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Ryan + supporting Troy

It boggles my mind that people still honestly believe Ryan harbors a grudge against Troy for “stealing” the lead role in the winter musical from him. Canon has more than proved otherwise on multiple occasions. In many instances, Ryan is not only fully supportive of Troy, he’s the only person who is.

Quite a stark contrast to the popular fandom (mis)conception that these two want and have nothing to do with each other, eh?

Troy/Ryan Analysis in HSM series

Sharpay: “Who is East High’s absolute Primo Boy?” Ryan: (with a huge smile on his face) “I’d say Troy Bolton has that category pretty much locked up, don’t you think?”

Troy, to Ryan: “You’re easier to dance with than she is." Troy, to Ryan: "Watch it with that tail, man, it’s dangerous." 

Ryan, to Troy: "I pity the actor who has to follow you.”

“Everyday of our lives. Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.” Those phrases and that song, written by Ryan about his “once in a lifetime” chance say it all.

In the first HSM movie, Ryan is obviously so drawn to Troy’s voice when he hears him practicing for the Callback audition, he stops what he’s doing, goes over to the door that Troy is behind and tries the handle, desperate to see him. Finding the door locked, he drops down onto the floor and tries to peer underneath of it. Troy’s voice ENTRANCED him. It might as well have been an aphrodisiac for him.

In HSM2, Ryan sacrificed his chance with Troy to reunite Troy with Gabriella. Why? To make Troy happy. I’d like you Troyella shippers out there to name ONE time in this movie that Gabriella has done something like, sacrifice something she wants, for Troy. Throughout this movie, Ryan displays immense jealousy of both Troy and Gabriella’s relationship, and then later, his sister being attracted to Troy. Obviously it is not because he wants to date his sister, guys! Ryan can tell from the dinner scene that Troy is not into Sharpay, yet she persists in going after the boy anyway. This is one of the reasons her betrayal hits Ryan so hard. Not only is his twin sister shunting him aside like yesterday’s garbage, but she’s trying to steal the boy he’s in love with as well. The pool scene with Gabriella that is meant to imply that Ryan has a “crush” on her does nothing to disprove that Ryan has feelings for Troy. In fact, in spite of the visible tension between Troy and Gabriella, he chirps a delighted, “Hey” in response to the boy and begins chatting him up when Gabriella doesn’t accept the window to converse. During this chat, he compliments Troy, saying, “My dad says you’re doing great with those college guys”. Does that sound at all like the behavior of someone who just got caught fooling around with another guy’s girlfriend? I’ll just save you the time and answer, No, no it does NOT. It was Gabriella and Gabriella alone who made it seem as though something else was going on and she did absolutely nothing to extinguish Troy’s suspicions. Instead, she chooses to fuel them and villify Ryan. Later in the movie, when Troy has had his scene of redemption and apologizes to Chad and the rest of his friends for being a jerk, he also apologizes to Ryan, Ryan who, as far as Troy knows, he hasn’t done a thing to. Yet he still apologizes to him. So much for Troy’s “supposed” dislike of Ryan because he thought Ryan was trying to steal Gabriella, huh? During this apology, Ryan’s entire face lights up. He is overjoyed that Troy is talking to him. People have mentioned that Ryan seems to hold a grudge against Troy for stealing his role in the musical. I see NO bitterness, spite, or envy present on Ryan’s face. He is all smiles as he shyly comes forward to talk to his crush for the first time. And his smile seems to be a contagion that spreads to Troy, because he smiles as well. When Troy and Ryan lock eyes, Chad has to tap Troy’s shoulder to get him to look away. Then, Troy says that he is “looking forward” to watching Ryan play baseball. After saying this, he very obviously gives Ryan bedroom eyes and I SWEAR, his eyes move down to Ryan’s crotch. You see Lucas follow Zac’s gaze, and for a split second, he has this look on his face as if he’s trying not to break character and chide Zac for checking him out while the camera’s rolling, and then he slaps a big Ryan smile on and takes Troy’s hand. The two boys get along easily, Ryan makes Troy laugh. The musical score for this scene even suggests romance, what with it being a piano melody. When Ryan wins the Star Dazzle Award, Troy is ecstatic and we see him mouth “Oh yes!”. Overall, Ryan and Troy have the most character growth in this movie, and at various points, their stories mirror each other; they are both struggling to break free of Sharpay, during their struggles, they wear black and white, the colors of redemption, and once they have broken free, they both don the East High colors of red and white.

