tryin not to sin

I cannot find a free moment to sit and write and finish anything

The house is too full everywhere I go there is somebody everywhere I go someone is following me and trying to talk to me. My brother’s girlfriend is up my ass, it’s sinful Sunday and Game of Thrones day and I think my brain is going to explode. I’m trying to finish this damn piece in peace. Fuckkk.

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fukcy the flower: sinflower supreme

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ok like... sin is nice and all, but i am more interested in immediately post-sin moments where theyre tryin to look like they WERENT just sinning now that theyre in front of their friends but its super obvious because lexas limbs are noodles and she is slouched so deeply into the couch with this little smile on her face she looks like shes about to fall asleep any second. and clarke just has the smuggest shit-eating grin on her face