try ur best to change that bc ur life will be better i promise

tips for a levels (especially if u struggle with mental illnesses)

- MAKE LISTS!!!! write down everything u need to get done!! but dont spend all ur time making a list all pretty and neat!

- if ur studying at home make sure ur comfy but never work in ur pjs. u feel yucky and unclean and its so much better to just change into clean sweatpants or pj bottoms rather than stay in the ones u were wearing

- put ur phone on flight mode, and put it across the room. it WILL distract u even if u think it wont outta sight outta mind

- listen to music with no lyrics bc it will get all jumbly inside ur brain and u will be too busy jamming out to focus

- SEEK HELP FROM UR TEACHERS!!!! go to see them in ur frees or at lunch or email them they are there to help u i promise!

- try to shower everyday, not only will it make u feel a lot better but it will also make u feel productive too. u dont even need to wash ur hair just jump in and jump out.

- im a huge hypocrite for this but dont spend all ur time making ur notes #aesthetic !!!! ur learning is more important like yes use highlighters and banners if u must but as long as ur notes are readable and understandable thats all that matters!!!! 

- take a 5 min break every once in a while to pee, fill up ur drink and stretch.

- if ur having a bed day and u just Cant Move, try watching educational youtube videos. at least then u can lay in bed and maybe learn some new things. u can also read in bed and write essays if u have a laptop but its a lot better to work on a desk far away from ur bed bc it will make u feel a lot more productive.

- MAKE SURE U DRINK AND EAT honestly and i dont mean a coffee for breakfast and 3 chocolate bars for dinner pls give urself the nutrition u need to Function !!!!!!! (ik it can be v hard especially for those with eds but just try ur best to keep urself at a functional level)

- set urself small and realistic goals such as ‘’by the end of today i want to have finished this worksheet’’ because 1 it will encourage u to get it done and 2 u will feel a lot more accomplished when u do more than what u were planning to do!!!

His Best Friend’s Sister

part 1


RedRiot: mina save me i’m gonna be killed

QueenOfTheAliens: aw poor bby, bad night w/ the gf?

QueenOfTheAliens: protective fam?

QueenOfTheAliens: bad food?

QueenOfTheAliens: r they secretly vampires?

RedRiot: mina i’m serious i’m gonna die

QueenOfTheAliens: ???

RedRiot: y/n is BAKUGOUS LITTLE SISTER i’m so screwed

QueenOfTheAliens: wait he has a sister what

QueenOfTheAliens: nvm i’m calling you

True to her word, Mina’s name popped up on the screen not even twenty seconds later. Kirishima hit the green icon, but he knew better than to have the phone by his ear.

“What the heck?” she shrieked. “I have so many questions. Why didn’t he ever mention her before?”

The question was at a more reasonable volume, so he put the phone to his ear. “He said it never came up. Bakugou is a kind of common last name, so I never really thought about it either. Is it too late to drop out of high school and move to Madagascar?”

Mina giggled. “That wouldn’t be very manly.”

“You know what isn’t manly? The way I nearly pissed myself when he figured out why I was at his house.” Eijirou groaned, rolling back onto his bed miserably. “This whole night was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

“Really? You’re like, the person who’s least afraid of Bakugou. No matter how much he yells, it’s never fazed you before.”

“No but Mina, that’s the thing,” he said earnestly, suppressing a shudder at the memory. “He didn’t yell at me. Not even once.”

“Wait, what?” Mina sounded confused and a little bit wary. “Is this a prank, because it’s not funny Eijirou. There’s never been a single day in his life where Bakugou wasn’t yelling, Midoriya said so.”

“If I was kidding, I wouldn’t be seriously considering moving to Africa.”

It had been a surreal night, and definitely the scariest one he’d ever lived through. He really hadn’t known that Y/N was Bakugou’s sister, and on one hand, he could understand Bakugou’s anger. He could completely understand being protective of a little sibling, and Eijirou hadn’t even just broken the Bro Code- he’d shattered it.

On the other hand… he wasn’t going to leave Y/N because of it. Not just because it wouldn’t be manly, but because she was perfect. He would never leave her for something like this.

That didn’t make the prospect of facing Bakugou at school any less daunting, though.

Call me Kacchan, he’d said, sounding so sincere that Kirishima would have believed him had it not been for the steel in the other boy’s eyes. They’d been daring him to do so, he knew. Just waiting for him to take the bait. But he knew better. Only Midoriya had the privilege of using that nickname, and he’d paid dearly for it over the years.

