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How to treat artist: on tumblr
  • don’t rush them to draw something. if you want something drawn fast, do it yourself.
  • don’t like their style? whatever, it’s your opinion. but don’t tell them its bad!
  • if you like something they drew, then TELL THEM! PRAISE THEIR WORK! artist need every bit of motivation.
  • constructive criticism is always good, but don’t flat out tell them they suck.
  • everyone has their own style. if they draw a certain character a bit different than you want it to look, then that’s ok. don’t like it, again, DRAW IT YOURSELF
  • if they are asking for payment for request or commissions, DON’T COMPLAIN!! artist need money just like everyone else, and art supplies are very expensive!
  • if they try a new art style DON’T TELL THEM THEY SHOULD JUST STICK WITH WHAT “THERE GOOD AT” that’s just plain rude. period.
  • don’t hate an artist just because they only draw one thing, or draw all kinds of things. unless your paying them real hard CASH to draw for you, then you don’t have a say on what they are doing. actually…
  • TREAT THEM LIKE HUMANS. NOT MACHINES. they need to eat, sleep, and mess around just like everyone else. give them a break.
  • ART IS ART, WRITING, DRAWING, PAINTING, IT’S ALL ART! Don’t tell someone writing isn’t art, or singing, or painting, IT’S ALL A FORM OF ART!!
  • artist are consistently improving. just because they might not be all that great now, does not mean they wont improve! stick by them, encourage them, no matter what!
  • EVERYONE HAS THAT ONE WORK. every artist has that one piece of art that sucks, alright? EVERYONE. so, don’t judge an artist just by their one work of art that isn’t as good as the rest. we all mess up.
  • and lastly, JUST TREAT THEM LIKE HUMANS, OK???????

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do you feel that too?

anonymous asked:

How do you draw hair? Whenever I try it just *exaggerated hand motion meaning giant mess*

To be honest, that’s pretty much how I draw hair, too. And honestly? Hair is such a complex, diverse thing. There’s a millions of ways to draw hair based on style and texture. I’ve gotten many asks considering hair, and really, I’ve always been a bit confused on how to answer since hair comes in so many different forms. But! Giving it thought, I realized I can give you a really quick, “basic” guide, until I get a more specific question regarding hair.

So, the first step is to draw the hairlines. Hairlines is basically the “hat” of your head, and is what shapes the forehead. Drawing this before you add hair as a guide will be extremely helpful with the hairstyle, and it adds to the the facial features as well. There’s many different types hairlines, as shown here, and they may all vary in height or shape. Go wild, be experimental! Remember that this is a guide, however, so once you have the hair drawn out, make sure that the hairline isn’t as visible as it is here, but drawn as fine lines instead.

The next thing you can do is to draw a point somewhere on the head which will define the volume and the direction of the hair. This is extremely helpful, since you can draw all the hair strands starting from this point. They may start wherever you find fitting, and you may add more than one (although that adds to the complexity!)

The next step is to think in shapes overlapping each other.  For wavy hair, I like to draw the shapes as teardrops. For puffy hair I like to draw it in circles and ovals. And for straight hair, I like to think in rectangles. It’s all very simple: use the guides mentioned earlier to place the shapes on the head, making them overlap each other until you’re satisfied. Be as messy or simple as you want, and draw them however you’d like as long as it works for you. Don’t try to details yet, though, focus on shapes!

Once you’re satisfied with your result, you may draw the details to your liking. This, I think requires a tutorial on it’s own since hair textures can vary greatly. I’ll show you a quick example below, but again, this isn’t something that works with all hair types. And naturally, once you’re done, remove the head-shape outline. I kept it here just so that you could see how the hair is placed on top of it.

And as you can see, this method works with short hairstyles as well!

In fact, it works for any hairstyle, and you may even mix the basic shapes to get a unique look. (Ignore the lack of pen pressure on this one)

Now, I realize that the ‘finished’ result can be a bit difficult for some to imagine drawing. Again, I still think this requires a tutorial on it’s own, but I will show you how I do it with one of the hairstyles. 

(As you can see, I haven’t drawn out the hairline or a “point”, but this isn’t because I don’t need to, but because I already have it mentally drawn out, it’s not required for this drawing. For some hairstyles, however, I do still draw the hairline/point, especially if the hair is pulled back. But for the sake of simplicity, I will keep it, well, simple.)

Notice how I draw the shapes just as mentioned before? Here, I draw very fine lines in vague teardrop shapes, which I overlay as I draw.

