The burgee I designed for my old club. The “joke” is that about 360 days a year the Trinity River is a dry, wreck infested, ditch without a drop of water…the other 5 days its an unsailable torrent due to heavy rains…The burgee is meant to somewhat evoke the Confederate Naval Ensign, and the gold star represents the City of Dallas.


I was asked to list this series once I was done (with the most recent fic, not done all together), and this is what it is so far! 

The Road You Choose:
Part 1 - The Mystery of Aura
Part 2 - The Master of Mirage
Part 3 - Between Time and Space
Part 4 - Distortion
Part 5 - The Harbinger of Life

Yesterday’s Tomorrow 
Parts 1-4 & 7 take place in TRYC universe. Most of theses take place post-Harbinger. 

As well, the fanfic Agent Conversations by Norad2 (on ff.n) is in this universe. He ran the story by me, and I suggested some changes to make it fit and accepted it as canon. It takes place just after Between Time and Space. 


Schooling is mandatory for kids who stay at home, and those who travel. The trainers are given an amount of trust to be able to study on their own time through online, mandatory classes. The classes work the same as those in-school, with the exception that there are no surprise quizzes or tests, those are planned far ahead so that trainers can study and plan to reach a place to do the tests.

Pokemon Trainers who have an up-to-date pokedex can do most of their readings and homework on that, submitting any small assignments online. It’s recommended that tests be done at the computer labs at Pokemon Centers. When they reach high-school levels, they have options for classes but they have to do them. Graduating with this is the exact same as graduating from a high school.

Trainers can also choose to stop traveling and go back to a normal school environment.

There are colleges and universities, and both trainers and those who have stayed in school have equal opportunity to participate in them. More often than not, it’s the trainers who travelled that tend to be more mature, more sure of what they want from life by that point of time.

Yesterday's Tomorrow - Day Two
This is my contribution to Pokeshipping Week. Nothing special. 

Summary: A series of one-shots for Pokeshipping week on tumblr. Day two: Stages of Their Relationship. Seasons change and people grow, though sometimes it takes a person looking in to realize that..

Entry two takes place in my own slightly AU Universe, but the only things you have to know to understand are a. Ash can use aura and b. he and Misty are already dating.

FF.N || AO3

Yesterday's Tomorrow - Day Four
Summary: A series of one-shots for Pokeshipping week on tumblr. Day four: Battling Together. Misty was more than just a little bit annoyed. She just wanted to bash his face into the ground to get rid of that cocky grin.

Parts 1-4 takes place in my ‘The Road You Choose’ universe. 

Note: This one is just a short drabble.

FF.N || AO3

Names & Ages

It occurred to me as I was tagging my last post that I never established all of my characters NAMES, let alone their ages. So I’m going to do that! All of these names and ages are canon in TRYC universe. 

All ages are what they are or would have been (if they’re deceased) as of The Harbinger of Life.

Delia Ketchum - 33
Jack Ketchum - 37 (Wandering Trainer, could be dead??)
Ash Ketchum - 14


Calla Waterflower - 51 (Deceased)
Landon Waterflower - 51 (Deceased)
Daisy Waterflower - 20
Violet Waterflower - 19
Lily Waterflower - 18
Misty Waterflower - 14


Lola Slate - 47
Flint Slate - 51
Brock Slate – 19
Forrest Slate – 14
Salvadore Slate – 13
Yolanda Slate – 12
Tommy Slate -11
Cindy Slate - 10
Suzie Slate – 9
Timmy Slate – 9
Billy Slate – 8
Tilly Slate - 8


Anna Sketchit - 59
Mark Sketchit - 57
Tracey Sketchit - 19


Caroline Maple - 36
Norman Maple - 37
May Maple - 11
Max Maple - 8


Johanna Berlitz - 32
Dawn Berlitz – 10


Hana Stevens - 46 (Deceased)
Aspen Stevens - 50 (Deceased)
Iris Stevens - 13


Cassia Griffith - 46
Fenn Griffith - 44
Chili Griffith - 18
Cress Griffith - 18
Cilan Griffith - 18


Lana Liscio - 35 (Deceased)
Meyer Liscio - 39 
Clemont Liscio - 13
Bonnie Liscio - 6

Grace Paschall - 33
Andre Paschall - 34 (Deceased)
Serena Paschall - 13


Samuel Oak - 62 - Grandfather
John Oak - 37 (Deceased)
Hillary Oak - 35 (Deceased)
Daisy Oak - 42 - Aunt (Deceased)
Gary Oak - 14


Amanda Green - 37
Kene Shade - 41 (Deceased)
Leaf Green - 14

Other characters:
Drew Hayden - 12
Paul Wayland - 14
Kenny Hudson - 10
Barry Borgia - 13
Zoey Williams - 11
Jessie Knotz - 29
James Knotz - 29

I have a massive list of character names, not necessarily ages, so if you’re curious about any, let me know! Also, most of these names are either common ones in the fandom, or based on voice actors surnames (cause clearly I’m creative like that).

