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Alternate Titles For Every Rick and Morty Episode
  • Pilot: Wow This Drunk Old Man Is Psychotic
  • Lawnmower Dog: Your Dog Probably Hates You Just FYI
  • Anatomy Park: That One Magic School Bus Episode Except Ms Frizzle Is A Total Asshole
  • M. Night Shaym-Aliens!: Jesus Christ My Brain Hurts
  • Meeseeks and Destroy: Jerry Sucks At Golf
  • Rick Potion No. 9: Morty Is Literally Irresistible
  • Raising Gazorpazorp: This Is Why We Need Planned Parenthood
  • Rixty Minutes: Surprise! We Almost Aborted You
  • Something Ricked This Way Comes: Pluto's Not A Planet And Jerry Is Bitter About It
  • Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind: Too Many Ricks
  • Ricksy Business: And The Award For Most Irresponsible Grandpa Ever Goes To Rick Sanchez
  • A Rickle In Time: Just Try To Tell Me Rick Doesn't Care About Morty I Fucking Dare You
  • Mortynight Run: Fart
  • Auto Erotic Assimilation: Thought This Show Was A Comedy? Lol Think Again
  • Total Rickall: Beth You Fucked Up
  • Get Schwifty: American Idol: Final Boss Edition
  • The Ricks Must Be Crazy: Summer And The Deathmobile
  • Big Trouble In Little Sanchez: TINY RICK BITCHES
  • Interdimensional Cable 2 - Tempting Fate: Imagine Getting Your Genitals Surgically Removed To Save Martin Luther King Jr's Life
  • Look Who's Purging Now: Furry Bitch Shoots Rick and Friendzones Morty
  • The Wedding Squanchers: Birdperson Was Arguably The Best Character On This Godforsaken Show And Didn't Deserve This
  • The Rickshank Rickdemption: Your Move, McDonald's
So I think this is being misinterpreted a bit...

He’s not crying because Victor indirectly said he wants to marry him again, but because of this:

remember this? Viktor wanted to motivate Yuuri with giving him an “ultimatum” or something he “has to do” or else he will retire as his coach. So this method obviously went utterly wrong, but in the end Yuuri said “Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win. You don’t have to say anything, just stay by my side” (lol pair skate reference there, too)

The point I’m trying to make here is that this scene seems familiar now:

Yuuris look at the end also shows, that he totally got what Victor is trying to say here: He’s using the same method from episode 7 again, but this time to remind Yuuri, that he will indeed stay by his side and that he has faith in him, no matter what happens

And of course, because they are both smol beans and so in Love, they start smiling an crying (Lol Victor, you made him cry again with your crazy method). It’s because Victor has complete faith in Yuuri, and knows he will indeed do his best, and Yuuri knows that his Lover Victor belives in him.

Established relationship fluff

Hi, I love your blog and I hope you will have any cuddly established destiel fics for me ^.^

Hey there! Thanks for loving the blog, we love you right back. I honestly feel so bad for not being able to put enough effort into this blog lately, but my real life suddenly went crazy and I’ve been running between the office, bank, campus and home, trying to find time to manage through everything. Now things are getting a bit more normal and I’m finally able to read and do this blog again! As Admin A said yesterday, we’re trying our hardest to win the lottery jackpot so that we would be free to do nothing but this, lol!

But about this post: by a mistake I only collected non AU fics for this post. I really didn’t mean to do so, I only realized it after I’ve made this, so hope you like non AU fics as well and wasn’t hoping for AU fics instead. Maybe we can do a similar post with only AU fics in future. – Admin J

Title: It’s Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise

Author: TheAuthorGod

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,525 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: If this isn’t fluffy then I don’t know what is. I love it when people can dig up the fact that what Dean and Cas share isn’t just lust or normal love because the entire point of this ship is the profound bond they share. In this fic the author has managed to tell that very well, in my opinion. I also like the fact that when Sam sees them they’re so cool and manly men, but when they think they’re alone they’re so cuties.

Summary: Dean and Cas have been together but most of their relationship had been behind doors and away from Sam’s eyes; thank god. That meant that Sam hadn’t been privy to any of their… you know; but, he still worried. Sometimes their lack of intimacy made him wonder if they were truly happy. Sam comes back early from some research and his doubts are smoothed over.