In HSM3, Troy and Ryan are still friends. Ryan is the team mascot to Troy’s team captain. Throughout the movie, we see that he is not so close to the other athletes in the Wildcat group as he is to Troy, so that means that he chose to perform flips in that stuffy, heavy-as-all-get-out mascot costume FOR TROY. He happily dons the East High colors and attends Troy’s party even though Sharpay is not present, and while there, Troy, once again lets his gaze linger just a bit too long on a part of Ryan that most straight boys in committed relationships with pretty girls would not be staring at on another boy especially a flamboyantly gay boy. It is then that he informs the theater king that his “tail” is “dangerous”. Note that Troy never refers to Gabriella in any way that could be interpreted as sexual. He praises her voice and intelligence, never her looks while he seems really interested in Ryan’s assets. Later, Troy looks to Ryan before deciding to participate in the musical. Ryan’s response is to happily exclaim “Yes!”. Following the rehearsal of “A Night To Remember”, an observant fan will see Troy and Ryan approach each other and link hands for far longer than a “high five” requires. As Troy and Gabriella sing the final verse of “Just Wanna Be With You” during rehearsals, Ryan’s usual bright smile is replaced by a look of sadness and he makes it a point to praise Troy’s performing abilities, (he actually looks over Gabriella’s head) and basically saying that he believes Troy’s performing abilities are actually competition. Ryan and Kelsi dutifully support Troy in the wake of Gabriella’s absence, and Troy tosses a smile Ryan’s way during a scene where the boys are color co-ordinating for no obvious reason. The most standout moments, however, occur on the day of the prom and the musical. Ryan has taken Troy under his wing to help him out because he is faltering under Sharpay’s dictatorial rehearsal tactics. Troy twirls Ryan during a final rehearsal. Ryan tells Troy how well he did and Troy leans in, desperation evident in his blue eyes and tells Ryan “You’re easier to dance with than she is”. I’m not even sure if that line was scripted, and if so, was the writer a Tryan fan or just oblivious? Remember, “I Don’t Dance” made it QUITE clear that “dancing” is a euphemism for gay sex. Make of that what you will. Either way, that line is swoon worthy. Once again, the boys lock eyes and you can feel the tension between them, as if they can just barely keep from throwing themselves at each other. Ryan opens his mouth to say something, but clams shut as Sharpay pushes between him and Troy. We see that Ryan is affected, however, as his instructions of the dance moves are off and make no sense. Finally, when Troy and Gabriella make their “triumphant return” to perform the “Just Wanna Be With You Reprise” in the spring musical, just behind Gabriella, you can see Troy open the glass door on the balcony and allow Ryan and the others to enter through it, joining them onstage. Although it is difficult to see, as it is obscured by Gabriella and Taylor’s hug, you can see Troy and Ryan open their arms up and take each other into a hug where Ryan nuzzles against Troy’s neck and Troy twirls him TWICE before they part. Go ahead and tell me that Troy isn’t gay. I’m always up for a good diplomatic argument.

What can I say? These two have so much chemistry and so many moments, scripted or ad-libbed that say there is an attraction beyond friendship. And who doesn’t love forbidden love? The flamboyantly gay theater king and the high school golden boy is much more forbidden than a “nerd” with the looks of a model who is also a female and the school golden boy. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this couple, and if these two had gone to college together, if Gabriella had never returned to East High, or if this movie had been distributed by someone other than Disney, Tryan would have become an “R” rated reality. As far as I’m concerned, in “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”, Troy was waiting for Ryan in the car and came to save him from the pull-out-bed-of-doom.

-by nek0-sama

The best Tryan analysis ever!

