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Phichit and Yuuri doing each other's makeup, wearing facials, watching Disney movies having pillow fights, talking about all the campus cuties.... I need all of that x33

me tooooooooooo let’s be real I’m pretty sure phichit’s watched every single chick flick movie or the ones where the main character is a teen girl in high school, and he loves the cheesy sleepover aesthetic so much that he makes it his goal to try out all the goofy tropes at some point with yuuri. one night they try a bunch of homemade facials and scrubs, another they paint each other’s toenails. once phichit borrowed a curling iron from a friend and got yuuri to try to curl his hair and they deemed phichit to be equally as cute with curly hair. they even get into those deep conversations that you have past two am that once consisted of “hey phichit if we’re both single when we’re 40 do you want to get married?” “definitely buddy”. “hey yuuri if I ever needed to bleach my asshole would you do it for me?” “I mean I wouldn’t like it but yeah I’d do it”

Voltron Characters and their VA’s: Part 2

Electric Boogaloo.  You all liked my post of Voltron voice actors and their tweets, so I give you voice actors and their beautiful faces 

Shiro: Josh Keaton

Lance: Jeremy Shada

Keith: Steven Yeun

Pidge: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Hunk: Tyler Labine

Coran: Rhys Darby

Matt Holt: Blake Anderson

Haggar and Zarkon: Cree Summers and Niel Caplan

I honestly couldn’t find a picture of Allura’s voice actress looking silly because she literally always looks like actual royalty, so here’s Kimberly Brooks probably blessing Pidge and Lance

(All photos were taken from public accounts)

So You Do Love Me (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

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You were very successfull in USA, you were in the industry since you turned 18, you were loved by many people worldwide mostly cause you kept it real, you didn’t try to be the sweet girl or the sexy one or the goofy one, you were all of them. You showed different trypes of yourself, your latest album called ‘voices’ was a huge success, people loved how you played around with all different kinds of emotions, that’s why it was called 'voices’ because people have all kinds of voices in their head and you didn’t just stick to one. 

But you felt like you were getting comfortable. You wanted a challenge, yes you did get challenged cause being in the spotlight is a daily struggle, but you were getting used to it. A concert in Korea turned everything around, it was so different and you quickly noticed that not many foreigners made it big in this country. It took a full year for you to get realeased from your contract in USA and get signed in a company in Korea called YMC


You were very happy, but not many people were. Korea was a very competitive country and very strict with their bussiness, especially when you are a foreigner. Being called a “koreaboo” and stuff like that had become an everyday thing. You were very close to giving up and going back to USA, that was when you met Jay.

You could swear that you had never met such a positive person. He was very welcoming and helping, he knew how hard it could be for an artist that had nothing to do with this country and tried to find success. So he welcomed you with open arms, you collaborated on a song called “Still killing it” and it was great, you enjoyed his company and you decided that just because your song ended, that does not mean your friendship would


Jay had a very special place in your heart, like you had in his. You loved to talk to him, to get his opinion for everything and just be silly together, you understood each other and your bond started growing daily. Sometimes you questioned your motives, they were plenty of times that you caught yourself imagining stuff that were not what firends do, you felt that warm fuzzy feeling when he hugged you, you had a smile whenever he called you beautiful, you felt nice when he hid his face in your neck when he was tired and hugged you to find comfort.

You were extremely happy when he told you that you would appear together at a hiphop special that the variety show 'happy together’ was doing, with you it would also be Dok2, Bobby, Cheetah and Kittib. Of course you chose the dressing room that was next to his.“Come in"You said when you heard a knock on your door. He walked in with a smile and approached you and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

"You’re ready babygirl?”

“Yeah they are just finishing my hair”

“I like your lipstick, it brings out your eyes”

He complimented you. You smiled and winked at him. Recently the feelings that you usually brushed off were getting stronger and it was scaring you, you’ve seen how girls come and go and you did not want that to happen to you.


You walked in all togehter and because of your heels and your sore ankle made you trip, but Jay who was of course right next to you caught you and pushed you next to his body

“No, stay with me girly”

He said and posed, making it a bit comedic and acting like nothing happened. You posed next to him while others laughed, you giggled and went to your seat

“That was a quick save”

One of the MC’s spoke. You smiled and nodded

“Yeah, that’s why I hang out with him”


The interview kept going and it finally your turn came.

“So you have a second album coming up, what are we expecting from this one?”

“It’s more of a fluffy vibe to it. Since my last album was very bold and seductive, I wanted to show a different side of me”

“She has slippers with bunnies on them”

“Hey, you weren’t supposed to say that”

You said and covered Jay’s mouthed. He licked your palm- knowing that it will gross you out- and you yanked it away

“Ewww, disgusting" 

 You rubbed your hand on his shirt, making the saliva he left get rubbed on his shirt

"Aren’t they adorable?”