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Title: The Best Things in Life are Almost Free

Author: domesticadventures, propinquuitois

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 2,979 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Why awkward Cas is always so cute, even if the fact is that if someone else would be this awkward in real life, it would be only… Well, awkward. I love Cas with coupons in this one! So cute!

Summary: “Look at all these groceries, Dean,” Cas says, beaming. “They cost me precisely thirty-two cents.”

Dean looks like he isn’t sure whether to be impressed or appalled. “Cas,” he says. “How.”

In which Cas discovers the joy of couponing.

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Title: This Scene Won’t Play

Author: OomnyDevotchka

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,420 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one it’s only side Destiel, but it’s established and there’s so cute Sabriel and awesome daddy!Chuck trying to fix his mistakes as a dad. So cute! I hope you don’t hate Sabriel because otherwise this wouldn’t be your thing at all.

Summary: AU after season 5. After being brought back from the dead, powerless, by a romance-crazed Chuck, Gabriel is plopped down in the Winchester brothers’ motel room with a task to complete: find and kiss his true love within a month. Also known as Gabriel is a Disney Princess.

Warning: contains attempted non-con

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Title: If Someone Asks, This Is Where I’ll Be

Author: clockworkrobots

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,484 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I’m positive that most of you will consider this as one of the fluffiest things in world, but something was off between me and this fic. I don’t know what, maybe I was too angst-y-feely or something at the moment, but I just… I couldn’t get a grip on it, no matter how much I tried.

Summary: Like with many things about them, Dean’s first attempt at a marriage proposal is both poignant and awkward. At least half it is Cas’ fault.

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Title: He’s Gonna Marry Me

Author: fleurofthecourt

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,068 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: …okay, maybe it’s just me this time. Now I started to cry over this fic and this wasn’t even that kind of epic angst or the most romantic thing ever kinda stuff. Just ignore me today, there’s some big mental problems with me today! There’s another proposal fic. Totally fluffy.

Summary: “If we were married, I could be a Winchester,” Cas says. He doesn’t look up from the colossal phone book he’s been perusing for the past three hours. He doesn’t act like that would be a life changing big deal. His index finger glides from Schneller to Schuller.

Dean loses the ability to form words. “Uh… yeah…that’s, uh, yeah.”

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Title: One Species Too Many

Author: wallmakerrelict

Rating: Explicit

Words: 21,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I know I’ve recced this many times before, but it’s fluffy and cute and awesome! There are kittens and fallen Castiel and amazing Dean, so what more can you ask for? It’s probably my favorite fluff oneshot.

Summary: While Dean is laid up for a month after breaking his leg on a hunt, Cas decides that it’s a perfect time to adopt a litter of kittens. But even though he’s gotten better since Purgatory, Cas still isn’t quite the same as he was before fixing Sam’s head, and being trapped in a cabin with him for weeks on end is making that all the more obvious to Dean. When Sam takes off on a hunt, Dean has to figure out on his own how to navigate his new relationship with Cas while also helping to raise a bunch of fuzzballs that aren’t even cute. Not even a little bit.

( Read here )

Title: Human Touch

Author: Soupernabturel

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,492 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is a fic I always end up to when I read the summary. Then I remember I have read it already, but I really don’t remember what has happened in it. And then I re-read it only to notice that I should’ve liked it more. But maybe you do like it more, because it’s fluffy and cute and all!

Summary: Dean keeps on getting hurt, and a newly human Cas keeps trying to make him feel better…

( Read here )

150807 Music Bank Recording:

* Hyuk was making weird screeching noises like a dinosaur AHAHAH and he made other members do it kk  Ryeowook was really embarrassed and messed up his screech noise HAHAHA it was hilarious. Kangin’s screech noise was like manly but hyuk’s was high pitched

* When we got in Hyukjae was sitting infront of my row, cos I got the front. I didn’t recognized him first cos I could only see his head while I was going down the stairs. But I was thinking ‘that head looks familiar’ when when i got to my seat he turned around bowed his head to us and went all awkward while giggling but he just stayed in his seat, a staff came to tell him to go front if he wanted but he was 'no, i’m okay’ anjfhdhdjjd and he stayed for a few minutes then left dhkdjdjjd but hr was so cuteeeeeee

* When hyuk was sitting at the fans section and we were sitting down behind him and cause everyone was surprised he looks so smug about it

* when we went in hyuk was sitting on one of the chairs. He was telling us to come sit beside him but we were like sorry we are busy 

* Since Kyuhyun was at the front he was rising his arms with a smug face like 'scream for me’ so we all scream for him and he just keep smiling loool.

