trying a different sharpen setting

sersket  asked:

hi!! i was wondering if you've ever had an issue in cs5 where your gifs end up looking rly blurry upon saving? (like, as if you took a small gif and sized it up). i downloaded cs5 yesterday and read a bunch of gif tutorials, but while my gifs looked fine in photoshop they saved/exported like this (sersket(.)tumblr(.)com/post/164452513691) n i don't know why because i copied all the settings :(. i thought i'd ask you bc your gifs always look super lovely but if you don't know that's okay!!

well, i think those look fine! tumblr always fucks up quallity tho. but if you’re not satisfied you have to make sure you’re downloadingt 720p videos (720p is the very least and will look good but 1080p is always the best option) and you could always try to change your sharpening settings/sharpening action and maybe try a different coloring to see if you get a better result?