i understand that it is hard to switch pronouns when u arent used to it but if you have a friend who comes out as trans please try your hardest to avoid misgendering them
being misgendered can be so exhausting & can have such negative effects on trans people’s mental health please try your hardest to get our pronouns right

1. you have made it to 20! what a whirlwind year it has been but if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything.

2. remember that love trumps hate any day, everyday. just keep spreading love and being the best person you can be.

3. last year was definitely not your year for romance, try it this year though. I have a feeling a lot of love is coming your way.

4. school is a priority, do not ever forget that. you are so fortunate to be able to even attend college so just try your hardest in each and every class.

5. DO NOT SKIP YOUR 8AM! you signed up for it, you now have your afternoons free to study as you please. it’s an important class and really an hour difference of sleep is not going to kill you.

6. go to bed early, you’ll thank yourself when that 8am roles around.

7. take care of your body. eat healthy but eat good. make sure you are hydrated and exercise on the days that you can. you know that you always feel so good after you exercise.

8. keep meeting new people and keep making friends. talk to people in your classes, make new friends and study buddies.

9. when you are not feeling good on the inside remember to just take time to unplug and go outside.

10. remember your worth. this can be applied to friendships, to relationships and even when you are with just with yourself. you are worth so much and you have purpose, you are just starting to figure out new parts of your journey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

11. you can change your mind.

12. don’t let people make you feel bad for not wanting to do what you used to do, for changing and growing.

13. do not be afraid to let this love inside. when people give it to you sometimes you make up excuses to not take it. don’t do this, embrace the love and keep giving yours as well.

14. last year was so hard there is no doubt. but baby he doesn’t think about you anymore and you were not worth anything to him. that was not love and there is no love there. he is in the past, he is not your future. just let it go. let him go. no more.

15. you make each day what you will. it’s up to you and you are writing your story, you get to decided the paths that you take and the people you get to take it with. mistakes happen along the way and you can recover. you are in charge.

16. just spread love. give it to yourself in abundance and give it to the people you meet and want to keep getting to know. 

17. be who you want to be in 2017. there are so many possibilities and so many different outcomes and lots of things that we do and do not have control over. make sure that the things you can control that you do. make sure that you spread love and light. we all are going to need it.

—  17 things I want to remember in 2017

Just so you know school is actually really stressful for people who are good at school because the expectations are really high and if you do any single thing wrong or get less than an A you feel like a complete failure and even when you do everything right and try your hardest there are still people better than you and it just makes you feel like shit.

They tell me I’m too young to be heart broken,”
She laughed painfully while wiping away the tear that had begun to fall.
“They tell me I don’t even know what life is yet, let alone what love is, stupid, right? I mean, who the hell put an age limit on fucking love? Who’s to say you fall in love at a certain age? People are able to fall in love whenever the hell they fall in love, whether that’s 16 or 25. They tell me I’m fine, I’m fine because a boy just decided he didn’t want me anymore and that’s that. They tell me I’m fine because I have my whole life to live, I’m not heart broken… I’m just experiencing the inevitable they say. But who are they to tell me, or anyone, that they don’t know what heartbreak is? Heartbreak is sitting on the bathroom floor with what feels like - your heart in pieces, trying your damn hardest to breathe while wondering why the fuck you weren’t good enough for someone to stick around. Heartbreak is strange, because you’re not dying.. You’re not even sick, you’re perfectly fine. Yet you’re in so much pain that you can’t even breathe. You can’t sleep and you can’t stop the tears from falling. Sometimes you eat too much and sometimes you don’t eat at all. Non smokers light up and non drinkers find a bar. And trust me, I wish I didn’t know what that felt like.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

Just because your friends are driving, doesn’t mean you have to rush and get your permit/license

Just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean you have to have a bunch of colleges picked out or even an idea of what you want your occupation to be. It is okay to change careers and grow and learn.

Just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean you have to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, do what makes you comfortable and what you know is right.

Just because your friends are going out of state for college doesn’t mean you have to. You can chose a community college close to home if you like. It’s your choice.