* Wherever hyuk went heechul was there…he backhugged him but got apart and said “oh we are too close” XD

* HEECHUL GRABBED HYUK AND WAS LIKE “MINE!!” and he kept holding onto hyukjae while hyuk ran. Hyuk said “report this guy (heechul)” HAHAHAHA

* Hyukjae said 'ah’ and then we all screamed and he started pointing to Kyuhyun like 'look they are screaming for me and I only said ah’ so he did it again and he was looking so proud, he went to every member to make them say ah. Ryewook didn’t want to so was no no then Hyuk hugged him and didnt left him until Wook squealed a 'ah!’. When he was trying Yesung, Yesung onky open his mouth but he didn’t make any sound.
When he went to Heechul, Heechul ended up back hugging Hyuk and said 'MINE’, everyone went crazy loool, Hyuk was like 'friend friend’ LOL. Then Heechul was like humming a ballad while back hugging Hyuk loool

* on the rehearsal when it’s Donghae time to sing he comes out making a turn but be kind of tripped a bit and then kept dancing lol

* Convo between us and teuk: 

Teuk: are you not tired? 

Fans: no~ 

Teuk: did you eat? 

Fans: NO!!!! 

Teuk: ah should lose weight right 

Fans: -.- -.-

* The members kept doing the fortune cookie pose ~_~ especislly hyukjae

* Before the 2nd take 83line, kangin, and yesung went on stage and was talking and teuk did a really weird dance and kangin was like stop lol, Then yesung did the dance and the others (minus kangin who was telling teuk off) laughed at him

* Donghae hit Yesung on the shoulder but, man, it sounded so hard lol… like that must have hurt Hyukjae went to yesung and patted him where Donghae hit him.

* They were discussing the new steps before  recording. And when they were sone donghae slapped kyuhyun chest like really hard  

* Donghae hit kyuhyun really hard and made a really loud slapping sound while saying  AISHHHHHHHH

* They (i think teuk) messed up before heechul’s rap(?) And then after that break donghae went on stage and was like “shower~” HAHA

* They change the random dance.. that so funny

* The bit when Kangin, Hyukjae and Leeteuk sing in the middle is so fucking adorable fhrkhrjrkirkr I can’t with it dhrkjrjr 

* Then one time ryeowook and yesung was behind in their own world. Wool was fixing yesung’s collar(?) And they were laughing giggling guys pls


* Teuk said after recording that those who are going to inkigayo should hurry hahaha and said typical thank you stuff haha 

* when they were talking and taking their time fans were like “faster!”

* Hyukjae made more screeching noises when we left XD

* We practically run out as soon as we got told we could leave, boys were like 'be careful’ 'take care’ they all were telling us bye bye ㅠㅠ

cr:eSTARstar,dinoteuk,haelic, kyrill

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I was into Homestuck quite a few years ago (like 2011-early 2013) and then life got crazy and the fandom got kinda scary and I think there was a big hiatus?? Anyway, now that everyone's all excited about the updates and stuff I'm wondering if it's worth looking into again. What do you think, as a homestuck to an ex-homestuck - is it worth it?

Alright clearly I have lots of feelings on this, lol.

I never left Homestuck (obv), but a great many number of my friends did, around the same time. But take what I say with a grain of salt because I’m biased and I love Homestuck. But trying to be objective, I still say absolutely. Especially since there’s a lot of things that make much more sense on a solid read through than pulling your hair out over each individual update.

A lot of people have expressed how Homestuck “doesn’t feel like Homestuck” or the writing feels different. Having read and kept up with everything, and reread, I can tell you the writing has grown and matured, but I think the humor and everything else remains the same, and the characters have simply grown up. I feel the writing is still strong, and of course, all the characters are still the lovable assholes we know and love.