Also, Jessie and James, though they’ve been rumoured to just be teenagers, were actually supposed to be 25 when Ash was 10. 

anonymous asked:

Suppose Ash's age is 20, then what are the other characters ages? I just want the ages differences. Like if Max is 15, then what would be Ash's age? 20 years is just an estimate. You can take any number. But just tell me the age differences according to your headcanon.

Their ages relative to one another? Sure, that’s not problem! I actually have a post that puts all of their ages as of Harbinger (along with their parents) here. I’ll put Ash as a base age of 20 here and put them all in order. I’ll even give you their birthdays! 

  1. Brock - 25 (March 1st)
  2. Tracey - 25 (October 5th)
  3. Cilan - 24 (January 19th) 
  4. Gary - 20 (April 22nd)
  5. Misty - 20 (April 28th)
  6. Ash - 20 (May 22nd)
  7. Leaf - 20 (June 22nd)
  8. Iris - 19 (July 11th)
  9. Serena - 19 (August 15th) 
  10. Clemont - 19 (August 30th)
  11. May - 17 (December 16th)
  12. Dawn - 16 (February 7th) 
  13. Max - 14 (September 3rd)
  14. Bonnie - 12 (November 14th)

isisthesphinx replied to your post: I like to listen to film/television sc…

…..I reserve my fanfic shock blanket for the most traumatizing of Homestuck and Harry Potter fics. But your newest post has made me look at it sideways. Do I need to prepare?

Aww I’m not going to tell you that. I mean, you might want to keep it close, I’m not even sure yet. I got all the big details mapped out, but sometimes an idea hits me and I just have to go with it. So we’ll see.

I like to listen to film/television scores well I write to kind of get in the mood of what’s going on. I find it helps me focus. I’m not sure if people should be afraid or not but I’ve been listening to The Game of Thrones soundtrack while writing Harbinger.

Oddly enough, Dracarys from season 3 is fitting in exactly with the part I’m writing now.

Alpha Pokemon

Alpha in this case refers to the individual in a group of pokemon with the highest rank. Pokemon themselves, in discussion, would use the term, when translated, alpha, as the leader of a normal group or pack of pokemon.

Ie: Ash’s Squirtle was the leader of the Squirtle Squad, meaning he would have been the alpha of them.

However, Legendary Pokemon are a little bit different. There are exceptions, but in general there can be more than one of a species of legendary pokemon. The Alpha (always used with a capital A) of those groups are either the original one, or one chosen to replace the original if something should happen to it. The Alphas are immortal in a sense that time and old age won’t kill them, but they can still die at the hands of people or disaster.

If an Alpha dies that is the only version that exists, they are essentially reborn in an egg but will have no memories of their past lives. They could even be born with a different ‘gender’. Meaning how they see themselves mostly, since there is no biological sex to these pokemon.

This includes: Ho-Oh, Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Axelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina. Heatran, Regigigas, Arceus, Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygard.

Note: Ho-Oh is included in the list because the one Ash saw is the last of its species. There used to be more of them but they all died off except for the Alpha. There also appears to be more than one Celebi, but this is actually the same one, able to appear in different places at the same time due to their ability to time travel.

All of the others have more than one currently in existence of their species.

This includes: Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Latios, Latias, Jirachi, Deoxys, Cresselia, Darkrai, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin, Meloetta, Genesect, and Diance.

Note: Mewtwo is included because a second 'female’ one was created by an Unova/Kalos branch of Team Rocket.

You might notice that Mew isn’t included on either of these lists? Well, it’s because Mew is a different story all together. Mew was the first thing that Arceus created, before he created the world or even his own physical form. Then he created a second Mew, and while the first one is technically the Alpha, the second one is still very important. They were the 'mother and father’ of all Mew and are the only ones alive today. The 'female’ Mew travels the world and is the technical Alpha, but the 'male’ Mew is the one that guards the Tree of Beginnings. His life is tied into the tree, hence why he’s still alive even though he’s not the technical Alpha. All other Mew are extinct. 

***If future legendaries are revealed I’ll add this to either of these lists.