Adding more for volume…

Finishing the look, keep adding more layers…

Defining the “point” as a detail, so that it doesn’t look like some horribly made wig…

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Adultrio Ice Skating headcanons

ya cuz of @rabiscosetal‘s phenomenal art, i just unloaded all of these on @letstalkhxh in a daze of barely contained euphoria because i had thoughts already about an ice skating au


i feel like hisokas would be very dramatic, hes a showman through and through and hed be known for doing things to shock and awe and even incorporate things that shouldnt be legal but are simply because no one else ever thought to try them on te ice


illumis would be very traditional, very focused on technique. im sure his entire family is in figure skating so itd prolly have some moves or traits that are signatures of the zoldycks style. itd be unemotional but incredibly precise and hed score high for his technique and poise, but would prolly fall a bit flat on connecting witt the audience


chrollos is a mystery, hes an amalgamation of different styles and techniques and hed prolly go through couches quicker than costumes. i think hed have some charisma that extends both on and off the ice which makes people fall for him, no matter what routine he decides to do. he doesnt skate to win and he doesnt skate to connect with the audience, but the way he skates is so inherently personal and distant and indifferent that people long to get a glimpse into whatever head space he occupies while he performs.

sounds of thedas: THE FREE MARCHES

caught between a river and a sea; bright, lively, & bustling, with as many different peoples as rocks along the shore. a centre of trade and adventure, of crime and culture. whether it is true or not, these people call themselves free.

featuring tracks from assassin’s creed iii & iv, da vinci’s demons, the witcher 3, game of thrones, carnivale, unravel, sherlock holmes, treasure island, & black sails


Omgcp Fic Idea #4

Soft setting where the men don’t have any responsibilities and they’re enjoying each other’s company. Eric straddles Jack and the sofa, playing and missing with his hair. He experiments with different styles, some of them making him look dorky and some of them make him look silly.

He ruffles it completely after a few try outs and his heart thuds when he realises that ruffled hair Jack looks like after-sex Jack. He whispers ‘oh my god’ and takes a photo on his phone. His boyfriend doesn’t really understand but he’s fine with Bits playing with his hair as it is blisss

S P̦̰ ̪̝̥͇̥͙E̩͙̘ ͖̭̝̮̳̖A͍̯̩ ͙̰͎̩K̥̫͓ ̗S̶̖ I̶̜͔̺ ̶̬͉͓N̺̝̯̲̲ ̶͖͇ͅH ͇̬̫̗̟A̖̜̜ ҉͎͕̫̞̺̥͕N̩͎̮͍̤ ̟͝D̩͇͓̘̣̣̲͢ ̗̫̖S͞

More Gaster art; this time I wanted to try something different, as well as practice a more painterly style. I’m quite pleased with the results - it’s not often that your own work matches the image you had in mind! The colours suffered a little bit during the transition, but… alas.

Also, there might be a little hidden message in here, heheh~

神田ユウ  アルマ★カルマ


Happy HALLOWeen!


[Ah, in honor of the return of the D.Gray-man anime that aired this summer I wanted to draw Kanda and Alma, since this season centered around their childhood arc. Ah it may not be known to many, but I am actually a big fan of D.Gray-man, and have read the manga and watched the anime for many years. I always admired Hoshino-sensei’s art style, and I was inspired to try drawing a bit differently in terms of manga than I usually do. It was very fun to try drawing from a different perspective! Ah I am far from being as skilled as Hoshino-sensei, but I tried my best! I was happy to learn and create something new regarding fan art! Happy Halloween to you all! Please take care!

Ah I have been thinking… I want to draw more D.Gray-man… (¬ε¬ ) ]

Characters belong to Hoshino Katsura © 

Fan art by arounagein-art

Here’s a progress photo of Flareon. It was my first time doing a red/orange galaxy. After this commission I’m definitely going to experiment with different Galaxy techniques and improve my style a bit. But I hope you guys like it so far! I was going to try and finish it all tonight since I’m basically more than halfway done. But I realized it’s 5a.m 😳 Story of my life 😂 I’ve barely been getting much sleep lately. Sometimes I get too into the drawing that I lose track of time. 😅 I’ll hopefully try and finish it tomorrow if I can. If not on Friday for sure. Anyways, it’s definitely time for me to sleep. I have work later today 😂 Good thing I have a closing shift 😅 Goodnignt guys! Talk to you later! 💖


A little somethin’ different, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to upload it. Some warmup sketches I did of the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp because pretty soon I’ll be animating him. We have to emulate a style as close as possible in the animation for an assignment and the character is of our choosing. I think I might have bit off more than I can chew, but I’ma try my damndest.

The shape passes and headshot with a closed-lipped smile were referenced. The rest were my attempts at drawing him by memory. Some inconsistencies but not too bad for a first time I think. :3

I decided to try something today so I did a drawing challenge! I tried to use the style of 5 artists I absolutely love and drew percys troubemaker smile, (some of these styles are probably a bit outdated cause I looked up some older art) and omg using/imitating a different style is so hard I tried ok

you guys probably recognize all of these names but here are the sources!
x x x x x 

Since I’ve finally had a little bit of time on my hands lately, I wanted to do a more digitally refined work of a sketch from class.

The pose and style of coloring was especially inspired by one of my favorite artists @kiekyun (seriously, as a len and killugon lover I 120% recommend checking them out), to practice feeling more comfortable with going out of the box to shade with different, vibrant colors.