Parenting Done Right, Tryan Style

Rating: K+
Pairing: Troy Bolton/Ryan Evans
Warnings: … really obnoxious parenting?
Summary: In which Mr. and Mrs. Evans overstep their boundaries and interfere with Ryan’s love life. By hooking him up with Troy. Set post-HSM3.
Author’s Note: I was watching HSM 2 last night and I really couldn’t get over how much Mr. Evans likes Troy. Then this happened.

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I present to you a collection of images that feature a character played by Zac Efron, and another male who is absolutely not and in no way intended to be his character’s love interest:

What really should’ve happened in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3, by Bananena: After being ditched by Gabriella, Troy does some deep, painful self-reflection, sings “Bet On It” again and realizes his sublimated gay desire. Overnight he experiences a total catharsis and surge of new energy and sense of self–and bravely asks Ryan to Prom instead. Their classmates and friends are horrified and confused until Ryan and Troy start dancing and singing an empowering song about being true to oneself which everybody can identify with, followed by “We’re All In This Together” (reprise). Then they are crowned Prom King and King. At the end of the night they dance on the rooftop and have their first kiss after singing “Start of Something New.”

For Reference Purposes,

Gabriella, over the course of a school year and a half:

- Frequently uses a condescending, patronizing, and even aggressive tone of voice with Troy, and makes at least one joke about his appearance: “Nice tie. Your shoes don’t match, though!”

- Refers to Troy by a nickname (Wildcat) that serves to remind him of the pedestal he’s been unwillingly placed on by his father, peers, and surrounding community, even after Troy has confided in her his desire to just be “a guy”. Personally, I believe it would have said a lot more for their relationship if Gabriella was the only person who refers to Troy as “Troy”, but, wouldn’t you know, that person is Ryan

- Holds Troy solely accountable for things he was backed into a corner and manipulated into saying- “No one forced Troy to say anything”- even after Taylor confesses that she and the Decathlon team “knew Chad could get Troy to say things to make [Gabriella] want to forget about the callbacks”.

- Expects Troy to get her a summer job when he playfully dubs himself her “summer activities consultant”: “I hope one of those activities will include a job”.

- Dismisses Troy’s concerns about his future and turns the conversation back to herself: “So let’s just focus on right now! ‘Cause I’ve never been in one place for an entire summer.”

- Assumes Troy is cheating on her because she sees him doing his job as the junior golf pro by assisting Sharpay with her swing, and never takes Troy aside to address these concerns.

- Guilts Troy for accepting opportunities that have been offered to him at work (“Italian golf shoes, new clothes, golf carts… it’s crazy stuff. Hard to keep track of it all, I bet”), and befriending the members of the basketball team at the university Troy’s father wants Troy to attend (“'The guys’? Oh. You mean those tall people”).

- Lectures Troy on promise being a “really big word”, but then goes on to break every promise she makes, such as breaking up with Troy after having him promise that they’ll be together all summer and returning the symbol of that promise (the T pendant necklace), and refusing to fly in to attend the prom with Troy even though she accepted his invitation (“In every language; oui, si, ja, yes”), and extensively planned to make an appearance.

- Accuses Troy of changing into a new person- “It just doesn’t seem like new stuff. It seems like a new Troy”- because he’s prioritizing his future.

- Uses Ryan to toy with Troy’s feelings and make him believe that she’s moving on because Troy, in her mind, neglected her.

- Refers to Troy as a “prize”: “What’s the prize? Troy?”

- Takes her anger at Sharpay banning employee participation in the Lava Springs talent show out on Troy, hefting more guilt trips and accusations at him.

- Dumps Troy for caring about his future- “The club talent show is a big deal to Sharpay, and, evidently, for your future. So, it’s cool. Make it happen. Wear your new Italian shoes”- and not giving her a summer she deemed worthy of remembering: “I want to remember this summer. But, not like this, Troy.”

- Has to be forced by Taylor to return to Lava Springs for her reunion with Troy. A reunion that Ryan orchestrated.

- Nudges Troy, glaring, for so much as implying that he might have dated someone before her.

- Sincerely laughs right along with Zeke, Jason, and Chad, at Troy’s name being called as the fourth applicant for the Juilliard scholarship, then chastises Troy for being reluctant to admit to his love for performing.