Just because someone else is at a different level in their life doesn’t mean you have to match or beat them. Nothing is a competition. Work on yourself and for yourself. Don’t compare your success or failures to others’. Just be you, and continue trying your hardest.

• take a girl to an arcade on the first date

-play all the racing games available and try your hardest to beat her and make sure she’s trying her hardest to beat you

-win her a stuffed animal from one of those prize winning games and tell her that its almost as cute as she is

-take her on the merry-go-round and hold her hand the whole time

-play the basketball game together and insist on helping her toss the ball into the hoop and then stare in amazement as she scores more points than you do

-go into a photobooth and take a bunch of cute and weird photos together to commemorate the moment

-get slushies and then laugh about how silly you both look with oddly coloured tongues

-play bumper cars with her and repeatedly hit the back of her car with your own until she gets really frustrated with you and then laugh to yourself about how adorable she is

-take selfies after every game/ride you play and make sure to make a bunch of silly faces to laugh at later

-go grab some food together and tell her about how much fun it was hanging out with her and how pretty she looked while playing all those games

-walk her home and hold her hand the whole way back then ask her out for another date at her door

I hate that feeling when your breath stops short in your chest as your eyes begin to burn with the continuous flow of tears and your lips start to quiver uncontrollably as you sit there staring at the ground trying your hardest to stay strong and hold everything back instead of collapsing and breaking down
—  it’s so hard to contain myself sometimes
EXO’s Reaction to their small girlfriend attempting to be the big spoon

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*Trying to contain himself from bursting out into laughter at your cute.*

“Yes, I know (Y/n), you’re trying your hardest, I’m not laughing.”

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*Isn’t amused at your struggle. Actually just wants to sleep but with you trying to wrap yourself around him, he can’t do anything but lay there with a face (like the one below)*

“(Y/n)..(Y/n), do you know what the human body needs? Sleep. I love and appreciate that you’re trying to fit my body in your little one but it’s easier with me being the big spoon.”

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*Lays in bed with the biggest smile. Your face was mushed onto his back and he can’t handle because your like a little kitty wanting attention. Soon, he can’t help but turn around to be the big spoon.*

“I know you wanted to be the big spoon but you’re too cute. You’re pouting now? Let me give you kisses until you fall asleep.”

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*Being a little ass and pretends he doesn’t know that you’re having a hard time being the big spoon.*

“Come on, babe. I’m waiting to be warmed and comforted by my big spoon, where are you?”

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*Like Baekhyun, except more extra.*

“I don’t know if that was your face on my back or your boobs because you’re so small. Honestly, babe, just let me be the big spoon. I know you like feeling my ‘you-know-what’ down ‘you-know-where’.”

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*In bed laughing the entire time because the height difference is real and it’s hilarious to him. Your entire frame is like half his size and he thinks it cute deep deep down but for now, he wants to tease you.*

“Oh, I’m sure your arms will wrap around me someday. You just have to grow. In the meantime, I’m in charge of being the big spoon.”

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*A blushing mess all over because this is the first time you initiated a spoon. It’s usually him being the big spoon but tonight, you decided to be the big spoon, surprising him. But he didn’t say he didn’t like it..*

“Baby…I’m not that much bigger than you, please stop pretending you can’t wrap your arms around me- oh..oh you’re not pretending?Well then by all means keep trying while I lay here, calming my blush.”

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*A bit like Yixing and Kyungsoo combined. He finds it adorable that you wanted to be the big spoon and your struggling didn’t help his blushing one bit. Eventually, he turned and engulfed you into a hug, saying you could be the big spoon tomorrow (Same thing happened tomorrow)*

“I’ll let you be the big spoon sometime..not today obviously..maybe when I’m bored of being the big spoon.”

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*Laughing at your struggle like Chanyeol but the thing was, he keeps twisting his body around, making it harder for you to actually wrap yourself around him. When you suddenly stood up, he abruptly turned and yanked you back down onto the bed to be the big spoon himself.*

“I’m not letting you go. Not yet. I haven’t gotten all my laugh out.”

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