• the staff:*fucks up*
  • xkit guy:my apologizes for this

A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here

i should stop posting everything so late at night


i  know  where  my  l o y a l t i e s  lie

here’s something they don’t teach you in high school - life is too short to waste it on trying to make things work. stop trying to fit into a pair of jeans you bought 5 years ago; give them to a charity. stop trying to make yourself listen to classical music; mozart is just not your thing. stop trying to like celery, no one likes it, it’s all a huge grown-up conspiracy. and most importantly, for the love of god, stop trying to stick around hoping people will ‘become’. he will not become kinder to you; she will not become funnier; they will not become warmer. stop trying to change people. either accept them and love them for who they are, or just let go and say your goodbyes. there just isn’t enough time.
—  marina v., you already know this, it’s just more difficult than it seems.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

A playlist for the day when you’ve been wronged for the last time and decide to cross over to the dark side. [listen]

castle - halsey // the driver - bastille // the devil within - digital daggers // control - halsey // seven devils - florence and the machine // everybody wants to rule the world - lorde // sail - awolnation // monster - imagine dragons // bones - ms mr // once upon a dream - lana del rey // yellow flicker beat - lorde 

Get by with a little help from my friends. 


Jamie & Claire + snow


If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together. Watch the flames climb higher, into the night. Calling out father, oh, stand by and we will, watch the flames burn on and on, the mountainside. Desolation comes upon the sky.

lexa’s trying so hard to make things work with the sky people she fought for her position she killed nia and crowned roan and bellamy and pike turn around and massacre an army that lexa sent there to PROTECT them they massacre 300 grounders in cold blood that were there to help them i hate the stupid arkadia storyline i hate stupid pike and there will not be redemption for this one

Arashi Fandom Map

Hi fellow Arashians ! Just to have an idea where Arashians are (and if I’m the only one in my very little town…)

Here is the Map !

If you want to submit :

1) Click on  “Additions”

2) Click on “Add Marker - Simple”

3) Submit your url (or surname or everything you want) and location then click on “submit”

If you’re uncomfortable with letting everyone know whereabouts you live, feel free to not submit or you can submit the biggest city near your place !

Hey Johnny-San, International fandom is in the place !! ^o^ Let’s create the biggest Storm ever !


Yeah,” he said, eyelashes lowering as his gaze traced the movement of her fingers. “It hurt me being away from you. It feels like there’s a hook dug in under my ribs, and there’s something pulling at the other end.

Like I’m  t e t h e r e d  to you,
           no matter the  d i s t a n c e.”