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Should I give my child my last name or her fathers? Half way through my pregnancy my partner left me, we are now trying to work things out but his parents are making my life miserable as they are so horrible to me and I feel I don't want my girl connected to that. Also my partner is making little effort, we won't be living together or married when baby arrives. I will be doing it all myself most of the time. I thought we would be getting married and all have same name but that's not the case.

You can give your baby whatever name you want. Whatever you are comfortable with. My dad was abusive and an alcoholic and a drug addict. My mom didn’t want me tied to him with my name even though she was married to him. She left him soon after I was born.
She gave me her maiden name as my last name. And then when she remarried to my stepdad se had my birth certificate changed so my last name was hyphenated : her maiden name - stepdads name. Which forever confused anyone that I had to deal with when registering for anything.

My point is you can give your baby your last name if that’s what you want. Especially if you don’t think it’s going to work out with you and the father.


It’s really hard to make sure you keep others that are bad out of your life. Some times you have no control or you just don’t want them to leave. It’s do hard to do what’s right for yourself even when you feel like doing so could ruin everything.
No matter what could happen or what your going through it’ll slowly get better and it’ll work out regardless. Even if you have a falling out with someone you love, most of the time it’s for the better. Keeping someone in your life that lies to you every chance they get isn’t love. That’s not what love is meant to be.
If you’re not allowed to speak your mind or be yourself around a person, it’s time to say goodbye. Trying to make things work could be a positive thing. It could all work out and get better. You never know unless you try. You have every right to say how you feel and how your head is working. No matter what a person had to say, if they will not let you voice your opinion, then be done. You can’t change a person that doesn’t want to be changed. You can’t bring back a person you used to know and look up to if their gone.
A person changed because they want to. They change for whatever reason they feel is best. If they have walls up you can’t break down and know you’re not allowed inside. Then what are you going to do? If they won’t talk. If they won’t let it work when you’ve already tried. Then do be it.
Do you. Be happy without them. If they drag you down, if they hurt you. Then so be it. You’ll live a happier, better life. Who knows. They could come back. They could try to make things better. You deserve to feel happy and be happy all the time. Don’t let someone take that away from you.
Stay strong lovelies. ♡💪
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Why the shit Jason Todd gotta be such a fashionista. Like that asshole has 30 different costumes just for Redhood I s2g. There not even all that different just different enough. Like full gray top? Full black? Black with gray paneling? Black paneling? No paneling? Gray belt? Black belt? Red details or nah? Like boy how many belts do you have?? HOW MANY BOOTS DO YOU HAVE??? ? There is no chill I s2g.

As someone who starting out had like a completely ignorant understanding of business; going off and working for myself and putting up with all the trial and error and frustrations of finance and accounting for as long as I did, putting up with the lack of resources and always trying to find a way to make things work, even when 90% of the time it really didnt, going through putting up 100% of my own money; having my social life and even my school career suffer to fund something I wasn’t even sure was worth it..

 in retrospect all that SHIT was 1,000,000,000,000% worth going through to be where I am now and to be on the track of where I plan on going.

 for a while I thought that it was something wrong with me, that I lacked discipline or work ethic because why couldn’t I just be “grateful” for what I had? Even when I was making a great salary in NY working a “cool” job, waking up everyday knowing that all my ideas, my brilliance was going towards working to get someone else rich in exchange for a paycheck was so depressing for me,  no matter how hard I tried I couldnt be happy where I was and I could stay put at a job very long. Looking back at that now, I can see that it wasn’t because I was lazy, restless, or ungrateful but in fact it was the complete opposite. 

Even at times when I didn’t fully realize it, there was a greater potential, purpose in me that I just wasn’t fulfilling. 

 Everyday I wake up now I don’t even feel or seem like the same person. I’m a happy, fully functioning workhorse, i’m constantly inspired, and constantly motivated which is something I probably never would of IMAGINED I could attribute to myself! 

I guess my purpose in saying this is not to say everyone should QUIT THEIR JOBS NOW AND START A BUSINESS!!!! lol because that is so ridiculous and irresponsible and thats like privileged white people advice lol 

but what I’m trying to get at is, I think the best way to truly honor yourself is to not limit yourself to what you perceive as your present reality. Don’t ever allow yourself to believe something is not possible for you regardless of what other people, your environment or even yourself have to say about it.

And always consider that the idea or any parts of the idea of how you should live your life or what is supposed to make you happy might not necessarily be for you, and thats okay. I spent so much time convincing myself that I was just being ungrateful or lazy or idealistic instead of listening to myself and I don’t want you guys to do or continue to do the same ok?

okay also thank you to yoouthsick because I almost quit all of this at some point and he did a very amazing job of talking some sense into me and I’ll always appreciate that thank you friend <3 

love you all <3

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days are gone asks
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  • the wire:have you ever had to turn someone down because you didn't feel the same?
  • if I could change your mind:have you realized how much someone meant for you after you no longer have them?
  • honey & I:are you in love?
  • don't save me:do you think someone is taking you for granted?
  • days are gone:have you ever let go of a toxic person?
  • my song 5:name the angriest breakup song you can think of
  • go slow:what's the thing that has affected you the most?
  • let me go:how easy is it for you to move on from someone?
  • running if you call my name:is there something you wish you could leave behind?
okay everyone look at me!


this fandom has too many good writers, too many talented artist, too many hilarious bloggers, too many butts and too big of bulges to be upset about anything the show runners are handing us right now.



this is super personal so don’t read it if you don’t care about my life.

holy heart 💔😔 i knew today was going to be hard. but i tried so hard not to think about it that it’s hitting me a lot harder then it should have. or would have. or whatever.

so i haven’t really talked about this. i have kinda been avoiding it. but it’s so much of what’s going on in my life right now. and so much of the driving force behind everything. brief history: most of you know that a year ago i took a step back from this blog (and my life) to focus on saving my marriage and trying to convince my husband to stay. i gave up everything and sacrificed myself to try and make things work between us because i believed that our relationship and marriage was worth fighting for. well 6 months later i went through the same thing all over again. him saying he was leaving and then a few months later changing his mind.

I ended up moving out at the beginning of June and since then it’s been a crazy mess of confusion and pain.

Anyways… today would be (should be/is?) our 4 year anniversary. and i thought i could handle it a lot better then i am.

so there’s the update on my life that i’ve been dreading posting. 

oh boy wondering if I should regret adding my opinion on a heated matter cuz once ppl start reblogging it I get nervous…


ok so i had the coolest dream

Why do I always jump right into these big projects? Like… Tumblr says my first Korrasami art was posted six months ago (it was for the Korrasami Wedding Day project), and five months ago, I started on the Walking Dead crossovers and then the Grease crossovers and then Hero. Hero took me three freaking weeks. I was so dead from long projects after that, I didn’t want to do another. Until I started Lifetimes (which… is on indefinite hiatus. Sorry to all the authors I might be disappointing.) and Secret (which is also probably not going anywhere). Then Telephone. Now I start an NSFW art blog and what’s the first thing I do? Some big fucking multi-page comic. 

Brain, what. the. fuck?