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Your relationship with chase is better than 99% of other relationships I've witnessed and I aspire to one day have a relationship as good as yours 🐶♥️🐐

make friends with ppl who genuinely make life better and make u a better person, and among those people ur gonna find someone where neither of u can get enough of each other, ur like the same person. like someone u can trust to help u if u fuck up, but at the same time u feel driven to improve urself for them cuz u wanna b everythin they make u feel like u are

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Wait. Isn't boogie2988 the same guy that tried defending pewdiepie for using slurs?

eh i only vaguely remember the video where he talked abt pewdiepie/jontron/some other dude but while i didnt agree w it, i understood where he was comin from. he wasnt defending it (it wasnt the slur thing, it was back when pewdiepie made a holocaust joke & subsequently destroyed ad revenue on youtube for like eight months) or agreeing w them- from what i remember he was like “human beings make mistakes, i think jontrons claims are really out there and messed up but i cant fault him for trying to figure out what he believes in, id love to talk with him and share ideas and maybe we could each learn something” which is code for “i dont want anyones feelings on either side to be hurt even tho i know jontron said fucked up shit, i just wanna help him be better so he stops saying fucked up shit”

& yeah imo that was kinda .. tacky & not well thought out, but its par for the course w his personality which i fuckin resonate with because i have the exact same anxious tendencies. always tryin to ‘middleman’ heated arguments simply because you internalize them & you cant see another human being as a piece of shit, u just see them as you but less informed & making a mistake. i get where hes coming from but i think he shouldve taken the time to realize that vocalizing those thoughts at inconvenient times is really problematic cuz sometimes a lot of outrage is called for & just needs to happen.

basically every word boogie says sounds like a reflection of my own fuckin soul & altho i dont think it was right to make that vid about those topics, with the gentle “lets all just be friends” stance, i still rly kno where he was comin from so i dont hold it against him as being a bad person. cuz like, im the same way, it’s a flaw but it’s (in my case at least) a learned anxious behavior from being raised around loud/angry people and lots of fighting. it just takes a lot to b able to step outside urself and let arguments happen when bad behavior deserves to be confronted with anger. 

You know why I don’t like most people tryin to comfort me? They see it as a way into my life. Just patiently waiting for an opening. I don’t play dat.


Senator Amidala certainly didn’t seem inclined to treat Master Kenobi as a dangerous outlaw… Quite the contrary, in fact: she seemed to have fallen into his arms, and her voice was thoroughly choked with emotion as she expressed a possibly inappropriate level of joy at finding the Jedi still alive.

#bnhainktober day 1: best boy aka my beautiful icyhot son!!!  🔥❄ 

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