. Just get your shit out of my room and leave. Both of you. Now!” You turn to leave, desperately needing to get out, get away from him. From her. From this place. From the people you have given up everything for.

“Wait!” Bucky yells as he catches up with you, grabbing you by the arm. He spins you around, and you try yanking your arm away, shoving at his chest to dislodge him. “Listen,” he hisses, grabbing your free wrist with his metal hand, effectively cutting off your assault. “I’m sorry, it just happened,” he states weakly.

“It just happened,” you echo duly. “How did screwing my best friend just happen, James?” Your anger is mounting, overtaking the pain in your chest by miles, but he doesn’t seem to recognise the danger because he forges on.

“She was there when we started drifting apart. She always had a way of pulling me back from the edge. I just… I need her,” he sighs. “Please understand. I love ya, doll, I do, but Natalia…”

You’re dumbstruck. Feelings of worthlessness worm themselves into your mind, testing your already fragile control, and he seems completely oblivious to your internal struggle.

“I think I’m in love with her…But i’m still in love with you too. Please… I just… I made a mistake,” he says, rather uncertainly.

“Then let me make it easy on you, Barnes,” you sneer as you unleash your power, divesting yourself of his hold. “If you ever put your hands on me again, I will kill you,” you state simply as you advance toward him. Held up by your power, Bucky is flailing in mid-air. “If you ever look at me again, I will cut out your eyes and feed them too Natasha,” you say as you slam him against the wall. “If you ever say my name again I will cut out your tongue and leave it for Steve to find,” you forge on as tears spring unbidden to your eyes, trying frantically to regain control of yourself. “I loved you, gave you everything I could, James, and you ripped it all away from me. Everything I held dear with no thought of what it would do to me,” you whisper as you release him, and watch while he falls heavily to the floor. You turn to leave, seeking any reprieve from the hell you seem to have walked into, only to see Natasha standing in the doorway looking pale and strained.

Ignoring her completely, you focus a final time on Barnes and murmur, “Maybe you are the monster you think you are, James.” It’s the last thing you say before you climb onto the elevator, listening as he breaks down on the carpeted floor.

The elevator ride is the longest you had ever endured, and you pray that you can make it to Tony’s lab without turning into a sobbing mess. You are barely keeping tumultuous control of your emotions, fighting your very nature, your very urge to cry, to sob, to scream. But you can’t. Not yet.

When the elevator doors pings open, you step unsteadily out, and make a beeline for the billionaire’s lab. Barely able to pay attention to your surroundings, you ignore the calls of your name from fellow agents, desperate to get to Tony. You need to get out of here, and soon, before you breakdown.

Throwing open the door to Tony’s lab, you call out gently, receiving an affirmative response, followed quickly by the man himself. “What’s up, sugar?” he asks.

“I need a few days,” you reply.

He quirks an eyebrow. “A few days for what?”

You sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “T, I really can’t explain right now,” you say, heaving in a breath. “I need you to let me do this, please,” you beg, while he eyes you warily.

“What does the tin can have to say? Is he going with you?”

You hiss at him, “No, he will be staying right fucking here, far away from me.” Tony has the good sense not to question you further, agreeing to give you three days off, but only if you check in once a day. You agree without hesitation and finally take your leave of the compound, making your way to the apartment you keep in the city.

Fifteen minutes later, you step into your apartment, stripping off the combat suit you’re still wearing. As you head for the shower, you pay no mind to the framed photos of you and Bucky that seem to shatter as you pass, until you can finally let the hot water cascade over you. Letting the bottled up emotion spill over, you scream desperately at nothing, praying for some sort of reprieve from the pain that’s coursing through you.

How could he? How could he do this to me? Sobs racking your frame, you slide down to the floor, curling yourself into a ball beneath the spray. Why wasn’t i good enough? What’s wrong with me?

Self-hatred prevalent in your mind, you cry for what feels like hours before you finally find the energy to pick yourself up, dry yourself off and climb into bed, hoping that when you wake, this would all just have been a bad dream, and Bucky would still be here with you.  

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MONSTA X Your Fever

When you have a fever so high you hallucinate.

Shownu – He’d been worried when you we feverish but once you started talking about things that weren’t there he would take you to a doctor. Immediately. If you wouldn’t come willingly he’d pick you up bridal style, over his shoulder or put you on his back, whatever it took. Though Shownu isn’t usually forceful with you at all, he’d want to get you to some help because you were beyond thinking clearly for yourself. He’d realize you were at a point that he could no longer care for you and get you to someone who could help you get better. He wouldn’t panic and just focus on getting you help.

Wonho – He would have been doting on you anyway while you were ill and then if you started hallucinating he’d freak out. He’d be repeating to you over and over that things were ok, but he’d also be trying to calm himself down. He’d try to get you to drink some water and as he did his hand would keep going to your forehead, his gut clenching at how warm you felt. In desperation an idea would come to his mind and he’d haul you to your feet leading you to the bathroom. Too impatient to wait for the tub to fill he’d turn the shower on cold and stand with you under the spray, holding you up and shivering but not wanting to leave you.

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