That said, if it’s been a while, the YOU that’s reading Homestuck now is not the same YOU that first read it. The things that interested you about it at first might not now, or you might find something new and fascinating to love, or new characters to love when you read it with the perspective of time. Do not try and reread/catch up to Homestuck because you want to recreate the feeling of reading it for the first time, or the mood that was in the fandom even a year or two ago. It’s very different. Good different, I feel. I like the analysis and the talented fanart that comes from each update, but I can tell you a bit of the ZOMG UPD8!!!! Feeling each time has definitely dimmed. I think most of that is that the fandom is smaller, and there’s kind of a melancholy knowing it’s ending soon, and that hangs over a lot of people.

I feel overall the fandom, at least on Tumblr… Can’t speak for kids who only know it through YouTube and Gaia and Facebook(???) has been much gentler than it used to be.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, when an update drops its still like a bomb going off, but instead of running to take cover I want to come and join in the party!

So it’s up to you! I know a lot of Ex-Homestucks are waiting till the Last Update to catch up and read the whole thing. But I’ll miss the new update buzz really badly when the comic does finally end.

Appreciation Post 2016 ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

First of all i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED SISTAR 生日快乐 ( ´∀`)っ┌iii┐。*・@dreamsinparadise WINI ~ (●≧з≦)っ⌒ Thanks for the 15 years , the happiness and sadness and of course the craziness that we shared together ~~~~~♡♡(๑>ڡ<)☆ Thanks for bringing me into this fandom and the show me the awesomeness of otome ~ love you sis (●≧з≦)っ⌒
Back to the topic ~ I started tumblr few months back but due to my studies and exam so i really started using tumblr is just only around two months … regret for joining so late 😂😂 2016 is a really hectic year and i spent almost whole year with notes and revision books only 😂😂 after my test which is the day i finally to really started use tumblr , my sister drag me into my first humble hell with @rainbowatnight ( Truth or Dare) 😂 which allow me to join in the craziness easier and i get know and chat to lots of awesome trolls friends here
( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

@rainbowatnight Sari chan, thanks for being my literally first troll i know here and let me join the humble hell (๑>ڡ<)☆ and of course trolling with me for these months , chatting or ranting,sharing the love of otome guys o(≧∇≦o) i really love your awesome edits by the way ~~ if we get to play ToD again … i hope i can give you one dare about pocky game 😜 lol
@akanojikan Kan chan,You are the cutest troll i met so far maybe yes maybe no😂😂 Thanks for chatting with me and being my mates, sharing the awesomeness of otome guys and their CGs ~~ love your drawing~ 😘😘 teach me if you can (o_ _)o lol
@cottonballwithmustache MINA SIS ~ I dont know how many times you drag me into crazy stuff 😂😂 like the “hug and kiss” one … you know what i meant but Thanks to you i get the courage to try asking “the lords” on crazy things which is like impossible for me to ask if i am on my own 😂😂 and it’s really fun to do it sometimes and also kill me at the same time
@singokumaiden I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR GIF ON SLBP GUYS IN THE HARRY POTTER WORLD ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ especially the lastest one and the drawing for me and yukimura (๑>ڡ<)☆ I still owe you yukkin epi (ノ∀`) will try to give you asap
@thedreamingotaku CONGRATS SACHI CHAN ~~ hope you and masu may get your dad blessing (●≧з≦)っ⌒ Just kidding or maybe not 😂 Although we didnt chat much but i really enjoy it hope we can chat more 😄😄 and troll more together~
@dreamfar628 and @otomeprincessstuff thanks for chatting with me for a while 😄😄 hope we get to chat more in 2017 ~~
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@limopee thanks for your notes ~(^з^)-☆ It really brighten my day :) i love it ~♡ although you dont know me but still want to say thx to you
And thanks for all the followers and the blogs that i followed no matter is SLBP or MYSTIC MESSENGER or others my favourite stuff ~ Thanks for the great things that you all post no matter is fanfic or fanart which brighten my day and make my life more interesting and cool that gave me a wonderful memories~~♡♡♡ (´ ▽`).。o♡ Best wishes to everyone and hope your dreams will come true ~~ AND MAY THE ODDS OF 2017 BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR ☆☆