Eijirou could only imagine the hell that awaited when the school week began, but Mina managed to talk him down from moving to Madagascar and convince him to get some sleep, with the promise that she would text Midoriya for an explanation, since he was the person most likely to know how to proceed from here.

Besides, he was exhausted.


QueenOfTheAliens: deku!!!! kiri thinks he’s gonna die bc hes dating bakugou’s lil sis and i’m? confused??

Deku: Wait

Deku: Y/N was dating THAT Kirishima?!?!

QueenOfTheAliens: YOU KNEW?????


Deku: She didn’t tell me who she was dating exactly, just that he had red hair and a hardening quirk. She likes him a lot, if that helps

QueenOfTheAliens: not rlly no. apparently baku was so mad he was nice? I’m 99% sure kiri was pulling my leg but i thought id ask u

Deku: Wait. Kacchan was NICE? That’s only happened once, ever

Deku: Has Kirishima considered moving? I hear Africa is nice this time of year

QueenOfTheAliens: wait he wasnt kidding?

QueenOfTheAliens: is baku even capable of being nice???

QueenOfTheAliens: also i just stoped him from moving to africa

Deku: Kacchan is /plenty/ nice… in his own way. ( >_< *)

Deku: But to answer your question, no. He really was just that mad. Kirishima might not want to come to school for a few days. Kacchan is really protective of Y/N.


Deku: ???

Deku: He talks about her all the time? He’s really proud of her in his own way because she’s a lot like him.

Deku: OHHHHH he doesn’t call her by name very often, you guys probably just didn’t realize bc you’ve never met her. [attached image]

QueenOfTheAliens: …she’s too cute for either of them

QueenOfTheAliens: she’s too cute for me to handle this late @ night goodnight deku

Deku: …? Okay? Talk to you tomorrow? I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.

Neither of them did end up talking to him, despite the open invitation to do so. Eijirou spent most of his time staring at texts from you, Mina, and Midoriya, contemplating his existence. He knew he should at least answer you, since your texts were getting more and more worried as time went on, but he couldn’t really think of what to say. Bakugou wasn’t really scary, not really. He was brash and loud and explosive, but it wasn’t like he’d ever actually consider hurting Eijirou. And, if Deku was to be believed, he cared enough about Y/N that he wouldn’t take any of his anger out on her.

Nothing was more frightening, though, than the text that came in right before he left for school.

Kacchan: Hey Kiri-chan! I took the liberty of changing my contact name in your phone when you were helping Mom with the dishes the other night! Let’s both try hard today, k? ^.^

Eijirou screenshotted the message and sent it to Mina with a caption comprised entirely of terrified emojis, and gets the same emojis back in response.

RedRiot: babe ur brother is terrifying, ur lucky i love u [image attached]


Y/N: that’s kinda funny tho tbh, he hasnt been this pissed since izu-chan broke his limited edition allmight figure when they were 4

RedRiot: ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y/N: good luck in training today bby, love u! gotta go to class byeeeee~~

Eijirou groaned as he approached the gates of Yuuei and saw Bakugou standing there with a bright, deadly smile, waiting for him. He was so dead.

wanna chat? pt 1

on ao3 (shocker)

sorry for the writing dry spell D: i promise that i’m working on tangled ribbons, i’m pretty close to finishing the chapter. but i needed to chill out last night and that somehow became………………..this? 

ok but be honest, we’re all impressed that i didn’t do this like several months ago

it’s pretty obvious but:
the real ladybug™ = alya
flour power = marinette
drop the bass = nino
Adrien Agreste = hawk moth. no jk that is indeed just adrien (boring)

enjoy the weird

8:57 PM

the real ladybug™ added flour power, Adrien Agreste, & drop the bass to this group

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “squad up”

flour power: What

the real ladybug™: i cant believe i didnt think of this before

drop the bass: bruh
what up with this skpye shit
discord is where its AT

flour power: ^^^

the real ladybug™: tf is discord
and one google search later i find ur all bigger losers than i originally thought

drop the bass: dude discord is like 100000x better

the real ladybug™: shut ur face memelord

drop the bass: adriens the one you should be calling memelord tbh

Adrien Agreste: Honestly. I’m a little offended

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advice for incoming hs freshmen!! (i was just one so i’m just working with what i got) i put it under the cut bc it got kind of long (edit: i added more points now that i just finished soph year)

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pinkrosestelena  asked:

What did you think of the TVD finale?

Before we start I have to clarify which one, the real one (4x01), or the bloopers one (8x16), and I’m going with the second one since is complete bs. 