Dok2 pointed it out, and everyone nodded their heads

“I am adorable, he is gross”

“really? then why do you call me everytime you are sad? 'Jay I need to talk to you, I am upset, please Jay’ ”

He said in a high whiny voice, immitating you. You slapped his upper hand and desided to turn the tables on him

“Cause I feel bad for you and I want you to feel like you have friends”


“Yeah. Ah!”

He put you on a headlock, getting a wild reaction from not just you but from everyone, some of them even laughed at the silly view

“Take it back”


“Jay let her go, her managment will sue us”

The MC said. He let you got and you slapped him in the face this time.

“You idiot, that really hurt”

“I am sorry bunny”

He used the nickname he had for you and kissed your cheek. Everyone aww’d and you just pushed him awayDuring the rest of the interview you couldn’t help but question your feelings. Was this really just a friendly game? or did he also have some other feelings for you? was it worth the risk?

“So as you said, you are a very sexy and seductive artist? Does that scare guys away?”

“Sometimes. Some men was a very normal and cute girl, I like to wear tight clothes and show my curves, if a guy can talk about sex then why shouldn’t I do it?”

“That’s why I also approached her. She has that amazing and unapologetic attitude, she is also a straight boss, no artist would do what she did and go to a totally diferent country and start from scratch.”

Jay chimed in. You leaned your head to his shoulder and looked at him with puppy eyes

“Awww so you do love me”

“Sadly, yes”

Your smile dropped and you pulled away from him

“You just ruined a perfect moment”


You didn’t wait for him, you jsut went back to the dressing room as fast as you could. He noticed that, he had to admit that it bothered him, he wanted to talk to you. For a week now he was pep talking himself to talk to you, he couldn’t keep the act anymore, to him you were never a friend, he just never knew how to talk to you like a girlfriend, you made him nervous and protective. He was even overprotective towards you when it came to him, he knew his reputation and how he portrayed himself in the public, how could you trust a man that on it’s latest mv had a girl on his lap and on a bed? He thought he was protecting you, but in reality you jsut putted yourselfs in a torture

“hey, you weren’t really hurt by the headlock right?”

“No, I’m fine don’t worry about it”

You avoided eye contact as you took of your bracelets. The both of you could feel the tension growing, he had to put an end to this

“Let’s go out”

“I’m not hungry Jay

”“No, not like that. As a… date”

That got your attention. You turned to him completely stunned, you opened your mouth but nothing came out

“I…. um…. what?”

“I like you (y/n), I don’t want to be your friend, I never did. I want to be your man, I am sorry but I cannot stand on the side and just let other guys to touch you-specially after that Chul guy-  and…. I want to be that man”

You smiled at him. Seeing him so upset over your ex boyfriends, he never liked Chul, he thought that he was stuck up and arrogant. You ended with him on friendly terms but Jay never stopped complaining about how he treated you.

“You are so cute”


He raised his eyebrow, not expecting you to say that. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, he automatically wrapped his around your waist.

“Should I wear my bunny slippers on our date?”

“Ohhhh girl you trynna seduce me, with those sexy ass slippers”

“Maybe a hair bun too?”

“girl you sure know how to turn a guy on”

Anonymously Submitted- Leave 'em On - Austin Carlile Imagine (Smut Warning)

*This is my very first smut so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :) 

Leave ‘Em On.  (Austin Carlile Smut)

            I was sitting in mine and my husband Austin’s room waiting for him to get home. He had gone to the studio and said he should be home around 3, it is now 5 and I was starting to get worried. I decided I would call just to make sure he wasn’t dead or in jail or something. When he picked up he sounded quite irritated and I instantly regretted calling.

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Being best friends with Ashton would include:

- running into each other’s arms really dramatically at the airport
- getting an hour long tour of everything and then being introduced to everyone helping with the tour
- ‘this is Mark, he does the sick lights for the stage’
- 'this is Emma, she makes sure the stage and set is perfect’
- offering up his bunk to sleep in the back lounge
- Looking up fan art
- Lots and lots of selfies
- 'hey look at THAT graffiti let’s take a picture of it!!’
- 'really, Ash? Again?’
- poking each other’s dimples
- teaching him how to braid his hair
- 'I can’t do this! My fingers are too long!’
- giggling a lot
- helping him cut off the sleeves to his shirts
- him insisting on paying for things, because his 'mum raised him right’
- bringing you onstage during soundcheck to bang around on the drums
- 'I’ve offered lessons but they’re refused every time… It’s kinda obvious right?’ shrugging and laughing at his joke with the fans
- you having an hour-long Q&A on his Twitter while they’re performing their show
- snapchatting videos/pics of them from offstage
- him being really sweaty (like a dripping waterfall of sweat) after the show
- him refusing a hug you at first because he thinks he messed up on American Idiot, but then slowly accepting the hug with a frown on his face
- him being really quiet until you start asking about the new album
- really loud and excited talking
- him showing you the Sounds Good Feels Good album and you tweeting fans that they’re gonna love it
- getting him to start keeking again bc you loved them and want to see what he’s doing once you leave
- going exploring on his day off
- him finger-drumming on everything and anything he can get his hands on
- fans recognizing you and you offering to give Ashton their gifts personally
- going on a follow spree on Twitter and creating DMs with the boys for fans:)
- taking him to the the rock n roll hall of fame and him taking selfies with everything
- getting caught in the rain and running to an overhang with his jacket over your heads
- Polaroid pictures at 2 in the morning after the rain is finished
- seeing a hat store and messing around trying on goofy hats
- Ashton buying one
- 'what? This is fashion!’
- 'fashton IS your middle name..’
- looking up covers on YouTube and tweeting about them
- seriously… playing with his hair… a l o t
- 'it’s so cur-ly!’
- him looking out the window of the tourbus on your last morning with them with a sad look on his face
- 'morning sunshine!’
- 'how is it a good morning if you’re leaving, y/n?’
- him insisting on carrying your bags on the way to the airport.
- you crying a lot while he hugs you
- drumming his fingers on your back as the two of you hug.
- taking a picture of you walking through security and immediately posting it to Instagram and Twitter
- skyping you with the boys making a huge ruckus in the background
- 'I miss you, Assy-Ash’
- michael starting to scream ‘ASSY-ASH’ in the background
-'shut UP MICHAEL! Dammit… I miss you too, adventure buddy’

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Could you do like a list imagine on what would shopping with kookie would be like?? -thanks in advance💗⭐️

Ooh I’ve never done this before but I’ll try!

Ps. Please read my message about insecurities <3

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- waking you up hella early because they’re selling iron man pillows

- when you don’t wake up he tackles you


- tackles you with kisses of course xoxo

- pushes you to the bathroom to get ready

- when you guys get to the mall he dashes to food court


- gotta get new Timberlands, this boi love timberlands

- he would try to make you try on clothes

- comments on every piece

- “I don’t like that one, guys would look at you.”

- try on sunglasses & goofy faces

- he walking like model when he comes out of the dressing room

- *poses*

- “Kookie, you look like a guy who just robbed a bank.”

- don’t forget about the iron man pillows




- shiet too late

- you don’t wanna buy it because it’s too expensive


- he starts complaing

- now he’s explaining the movie to convince you

- and the second movie

- the third one

- Fuck it, buy the goddamn pillow.

- “Can we go home now?”

- another quick stop at the food court


- fun car ride

- jamming to music



- (pls use a condom tho)

- “Shit.”

- “What Kookie?”


i’ve never done these before, if you would like more, ask me :)

Okay, this is something I made last year. What I basically did here was trying to redesign Guiron, one of Gamera’s more goofy looking enemies. As you can see I tried working with both a quadrupedal as well as a semi-bipedal posture, but I’m not sure whether I like one more than the other.  

I probably should get back and finish this one in the future.

FR Deity AU

The deities as elderly folk living in a retirement community.

-   Mr. Earthshaker is an old grandpop, the kind that spends most of his days napping on his front porch. Popular with the local kids. If you wake him up, he’ll be happy to tell you all the stories about “the good old days” when he was young… but be warned, once he gets going he’ll never shut up! Still doesn’t own or know how to use any modern gadgets.

- The Tidelord is the kooky doomsday prophet type, always shouting about the latest projection for the end times. Ironically, his predictions for the stock market are always startlingly accurate, and most of the community looks to him for advice on retirement investments. It’s only his apocalypse predictions that are off-kilter. Has a massive aquarium full of fish that he adores and sometimes even talks to.

- Mr. Windsinger(please, call me Joe)’s yard and front porch are absolutely covered with windsocks, wind chimes, pinwheels, and those obnoxious animal wind spinners that look like flamingos and things like that. His backyard is full of dozens of birdfeeders. Really a child at heart, he’s very goofy and the one who’s always excited and trying to get his neighbors to Do Fun Stuff. Has a habit of using a leafblower to push fallen leaves into his neighbor’s lawns. 

- Mrs. Firebringer is the tough one. Still works out despite her age; she could beat anyone to a pulp, and would at the first opportunity. Loves to quarrel pick fights. Unexpectedly crafty; she always has a table at the neighborhood craft fair, usually full of bizarre metal trinkets. Is always talking about how they used to make things better. Goes everywhere with her metal detector.

- Doc Icewarden is the one who goes to all the lawnsales. ALL of them. His collections are legendary: he’s got stamps, postcards, vintage toy cars, antique china, old signs, articulated skeletons, puzzles… you name it, he’s got a collection of that’s probably worth thousands. If only he’d let anybody come in to see. Also the person who jacks up the air conditioner, then walks around his house in winter coat and too many scarves.

