This is a Kumagawa from Medaka Box commission I had done by Julie over at Trydain. and also at Lesser Key Studios.  I had gone to Otakon 2013 and also got a few OT buttons as well :D  Super happy customer and this didn’t take long at alllllll. 

I think commissions might still be open.  If you are interested, please take a look at this post as well! (Super signal boosting! :D)


Went to Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, had a rockin’ time.

Spirit (Soul Eater) on Friday, Pfeilspitze (Kiddy Grade, ie. the ES form of Mercredi) on Saturday, and Phoenix (Ace Attorney) on Sunday.

Got the most attention as Phoenix, oddly, though I was only at the con for like…an hour as him. XD Got a chance to hang out (sorta) with Julie (ie. trydain here on tumblar) who is an amazing artist and everyone should go check her out. Also hung out/roomed with my amazing Edgeworth/Armbrust Mike (aka kilted-katana aka the love of my life) and we had a blast being silly and watching the Gyakuten Saiban movie and taking pictures and wandering the con and buying pretty pictures.

Met lots of phenomenal artists in the Alley - I still aspire to get a table with Mike some day! I’m determined to work more on my art and try to shoot for one. :D Reconnected with the artist that did the GORGEOUS print that reminds me of both Silas and Reeve and a few others - and got some more of her art! Amazing stuff.

I’m totally still on a con high (despite the con itself being a little…lackluster, shall we say) and I don’t want to pack but I probably will but HEY GUYS, THAT’S WHERE I’VE BEEN ALL WEEKEND AND I HAVE AN EXPLODING TARDIS T-SHIRT AND ACTUALLY WORE A DRESS FOR A COSPLAY man that was weird

but yeah, i’ll try to remember to post some pictures up here. >.> <.< I need to at least make a Dropbox folder for Mike to download so that he has the pictures he took, and the ones of us as Pfeilspitze and Armbrust.

keep it real, guys~

trydain replied to your post: trydain replied to your post: i suffer from…

I don’t mind it, you just have to make a blog. What would you be interested in doing? I’ve been trying to get an attack on titan thing going since it would be perfect for OC’s.

I’m gonna watch Attack on Titan as soon as I’m done Free! ;;;;;

so I’ll let you know ahhh yes ocs. I’d be up for anything! I’ll probably just recycle old ocs though ahah

trydain replied to your post: Anime Next 2013

You should come to Colossalcon next year! I always do amazing there since most of the big name artists go to Anime Next XD It’s a smaller alley but the community is one of the best crowds I’ve seen.

I actually went to Anime Next only because I was rejected for the Colossalcon artist alley and needed another con to fill the timeslot in my convention schedule… and ANext was conveniently there.

I really really wanted to go to Colossal but I don’t think my art is up to standard for them yet?