- Stares blankly and apathetically when Troy draws a complete blank for his plans for his future, and, once again, turns the topic of conversation back to herself when Troy tries to discuss college with her.

- Is utterly apathetic to Troy’s situation with his run-down truck that requires constant maintenance in order to function, even laughing as Troy, half-joking, tells her, "If my truck breaks down because I’m spending all my time onstage, it’s your fault”.

- Stubbornly refuses to tell anyone other than Taylor about her acceptance into Stanford’s Freshman Honors program, despite Taylor repeatedly urging her to do so.

-Is annoyed with Troy when he asks why he was the last to know about the Freshman Honors program (he had to find out about it from Sharpay), providing “Because I knew what you would say”, as her justification for withholding this crucial information from him.  

- Tells Troy to his face that she “always” does “the right thing” in spite of all of the things I’ve previously mentioned, while Troy is selflessly encouraging her to go ahead and accept her admission into the Freshman Honors program and, essentially, leave him behind. 

- Moves to California, 1,053 miles away, while Troy is at school, so she won’t have to face him.

- Calls Troy two days before the senior prom to dump him over the phone. Mind you, she had a time window of two weeks to do this, but spent that time window stringing Troy along with false promises, and even went so far as to schedule a flight and pick out Troy’s tux and, presumably, a corsage.

- While dumping Troy, she complains about how hard the relocation has been for her- “It’s taken me two weeks to get used to being away from you, away from East High and all my friends”- with no regard, at all, for how difficult her absence has been on Troy, who basically shut down without her and now has to act opposite the girl who spent a large chunk of their summer vacation sexually harassing him.


A couple of years ago I used to read this adorable little High School Musical fanfic that featured Troy and Ryan as the OTP, and it was almost humiliating about how much I squealed over each little fluffy chapter.

If I were to ever write fiction I hope that I could make others squeal even a quarter of how much I did back then. I don’t care what any of the haters say, fanfiction is fun as hell and makes people feel good.

Trust Fall

A High School Musical fanfiction

Rating: K+
Summary: After the eventful callback auditions, Troy and Ryan’s shared dressing room leads them to strike up some sort of friendship. Friendship/pre-slash Tryan.
Notes: This was inspired by watching High School Musical with jazzsquare14 on Livestream earlier, and the conversation that accompanied it.  It was originally going to be more focused on the dressing room idea, but the plot kind of went in a different direction.  I kind of like how it ended up, though, so here you go.

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In High School Musical 2, Ryan is the one who orchestrates the entire scheme that ultimately gets Troy out onstage to perform for the boosters from U of A after Troy adamantly refused to participate in the show with Sharpay, and reunites Troy with Gabriella. 

Kelsi had a hand in it, and Chad and the Wildcats also played a part, but Ryan is the mastermind pulling all of the strings. 

He single-handedly persuades Troy to “sing with” Sharpay, only to, once that is all worked out, switch out the Sharpay-ed version of “You Are The Music In Me” with a “new song”, under the guise of Sharpay wanting Troy to learn it for their performance. 

That “new song” is “Everyday”; a song that only Ryan, Kelsi, Gabriella, the Wildcats, and now, Troy, know. 

Ryan is also the one who sends Taylor to fetch Gabriella and bring her back to Lava Springs, and, when the Wildcats make their way down the aisle to join Troy and Gabriella onstage, they’re using the choreography that Ryan taught them. 

I’ve seen Kelsi frequently receive sole credit for this scheme and all of its positive results, but Ryan is the one who set everything into motion. 

belovedsterek  asked:

Can you recommmend any (good) fic where Troy is protective of Ryan or defends him from bulies/Sharpay/whatever? Thanks a bunch!

Good? That might pose a bit of a challenge, 

To Disembark by OCP has major issues with characterization, but it contains a scene where Troy punches out Chad and an underclassmen who are bullying Ryan. I think that fits the criteria. 

Other than that, the other ones that come to mind are honestly pretty badly written. I’m sorry. :( 

- Jazzy (boltonevans)