- Mr. Stormcatcher is the retired CEO, and though he’s well-intentioned, he has a habit of treating neighbors like employees. He’s the one who always wants to be In Charge of something; if he gets wind of any project or event, he will take over and try to run the thing as well as you will let him. The most caught-up on modern technology, the whole neighborhood goes to him to explain how to use the latest gadget.

- Miss Lightweaver is the local busybody and gossip; she’s always got the latest news on Mrs. So-and-so down the street, or that new couple from two blocks over, or… Also runs the neighborhood lady’s book club, which is surprisingly popular. Also writes a column in the local newspaper. Also writes the community newsletter. Don’t engage her in a history or philosophical discussion, she will argue passionately for days. Definitely an extreme couponer. Owns several cats.

- Ms. Shadowbinder is that creepy neighbor who always has her lights out and she never really comes out. While everybody is pretty sure she still lives there, the only hard evidence anyone can (jokingly)produce is that nobody has ever seen her leave. Gets way too into Halloween; her door is always the one kids have to dare each other to knock on, but even though she’s old she still gets all dressed up and gives out the best candy.

- Ms. Gladekeeper is the former flower child who somehow never got the memo that the 60′s are over. She still dresses and talks like a hippie and always attends the yoga classes. Spends hours in her garden and always wins Most Beautiful Yard. Very friendly, but visitors beware - she makes the most vile-tasting “medicinal” tea. But drink up, it’s all-natural and Good For You. Only ever eats what she calls “all-natural.”

- Plaguebringer(don’t you dare call her a miss) is the one whose front yard looks like a junkyard, full of  rusty old cars and barrels and bits and spare parts, “because I might need it someday.” Her neighbor Gladekeeper is always campaigning to make her get rid of it; Plaguebringer refuses. Still stocks her backyard bomb shelter from the Cold War, genuinely worries about disease outbreak or atomic warfare and claims to be prepared for anything. Has the meanest dog in the neighborhood.

- Doc Arcanist is the neighborhood eccentric. Nobody really knows what he’s up to, these days; it seems every week he’s into something new. The kids at the school like him, because sometimes he’ll bring in weird science demonstrations. Has a massive telescope on his back porch, spends way too much time looking through it.

Imagine Carol finding a book on palm reading, and she and Daryl get goofy one night and try to read each others’ palms.

“Ah, this line here says someone wants to have sex with you right now.”

“That’s so weird, you have an identical line right there.”

“That is quite a coincidence.”

“Hm, yes, quite…”

And then they do the sex.

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If I wanted to get into AKs where would I even start. Do they have decent cheapish AKs

Hi Comrade!

Sadly the days of $300-$400 AKs are long gone, and a lot of nice ones aren’t imported anymore (I should have bought 4 AMD-65s when they were $500). There are still good ones to be had but $600-$750 is about the average.

First off, some features/things to look out for when choosing an AK:

- Get one with mag dimples on the receiver.

- Check the front sight and gas block, make sure they are straight and not canted.

- Make sure it has a side rail for the optic. Some sidefolders may not have this though.

- Check all the rivets to make sure they are evenly crushed, AKA no goofy deformed or canted ones.

- Try inserting a few types of mags if you can (Pmag, surplus metal/polymer mag, Crapco brand mag, US Palm, etc.) and check for wobble/fit.

- If you want to install an aftermarket stock (folding/collapsible etc.) check the back of the receiver, AKs like N-PAPs have a slight cant to them so you need an adapter to make sure the stock is one straight, and some VEPRs have a slanted back receiver.

- If a US made or converted one, check the bullet guide to make sure it was installed straight and looks secure.

Brands to avoid: Century (the ones they make, their imports are usually good), IO Inc, Waffen Werks (when they were on NDS receivers they were good, once they started making their own receivers quality tanked). Old WASRs.

Good project AKs: VEPRs and Saigas are both great it’s hard to beat the quality of a Russian receiver, however you’ll usually have to do some conversion work to get them to where you want them to be. Plus the market on Saigas is drying up fast, whereas the VEPRs can still be found some places. If you get a VEPR try to get one with the square back receiver so you don’t need an adapter for the stock. And as always - if you’re converting an AK make sure its 922r compliant.

Good AKs out of the box: DDI - despite being a reformed Waffen Werks I’ve heard nothing but good things about them and might pick one up myself to try out in a few weeks. N-PAPs/O-PAPs. M&M M10s.

Classic Firearms also has a bunch of AMD series AKs built by CII at a good price. Haven’t heard much about them though, but as an AMD fanboy (I never should have sold my FEG one) they might be worth checking out. 

Hope that helps, now go find a beautiful Kalash to enjoy!