The finale redefined the word peace for me…I’ll only use sins bc logic doesn’t take place in TVD and bc I had so many thoughts I literally could write an essay.

  1. What’re the criteria for going to hell really? Like if ur generally, a bad person do u go to hell like Vicki and Kelly? bc hey see ya all in hell
  2. Bonnie was killed temporarily, and I literally lost count of this over-recycled plotline
  3. Some ppl say Delena was hot, Stelena was steamy, BUT STEFERINE WAS IN FLAMES (pun intended)
  4. Nobody checks anyone's damn pulse when they die, idiots, medically talking.
  5. Caroline is usually standing there like a medusa child (which if you’re wondering means like a rock)
  6. Did they try to recreate the Harry&Dumbledore at King Cross scene in the end of Deathly Hallows bc they totally forgot Harry was naked GEE
  7. I bet the directors had some kind of ‘to shit list” b4 shooting that scene like: Random woods? Check. Random white bed? Check. We had no funds so we got this terrible wig? Double check.
  8. Elena and Bonnie met bc Julie is a bitch to logic and she has been one since 4x23
  9. So Elena’s lack of judgment hasn’t changed on the course of 3-4 years, she immediately accepts the fact that Bonnie is with Enzo who b4 Elena fell asleep was one of their enemies, like okay she already slept with Damon so I shouldn’t really be that surprised.
  10. How does Enzo bring Bonnie back? Is he God? Is he the Devil? Or is he simply Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore?
  11. Who the eff requested the Donovan family reunion screen time?
  12. Datherine reunion had more emotion than the Delena reunion
  13. Katherine’s wig is a perfect representation of CW’s low budget
  14. How did Katherine straighten her hair does Hell have an exclusive hair salon?
  15. Aw Stefan finds Elena, even *after all this time* Stefan will keep his promise to *always be there for Elena* (that bitch deserves nothing (and that’s all she got))
  16. Are you telling me that Katherine spent countless of minutes to dress Elena up with a shirt and jeans? And if so why… She wouldn’t have known that Stefan would be the one to find her,, but I guess it was obvious Damon would spend more time complaining so…SIN
  17. Idk it felt like Julie Plec came over and slapped me when Katherine said that Elena would choose Stefan bc any woman would…
  18. You remember how Klaus got on people’s heads? Then Markos, Kai, Cade, Hawtie (I mean Silas), now watch Katherine do the same thing. Harry Potter already created dementors stop raising awareness for recyclable plots
  19. Stefan left Care on the night of their wedding…no I’m not crying, water’s just oozing out of my eyeballs
  20. why isn’t every human being traumatized by now, the bell has been ringing for ages but like STUPID MUGGLES KNOW NOTHING (right Jon Snow?)
  21. the crow lands on,, omg Lord of the Rings, how could we have possibly forgotten you, 
  22. Genuinely asking how does Bonnie know where hell is? 
  23. That damn fire can destroy Mystic Falls but not the tunnels to hell apparently
  24. How come that if a person gets the cure he can’t be cured by vampire blood but he can be compelled?
  25. Where did Stefan get all those delusions about Damon? Is the way to that Elena TB dimension a full flashback movie of Damon being a good guy?
  26. Is going to war on 1860 that big of a deal? I mean every boy use to go to war during that time, as if Damon suddenly became Mulan and saved China
  27. I’m not racist (but this show is), are you telling me that ALL the Bennett witches are black, no one married a white guy? And if so are they racist?cause I ain’t buyin’ it
  28. That scene was powerful and hot only bc of the fire 
  29. U can become the better man by… trying to do smth decent in a single century, sounds right
  30. A big fuck you to Stefan dying CW, Stefan’s still alive in my book
  31. Delena reunion had such an amazing conversation, to be honest, I was crying the whole time
  32. Name a more iconic duo than a trash can and Delena, can u? nope
  34. Jeremy teaches… How to get tattoos on your chest (only works if ur parents are dead so u don’t need permission, oops)
  35. The peace worlds look like a much idiotic version of the prison worlds
  36. How did Klaus know that Caroline wouldn’t be with Stefan when he wrote the letter, is he psychic too now? Gee
  37. And the biggest problem that I have: Look u can’t be saying that after almost 21 years of evil suddenly everyone became human and lived a happy ever after life because I ain’t buyin’ it, like literally, they’ve been facing evil for years now I can literally picture any villain coming over to their house later on
  38. They all achieved nothingness

Final Thoughts