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Love isn’t blind

When Will was younger, it wasn’t unusual for him to come across whispers, people saying, one way or another, that love was blind. Needless to say that, on that time, the small freckled blond didn’t understood what others meant by that, what the message hidden behind said words was supposed to mean. Love was a feeling, wasn’t it? An impulse, an emotion born out of proximity and nice gestures, one that bloomed inside other’s hearts sometimes unexpectedly, without a warning or permission; how come that an abstract and untouchable concept could be able to have senses on his own?

Questions like those were the ones that the beings who spoke those words heard almost right after pronouncing them, the blue eyed finding himself unable to stop his mouth from opening to inquire about the topic, from trying whatever he could to try and obtain the answers his curiosity demanded inside his brain. The others never seemed certain of their own answers, their eyes roaming around rather nervously in some occasions as if it was a deity with immense power the one interrogating them and not a kid that could barely reach the stack of cookies his mother had hidden on a considerably high section of their cupboard at home. Perhaps, he considered years later, it was because they didn’t feel like dumping somewhat heavy information to a small child…or maybe it was due to the fact that the phrase had been tattooed into society’s brain as a default feature without someone knowing what it meant for sure.

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// open.

“want me to go? i don’t want to hang around and overstay my welcome, i figured that was just for last night and now the clocks ticking. just say the word, i can get out of here.”

*stares at hands* ok would I actually follow through writing that tho…

sleep elixir

fic where Murr has a long day at work and comes home and Q, Sal, and Joe all see that he’s tired so they all lay on the couch together and cuddle and Murr is in the middle of all of them. Something cute and fluffy like that.

i tried to make it as flufftacular as possible 

rated e for everyone unless you’re morally opposed to cuteness (and some cursing)

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this guy I went on a date with a few months ago texted me back with a ‘hello there’

Nothing was specifically bad about the date but he wanted some one to build a serious relationship with, I wasn’t/aren’t looking for that so I broke it off because he didn’t seem to be getting that our goals aren’t compatible

We don’t live near or in the same spaces at all so it’s not been an issue but I’m trying to figure out if I should reply or just brush things off, it was literally one date so I don’t feel particularly obligated to respond


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart